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My story takes place back in the early 70s where the last place my parents lived as they got divorced. I remember as a child, sleeping on the sofa and woke up in the middle of the night (writing this gives me goose bumps) and decided to sleep in my brothers room, I felt cold, as I was walking past the living room I looked towards my left and an apparition of a man, with long hair to the ground was standing there, you will see his hair move around the ground...I immediately (as a small child) ran to my parents room and tell my parents. My mom got up and saw nothing, so I asked if I could sleep with them, so everyone was sound asleep again - nevertheless I started hearing voices but these were not human tongues..I decided to peak thru the covers, and the apparition of the male was standing at the end of the bed.. Those of you from Chicago, go to Cermak and Halsted (north east corner) head north on Halsted and the next cross street (you need to cross the street) you should see what is now possibly a renovated bldg that is a condo and a bar at that corner, that’s the building, I lived all the way to the right of that building, 2nd floor), on the east/west street not the Halsted street...Gives me chills

Years later as a teenager I spend the night at my mom’s apartment, my little sister and one of my older brothers still lived with my mom - we were poor so we all slept in the same room. One night as me and my brother were sleeping in the room, I saw a lady standing in front of the bed, for a moment I thought it was my mom, it was too dark to make up a face but I notice this woman had long hair and my mom has short hair. I started to pray and looked and she was gone. (This happened in building on Augusta and Rockwell in Chicago)

The scariest moment of my life came in a house where my then ex-wife grew up. We lived in the attic apt for a while until we moved out. As usual she was scared of the dark and we slept with the lights on, I remember laying in bed her asleep, then all for a sudden the sheets get pressed down on me and a force so strong I could not fight it off, then it suddenly jumped off, this happened 3 times that night, at the end I heard a voice that said "(insert wife name) OPEN THE DOOR"..Freaked me out...I woke her up and told her about it and switched sides on the bed. What makes this different is that I had a discussion with my old brother in-law (who was married to my ex-wife sister) about when we lived in the house (nothing about this though) and he said how much he hated living there because sometimes at night something will jump on him and he could not scary is that..But here is where it gets scarier. My other brother in law (married to the other sister of my ex-wife), we were just talking and he blurts out about how he hated living there and sure enough the same thing happened to him there.So all 3 guys married to all 3 girls had this happen in the same house. My ex-wife once played the Ouija board and they put candles on and ask that the spirit make a presence felts, all candles went out and then a voice of a man followed.(Joliet home - one of the oldest homes in Joliet).

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Richard Lopez

Anyways these are some of the things that have happened to me..

My wife and I were at the Paramount theater on Saturday Feb. 14th to see a tribute to the Rat Pack.
I believe we might have had our first paranormal experience at the theater.
We were sitting in the balcony in row D seats 103 and 104. All of the seats were up in our row except for ours and another couple that were at the other end of our row. Note that there was nobody in the row behind us or the row in front of us at the time. At that point my wife witnessed seats D107 and D109 come down as if someone sat down in those seats. My wife and the women at the other end of our row looked at each other at that time with a strange look on ther face. Then my wife asked me if I saw what happened. I told her I didn't but I did hear the noise when the seats came down.
I kind of joked that Dean and Frank must have sat down to see the show. After thinking about it trying to think of alternatives of what could have caused it I decided to pass this information on to you since I found out on your website that your organization investigated the Paramount Theater.
Unfortunatley this was just a personal experience with no proof, however I just wanted to pass the information on to you for your records and to see if anyone else experienced anything similar at the Paramount.
Thanks for your time
Frank and Carol

     In Sept, 1998 during the Kosovo War I was assigned as personal security for the admiral incharge of the operations and our mission was to make the area accessible, clear any threats and accompany him and his staff into the Drenica Region.  What we experienced the evening prior to his arrival will forever be embedded our/my memory as one of the most unbelievable and scariest experiences I have ever had in my life.  Now please understand that we are loaded down with our weapons, NVG’s, Scopes, the works… clearing out the perimeter, setting motion detection devices, flares etc. as a team of 8 tough guys.

