Help Me Heat


     The Will County Ghost Hunters Society was called into a home in Rockdale, Illinois by a homeowner who believed her family was experiencing paranormal activity in their home. A hotspot in the home was in the basement. They have heard voices coming from the basement on numerous occasions, but when they have investigated the source they have always found an empty basement.

    During our investigation, a scan was being conducted with a noncontact infrared thermometer, when a hot spot was found on an inside was registered 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the wall.  A thermal imaging camera was immediately brought to the location confirmed the hot spot on the wall. The wall was investigated and determined that it did not contain anything mechanical. The heat spot took over two minutes to dissipate. The location on the wall had items stacked below it and cobwebs hanging in front of it. No one from the team was in the area prior to the heat spot being located. A attempt to recreate the heat spot was done by placing a hand on the wall in the same area. The heat impression that was left by an investigator took less than 30 seconds to dissipate.  The heat impression did not have a distinctive form. Upon review of our still photos, it was discovered that the words, “Help me”, was carved into the cinder block wall about two feet from where the heat impression was discovered.  Several EVP sessions were also done during the investigation. During the final EVP session that was conducted in the basement a ghost box was used. Immediately after the ghost box was turned off, a male voice says, “Stay Longer.”   Two other EVPs were recorded in the dining room of the home, to listen to these EVPs.  There are several pieces of evidence that together support the claims of the paranormal activity in the home. We have determined the home to be haunted, but cannot determine who is haunting the location or why.

                        Initial Photo

                         2nd Photo


                           3rd Photo

           Photo of the wall where the heat impression was recorded.


         Close up of the words, "Help me", carved in cinder block wall.


After the final EVP session of the night in the basement, the ghost box was turned off. You will hear the ghost box cycling and turning off. Then, a male spirit says,” Stay longer."


The male spirit saying, "Stay longer", isolated and amplified.