Haunted places in the South Suburbs

By: bwimbiscus

The Will County Ghost Hunters Society has amassed extensive lists of haunted locations across Illinois and Indiana based on legends, myths and other sources. The group has not investigated at all of the sites, so it cannot say with certainty that they are haunted. Many of the places listed are on private property and require the owners permission to investigate or visit. Listed below are some of the haunted places that can be found in the South Suburbs.

• Aurora: There have been reports of two women in 1950s fashion standing near a 1958 Lincoln Continental in the Mount Olivet Cemetery. They fade and vanish into thin air.
• Frankfort: In a few of the rooms of the Abe Lincoln Motel, the ghost of a teenage girl has been seen. Televisions and lights have gone off and on by themselves. Several cold spots have been felt and there have been reports of people hearing someone crying.
• Frankfort: Several reports say that people have seen a ghost of a young woman in a white dress carrying an infant child in Frankfort Cemetery. The child is crying and the woman is humming to the infant trying to comfort it. There also have been reports of people seeing glowing balls of light moving around the cemetery and vanishing into thin air.

• Joliet: Numerous reports of ghost cars, footsteps and strange noises have been witnessed at the old Joliet Arsenal ammunition plant.

• Joliet: Potters Field Cemetery (also known as County Farm Cemetery) is on the grounds of the old Will County Poor Farm.  The cemetery has 48 stones, all of which have only numbers, except for one with the name George Miller.  It is believed that there are another 150 people buried here.  There have been numerous reports of cold spots and ghost lights. Human remains also have been found here.

• Joliet: The apparition of an unidentified woman has been seen roaming the dark passageways of the Rialto Square Theater after hours by some visitors, but mostly staff.

• Lemont: People have reported seeing ghosts in St. James Sag Cemetery since 1847. The apparitions of eight monks have been seen and heard chanting Latin liturgies in the cemetery and the surrounding grounds. Late one night in November 1977, a police officer chased the apparitions of eight monks who floated out of the woods towards the rectory. They disappeared right before his eyes. The apparitions of a lady in white and a phantom carriage have also been reported on numerous occasions.

• Lockport: The ghost of a little girl has been seen wandering the Canal Street Junkyard.

• Lockport:  While driving on Bruce Road, drivers have reported seeing the torso of a man floating towards vehicles on the right hand side of the road.  Just before reaching the stop sign at the intersection, the image seems to fade away.

• Lockport: In the Lockport Central High School auditorium cold spots have been felt numerous times. During some performances, people have reported sitting down next to a silent figure. By the time the performance ends, the figure vanishes into thin air.

• New Lenox: At Gougar Road and Route 6 there have been numerous reports of a headless man walking along side the road.  He is believed to be the ghost of a man who lived nearby and committed suicide by hanging himself in a nearby barn.

• New Lenox: As people drive pass Messenger Woods Forest Preserve many get a strange, uneasy feeling.  Some have reported hearing screams and seeing shadows pass in front of their vehicles.  There have also been reports of people walking through the preserve and seeing a shadow other than their own, but when they turn around to see if someone else is there, they find themselves to be alone.

• New Lenox: During construction of the Sanctuary Golf Course, several Native American Indian burial sites were unearthed. Since then there has been a lot of paranormal activity in the area of the golf course and the surrounding homes. People have reported hearing screams, loud knocking noises (some describe it as the sound of Indian tom-toms), and several other strange noises. There is a feeling like you are being watched. A few people have claimed to see balls of light floating over the golf course.

• Orland Hills: During the spring of 1988 at least 26 separate occurrences of unexplained fires took place in a private residence on 169th Street. Most were electrical in nature and many occurred even after the electric was shut off to the home. A white fog was also seen in the home numerous times, and the strong smell of sulfur was detected. It was discovered that all of the occurrences happened when the family's teenage daughter, was present. It was then determined that the activity was poltergeist in nature. Through research it was discovered that the home was built on top of an old pig farm. When the foundation of the home was dug three graves and a single headstone that dated back to the 1800s were unearthed. The home was deemed unsafe to live in and was demolished. A new home has been built in its place and to date no activity has been reported.

• Steger: Many people have seen the apparition of a little girl in Evergeen Hills Cemetery. When approached she disappears. The image of this little girl apparently has shown up in several photographs taken in the cemetery, although she was not seen when the photographs were taken.

Willow Springs: Rico D's Pizza Ristorante (8933 S. Archer Ave., is in a building owned by famed gangster Al Capone from 1920 to 1932. Back then it was referred to as O'Henry's 2 and used as a speakeasy, brothel and gambling den. There were once five tunnels leading out of the basement, though they have all since collapsed and been boarded up, that were used to transport and hide guns, weapons, booze, bodies and patrons. The owners have reported items to be missing, only to reappear right where they were left. Numerous apparitions have been seen here. Glasses and bottles on the bar have been known to move by themselves, and some into midair and breaking. When the building is empty a strong uneasy feeling overcomes people. There has been numerous reports of apparitions, footsteps, cold spots and gold globules throughout the building.
• Willow Springs: At Indian Head Park, just off of German Church Road, is a driveway that leads into the woods.  The path was gravel at one time, but is now mostly covered in dirt and weeds. The driveway leads up a hill. At the top of the hill is the foundation of a house that once stood there. Behind where the house once stood is a bog. The legend says that the two Grime sisters were drugged, raped and murdered there, and their bodies dumped into the bog. The woods, the bog and the remains of the house are said to be haunted by the two girls to this day. A few people have said they actually saw the apparitions of the two girls.

• Worth: A gravesite of a young girl buried in Holy Sepulcher Cemetery often emits a strong odor of roses though there are no rose bushes or roses in the area