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During an investigation in Joliet, IL at a home near the University of Saint Francis the following EVP was recorded. Several investigator heard footsteps coming from an upstairs bedroom and decided to conduct a ghost box EVP session in it some time later in the investigation. Dan asks, "Are you afraid to talk with us?" An elderly woman replies, "Can't."


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  During an investigation at a private residence in Rockdale, IL the WCGHS recorded the following EVPs. The following two EVPs were recorded in a ghost box session near the end of the investigation in the dining room of the home.

Dan asks, "Can you give us a sign your here with us?" The radio cycling can be heard, then a male spirit aks, "A response?"

http://www.theghostpage.com/Rockdale Dining rm Ghostbox_A_Response.WMA

Near the end of the EVP session in the dining room Dan says, "Tell me your name and I'll turn this radio off." The radio begins to cycle and a male spirit says, "No conditions."

http://www.theghostpage.com/Rockdale Dining rm Ghostbox-No_Condition.WMA



The final EVP session of the night was in the basement. The ghost box was turned off. You will hear the ghost box cycling and turning off. Then, a male spirit says,” Stay longer."

http://www.theghostpage.com/Rockdale Basement Ghostbox (stay longer).WMA

The male spirit saying, "Stay longer", isolated and amplified.

http://www.theghostpage.com/Rockdale Basement Ghostbox (stay longer) Response.WMA


     There were also several photos taken that night that show an abnomal heat impression that was captured. To view the photos, click here.


On November 8, 2008 the WCGHS conducted an investigation at a private residence in Princeton,IL. The following EVPs were recorded during the course of this investigation using a ghost box. These recordeings were both recorded during in the basement of the home.

Dan asks,"Can you tell us your wife's name?" The ghost box then cycles through and a male voice comes through saying, "Help me."


The next EVP was recorded during the same session several minutes later. Sunnie says,"In Spanish smarty, I was going to say German." Then Sunnie says a German phrase. A male spirit comes through and says, "Thank you very much." Dan hears this and says,"Thank you very much."  The male spirit then comes through again and says,"Heard that." This is followed by Dan and Sunnie talking    




On October 10, 2008 the WCGHS conducted an investigation in the Cathedral area in Joliet, IL.There were several EVPs recorded during the course of our investigation. All of the EVPS were recorded in the master bedroom of the home.

Dawn asks, “Did you have children?”  A female replies, “Two boys.”


No questions were being asked when this EVP was recorded. You can heard the ghost box cycling and a male voice say, “There you are.”  Then, a child says, “Hi, Jerri.”

http://www.theghostpage.com/hi jerri.wav

Dawn asks, “Does someone else want to speak with us now?”  A spirit replies, “Diethard.” This is followed by a second voice saying, “Mike.”


No questions were being asked when this EVP was recorded. You can heard the ghost box cycling and a male voice say, “Sunnie.”  This is followed by a second more horse male voice saying, “Jerri.”



The following EVPs were recorded during a private home investigation in Joliet, IL on August 29, 2008.

The first EVP was recorded in the tandem bedroom. Gary asks, ”Can you close the door?” There is background noise of the other team talking, this is followed by a spirit saying, “Trying.”


The second EVP was recorded in the living room. This was recorded during the last session of the investigation using the ghost box. Dan asks, “ Can you show us that you’re here?” A male spirit replies, “See that.”

http://www.theghostpage.com/C130 see that.wav

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The following EVPs were recorded during an investigation at Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky on August 24/25, 2008.

Warning: The below EVP contains foul language.

Dan Jungles, Gary Butler, and Brian Brozovich were investigating  the morgue room . Dan had been laying inside the morgue table for about 15 minutes.  Gary was trying to place the door back onto the table. He says,  “it’s gotta go in more.”   Dan says, “Don’t worry about it.”  Then, a small child says, “Help me.”  It was at this time Dan felt something touch his leg and slide out of the morgue tray.  Dan says, “Get me out of here.  Something touched my f%@*in’ leg.”


The following EVP was recorded  on August 25, 2008 at 2:53AM.  Dan Jungles, Gary Butler, and Brian Brozovich were entering the lobby from the stairwell. Dan says,"Quick in there." Immediately after this they heard a loud noise coming from the far end of the lobby.  Dan says,"What the hell was that? What was that?"  The three investigator scoured the lobby searching for possible sources for the noise. About thirty-five feet from where they entered the lobby and the approximate location where the noise was heard they found a small rubber ball. A number of experiments where conducted and it was determined it was most likely the ball being bounced that made the noise.