Coal City Home Investigation October 19, 2013

Investigation Report

      On October 19, 2013 two of our investigators did a preliminary investigation of a residence in Coal City, Illinois.  The residence was a townhouse located roughly in the middle of the line of similar homes.  The residence consisted of two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, bath, and a deck leading to a yard.  The occupants were a 25 year old woman, her approximately 5 year old son, and a male friend.  The woman and son each occupied a bedroom and the friend slept on the couch in the living room.  The woman told us that she thinks something has followed her from previous residences.  She had lived in Sandwich and Pontiac (?) and always felt like there was some type of presence with her.  In this house her son will not sleep in the one bedroom.  She believes that room has an uneasy feel to it.  In addition, they hear noises in the kitchen and have found the refrigerator door open.  She was showering one time and heard what she thought was her friend come in and walk around the kitchen and open and close the refrigerator but when she got out of the shower no one was home.  She also had a shelf that had been firmly mounted to the wall fall off for no reason.  She said it seemed to her that the activity was increasing which is why she called us. 

     We began our investigation taking both regular digital and full spectrum digital photographs of the rooms.  (We did not have the DVR system with us)  We conducted EVP and K-2 sessions in the two bedrooms, kitchen and living room.  The resident and a friend of hers that also lived in the complex (not the one that slept on the couch) were in the living room during that session.  We hoped that having them there might trigger activity.  The two investigators did not get any uneasy feelings in any of the rooms.  However, the resident seemed to be truly upset about the events that were occurring.  As we were packing up the friend asked us if we would take photographs in the backyard.  We agreed to do so but asked why the backyard?  The resident very hesitantly told us of one more event that had occurred.  She and the live-in friend were on the deck one night when they suddenly heard what sounded like something with giant wings flapping up through the trees at the back of the property.  She said they never saw what it was but it scared them both half to death.


     We did not find any evidence of the paranormal in the photographs.  Nor did we obtain any EVPS. The K-2 sessions also did not yield any hits.  We told the resident that we would come back with all of our equipment for a full investigation if the activity continued


     The resident contacted one of the investigators and said things had gotten worse.  She was now afraid to live in the residence.  They were experiencing much more activity in the kitchen.  One of the townhouses was damaged in the tornado outbreak in Illinois but hers was undamaged.  We were scheduled to reinvestigate the location but were unable to contact the resident to confirm the visit.