In late November, a former client of the Will County Ghost Hunters Society contacted us regarding recent activity that their teenage daughter (who we will call Beth) was experiencing. Previously, the activity reported was not physical in nature. However, in the ladder part of November, Beth began waking up with scratches on her body. Her parents (who we will refer to as Sue and Tom) became worried for the safety of their daughter and contacted the WCGHS for assistance. At the time, the home owners wanted to wait and see if the activity would continue or dissipate. Tom blessed the home with holy water and the activity seemed to completely stop, at least for a few days.

     The activity seems to become more frequent several days after the blessing. Beth was being scratch more frequently and throughout the day. She photographed the multitude of scratches. The scratches appeared on her face, neck back, hands, legs, and feet. The scratches were not deep and did not puncture the skin, they were only surface scratches that would dissipate quickly. Sue and Tom became more concerned for the safety of their daughter and on December 9, 2010 called the WCGHS for an investigation.

     On the evening of December 12, 2010, the Will County Ghost Hunters Society returned to Coal City, Illinois for a follow-up investigation at Sue and Tom’s home. The team consisted of Jason Houck, Brian Brozovich, and Dan Jungles. We arrived promptly at 8pm and were greeted by Beth and Sue. Tom was unable to be there because of his work schedule. The team brought all of the equipment in and set up our base in the kitchen of the residence. We had a discussion with Sue and Beth. We learned their was a death in the apartment next to theirs several years prior. The people who are currently living in the unit are practicing Wiccans, which concerned Sue. She thought they could possibly be the source of the activity in their unit by some of their practices. Beth then proceed to show us dozens of pictures of the scratches that she had inflicted.

     We decided that we would focus our investigation in the areas that were considered the hot spots. IR DVR cameras were setup in Beth’s bedroom, the living room, and in the doorway of the master bedroom pointing into the bathroom. These were all areas in which Beth had been scratched and previous activity had occurred. The team did base line readings of the home. Readings included: EMF, Temperature, Negative Ion, and Geiger readings. There were no unusual base readings detected. Due to the size of the team and the location, it was determined we would stay together for the investigation.

     Our investigation began in the living room of the residence. The living room has been the site of numerous paranormal events over the past year. There has been books moved and rearranged on the bookshelves. The family dog has acted strangely on numerous occasions. More recently, this was one of the locations were Beth was scratched. We asked Beth and Sue to join us. The team took numerous still photos of the room and the surrounding areas. We decided to conduct an EVP session and asked Beth and Sue to precipitate in hopes that the spirit/s would be more prone to respond to more familiar voices. During our time in the living room Beth said she was scratched numerous times. She showed us several of the scratches, and at times was not sure if she had done them. The scratches quickly went away. We did not have any personal experiences during our time in the living room.

     We took a short break and discussed what had happened and what we were planning on doing next. We determined that the bathroom was too small for all of us to go into and try to conduct any type of EVP session. We took turns taking photos of the bathroom an then proceed to go into Beth’s bedroom. We asked Beth to join us in her room for our EVP session. After going into the bedroom, Brian decided it was too crowded and went to the bathroom to investigate the reports of paranormal activity there. During our EVP session in Beth’s room, Jason, Dan and Beth all asked numerous questions. Dan asked for the spirits to show a sign of their presence, this was followed by one of the EMF detectors falling to the floor. The EMF detector was on a bookshelf and was positioned at a slight angle, so it is quite possible that it simply slid off on its own. It could not be considered paranormal do to its positioning. Beth did stop the investigation several times and show us where she was scratched. Again, they were very faint surface scratches and dissipated quickly. There were no personal experiences during our time in Beth’s bedroom.

     After leaving Beth’s room we walked around and took several additional photographs. Talking with Brian, he said that he did not experience anything note worthy in his investigation of the bathroom. We sat down with the Beth and Sue to discuss a few possibilities. The frequency of the scratches and severity of them lead us to believe that it was possible that Beth was possibly inflicting them on herself. We do not think that it is necessarily intentional, and that they maybe caused an allergy to something in the home or the dryness in the air. We told Beth and Sue to document every additional occurrence, no matter how small. We decided that the investigation had run its course and concluded it at that time.

     Over the next several days, the WCGHS analyzed the DVR footage, still photos and the audio that was collected during the course of the investigation. The audio, video and still footage did not show any evidence of anything paranormal in nature. In addition, there were no personal experiences or fluctuations in any of fields we measured. We were unable to gather any evidence of anything paranormal during our investigation at the residence. Sue, Tom, and Beth were told of our findings and to log any additional experiences they may have. To date, there has been no further activity.