The following EVPs were recorded at Aux Sable Grove Cemetery in Yorkville, IL on July 19, 2008.  These were both recorded during an EVP session using a Ghost Box.

The first one Kathy says, ”If there’s someone here, please say your name.” A male voice responds, “Andrew.”


The second one Dan says, ”If you want us to leave say leave.” A male voice replies immediately saying, “Leave.”


     We believe the voice is the same voice on both EVPs. Furthermore, it was recorded at a gravesite of a young man named Andrew. Read Investigation Report

On July 12, 2008 the WCGHS conducted an investigation in the Cathedral area in Joliet, IL.  There were several EVP recorded during the course of our investigation. The EVPs that are listed in blue are from the parlor/ living room.  While the EVPs recorded in the upstairs east bedroom are listed in red. 


Dan asks,” Can you move something in this room?”  You will hear the ghost box scanning the stations and at the end of the recording a spirit replies, “Sunnie.”  After the question was asked Sunnie said she felt a cold breeze pass her by.


Tom asks,” Are you male or female?” A male spirit replies by asking a question of his own. He asks, “Who are you?”


The EVP session in the parlor/ living room was conducted with the ghost box, and lasted almost fifty minutes in length.  Dan had previous asked on two occasions if the spirits wanted us to end the session. On the third occasion Kathy says, “Say it again, say end.”  A male spirit says, “It isn’t working.” This is followed by a female spirit saying, “End.” Then another male spirit saying,” Questions……stop.”


Tom asks, “Are you dead?” A male spirit replies with a question of his own. He asks,” Do you see me?” 



Tom asks, “Can you tell me my name?” You will hear the ghost box scan the stations and a male spirit reply, “Vince.” 


Read Investigation Report

The following EVPs were recorded during an investigation at the P. Seth Magosky Museum of Victorian Life in Joliet, IL on January 19, 2008The first was recorded in the doll room at 2:40AM. Dan asks,"Do you want us to leave?" This is followed by a long pause and what sounds like a baby crying. This does not appear on any other recorder.






The second EVP was recorded in a second floor bedroom in the front of the house. Serena Magosky said she heard something. She is explaining what she heard. She says, "Was it okay if.. if I was laying on your bed? I just heard something say f*cking no." This is followed by a distorted voice saying, "Get off the bed."  Then Dan says,"Well, all I have to say is...."  The voice was not picked up on anyone else's recorded in the bedroom.
Slowed Version 
The following EVP was recorded during an investigation at the P. Seth Magosky Museum of Victorian Life, in Joliet, IL on January 05, 2008. There were three investigators outside the 2nd floor "doll room" when this was recorded. There were no questions being asked. A male voice says, "Don't stay at Blackburn's."  There were no males in the group of investigators.
http://www.theghostpage.com/Don't Stay At Blackburn's.wav
The following EVPs were recorded during an overnight investigation at Baci's Restaurant in Plainfield,IL on December 8, 2007.
     Three of our team members were in the choir loft when this was recorded. You will hear Sarah Johnson say, "Nice camera"  This is followed by the voice of a female spirit saying, "Here."  The other investigators continue talking after the voice unaware it was even spoken.
     Later in the investigation Tom Wilson and Sunnie Boland were in the banquet room in the basement. Tom says, "You still have the chills?"  Sunnie responses,"Yeah." Then Tom asks,"Or are they gone?" Sunnie then responses,"No, I have the chills." A male spirit says,"Follow me." Tom says,"See when I walked into that storage area."
     On November 23, 2007 the WCGHS conducted an investigation at a private residence in Morris, IL. During the course of the investigation numerous EVP sessions were conducted. The following is a Class A EVP that was recorded in the master bedroom of the residence.  It is in this room that the majority of the phenomenon is reported to happen. This is the only  EVP we were able to capture during the course of our investigation.  You will hear the WCGHS case manager Kathy Stinson say, "If there's anyone in this room, if there's a spirit in this room cross my rods."  A female spirit replies, "I don't play."      
     The following EVP was recorded during an investigation at the P. Seth Magosky Museum of Victorian Life, in Joliet, IL on October 14, 2007 at 4:21 AM in the family dining room located in the basement of the home. Mike says, "You can't scare anyone down here." This is followed by loud laughter. Dan says,"You guys didn't here a laugh." Stephanie replies,"I didn't hear a laugh." Then Dan says,"I thought I heard either a young girl or a young child. It sounded like a child or a young girl."
http://www.theghostpage.com/Child's Laugh.wma

The following EVP was recorded during an investigation at the Willard Grove Cemetery in Channahon, IL on May 27, 2007.   View Investigation Report

A total of 1 hour and 3 minutes were recorded during the investigation. Upon review of the audio a Class 1 EVP was discovered. The EVP was recorded at the gravesite were temperature and EMF fluctuations were discovered. Dan asks, ”Is there anyone here?” There is a high pitch noise when the question is being asked, which is caused by the amount of energy in the area. A male ghost is heard saying, ”Hey Michael, are you ready to do this with me man?”


The following 2 EVPs were recorded during an investigation at a private residence in Sandwich,IL on April 28, 2007.   View Investigation Report

 EVP  1

     The first EVP was recorded in the master bedroom of the home. The team walked into the bedroom and Dan walked up to the dresser and placed his EMF detector on it. Almost immediately after placing the EMF detector on the dresser the EMF rose from a .01 milligauss to a 3.0 milligauss. The rise and fall were both slow. After reviewing the evidence it was clear that the EMF detector was placed on the dresser and then, a voice a woman who sounded scared said, “There‘s, there’s someone here.” The voice was not heard during the investigation. The EVP is a Class 2 EVP, as there are some variations on exactly what is being said. Some other team members hear the woman saying, “She slept in here.” or “She’s in here.” It is unclear who the woman is at this time and why she remains in the home.  Recorded by Dan Jungles

http://www.theghostpage.com/There's_There's Someone Here.wav


     The second EVP was recorded in the garage near the end of the investigation. Before entering the garage the team commented how loud the party was and that in order for us the consider anything from the garage it would have to be extremely loud and clear. Upon entering the garage, Dan and Anthony went to the back of the garage and stood under the staircase looking up to the second story of the garage. They began to discuss how and exactly were the suicide could have taken place. During their conversation, a loud male voice came through saying, “Go away.” This is followed immediately by a train whistle. It is believe the spirit used the white noise of the train to come through. The voice was louder than both Dan and Anthony, and could not be attributed to the party. The sound of the party only appeared to be background noise on the recordings. It was believed by the investigators that the voice was that of Ken Smith. The EVP is a strong Class 1. Recorded by Anthony Gallas