    After the initial setup we made back to camp and waited for any sign of threat. As the night went on into the morning, at approx. 0205 we had one of our motion sensors trip and reset itself??? so we got on the NVG’s looking into the east, the direction of the trip and noticed what appeared to be silhouettes with no reflection!!! We immediately set out thinking whoever is out there is wearing digital camouflage that is breaking up our night vision, good trick but we are on it. I’m telling you, we were ready to unload but as the four of us got closer, our point man stopped us in our tracks and whispered “Lock & Sight”. This meant, find your target. We were approx. 10 ft apart but have clear view of where each of us was at the moment and what was now in our NV.

    That night was never the same for us as a team… we were very close, we knew each other’s families and so on but after that experience I have never heard from them again. No one talked about it as it was to save our careers from being judged unfit to serve due to mental stress or PTSD.  There were many that seen stuff and dismissed the events of that morning because it was unexplainable… we all laid mute and confused and as the morning progressed, we were greeted by the rest of the teams and went on to give our sitrep to our lieutenant on what our AOR or area of responsibility contained as far as early detection and defensive devices, landmarks, high/low spots, sniper lookouts, choke points and what appeared to be a freshly dug mound of dirt or most possibly a mass grave site., The look we got at that point was “You gotta be Shittin me!”. (please excuse the lang)

    That morning was a sobering event and sad and even hard on a few of us, actually very hard on all of us but as I said, when we sighted in through our NVG’s, thumbs on the safety, ready to release, we were not ready for what came into view!!! We were surrounded by people, families, mothers, fathers, and children. At least 30 apparitions, shadows, sad faces, lost faces. I removed my NV, waited for my eyes to correct and nothing was there… I noticed my point was still turning side to side looking at them moving about but not a single word came from anyone as we looked on and then we all turned to look at each other at almost the same moment with disbelief and uncertainty that this was happening.  Team leader called for a report, no one responded to the radio at first for what seemed like 5 minutes at the time but in actuality was maybe 10-15 seconds (time was moving slow) and with my dry mouth responded, “no threat, team returning”… knowing that they are watching us via NV scope at camp and not really sure if they were seeing what we just witnessed or thought we did. After sending that last transmission, I called to point, gave a gesture to zip it and pull back and we all started back, literally backward and watching.  I slowed for a bit to get my NVG eyes on and the radio came on telling us to hold position, threat eminent!!! I was like “What the ****!” then spotted the IR targeting signature through the NVG. Camp was trying to lock in on the position but kept losing site, this time the radio squelched and scared the crap out of me as the report came in once again, Threat is moving toward you! Hold position and engage hostiles!

    Now, we have been trained and trained hard for many situations that I don’t need to go into great detail over, but as this SITUATION was progressing I was now feeling the pressure that this is getting out of control and we are in the path of what appeared to be ghosts in front and ammunition in the rear, and they are definitely seeing something moving toward us that put us in the Big Picture or to put it lightly, in the Bulls eye and I’m one to say, it was a nasty place to be at the time… too much uncertainty!

    And in about as long as it takes for you to wipe the sweat from your eyes, a last call over the radio came in, “BT1, return to HQ, area secured, out” and without a second thought, we all made tracks through the thick brush and three feet tall field grass back to HQ to find out what happened.  From a little over a ¼ mile, they claimed that they had visual and the motion detectors confirmed movement but they kept losing sight of the undetermined threat. Then they said, “The visual was analyzed by CID to be of natural manifestation of the surrounding terrain”, meaning it was trees, grass, wildlife etc. that gave them the false reading. Yea Right!

      We know they seen what we did but since everyone was tight-lipped and concerned about their careers, no one said a word!

       Later that morning, the marines sent out a recon team and confirmed the mass grave and the bodies of others strewn about the field just beyond our perimeter… but still, all of this seems to have never happened or been confirmed. Also, you are one of the first to read it before someone from my unit gets brave and lets the cat out of the bag.

