Ghostly sites

October 28, 2007

According to the Will County Ghost Hunters Society's Web site, there are more than a dozen haunted locales in the Southland. They are:

• Crete - The Ax-Man's House, where in the 1970's a man murdered his wife, children and two police officers with an ax and hung them from hooks in the meat shed in the back of the property.

•Frankfort - Abe Lincoln Motel. The ghost of a teenaged girl has been seen, TVs and lights have gone off and on, several cold spots have been felt and there are reports of hearing someone cry.

• Lansing - St. Ann School is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a little boy, who wanders from classroom to classroom. Doors have opened and closed by themselves, lights go off and on, toilets flush, and the sound of laughter has been heard.

•Lemont - Quarry Junior High School has been the site of disembodied voices, cold spots, electrical disturbances, items being moved, and brightly colored orbs "dancing around."

•Lemont - St. James Sag Cemetery, also known as "Monk's Castle." Apparitions of eight monks have been seen and heard chanting Latin liturgies.

• Lockport - Canal Street Junkyard. The ghost of a little girl has been seen wandering the junkyard.

•Lockport - Bruce Road. The torso of a man has been seen floating towards vehicles on the right hand side.

• Lockport - Central High School's auditorium has cold spots. During events, people have reported sitting down next to a silent figure that vanishes by the end of the performance.

• Lockport - Runyon Park. It is believed to be the area where witch craft was once performed. Voices are often heard throughout the day when no one is present, and at times in an unrecognizable language.

• Midlothian - Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, which is known as the most haunted place in the Southland. One of the most prominent ghosts here is the White Lady, the Madonna of Bachelor's Grove. She appears during full moons, and is thought to be buried here next to her infant child, both of whom died during delivery. People have heard other strange things including laughter, disembodied voices and a strange metallic creaking. For more info visit

• On the Midlothian Turnpike between Central Avenue and Ridgeland Avenue, phantom cars and trucks have been reported. Drivers said they had to swerve to miss hitting them, and some had collisions, only to discover there are no vehicles.

• New Lenox - Messenger Woods Forest Preserve gives off a strange, uneasy feeling. Drivers report hearing screams and shadows pass in front of their vehicles.

• New Lenox - The Sanctuary Golf Course. Several Native American Indian burial sites were unearthed during construction in 1994. People have reported hearing screams, loud knocking noises, the sound of Indian Tom Toms, other strange noises, the feeling of being watched and balls of light floating over the golf course.

•Orland Hills - Gallo Home was the site of at least 26 separate occurrences of unexplained fires in the spring of 1988, most electrical, and many occurring after the electricity was shut off to the home.

• Worth - Holy Sepulcher Cemetery. A grave site of a young girl often emits a strong odor of roses, even though there are no roses in the area. Some people believe the grave site has supernatural healing powers. The grave is located in the Reilly plot 6001 W. 111th St.

-Susan DeMar Lafferty