Ghost Hunting Tools

      Ghost hunting is much like detective work and as such requires the proper tools to do an investigation.  For the beginner ghost hunting can be fun an inexpensive, but the more involve you become the more expensive the equipment becomes. Below is a list of the most commonly used tools used in the field of ghost hunting from the inexpensive to the expensive. 

Air Ion Counter-This piece of equipment is used to measure the positive and negative ions in an area. The belief by many is that ghost create high amounts of positive ions because they give off high amounts of electromagnetic discharges.  This is not for the beginner, it is an expensive piece of equipment.

Audio Equipment-One of the most common pieces of equipment used in ghost hunting, and a must for any ghost hunter is an audio recorder.  Audio equipment is used to record EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), a recording of the voices or sounds of the dead. The two most commonly used are cassette and digital.  Any type of  recorder will do, but a hand held one is the easiest to carry.  It is recommended if you are using a tape recorder that you use an external microphone.  Many tape recorders have built in microphones and this will record the turning of the gears inside the machine itself.  When listening back this may make it difficult to determine if what you're hearing are actually voices from the dead or static from the gears interfering with natural sounds. It is recommended that you never use a tape more than once, and you should always use brand name tapes. The other type of recorder is the digital recorder.  This produces a clearer sound due to the fact that there are no internal gears moving that can produce noise on the recording. The plus with this is that you do not have to continually buy new tapes for each investigation. 

Camera-This is something that almost everyone has already.  Any type of camera will do the job, a disposable camera, any type of film camera, and a new favorite of many a digital camera.  One of the the biggest advantages of using digital cameras is that is no film used and there is a LCD screen for immediate viewing.  However, the lower end digital cameras have a lower mega-pixel count and the images can not be blown up so far without becoming grainy.  There are no negatives with digital cameras either, so there authenticity can be disputed by skeptics.

Chalk-If certain object have the tendency to move, then it is a good idea to outline them, so later on you can see if and how far they were moved by a poltergeists or spirit.  Chalk can also be spread to try to capture footprints, handprints, etc.

Clean Containers-If you get physical evidence, then you will not want it to become contaminated in any way.

Compass-Like an EMF, the compass can pick up discrepancies in magnetic fields. Just watch that North-pointing arrow for any dramatic fluctuations. This is an affordable alternative to the EMF detector. You can use it to chart the direction in which ghosts and/or any other objects move.

DB Gage/Meter- A decibel gage detects audio frequencies above and below the human hearing range. Absolute silence is necessary for accurate audio readings.

Electromagnetic Field Detectors- Commonly known as EMF detectors, these small hand held devices monitor the electromagnetic field in an area. Ghost hunters have found that ghosts can sometimes manipulate these fields, either by generating their own field or manipulating the natural field of the planet.  The EMF detectors will vary slightly in style, some have lights indicating the levels, and others have a scale and alarms. Since most energy anomalies fall within a range of 3 to 7 milligauss, the meter used should read from 0.1 to 10 milligauss. Readings that fall under 1.0 milligauss are considered background levels and should be ignored. Readings that exceed 7 milligauss should be suspect and are probably from an artificial source, such as microwave, television, motors, electrical junction boxes, etc. A scan of the area should be done before an investigation is done to find out natural hot spots.  A downside of using this detector is that you have to be close to the entity in order to register the change. 

Film-It is recommended that a brand name of film is used, and always make sure it is in date.  One of the favorites among ghost hunters seems to be the Kodak 400 speed film.  Many also use Kodak 200 and 800 speeds films, as well as black and white film.  Kodak is not the only film out there, but seems to be more popular and seems to yield some of the best results.

First Aid Kit-You should always to prepared for anything.

Food/Beverage-Investigation are often in remote places, and tend to be long... so, be prepared.

Lights-Bringing a flashlight or lantern is always a good idea on any ghost hunt.  This is primarily used for safety.  Walk around the area with a flashlight to check it out before doing your investigation. If you get spooked or need a flashlight you will have it.  A lantern should only be used in a larger area where you are not taking pictures.  Matter of fact, no lights should be on in the area in which you are taking pictures. 

Night Vision-Night visions serves two general purposes, one is to amplify light and the other is to allow visibility in low light or dark locations. Anomalies are sometimes visible through night vision, mostly appearing as orbs. Night vision also allows you to clearly observe your surrounding area without being seen, since a flash can draw unwanted attention.

Notebook & Pen-Always have a notebook and a pen to write down notes, make sketches, temperature readings, sounds, and any other details.  These can later be compared with others on the investigation.

Plastic Bags-Many remote locations have be littered by careless people. Pick up some of the garbage while you are there.

Temperature Devices-Often 'Cold spots' (drops in air temperature) and/or 'Hot spots' (rise in air temperature) often have been observed in areas of suspected paranormal activity, possibly due to an entity's absorption of surrounding energy. The two types of equipment used to detect temperature changes are digital thermometer or an infrared non-contact temperature gun( also known as Thermal scanners).  Using these two types of devices it is easy to detect and record temperature changes to an area, even at a distance. Any drop or rise in temperature should be recorded, as this often signals the presence of spirits.

     Digital thermometer-This is type of thermometer is designed to be left in a location and has an alarm to note drastic temperature changes.  This can be used to record the lowest, highest, and average temperatures over a period of time. The alarm can be set to go off if the temperature drops below the set temperature.

     Thermal Scanners/IR Guns-Also known as infrared non-contact temperature gun allows a person to take temperatures from a distance. An infrared thermometer is used to detect abnormal fluctuations in ambient temperature. All you have to do with this is point and shoot.  The pistol grip and the LCD screen on the back  makes it easy to hold and operate.  Most models are accurate within 3 degrees of the actual temperature. When the trigger is held in it allows an entire area to be scanned.  Models will vary on how far the they will scan up to and some come with a laser pointer. 

