Rialto Square Theatre, Joliet, IL

     On February 21, 2014 the Will County Ghost Hunters Society conducted an investigation at the Rialto.are Theatre in Joliet, IL.  The investigation produced several personal experiences, video of a pair of apparitions, and the following EVPs.

    During the investigation in the Greenroom, located directly under the stage,  is an area where people sit and have refreshments. While conducting an EVP session and in-between questions at approximately the 16 second mark there is a click or tap noise in the distance.  Then, Ron, Jason and Lesley all react to it.  It appeared to be coming from the hallway adjacent, which leads up to the stage area. 

http://www.theghostpage.com/Greenroom - noise verification.wma

   The next EVP was recorded in the rotunda area of the theatre.  The rotunda is a large entry way into the theater.  It is very ornate with marble columns and a beautiful twin stairway up to the second level.  Claims have included seeing a woman in a white dress on the stairway and the landing area on the second floor. During the EVP session, Jason and Ron are talking, at about the 10 second mark; immediately after they are done talking a yell is picked up. It sounds like the yell echoes through the vast area.  No one heard the yell or reacted to it during this time.  

http://www.theghostpage.com/Rotunda - voice.wma

     The Stars Dressing Room is host to possibly the most well-known ghost of the theatre, the spirit of old vaudeville actress who was given the name Vivian.  She is said to wear purple and the smell of lavender is often smelt in here. During this EVP session Christine is heard asking a couple of questions. “I would love to find out what you performed as here. Where you a dancer?  Did you sing?”  After a few seconds, a light whisper is heard, and then followed immediately by Carol’s saying “Maybe she did it all.”   It cannot be understood what the whisper is saying.  


    During the same investigation of the Stars Dressing room, there was a break between questions, during which this recording captured a loud bang at the 8 second mark. It sounds close to the recorder. Immediately after the noise Carol, Stu, and Christine all react to it.

http://www.theghostpage.com/Rialto bang.wma

     The massive auditorium was the next spot for the spirits to communicate with us. The team sat down to start their EVP session.   During this time some of them thought they heard some whispering.  Jason’s recorder was located in Aisle Q Seat212, which is located near the entrance to the door of the upper promenade, near the equipment/lighting/camera room.  Jason was sitting down at the time of this recording, while Ron was at the opposite end of the balcony.  Lesley and Craig were talking, about the 9 second mark Lesley says “Oh, got it, ok.”  Immediately after her speaking, you hear the sound of someone walking can be heard.

http://www.theghostpage.com/Auditorium Upper Balcony - footsteps.wma

    During the same time, Lesley’s recorder, which she had on the main floor seating area, also captured not one, but two separate additional recordings of footsteps.  These were recorded at different times from Jason’s recording.  During this time everyone was seated.  At about the 12 second mark Lesley says “that will be really cool,” then the sounds of footsteps are heard. They seem to be moving away from her. No one reacts to this during the time of the investigation.

http://www.theghostpage.com/Rialto Theatre Footsteps 2-21-14.wav

     A short time later, Lesley’s recorder picked up another set of footsteps.  She says, “Are you in here?”, at approximately the 4 second mark,  additional footsteps are heard coming closer to where the recorder is.  In the same recording, at the 7 second mark, a very distant yell can be heard following the footsteps. Jason is heard reacting to it.  An interesting point about these three footstep recordings are that they all sound like hard soled shoes on a hard floor.  However the majority of the floor in the Auditorium, on both levels, is carpeted except in the aisles. 

http://www.theghostpage.com/Riato Theatre area Skirt Ques 2-21-14.wav

     Another group of investigators went into the Green Room to do their own investigation. During this time the EMF readings were consistent with readings holding around 2.0.  However, there were several times when the readings spiked into the 20s.   It was during this time we were able to capture two different EVPs. Jason asks, “How about the bathroom door right next to me, can you close it?” Immediately following the question is a whispered response. It is not clear what is being said.

http://www.theghostpage.com/Star's Room_Bathrrom_Door.wma

     The final EVP was recorded when Craig asks. “If you’re not an actress or an actor”… Interrupted by a spirit murmuring… then Craig continues, “What position did you hold in the theatre?”   In-between his two sentences you will hear what appears to be some whimpering.  

http://www.theghostpage.com/Star's Room_1_2.wma

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Home Investigation Rockdale, Illinois

     On July 12, 2013 the Will County Ghost Hunters Society had the opportunity to conducted an investigation at a home in the small town of Rockdale, IL.  We were able to document some of the reported activity in the home with the following EVPs. These EVps were recorded on the staircase where the apparition of a young boy (around the age of 13) has been seen. Christine and Craig where conducting an EVP session when Christine's recorder captured these EVPs.

