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6" Copper Pocket Dowsing Rods


The art of dowsing has been in use for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. Dowsing is the oldest form of divination used by mankind. It has been used for a variety of reasons, some of which include locating underground water, unmarked graves, to determine the sex of a child, and even finding ghosts.

The common practice in using dowsing rods for ghost hunting is using two L-shaped rods. The rods can be made from a variety of metals, including, brass, aluminum, and copper. The length of the rods can vary depending on the preference of the dowser. One rod is held loosely in each hand with the tips pointed straight out. The dowser will then concentrate on what he is trying to locate. When the object is located the rods will point downward or cross one another.

The rods are also use to ask questions of the dead. The dowser will program the rods for simple yes and no responses. The rods will be held loosely in each hand and a question will be asked of the dead. The dowser may say if the answer is no, then cross the rods, and if the answer is yes then uncross the rods.



Solid Copper Rods

Length: 6"

Handle: 4"

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