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IR Flashlight



The use of IR (InfraRed) lights and devices has become an essential part of conducting paranormal investigations. Whether, a novice or a seasoned investigator, the growing number of people using IR technology cannot be ignored.


IR light is not visible to the human eye. When there is not a sufficient amount of visible light night vision devices are often used. Night vision devices employ the use of InfraRed light to photograph in locations where there is low light or complete darkness.


The IR flashlight is essential for anyone using any type of night vision device. This IR flashlight significantly amplifies the amount of IR light that is visible. Regardless, if you need more light in a room, down a hallway, or in a cemetery this flashlight greatly increases an investigators chances of capturing any type of movement.



Nightvision Camera without the use of an IR flashlight.




Same location with the use of an IR Flashlight.


Several manufactures make IR lights that mount on side shoes and can cost up to one hundred dollars. These devices only give fifty percent of the light that this IR flashlight does.



The flashlight features 12 IR lights, is made from durable steel construction,

and includes a wrist band.




Dimensions: 3.78 in x 1.3 in x 1.3 in


Weight: 3.42 oz


780 nm.


Requires 3 AAA Batteries


90 Day Warranty


*Warranty is valid 90 days from the purchase date of the item. The warranty

covers any manufacture defects. Original copy of receipt is required.

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