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     I'd start of by telling you I have been a firm Disbeliever for my entire life (47) concerning ghosts and the like. I went to work at NASA  langley research center bldg 1232B about 6 months ago and over a period of about a week several things happened to me that completely changed my view. The first thing was a simple action that I dismissed but later put into perspective, I came into work and had removed my gloves for a moment to do something but when I turned around to get them they were gone. I later found them in a section of the building that I was not in!  on another occassion I heard voices but no one was there. next I was with a co worker who had shown me a radio antennea that was bent over but didnt know how it got that way from the day before, I said not to worry I can straighten it without damaging it so I took about 10 minutes slowly and carefully straightening it. I showed it to my gratefull friend and we started working again, a few minutes later we heard the radio go staticky and when we looked at the radio the antennea was bent over 90 degrees, we were alone in the bldg! The last thing happened to me when I went in early one morning, I unlocked the doors and started working on my project after about 20 minutes I felt a finger tip run accross the top of the back of my thigh, I jumped up expecting to see my buddy playing a trick on me but no one was there, it was a definate physical touch, I spent hours trying to debunk all of these experiences but could not come up with any normal explanations and from that point on I have changed my opinion of paranormal. since then another co worker confided that he has some extreme experiences at his home and believes his house is hanted, describing things flying out of cabinets, security gates being ripped out of the wall and flying across the room and balloons floating down the hall! I have heard that some spirits attach themselves to certain objects or individuals so I dont know if my experiences are related to his or not but I am trying to locate someone who can help him out at his home because his family is very scared and they want to move but they cant because of the current economy situation. Crazy stuff right!!

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 Hi there, I’d like to tell you what I experienced at Berwyn rehabilitation....i was there for 7 months for therapy after leg surgery....I was on the 2nd floor but then transferred to the 3rd floor a month or so before i was morning I was sitting in my wheelchair...across from me and right next to my roommate was a small dresser....then the respiratory therapist came in to take care of my roommate which they do quite often...all of a sudden right by the dresser a lady appeared  like she was talking on the phone...but she looked really a beige mannequin and her hair was long and wavy but was also beige...but she had a bright green like neon green dress on...I could not see her legs....she looked at me then at the therapist and disappeared ,came back halfway and disappeared completely...I asked the therapist if he saw her but he said no....then a few days later i was sitting in my wheelchair again and I looked at my roommate who was 23 but was in a car accident 2 years earlier...her injuries were so bad all she can do is move her arms up and down a little...she can open her eyes and see you and blink if someone asks her a question...when i looked at her that time ,I saw her spirit come out of her body and sit up in bed and look at me...i could see right through  her then her spirit laded back down again...I’ve had quite a few paranormal experiences in the past...but at Berwyn was the creepiest..But I wasn't scared when I saw that, thanks for reading this

   -Sumitted by

   Joanne P.

My name is Kendal and I live in Peever South Dakota. I've not had much experience with paranormal activity for most of my life, not until recently. It seems that they tend to like me at this point in my life and I'm just kind of taking it in stride. Anyway, I was in my room one night, trying to take a nap before work (I work the grave shift), and my cell phone rang. I answered it, and talked for a little bit before I told my friend to hold on, I needed to unplug it from the charger. I reached over to unplug the phone and I was ready to throw the cord on the floor when I looked over. Right beside my bed is a dvd stand. Well, in place of that dvd stand, there was a little girl sitting on my heater! She was about 3-4 years old, blond with curls in her hair, up in a bow, and a white dress. She was just looking at me, then she smiled. She opened her mouth like she was going to say something but then her jaw just dropped open and kept opening like that, you know those scream masks? Like that. I didn't get scared or anything, but I said, "What the hell??" and just like that she was gone. My friend heard me on the phone. I must have alarmed them or something because they kept asking, "What? What  happened? Are you okay?" I just shook my head and continued my conversation for about 5 more minutes. Finally I said, "Dude, I'm tired. I think I'm going to take a nap before work. Is it cool if I call you tomorrow?" He said that was cool, have a good nap and good night at work, see you later, then we hung up. I went to plug my phone back into the charger and I saw this shadow figure standing in front of my tv. I could just see a shadow, no distinct facial features or anything, just the outline of a person. But this shadow thing's mouth opened the same way the girl's had! Just opened and kept stretching down to wheretheir chest would be. I blinked and it was gone. I said,"What the hell is going on here?" I set my phone down and just turned to the wall and fell asleep. Later on that night at work, I was entering some paperwork in the computer when one of my co-workers started yelling for me in the office. I guess I didn't hear her or something, because she came out, kind of pale and shaken and sat down next to me. I looked at her and asked her what was wrong. She said, "I just heard a little girl call my name, kind of like she whispered it loud right behind me." I didn't tell anyone what had happened in my room, so I was surprised.  About an hour later, another one of my co-workers said she thought she saw a little girl run by. Kids aren't allowed on the casino floor so she didn't know if she was seeing things or not. Curious, I asked her what the little girl looked like. She described her just as I saw her in my room! Weird, huh? I keep hearing this little girl in my room at home, and she must follow me or something because the girls here can hear her as well. You can't really pick out anything she's saying but she's talking away to somebody. I've seen her on several occasions, as have my brother who used to watch movies in my room when I went to work. My family have heard her talking, my 2 year old nephew wont go in my room alone anymore. I don't know if it's supposed to mean something now or not, but I've had other things happen since then as well.

