Ectoplasm Raining Down in Potters Field

     This picture was taken at County Farm Cemetery (AKA Potters Field) in Joliet, IL on May 15, 2004. I had been there for sometime. This area was considered to be the hot spot of the location.  On previous investigation EMF spikes, temperature drops, and a general uneasiness were detected. I was taking pictures in this area, and turned around to leave this area. I heard a loud noise, unlike one that I have never heard before coming from the area I was just photographing.  I turned back around and I could see the weeds moving like something was walking through them right at me. It stopped about 10 feet from me.  I began to take more photographs of the area. When I returned home I downloaded the photos to my computer.  All the photos were normal, except for one of the photographs that I took after I heard the noise and saw the weeds. It appears that there is some sort of ectoplasmic energy in the trees, an orb, and some sort of strange animal or creature directly below the orb.
The same area seconds prior to hearing the strange noises and seeing the weeds moving.