Case Number: 12282009

40 South Midland Avenue

Rockdale, IL 60436

     Since May of 2008, the owners of the Chamblee Auction House have been in contact with the Will County Ghost Hunters Society regarding the strange activies that have been occurring at their location. In late December 2009, the owners of Chamblee’s Auction House finally contacted the Will County Ghost Hunters Society about having us in to conduct an investigation of the location. For over a year and a half their staff and patrons were experiencing odd and strange events. The auction house usually bustling with activity preparing for the weekly auction on Saturday evenings, but because of the holidays the business was closed down for a two week period and provided the perfect opportunity for the WCGHS to come in and research the building.

Phenomena Reported:

     One of the previous owners, whom we will refer to as Tony had passed away in early 2008. The other owner decided that she could not run the auction house on her own and sold it to the current owners, Jolene and Steve Chamblee. The Chamblee’s took control of the auction house and its contents in May of 2008. It was almost immediate to the new owners that there was something quite right. When in the building alone, a presence could be felt in the area where Tony spent the majority of his time talking and playing cards. On a few occasions the sounds of cards could be heard shuffling. Several object move on their own, including a large push cart. The door to the office and kitchen has opened and closed on numerous occasions, when no one else was in the building, other than the owners. It is nothing that feels threatening in nature, but the owners would like to know if in fact Tony is still at the business he loved some much in life or if it is simply nothing more then their over active imaginations.

History of location:

The land where the auction house sits was used for decades by the Navy yards in Rockdale, Illinois for coal storage.  After the Navy yards closed down the land became over grown with trees, weeds, and foliage. The land sat empty for decades, until a metal frame building was built in the early 1990s. The building originally was built for an automotive repair shop. After the automotive shop closed down, the building sat vacant for a few years. Then in 2000, Harvest House Auction moved into the location. There was no “paranormal activity reported by the owner of the automotive shop or from the owners of the Harvest House Auction. In early 2008, one of the owners of auction house, Tony suddenly became stricken with cancer and passed on within weeks. The auction house was sold in May 2008 to the current owners. The previous owner had told the current owners that she spread a portion of Tony’s ashes around the auction house building, so he would always be there with her. When she spread the ashes, it was her intention to remain the owner of the auction house, but it quickly became clear that she could not run the business without her partner.

Investigation Notes:

Geomagnetic Field:


Solar X-Rays:


Investigators Present:

Dan Jungles- Lead Investigator

Brian Brozovich- DVR Technician

Ron Muldoon- Investigator

Debra Shea- Investigator

Non-Investigators Present:

Owners: Steve Chamblee, Jolene Chamblee,

Owners Son: Christopher Chamblee, and his girlfriend Jasmine


On December 28, 2009 the Will County Ghost Hunters Society meet at a predetermined location. Dan disclosed the details of the investigation and the reported activity. The team packed the equipment and departed for Rockdale,IL.  The WCGHS team arrived at the location at approximately 6:30 PM.  The team was directed to pull our vehicle into the building. We were greeted by the owners Jolene and Steve and quickly shown around the auction house and shown the areas in which they felt that activity has occurred. One of thing that has occurred that the owners could not explain is the half door to the kitchen opening and closing on its own. A short distance from the kitchen is an office door where the bell over the door has been heard, as if someone was opening or closing the door, yet no one has ever been seen doing so. Another “hot spot” is the nearby bar. The bar did not exist when the previous owner Tony ran the auction house. However, it is the same spost where Tony had a table in which he sat for hours upon hours playing cards and just socializing with his patrons. These three spots form a triangle. The last spot in which they reported activity was in the rear of the location, where items were stored for future auctions. On two separate occasions items were moved on their own from here. The first time was a large heavy metal cart, and the most recent was a child’s toy. The team determined the location that would be used for the base of the investigation. We began to unload the equipment and discussed the equipment we would need to properly cover the location for the investigation. It was determined that the WCGHS would utilize four of the IR DVR cameras, two EMF detectors (one digital, one ghost meter), two noncontact IR temperature guns, a negative ion counter, Geiger counter, Ghost Box and our normal still cameras and audio recorders.

Camera one was placed on the auction block facing the rare storage area.

Camera two was placed on the auction block facing the bar area.

Camera three was placed facing the kitchen’s half door.

Camera four was placed facing the office door.

Due to the open floor plan and size of the building, it was determine to keep the team together. Baseline EMF, temperature, Geiger, and negative Ion readings were recorded. During the course of recording the baseline readings, the team was walking out of the kitchen through the half door and recorded a dramatic fluctuation on the negative Ion counter. The base reading for the negative Ion counter was -3 Ions, but as the team passed through the half door the counter spiked to -133 Ions. The team spent several minutes trying to recreate the reading or find a logical explanation for it. The reading could not be explained and was not repeated during the course of the investigation. The team spent several hours taking readings and photographing the site. Near the end of the investigation a train parked on a nearby set of railroad tracks and sat idle for at least the last hour we were there, and continued to run when we let. The team did the best we could and conducted an excessive EVP session with and without the ghost box. There were no personal experiences felt by any team members during the investigation.

Review of Data


Collectively the WCGHS recorded a total of 4 hours, 31 minutes, and 22 seconds of audio. There was no audio evidence of paranormal activity.


During the course of the investigation the WCGHS collectively recorded a total of 8 hours, 06 minutes and 41 seconds of video. The video did not show any evidence of any paranormal activity.


Collectively the WCGHS took a total of 308 photos. There were no photos that were considered to be paranormal in nature.

Personal Experiences:

There were no personal experiences by any of the team members during the course of this investigation.



There is no evidence of paranormal activity in this home. The high fluctuation on the negative Ion counter could not be explained, but in its self cannot be considered proof of the paranormal. The location has undergone numerous renovations in the past year and a half and continues to do so. If the previous owner is still at the placed he loved so much in life it would make sense that the changes made to the location could stir him up and result in his presence be felt. The WCGHS beliefs it is a strong possibility that there may be spirit activity in the location, if not the previous owner, possibly someone who is attached to one of the items that have been brought into the auction house to be sold. The WCGHS hope to be able to conduct another investigation at the location sometime in the months to come.

* In order to protect the privacy of the individuals whom currently live in the home all names have been changed for the purposes of this report.