     During the first EVP, Craig is saying to Christine, “….Doing a financial background investigation… Yeah (Christine)… to find out  (UNPLAINED HMMMM……Byee).  What sources of income these people have, what their bills are like.”



     The second EVP was recorded in the same EVP session. Craig says,”..the narcotic squad.. Uh huh (Christine) .. which is basically the which is basically the unit that handles… UNEXPLAINED WHOOP).


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Big Four Bar & Grill, Carbon Hill, Illinois

     The Will County Ghost Hunters Society had the privilege of investigating the Big Four Bar & Grill in Carbon Hill, Illinois, on April 17, 2011 and were able to capture some remarkable evidence.

The following is the audio evidence that we were able to document. Dan was talking about the rain and the spirit of a little girl sings, “Come inside, I need you too.”


     The next EVP Jason and Dan were discussing a shadow that was seen. This is followed by the sound of keys rattling. This was heard by everyone at the time and the source could not be found. One of the claims is the sound of keys rattling, and we were able to experience this and document it during our investigation.





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Former Blackburn Funeral Home Joliet, Illinois

On February 5, 2011 the Will County Ghost Hunters Society returned to the A.C. Clement home in Joliet, Illinois for an overnight investigation. The home has a long a rich history, including being a nursing home and a funeral home for many years. The home was converted back to residential living in the 1970’s.

One of the teams decided to investigate the double parlor of the home. This is an area in which they use to wake bodies when it was Blackburn’s Funeral Home. It was also used as a recreational area during its time as a nursing home. During the investigation of parlor, the team was discussing how Sue attended a wake at the home. They started to discuss their ages. Sue says, “I graduated in high school in 69, very mature.” Then Jeff says, “Wow.” Christine says, “Summer of 69, summer of love. That’s when I was born.” There is a brief pause and the voice of a female spirit says, “Whoa Child.”

http://www.theghostpage.com/AC Clement_DoubleParlor_Whoa Child_Feb5_2011.wav

     Several minutes later and still in the parlor, Jason says, “There’s not much going on here.” Followed by Jeff saying, “I’m gonna go change batteries real quick.” Jason replies, “Okay.” Then a male spirit says, “I didn’t die here.” It sounds like it could possibly be an African American or someone with a Jersey accent.

http://www.theghostpage.com/AC Clement_DoubleParlor_I_Didn't_Die_Here_Feb5_2011.WMA

     There were several EMF spikes that were picked up around the fireplace in the double parlor of the home during this time.

Whispers Estate Mitchell, Indiana August 14, 2010


     In the master bedroom, the team was discussing a set of jacks that had been moved. Jason says, “Moved them over, just like that.” Christine asks, “Was the ball over here?” Jason replies, “Okay the ball was.” Then Christine replies, which is followed by a spirit softly saying, “I moved it there.” Dan says, ”That’s one thing debunked.“ That is followed by Christine saying, “All righty.” Shortly after, a spirit says, ”Don’t you scare something?”




"I moved it" Isolated


Don't you scare something?"



     Still in the master bedroom, Christine began discussing the high EMF readings from a window air conditioning unit. A spirit says, “Chill on.” Then you will hear the other investigators discussing it.



"Chill on" Isolated


     The ghost of a young girl named RachaelGibbons who died as a result of a fire on Christmas morning is said to be one of the ghosts that haunt this home. During our investigation of the home, a team was in the master bedroom and was able to capture this remarkable EVP of a small child talking. You will hear the investigators talking, than a small child comes through and says, “I like to play with Stu.”

http://www.theghostpage.com/WhisperEstates_MB_I_Like_To_Play_With_Stu .wav


The child's voice isolated


http://www.theghostpage.com/WhisperEstates_MB_I_Like_To_Play_With_Stu 2.wav



     The home was originally owned by Dr. Gibbons, the town doctor. He ran his practice out of his home, in which he had an office and a operating room. Shortly after midnight, one of our team entered this area of the home. We were able to capture this incredible EVP during this time. You will hear Ron say, “I think I should pull some of the magic carpet here.” Someone sniffles. Immediately after the spirit of a small girl says, “Come and play with me.” This went completely unnoticed at the time, as no one heard it. Then, Dan says, “Whispers Estate, uh, the time is 12:13am August 15, 2010.”



