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The Biggest Problem in the Paranormal Field

Posted by Dan Jungles on November 1, 2009 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (27)

     Why do certain people and groups always feel it a need to worry about what other individuals and organizations are doing? Is an honest curiosity? Are they interested in learning something from them? Do they have something to contribute to the organization? I seriously doubt if any of these are the answers.

     Being in the paranormal field for about eight years, I have seen and experienced a lot of different things. The one thing that I have noticed that is common, whether if you are in Illinois or anywhere else in the country or even the world is that there is a great deal of bitterness, jealousy and hatred in the paranormal field. I personally have never understood this. It seems like when one individual or organization is able to capture actual evidence from a location, there is another group trying to say it is fake or trying to debunk it. I do not necessarily have a problem with analyzing evidence, but there are some individuals who automatically will say that everything certain individuals or organizations present as evidence is faked or garbage. When people in the paranormal field are recognized by the media or other outlets, these people spew more hatred and resentment. I personally know individuals and organization throughout the world and this is a common problem in the paranormal field.

     There has been members from the Will County Ghost Hunters Society who have either left on their own or who have been asked to leave the group that carry animosity for this organization. They are constantly worried about what the WCGHS is doing. Evidence that was collected while they were members of the WCGHS and debunked is now evidence of the paranormal. I am glad that they have lowered their standards of what they accept as paranormal. Living people that are photographed on the staircase of a home that was proven by not one, but by two time stamped DVR cameras is now an apparition? Sorry, but a badly angled photo is not evidence. When you place your finger in front of the camera lens, this is not a ghost either. When you constantly talk during EVP sessions, this is not ghosts either. Well, maybe it is if they telling you to shut the hell up.

     Then, there are individuals from other organizations that have never been on an investigation with the Will County Ghost Hunters Society, and do not know us, yet, they hate us. Why? Is it because we have actually had success on our investigations? Is it because we are constantly doing investigations, events, and are asked by the media to be featured in their formats? It seems like no matter whom you are, that certain people will spew their hatred towards you unless you’re one of them.

     In recent months, the Will County Ghost Hunters Society has done a number of speaking events. We were informed by one of the library that a certain person from another group in the area called the library and complained that we were booked for the speaking event. They claim it was not fair that the WCGHS speaks at the two local libraries, that they should have the opportunity to do at least one. Well, the representative from the library said that the organization blew any chances they had in the future to do any events with them. It showed her their lack of professionalism. I have had similar conversations with several reporters recently. We do not solicit the media or any place for speaking events, they find us. We actually have real evidence on our website.

     Then, there are individuals from other groups that have the gull to show their faces at our meetings. Not just showing up, but showing up wearing crappy t shirts promoting their groups. When they are asked to leave, they act surprised. Isn’t what they are looking for, a reaction? They are not members of the WCGHS. They are not interested in becoming members. They don’t even want to have a joint investigation. So, are they there? To see what we are up to? Maybe they can call the next speaking event and cry how unfair it is. Or is it to call the next member of the media that plans on featuring us. Maybe they want to try to snake another investigation lead. Maybe, they cannot find anyone who wants to join their group of complainers, so they came to recruit. Whatever reason they have it does not benefit the Will County Ghost Hunters Society and its members. The ejected individuals then tried to plead their cases with the librarians. Claiming they have a right to be there because it is in a library. Well, they are wrong and were told so. Even the librarians do not want to hear their pathetic whines. To top it all off, they have the nerve to leave garbage on the windshields of the cars parked in the parking lot. Sorry, but a business card with a skull on it? Come one guys, really? Is that the image of a professional ghost hunting organization? I doubt a homeowner wants to see something like that. I know the staff at the library wasn’t too happy seeing them on their window shields and all the discarded ones on the ground. There’s a reason why people were are the meeting and that is to join a professional ghost hunting organization.

     My suggestion to all those in the paranormal field, is simply worry about yourself. If people would spend even a fraction of the time and effort of researching and conducting investigations, as they do with worrying about what other people and individuals are doing they might just accomplish something. Be happy when other individuals and groups gather evidence. It proves exactly what you are trying to do yourselves.


With that I will let this R.I.P.,

Dan Jungles

Director/Lead Investigator

Will County Ghost Hunters Society