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EMF Dector - Ghost Meter


EMF Dector - Ghost Meter

  • Rated 9.5 out of 10 by Ghost Hunters for handling, durability, usefulness and accuracy in the field.

  • This devices can pick up electronic and magnetic fields. It's a theory that when ghosts are present they disrupt the electromagnetic fields. This EMF detector will detect these disruptions.
  • Hand-held, lightweight and durable, with read scale(0-5 MilliGauss).
  • This unit has a dramatic audio signal with volume control . Silence the unit when recording EVPS.
  • Top red part will light up to visualize EMF detections!
  • Easy to use ON/OFF switch for LED indicator light.
  • High quality material and very rugged.
  • These units are brand new
  • Requires one 9V battery (Not Included).

    This unit is a far better than the average low cost EMF units but it is still very affordable for the average ghost hunter.

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