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GHOSTLY GETAWAY TO DAUPHIN ISLAND Early French explorers were among the original tourists to visit Dauphin Island, Alabama more than 300 years ago. They dubbed it Massacre Island for the mounds of sun-bleached bones that they found there. What they didn’t realize was that they had disturbed a sacred Native American burial ground that was rumored to be watched over by supernatural specters. Since that “spirited” beginning, the whispers and shadowy folklore surrounding Dauphin Island and its resident apparitions have grown and continue to this day drawing visitors like a departed spirit to the “light”. According to the Islanders, the ghosts at the prehistoric Indian Shell Mound Park are to be respected. Filled with cottonmouth water moccasins that lurk in the shadows of giant, ominous live oaks and a thick canopy of Spanish moss and foliage, the Shell Mound is creepy by day. But after dark it can be down right terrifying. Legend says that late at night you can hear Indian maidens singing to the beat of tribal drums and haunting flutes as they dance around the sacred “inner circle” of this ancient cemetery. A regular destination for séances and paranormal investigations, these burial grounds seem to be a gathering place for entities from many periods in the Island s colorful history. Civil War era Fort Gaines may easily be the most haunted spot on Dauphin Island. Tales of wandering ghosts revolve around the stoic red brick facility on the extreme East End of the Island. Visitors at the Fort have reported seeing apparitions dressed in period attire on the grounds, skulking in the darkened recesses beneath the bastions, and atop nearby bunkers outside the walls. It was a moonlit night, not too long ago, that Island resident Ed Jones saw for himself the reality of the rumors. “It was a crisp, fall night with a half moon,” said Jones. “I had an old fraternity brother visiting me for the first time on the Island and we decided to run down to the East End near the Fort.” “On a clear night the view of Mobile Bay and Baldwin County across the water is incredible, and I always enjoy sharing it,” he said. “We slowly drove to the turn-around behind the Fort when I caught a glimpse of a solitary figure on the ramparts.” “I slowed down and saw that it was a woman in a long, flowing skirt who appeared to be looking out into the Gulf,” said Jones. “My first thought was that she must be a re-enactor, but why would she have been there alone at night?” “As I watched, she turned her head slowly and stared silently at our car. Then like a glimmer she faded away,” he said. “It was a slow fade, not like someone disappearing down a stairwell or trying to hide. One second she was there, then … nothing.” “I knew that my friend had seen the same thing and for the longest time we were completely silent. Finally, in a hushed voice he asked, ‘did you see it?’ Yes I did,” Jones said. “Though I often make the little trip to the Fort in hopes of seeing her again, the vision of the woman at Fort Gaines will be forever in my mind.” Since the mid-to-late-1800s two stately homes sat side-by-side near Fort Gaines; said to be an officers’ retreat from the military grind of the Fort. Though similar in appearance one was in more disrepair than the other. A few years ago the more structurally sound of the two was purchased and moved to a new location minutes away on Bienville Boulevard. According to locals, more than a house was moved that day. Along for the ride were the disgruntled resident spirits that had been “living” there for many years, and were now suffering from separation anxiety. The urban legend says that the ghosts of the two homes were awakened to find that they had been separated by the new owners. It is reported that during restoration the owners had trouble keeping contractors on the job as the spirits regularly scared them into leaving. Ghost hunters have taken photos of the old home and claim to have captured images of beings, both human and animal, in the glass panes and through the windows. The remaining house still sits quietly on the East End, falling deeper into decay and longing for the return of its one-time plot-mate . . . so they say. The ghosts of individuals have been regularly reported across the Island for as long as anyone can remember. Locals speak of a man dressed in military garb who is frequently seen on the east beach at midnight looking quietly out to the waves until disturbed. His demeanor changes at that point and he becomes a frightening foe. It’s rumored by residents that on more than one occasion a uniformed wraith has casually drifted across the road ahead of oncoming traffic late at night. Usually seen at the outermost reach of the headlights, this shadow-like figure is always gone by the time the vehicle reaches the spot where it had stood just seconds earlier. Given the Island’s romantic history, what would a ghost story be without a tale of long lost love? A local woman, who asked to remain anonymous, tells of a strange encounter in 2005 involving the construction of her home near the beautiful and historic Cadillac Square Park. On this particular day as the pilings and beams began to go up, the homeowner was approached by an older woman in jogging clothes and wearing a colorful sport-style headband who said, “I can’t believe s he’s letting you build here.” At that onetime meeting the new homeowner was told the story of a young bride and the undying love that she still carries for her departed husband. The tale goes something like this . . . many, many years ago a young couple sailed to Dauphin Island to start a new life. They chose the same general spot as the current homeowner near Cadillac Square to build their first home together. For some unknown reason the husband left his bride on the Island one day to visit the mainland, never to return. Every night the heartbroken woman walked across the narrow width of Dauphin Island to the bay side where she would whistle in hopes her husband would hear her and return. Night after night the woman would stand along the shore and whistle, but to no avail. The “Whistling Woman” eventually pined away leaving behind a spirit that even today is said to walk across that same narrow width of Dauphin Island from Cadillac Square Park to the bay where she whistles into the wind hoping her lost husband will come home. The ghost of another woman is said to haunt the park as well. On dark nights this female specter, wearing a bag tied over her head prowls the park digging into the ground searching for . . . something. A lesser mentioned Island legend involves a tragic death at the beloved Sand Island Lighthouse just off the coast of Dauphin Island. The story says that a lighthouse keeper accidentally fell to hi s death from a catwalk high above the floor, and even today he still walks the island smoking his foul-smelling cigar. Whether it’s the ghostly spectacle of the Indian Shell Mound or a single apparition on the beach after sunset, the residents of this small barrier island at the mouth of Mobile Bay have learned to co-exist with their spirited neighbors, each respecting the other’s “space” be it in this life or the next.


