Case Number: 10102008



519 Campbell Street

Joliet, IL 60436


     In May of 2008, the Will County Ghost Hunters Society were contacted by the homeowners of a residence of a home in the Cathedral area in Joliet, IL to conduct a follow-up investigation.  The WCGHS conducted a previous investigation on February 9, 2008 in which we were able to photograph a solid apparition on the second floor on the home.  A follow-up investigation was conducted on July 12, 2008 in which the WCGHS was able to record several EVPs. It was the hopes of the homeowners that another investigation would gather further evidence of the activity in the home, and possibly shed light on who is haunting the home and why.  


Phenomena Reported:


    The current homeowners purchased the home in 2000. Shortly after moving in they began to remodel the home. It was at this time they began to noticed unusual things happening. Over the course of the past seven plus years the residences and guests have seen the apparitions of a woman, that is sometimes accompanied by the smell of perfume or flowers. She has been seen on mainly in the parlor/ living room of the home.  This is the area that was used to wake bodies when the location was used as a funeral home. The apparition of a tall, thin man has been seen in the rear of the home on the first and second floors. In a second floor guest bedroom the apparition of a small boy has been seen as well. There have been unexplained odors such as smoke, perfume, and the smell of urine on the third floor.  On one occasion, while in the parlor room a cold breeze passed though the room that was accompanied by the smell of perfume. Unexplainable voices, knocking, footsteps have been heard throughout the home. The lights and TV have been turned on by themselves numerous times over the past several years. There has also been two separate occasions where items have been moved by themselves. The first is the appearances of two books that were not in the home, and the home owners are unaware of where they may have come from. The second is when several baby gates that are used to contain the dogs were completely moved to a different location. There is no possible way for the dogs to have moved them and all the residences deny having moved them. The dogs have acted strangely on several different occasions. They sometimes bark at nothing, and will not go into certain rooms of the home. There has also been a few occasions that guests have felt like someone was touching them or pushing them. The homeowners do not feel threatened by the activity in the home, but would like to know who they are and why they are in the home.


History of location:


     The home was built in 1902 by one of Joliet's more well renown businessman of the time A.C. Clement.  A.C. purchased the land from his father, Charles Clement. His father moved from New Hampshire in 1834 and quickly became a prominent business man. Charles built a Dry goods business and was the first treasurer for the town of Joliet. In 1844 he married Cordelia Wilcox.  The couple had 2 children, Arthur Charles and Jill.  A.C. was a well renown businessman.  In 1897 he  formed a business partnership with his brother-in-law Samuel D. Chaney.  He constructed the business block at the corners of Jefferson Street and Ottawa Street. The business partnership dissolved in 1902 and A.C.  went into business for himself. During the time of construction, he served as the president of Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet. He later married Miss Georgia Smith in New York. They had two children Charles and Laura. The couple constructed a home on 519 Campbell Street, while living in their home on Eastern Avenue in Joliet.  Before the completion of construction of the new home A.C. committed suicide in the basement of his home on Eastern Avenue.  His daughter Laura and her husband moved into the home. His family lived in the home for many years. In the 1922 the home was converted into a retirement home called Resthaven Retirement home.  The retirement home closed in the early 1950's.  Shortly after the retirement home closed Blackburn Funeral Home moved into the location. The funeral home operated at the location until the early 1975.  The location was then converted back into a private residence. The location was purchased by the current homeowners in 2000.


Investigation Notes:


Geomagnetic Field:



Solar X-Rays:



Moon Phase:

Waxing Crescent 81.58% Illumination


Investigators Present:

Dan Jungles- Lead Investigator

Jennie Butler- Case Manager

Gary Butler- DVR Tech

Mike Szykowny- Investigator

Sunnie Boland- Investigator

Todd Boreham- Investigator

Jerri Furlan- Investigator

 Brian Brozovich- Investigator

Non-Investigators Present:

The homeowners Diethard Beyer, Keith Beyer, Kurt Caudill, and Dawn Aulet were present.