Thermal Vision-Thermography is a technology that actually allows us to see thermal energy and heat. This is a great tool to detecting, seeing, and recording cold and hot spots.  A good example of the use of thermal vision video is in the movie Predator.  This is a great tool to gave, but an expensive one.

Two Way Radios-Two two way radios (walkie talkies) for keeping in contact with each other. Members using the field equipment or writing down notes can use VOX for hands free communication.

Video-One of the most important pieces of equipment that is used in the documentation of ghosts.  Video cameras are mostly used by setting them up on a tripod in a location and left alone for a long period of time, thus freeing up an investigator to concentrate on other areas. Video cameras will pick up any movements and sounds in the area. They provide some of the best evidence.  Other features that can be purchased on video cameras are night-shot and different formats for recording.  Night-shot recording will allow you to record in complete darkness, but still be able to see the images and any movement in a green and black format.

Watch-It is a good idea to be able to record know when you arrive, when something occurs, and when you leave.

Olympus DS-30 Digital Stereo Conference Recorder


Sound quality that's unheard of. In addition to capturing stereo sound from meetings, interviews and other critical information expected of digital recorders, you can     download and create podcasts with the DS-30. The super-high-quality sound is also     great for listening to audio books and music - it's the ideal all-in-one audio device.

  • 66 HOURS 40 minutes of recording time
  • 256MB internal flash memory.
  • High-Sensitivity detachable stereo microphone.
  • Capture the richness you want with super-high-quality sound.
  • Voice Guidance. Ensures seamless operation of various complex functions.
  • Records in WMA (Windows Media Audio) format.

Samsung SHR-3160 16



The SHR Series represent the best value and technology packed stand alone DVR?s offered in today's market. While the market is flooded with all types of RTOS (Real Time Operating Systems) type DVR?s, none have the backing of one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world. Samsung produced more semi-conductors than any other company in the last two years. Why is that important in and RTOS machine? Because the program that runs the DVR resides on a semi-conductor or system on an chip. The chip quality, durability and reliability are crucial to maintain the performance standards necessary for the security industry.

The SHR-3160N offers 16 channels of MPEG4 (a worldwide standard) video compression and is efficient enough to maintain file sizes of 1 to 4 Kb, depending on how the unit is programmed. Total internal capacity is 320GB with and on board SCSI II Interface for additional storage. Data transfer can also be accomplished via USB. With 16 composite video inputs and three video outputs the SHR-3160N is the perfect replacement for the conventional multiplexer/VCR combination. An S-Video output ensures that when connected to a high resolution monitor, such as our new 15? or 21? Flat CRT monitors the end user will experience near broadcast quality viewing. Alarming inputs, Alarming outputs and motion detection allow the SHR3160N to perform with the same flexibility of a PC based system with the reliability of a stand-alone embedded technology.

The SHR series of stand alone, RTOS embedded technology DVR?s range from 1, 9 and 16 channels and are equipped with all newest features in DVR DVR technology. Once again Samsung Electronics has developed a product destined to become the integrators choice in CCTV applications.

FEATURES: Samsung SHR-3160

16ch DVR/multiplexer Recording System
- MPEG 4 Video Compression
- Built-in 80GB HDD, can be expanded 4 HDD
   in one unit (Max. 320GB)
- Timer programming function
- Various search function : Date/Time search,
   Event search
- Average recording file size : 1 ~ 4Kbyte,
   Can store much information to confined HDD
- PTZ control
     Motion Detection
     16 Alarm Inputs, 4 Alarm Outputs
     Single Channel Audio Recording
     Live 480 IPS Playback
     Up to 720X480 Resolution
- Data copy function- USB interface Save
    is available in AVI and JPEG file format
- HDD Expansion through the SCSI II interface
- Remote monitoring and control through
   the network (LAN)
- NTSC/PAL auto detection function
- Multi language GUI

IR InSight T

The IR-InSight®T is a rugged, video rate, portable infrared camera that delivers industry leading image quality with precision temperature measurement capability.  Its extremely durable housing enables the tool to withstand the everyday abuses of the work environment.  With "point and shoot" single trigger operation, it's the easiest-to-use infrared camera on the market.  Infrared Solutions' IR-InSight®T, the Sharper, Simpler, Smarter value in cost effective thermal Imaging.

InSight T

IR Insight T

Power & Utilities
Infrared Utilities ImageSubstations, transmission lines, transmission equipment, power connections, and other electrical components can benefit from routine thermal monitoring. Potential problems can be diagnosed and repaired before they become catastrophic problems - saving significant dollars on extensive repairs and downtime.

Infrared Roofing Image Industrial Roofing
The outstanding thermal sensitivity and image quality of the IR-InSight®T combined with the large 3.5" display allows positive identification of moisture problems. This simple rugged tool with one button operation allows you to quickly capture high quality thermal images of problem areas, saving time and money.

Infrared Thermal Image Facility Maintenance
Plants & facilities contain a diverse assortment of critical equipment that can benefit from routine predictive and preventive thermal inspections. Together, the IR-InSight®T camera and included SightView software provide the simplest method available to accurately inspect and monitor critical facility equipment for thermal anomalies.

Infrared Thermal Image Manufacturing
Continuous demand to reduce downtime, waste, and costs while increasing performance, yields, and revenues are constant challenges. The IR-InSight®T can easily and accurately monitor, identify, and help resolve heat related problems to prevent and minimize downtime while increasing profits.