Case Number: 05172008

321 Main Street Apt 13

Joliet, IL 60435

In April of 2008, the Will County Ghost Hunters Society was contacted by the residences of a home in Joliet who believed they were experiencing paranormal activity in their home. They were frightened and asking for our help to understand what was occurring in their home.

Phenomena Reported:

The residence of this apartment began experience what they believed was paranormal activity. Initially they were not frightened by it. It began about three years ago at Mary’s previous residence. Mary was seeing the apparition of a little girl about the age of 3 or 4. She was dressed in a white dress that appeared to be from the 1920’s or 1930’s. She appeared to be in distress and looking for help. The couple’s five year old grandson has been seeing the ghost of a man in the hallway waking towards his bedroom. In the past few weeks, there seems to be an evil presence in the residence. Bob was asleep when he woke suddenly by something. He attempted to get up, but could not move. He felt like he was being held down. They would like to know what is in their home and how to deal with it.

History of location:

     The apartment building was built in 1975. Since then there has been numerous occupants. There is no known deaths or tragedies at the location.

Investigation Notes:

Geomagnetic Field:


Solar X-Rays:


Moon Phase:

Waxing Gibbous 86.65% Illumination

Investigators Present:

Dan Jungles- Lead Investigator

Tom Wilson- Equipment Technician

Gary Butler- DVR Technician

Todd Boreham- Investigator

Non-Investigators Present:

The residences Bob, Mary and their grandson Matt(*)were present.

On May 17, 2008 the Will County Ghost Hunters Society arrived at approximately at 9:30 PM and were greeted by the residences Bob and Mary. Tom began to conduct the interview, while the rest if the team took base line EMF and temperature readings. Once the readings were completed, the cameras and the DVR system were set up.

Interview Questions

Date: May 17, 2008

1. Address of site: 321 Main Street Apt 13 , Joliet, IL 60435

2. How many occupants at location: 3

3. Occupants names and ages: Bob 48, Mary 38, and Matt 5

4. Occupants occupations: Self Employed

5. Occupants religious beliefs: Protestant

6. Time of occupancy at the location: 1 Year

7. Age of the site: 1975

8. How many previous owners: The location is an apartment, so it is unclear on how many previous residences there have been.

9. History of site (tragedies, deaths, previous complaints): There are no known deaths or tragedies known to the residences.

10. How many rooms in the site: There are a total of 5 rooms in the residences. They are the living room, eat in kitchen, and three bedrooms.

11. Has the location been blessed: The location has not been blessed to the knowledge of the home owners.

12. Has there been any recent remolding: There has been no recent remodeling.

13. Any occupants on medication: Yes

14. Any occupants using illegal drugs: No

15. Any occupants drink alcohol heavily: No

16. Any occupants interested in the occult (ouija, séances, psychics, spells):No

17. Any occupants currently seeing a psychiatrist: Yes, Mary is currently seeing a psychiatrist.

18. Have any religious clergy been consulted: No

19. Has there been any media involvement: No

20. Have there been any other witnesses besides the occupants: No

21. Have there been any odors (perfumes, flowers, sulfur, excrement): No

22. Have there been any sounds (footsteps, knocks, banging): No

23. Have there been any voices (whispering, yelling, crying, speaking): No

24. Has there been any movement of objects: No

25. Have there been any levitations: No,

26. Have there been any uncommon cold or hot spots: Yes, there have been both hot and cold spots felt in the master bedroom.

27. Have there been any problems with electrical appliances (tv, lights, kitchen appliances, doorbells): There has been not electrical problems in the residence.

28. Have there been any problems with plumbing (leaks, flooding, sinks, toilet bowls): No

29. Any occupants having nightmares or trouble sleeping: Yes, both Mary and Bob have had nightmares were they were fighting an evil presence.

30. Have there been any physical attacks: Yes, Mary has had her feet touched while in bed. Bob has felt like he has had an unseen force hold him down in bed and he could not move.

31. Are pets affected: N/A

32. When was the first occurrence of the phenomena: The first occurrence happened within a few month of moving in.

33. What were the reactions during the phenomena: They were startled, but felt like they could not do anything about it. Helpless and unable to turn to anyone but each other.

34. How long was the durations of the phenomena: The duration is usually of a few seconds.

35. Who first witnessed the phenomena: Mary

36. Were there any other witnesses: No

37. What time was the first occurrence of the phenomena: The first occurrence was experienced by Mary about 3 years ago at her previous residence. She believes that she is being followed.

38. How often does the phenomena occur: Sometimes once a week, and sometime every few months.

39. Do the occupants feel threatened: They do not feel threatened by the presence of the little girl, but feel there is something else there that is evil. It is the evil presence that scares them.

40. What do the occupants believe is happening (is it supernatural): Yes. However, Bob did not believe that there was anything supernatural occurring until a few weeks ago when he was held down in bed by an unseen presence.

41. Do all of the occupants agree on what is happening of do they think it’s nonsense: Yes, they all agree.

After the interview was done, the team was briefed on the information gathered during the interview. The information was discussed. The hot spots were determined and the cameras were placed accordingly.

Camera one was placed in living room.

Camera two was placed in the hallway.

Camera three was placed in the spare bedroom.

Camera four was placed in the master bedroom.

Due to the small size of the location the team did not spilt up. EMF and temperature readings, photos, and conducted EVP sessions throughout the home. During the investigation there was a lot of background noise, including thunder, rain, and passing cars. No abnormal fluctuations in the EMF or temperature readings were detected. There were no personal experience by team members during the investigation.

Review of Data


Collectively the WCGHS recorded a total of 4 hours, 51 minutes, and 3 seconds of audio. We believed they had at least one legitimate EVP. However, because of the background noise it was dismissed. As a result, there was no audio evidence collected during this investigation.


During the course of the investigation the WCGHS collectively recorded a total of 7 hours, 22 minutes and 42 seconds of video. The video did not show any evidence of any paranormal activity.


Collectively the WCGHS took a total of 334 photos. There were a few pictures that contained orbs in them. These pictures are all believe to have dust particles that created the orbs in them.


During the course of our investigation we could not gather any evidence of the location being haunted. There were no personal experiences by any our members either. An additional investigation should be performed at the location in the future.

* In order to protect the privacy of the individuals whom currently live in the home all names have been changed for the purposes of this report.