ACE on TV in Sandwich, IL

     On Saturday July 21, 2007 the WCGHS conducted a second investigation at a private home in Sandwich,IL.  The investigation centered around the detached garage at the home. It is in the garage where the home-owner's 19 year old son committed suicide in December of 2005.  During the first investigation, the WCGHS was able to record audio of the deceased. During the second investigation, a TV was set up in the garage and was set up to play white noise (snow).  A number of video cameras were set to record the TV, and numerous still photographs were taken.  Upon review of the photographs an image was found on one of them.  It is hard to see in the photo, but 2 eyebrows, 2 eyes, a nose, and an ear can be seen.  We discovered that when the photo is enlarged it becomes more grainy and distorted. However, when the size of the photograph is decreased the details be more crisp and defined.  When the photograph was shown to the homeowner, she and her daughter where able to confirm that the image in the photographic is that of the deceased.  A photograph of the deceased was placed side by side with this photograph and compared. It was clearly a match. This investigation has yielded some of the best evidence of the existence of life after death that we have ever seen.


                                                    Original Photo



    Enhanced Photo 1                                   Enhanced Photo 2



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