In the early morning hours of April 18, 2011 the WCGHS returned to the main bar area of the Big Four Bar & Grill in Carbon Hill, Illinois. Pictures were being taken from the front of the bar to towards the back. One of our investigators, Lloyd Tillman, walked in front of the camera during the sequences of shots. Looking back at the mirror you will see that there are a few flyers hung at the top and on the sided, however an image is seen in the middle of the mirror. We cross check all other photos from the investigation and there is nothing in the area in any other photo. It appears to be the apparition of a man in a suit and tie.

Having previously researched the location the image looked uncannily familiar. The facial features and clothing match that of John L. Walker,  the hotel’s last known owner.



Cropped photo                                              Photo of John L. Walker

From mirror                                                   Last Owner of the Hotel