False Positive Ghost Pictures

     On this page are pictures that could be viewed as paranormal in nature, but all have shown to have been caused by something naturally occurring. It is important as paranormal investigators that we do not accept everything as paranormal in nature. We must try to find a logical explanation for everything. If you have any other false positive pictures to add to this page, please email us at DanJungles@theghostpage.com with the subject header false positive pic.

See Through Dog in Coal City

     We were given this photo by a client of the WCGHS whose home we had the privilege to investigate. It was one of the reasons that they contacted us. It was taken on January 1, 2010 with a new camera that they had just received for the holidays. The person who took the photo was outside taking pictures and came inside, seeing the dog sitting there she decided to take a picture. It did not appear to her that the dog as moving. However, examining the photo it was evident that there was an issue with the shutter speed on the camera. The shutter did not close quickly and either the dog or the camera moved slightly.

Ghost Dolls in Joliet Scutt Mansion  NOT!!!

The following photo was taken by Kim Chavez on an overnight an investigation at the P. Seth Magosky Museum in Joliet, IL.  Although she was using a digital camera, it constantly double exposed photos.


Full Moon Shutter Issues

Hey, I have a couple of pictures you might want to take a look at.  Let me give you a little backround of them.  The pictures were taken by me with my elph camera.  I took one picture with flash, the other without.  The picture I took with flash is clear and bright.  It is a picture of the full moon through a small, weird window high in the corner of my friend's living room.  The picture without the flash, well, it seems to have some kind of face, distorted, and also a swish of light.  I guess you can see for yourself and let me know what you think.

Submitted by

-Jennifer Lyons

The above picture was taken with a flash.

The above picture was taken in the same spot a few moments after the first, this time no flash was used. When no flash is used to take pictures at night, or in the dark, and there is even a slight movement of the camera it will take light sources (whatever they maybe), and cause a streaking affect. This is an excellent example of a false positive picture.

Disposble Camera Ghosts in Lockport, Illinois

     We were called to do an investigation at a private home in Lockport, IL in early January 2005. The photos were shown to us by the woman of the home, who believed they all showed an incredible amount of spirit energy.  The second I saw the photo, I knew that a disposable camera was used.  I asked, and it was confirmed that it was a disposable camera that was used to take these pictures. When a disposable camera is dropped or shaken, it can cause the chemicals to bleed onto the film, causing a lightning bolt effect. The color of the "lightning bolts" usually appears as blue. This does look paranormal in nature, but unfortunately is explainable. However, the home did prove to be active with spirits.