Basement Ghost in Steger, Illinois

     The Will County Ghost Hunters Society was conducting a follow-up investigation at a private home in Steger, Illinois on February 20, 2010. All the investigators were in the basement of the home were several paranormal events have been reported. During an EVP session, one of the EMF detectors that we had placed on the floor started to spike and light up. Debra and Brian said that they thought they saw something moving on that side of the basement. Dan started to snap a series of photos.



     In the first one you can see a shadow person standing near the clock that is hanging.  Just to the left of it on the floor is the light from the EMF detector.


     Within seconds the second photo shows the shadow figure has moved. It appears to be moving toward the door. The figure is somewhat transparent, as you can see the pole and the door through it. To the right of it on the floor the EMF detector is still lit up.