Demon in Bachelors Grove


This picture was taken by Henry Pena of the Chicago Ghost Hunters Society. Here is what Henry has to say about this picture-

In July of 2001,I had to go to Bachelors Grove Cemetery by myself. This is the 4th or 5th time I had to go by myself because, Mike had to work that night. I must have arrived there around 2am; it was a clear summer night. The cemetery seemed to be very peaceful that night; there was no one around. I must have been there about an hour and all of a sudden, I started hearing noises in the cemetery. It sound like someone was saying Shssss,it wasn't load at first. About ten minute's later, I heard it again but this time it was about less than a foot away from me, I turned around and started taking pictures. The funny thing about this I wasn't picking up any EMF readings or thermo readings. If you look at this photo you can see a side profile of an ectoplasmic figure of a woman. If you look to the bottom left hand of the photo, you’ll see a small red face yellow eyes, ear, nose, mouth and must I say it, a horn.