Child's voice isolated


     During the same EVP session in the operating room, we were trying to provoke the spirits into showing themselves and letting us know that they were there. We had several EMF spikes, then they seemed to stop. You will hear Christine say, “Come on where’d ya go?” Then she clears her throat. A male spirit softly says, “Wait a minute.” Another spirit follows up but saying,” Missing do I?”



    Just prior to leaving the operating room, Ron and Christine were talking. This was interrupted by a male spirit saying, “Please, get out.” Then Ron concludes the conversion.



Please, get out isolated




Plainfield, Illinois January 22, 2011

During the set up of the investigation, Sue and Christine were in the loft of the home having a discussion about carrying their equipment. Sue begins the conversation talking about a fanny pack, then a male spirit interrupts her saying, "To the timing."  Christine concludes the conversation by talking about a photo vest. Neither of the investigators heard the voice during the investigation, but both of their audio recorders were able to record it.


      Sue left her recorder in the loft while the remainder of the set up was completed. The following EVP was recorded during this time. It is the same male spirit as the previous EVP. He says, "This is....This is my place."


     The investigation began in the master bedroom. At the time of this recording the investigators were taking photos and no was talking. A spirit comes through and says, "This is my bed."  This voice was picked up on two of the four audio recorders in the room.

http://www.theghostpage.com/Plainfield-Master BR This is my bed-Jan22_2011.wav

     Later in the evening, the investigators moved to the loft. Several attempts to recreate the photo that the home ownerfs daughter had taken with a shadow person in it was attempted. During the course of a fifteen minute recording there was a three minute stretch in which a loud humming was recorded. We believe this to be an energy that was given off by the spirit. During this EVP recording, you will hear the investigators taking pictures, then a male spirit says," Don't play it...destroy it."


     Our investigation conclude in the kitchen of the home. We were near the end of our session and Brian says,"Just open that drawer...that door over there."  There are several seconds and a male spirit comes through and says,"Go away."



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Disembodied voice in Plainfield, IL


     On August 27, 2010, the Will County Ghost Hunters Society conducted an investigation at a private home in Plainfield, IL. Much of the paranormal activity was reported to occur in the eldest daughters bedroom. Investigators Brian Brozovich, Jason Houck, Rick Montalto, and Dan Jungles were investigation the room. During the investigation we began to ask a series of EVP questions. During which we were all surprised to hear a disembodied voice of a women respond to us. Rick asks, “Did you have any kids of your own?” This is followed by the voice of a disembodied woman speaking. Then Dan says,” What was that?” Jason says,” Did you hear that?” Then Brian says, ”Yeah I did.” The voice sounded much louder when we heard it. Three of the four investigators were able to hear the voice with their own ears. I believe what she maybe saying is,” Just one.”  

 http://www.theghostpage.com/Alyssas_ Room_August272010_Did_U_Have_Any_Kids.wav

 Full Version

http://www.theghostpage.com/Alyssas_ Room_August272010_Did_U_Have_Any_Kids-Answer.wav




 Response Only

Foul Language EVP


     On February 27, 2010 the Will County Ghost Hunters Society conducted an investigation at a home in Joliet, Illinois. During the course of the investigation, Jason Houck, Ron Muldoon, and Brian Brozovich were in the master bedroom of the home and exeperienced several EMF spikes. Later in the evening they returned with investigator Dan Jungles for an EVP session. We placed 2 KII meters and a digital EMF meter in the room. The meters were on opposite sides of the room and started to spike in stereo. It seemed that certain types of questions caused the meters spike. We heard a loud bang near the bed. We could not find the source of the noise and questioned the homeowners, who were downstairs if they heard the noise or made it. They did not. We then turned the ghost box on and began another series of questions. Dan began to provoke the spirits to show themselves. In this EVP, you will hear Dan say,” I think your just a chicken shit.” This is followed by a spirit saying, ”Asshole.” Jason says, “ K2 going off.” Ron says, “Oh, I just heard asshole.” Jason follows up with, “K2 going off.” Ron says,” I swear I just hear asshole.


http://www.theghostpage.com/MeadowLilly_AHole_2 27 2010.WMA