      We arrived at approximately at 1115PM and were greeted by the homeowners. The team had run all the cables for the DVR cameras the previous night.  Several members of the took base line EMF and temperature readings of the entire home. While this was being done, the remaining members of the team set up the DVR system. The cameras were placed in the following locations.


·         Camera one was placed in basement facing the former embalming area 

·         Camera two was placed in the west bedroom.

·         Camera three was placed in the study.

·         Camera four was placed in the master bedroom.

·         Camera five was placed in the parlor/ living room.

·         Camera six was placed in the 2nd floor hallway.

·         Camera seven was placed in the 3rd floor hallway.

·         Camera eight was placed in the foyer on the first floor foyer.

     The team then was split into two teams of three. The remaining two members would sit at the DVR system to monitor activity. The two teams went to various locations throughout the home. The Deithard and Keith remained in the kitchen at the DVR system the remainder of the investigation.  Kurt remained in the basement. Dawn Aulet accompanied the teams, switching throughout the night. The teams were switched during the course of the night in order to give everyone the opportunity to investigate the entire the home.


     Each team took EMF and temperature readings, photos, and conducted EVP sessions throughout the home. No abnormal fluctuations in the EMF or temperature readings were detected.  However, there were a number of personal experiences.  During the course of the investigation one of the teams that consisted of Dawn, Gary, Mike, and Sunnie  were investigating the study, when the each of them saw what appeared to the silhouette of a small child. While investigating the third floor Dan and Gary saw a shadow moving back and forth in front of the window in the front of the home.  Finally, while investigating the master bedroom Todd saw a woman dressed in white out of his peripheral vision.  When he turned the image was gone. The investigation ended at approximately 6AM.


Review of Data



Collectively the WCGHS recorded a total of 21 hours, 30 minutes, and 21 seconds of audio. There were several EVPs recorded during the course of our investigation. All of the EVPS were recorded in the master bedroom of the home.

Dawn asks, “Did you have children?”  A female replies, “Two boys.”

The response slowed down.

No questions were being asked when this EVP was recorded. You can heard the ghost box cycling and a male voice say, “There you are.”  Then, a child says, “Hi, Jerri.” jerri.wav

Dawn asks, “Does someone else want to speak with us now?”  A spirit replies, “Diethard.” This is followed by a second voice saying, “Mike.”

No questions were being asked when this EVP was recorded. You can heard the ghost box cycling and a male voice say, “Sunnie.”  This is followed by a second more horse male voice saying, “Jerri.” 



During the course of the investigation the WCGHS collectively recorded a  total of 42 hours, 10 minutes and 32 seconds of video. There was an image of a shadow passing in front of the east bedroom camera that we believe maybe a shadow person.  However, after watching the 2nd floor camera, it was determined that one of our investigator walked in front of the hallway camera and created an IR shadow on the east bedroom camera. There was no video that was recorded that recorded anything paranormal in nature.



Collectively the WCGHS took a total of 1023 photos Two photos were turned in by investigators in which they believed they photographed an apparitions. The photos were analyzed and determined to not be paranormal, but images matrixed in by the investigators.  There were also  several pictures that contained orbs in them. These pictures are all believe to have dust particles that created the orbs in them. There were no photos that were paranormal in nature that were taken during the course of this investigation.



     The home is a very large 25 room home that has an extensive history that would lend it to be a good location for paranormal activity. The apparition that we captured on our first investigation, accompanied with the EVPs that were recorded during the past two investigations does give the reported activity credence. We now have several names of the spirits that haunt the location. The spirits are becoming more familiar with us and have called out several of our names. They have also, shown themselves to several our members during this past investigation.  It is possible that some of the spirits could be part of the Clement family. However, there made spirits here that could been residents of the Resthaven Retirement Home.   Most likely though, many of the spirits that reside in the home are from the time when it served as the Blackburn Funeral Home. We believe additional investigations are required in order to properly cover this large home and hopefully uncover additional evidence of the haunting that is occurring at the home.


The WCGHS conducted their first investigation at the location on Feburary 9, 2008. Read Investigation Report

 The WCGHS conducted a previous investigation on July 12, 2008. Read Investigation Report