Freaky Ghost in Romeoville, IL

  One of our members, on several occasions, took items from an abandoned mental hospital that we have been investigating for the past year. The items included: an old woman's shoe, a set of keys, an old greeting card, a nurse's notebook with patient notes, a newspaper clipping, a sick note, a carton of cigarettes, and an evacuation plan. The majority of our members will not remove items from a haunted location due to the fact that a spirit or entity can attach themselves to it.  The member knew that the items could be haunted, but took the items in hopes to be able to get some pictures or be able to record some EVPs.  The items were kept in her bedroom. The member noticed that there was a shadowy figure that would walk out of her room and her bedroom door would open and close by itself. So, we decided to do an investigation at her home in Romeoville, IL on June 9, 2005.  All of the items that were taken from the mental hospital were placed on her bed.  We conducted our investigation, taking well over 100 pictures and recording multiple EVPs. Once the pictures were reviewed, we were shocked at what we discovered. There was an image of a man standing in her room. The picture has been shown to multiple people, we heard people say it was a man, a demon, and an alien. Whatever you think it is it appears to be attached to one of these objects. This is an example of why you should not take items with you from a haunted location.  Photo taken by Dan Jungles.
Below is what the member believes is in the picture.