Membership Agreement

Will County Ghost Hunters Society Membership Agreement

I, _________________________________________ have requested to join the Will County Ghost Hunters Society (herein after referred to as the WCGHS). I fully understand and accept all of the following terms and conditions of membership, and agree as follows:


1) I will not hold the WCGHS, it’s members, guests or private property owners liable for any accident or physical or mental injury, to myself while I am participating in an investigation,ghost hunt, meeting, or WCGHS activity.

2) My general health is good and I am not aware of any physical or mental impairment that would prevent my participation in WCGHS activities. I assume full responsibility for my own welfare and safety while participating in same.

3) I agree to respect the confidentiality of other WCGHS members, private residences, property owners and any locations visited or discussed by the WCGHS, and will not give out any information, including locations or details of investigations, to anyone outside of the WCGHS without permission of the WCGHS Director (Dan Jungles)  and involved individuals.

4) I will show respect for any site visited during an investigation, or ghost hunt, and I understand that littering or destruction of the property is an act of vandalism and will be grounds for termination of membership.

5) In the event that I conduct any investigations on my own, I agree to assume full responsibility for my actions and will not involve the WCGHS in any manner.

6) I will not falsify ANY evidence, including photos, videos, information, etc. I understand that seeking the truth is vital to the purpose of the WCGHS.

7) Contact with any form of the media, i.e., interviews, giving information, pictures, etc., is strictly prohibited unless permission is obtained from the WCGHS Director. I further agree that any questions from the media, police or others that may arise on site during an actual investigation, will be directed to the on site Lead Investigator.

8) I understand that the on site Lead Investigator  is to make all decisions concerning the investigation. Failure to follow such direction or WCGHS policies will be grounds for termination of membership.

9) All investigations must be performed in a courteous and professional manner.

10) I accept full responsibility for the actions of any non-members that I may bring to an investigation or meeting.

11) I agree to respect the dignity and rights of other WCGHS members even if I am not in agreement with their ideas or opinions, and will conduct myself at all times in a mature and adult manner. There will be no toleration of obscene, foul, or abusive language in any WCGHS activity.

12) I agree that there is to be no use of alcohol, drugs or illegal substances on any investigation or ghost hunt. I will notify the team leader of any prescription medications that could in any way impact my effectiveness.

13) There will be absolutely no tolerance of firearms or weapons of any kind on an investigation or ghost hunt.

I have fully read and understand all the above conditions of membership in the WCGHS and agree to abide by the same.

Signature _____________________________________________________ Date: ____________________________

Will County Ghost Hunters Society