Ghost Pictures




Big Four Apparition


John L. Walker Apparition


Basement Shadow Person

Your Not Alone

Haunted Joliet Catholic

Help Me Heat


Staircase Apparition


Short Apparition

 Right Here With You

 ACE on TV

Tanner House Museum


 Man in the Mirror

 Demon in Bachelors Grove

 Freaky Ghost

Out for a Stroll


Strange Energy in Potters Field

Bachelors Grove Phantom

 Magosky Shadowing

 Hannah House Ectoplasm

Bachelors Grove Slimer


Potters Skull

Purple Orb



Red Orb

White Orb 


Potters Field Ghost Light


 Fulton Light



Blue Orb

 Fort Boykin Ectoplasm


Spirit Light


ST. Mary's Blue Energy


Evergreen OIM



Potters Field Orb


Bachelors Grove Orb


Day Time Ecto in Aux Sable


Orb Chart