Aux Sable Grove


Date of Investigation:

January 7, 2007

Geomagnetic Field:


Solar X-Rays:


Moon Phase:

Waning Gibbous 89%

Investigators Present:

Cindy Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Kathy Stinson, and Dan Jungles

Site Address:

Aux Sable Grove Cemetery (aka Naausay Cemetery)

Yorkville, IL

Number of photos taken:


Video taken:


Audio Recorded:

83 minutes

Start time:



27 degree Fahrenheit

EMF reading:

The base reading was .00 milligauss

Fluctuations were between .00 to .04 milligauss

Investigation notes:

After arriving at the cemetery, it was apparent that our investigation would not last very long. The cemetery is in the middle of farm fields, which at this time of year are completely empty, so there was nothing to stop or slow the wind. The wind chill was easily 15 degrees colder than the air temperature. Needless to say it was bitterly cold.

Review of data:


The photos did not show any evidence of paranormal activity. There were several dust orbs that were photographed. A few pictures taken also showed our breathe that could have been confused as ectoplasmic mist, by those not present.


No evidence of the paranormal was captured on audio. However, a few chattering teeth were recorded.


No fluctuations in temperature was detected.

EMF readings:

No abnormal fluctuations were reported. The .00 milligauss to .04 milligauss readings were within the normal range that one might expect to find.


The investigation did not show any evidence of the paranormal. Due to the bitterly cold weather the investigation was rushed and cut short. On previous investigations we have been successful at recording EVPs and photographing the spirit activity at this location. This is one of the most active cemeteries in the area, and evidence is easily collected here. The paranormal activity does not seem to decrease and appears that it will continue for some time to come.