Dauphin Island is just 33 miles south of Mobile at the end of the Dauphin Island Parkway.  For information on accommodations, restaurants and attractions, please call 251-861-5524 or visit  Dauphin Island is Alabama’s Family Beach Within Reach.


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Michael Baxter



My husband and I found a repo house for purchase at a very reasonable price. When we walked through, there was plenty work to be done--holes in walls, writing on walls (RIP Tommy--we will miss you--etc), doors kicked in, and drug paraphenalia around.  Strangely enough, mixed among the trash were baby bottles and diaper packages strewn about--a sad way for some child to grow up. We fixed up everything before we moved in, and it was beautiful.
After moving in, our 1 year old daughter (who previously had always slept through the night) started waking up every morning at 3 a.m.--almost precisely at that time every morning. And not just waking up, but waking up SCREAMING, at the top of her lungs, as if she were terrified of something.
At first I attributed it to new surroundings, getting used to a new bedroom, etc. But night after night of waking up at almost exactly 3 a.m., I tried to think of other things that might be waking her up. Was it my husband getting home at 1 a.m. from his second shift job? Or maybe the neighbor, who was a bartender, coming home after the bar closed and shining her headlights in my daughters room. Maybe the dogs walking down the hallway were waking her up? It was a mystery as to why she would wake at the same time every night.
I decided to do some investigating, since no one in the house was getting any rest after 3 a.m. because I would bring her into bed with my husband and myself to calm her down (if you have ever slept with an active 1 year old, you know what I mean). A couple nights a week, I would sit in her room from 2 a.m. until she usually would wake--but nothing would happen--and on those nights, she would sleep through. Odd!
After about a month of no one in the house getting a full night's sleep, my husband finally said "Just sleep with her in our bed--when I get home at 1 a.m., I will go to sleep in her room and we can all sleep all night." It sounded like a plan and we did it for about a week. I thought it was working well--we were all sleeping the night through. At least I thought so...
About 2 weeks after starting our new sleeping arrangements, my husband and I were chatting when he says, "By the way, what kind of stupid doll does the baby have in her room? Every night when I start dozing off, I hear a dolls voice reciting a prayer." I got chills when he said this and I asked, "What time is this?", and he said around 3 a.m. At this point I was a little scared. I asked him how often this happened, and he said every night around 3 a.m. I told him she didn't have any dolls that talked, let alone recited prayers. He insisted that she must, because every night as he was starting to fall asleep he heard a doll's voice (or child's voice) saying a prayer.
Needless to say, the next day I cleaned out her room. I took every toy out and didn't find any that spoke.  I moved all the furniture around, and changed everything I could in the room.  I also just stood in the room and asked whoever it was to please stop disturbing us every night.  Since then, we haven't heard a child saying a prayer, or anything else in the room.
We constantly have strange things happen in our house, especially with electrical things and appliances acting up or breaking down.  It seems we can't get a microwave oven to live over a year in our house, and brand new televisions constantly go on the fritz, as well as a new washing machine that has seen the repairman over 6 times in its 2 year life.  Our furnace constantly goes out, but strangely only on holidays (Christmas eve, Thanksgiving AND Easter within one year--all times when we were having guests over).  And when we replaced the furnace last February, it went out again over Easter weekend 2007 (the installers said the main power line to the furnace had somehow come unattached), and then Thanksgiving day 2007 we were the only house on the block with no electricity at all (try staying warm or cooking a turkey that way).  Either we are the unluckiest people ever when it comes to buying appliances, or something really strange happ en s in our house.  But it never seems to be anything evil. Just little annoyances--or possibly a child's pranks.
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 I'm Tiffany from Virginia and I wanted to share one of my stories with y'all. Okay, bear with me, these are usually long. :-)  A little about me, I'm 25 and for as long as I can remember there has always been "something" in whatever environment that I could see, hear, or pick up on. I could write all night about personal experiences that I've had. I would like to share with you one about a place where I used to work. During 2005-2006 I worked in a residential facility for adults with developmental disabilities. The house itself was amazing, built pre-Civil War, and had tons of original things still inside. It was one of the last stops on the Underground Railroad before crossing into West Virginia. There were definitely 4 ghosts in residence and sometimes others that just passed through. The main house had 3 and the admin building (which was a converted barn) had 1. There was a woman, Emily, and 2 children in the main house. Emily was very protective of all of us and did not like people who took tours of the house or sometimes new staff. One time we had historians come through the house and Emily took the liberty of pitching 12 lunch boxes off the top of the fridge one by one then hurling the box fan across the kitchen. I quit briefly for about 2wks and my last morning there I was in the kitchen early making pancakes for everyone and she flipped my hair, which was to the middle of my back, over a shoulder and said something in my ear then the two kids laughed. That scared the crap out of me and I just waited outside until other staff got there. When I had to do the over nights she would fix my covers for me and turn off the TV if I left it on or if I actually turned it off, she'd turn it on. Emily wasn't too bad once you got used to her being there. I asked her very nicely to please not touch me or to show herself to me because it scared me. She never did after that, but she would still fix my covers. Now, the man in the admin building, Samuel, he was evil. He was a Union soldier that was found in the barn (admin building) and hung on the property. He hated me and another girl who worked there b/c we were blondes. The girl who turned him in was also a blonde. He never missed a chance to show himself, full solid body, to you. He chased the other girl through the parking lot one night. He was standing by my car as I was leaving one night. I also left one night and looked in my review mirror as I was pulling out to see him sitting in the back. I almost ran off the bridge! He would wait outside the window by the smoking porch and set off the alarm at 3am. He was very nasty and poor Emily would go nuts whenever he got near the house. It was certainly very interesting, that's for sure! Okay, sorry it was so long. I have a million stories from that place! I'll tell ya'll about the Raggedy Anne and Andy one time.
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Back about 30 years ago, my husband and I used to tour through the Hannah House once a year when it was set up by "The Jaycees" as a Halloween Haunted House come every October.   Yeah, I used to get a rush out of being scared by the creatures of the night in their costume.  :)
While we were standing in line to enter the house, I remember hearing two teenagers who used to work there dressed as a spooky character, was talking to one of his friends standing off to the side, about an incident that had occurred while they (the other teenagers) were setting the place up prepping night for the Haunted House.   I heard them say the radio that was plugged in one of the living room outlets near the kitchen area, started doing some weird things. The teenagers were taking a break and eating lunch in the kitchen, when suddenly the volume on the radio turned up louder.  So one of the guys went to turn the volume down.  
By the time he started walking back to the kitchen area, the radio's volume went up loudly again.   So this time, the guy went and unplugged the radio.  But by the time he had reached the kitchen area, the radio came on loudly once again.  He turned and said to the other kids, "Okay, who's monkeying around with the radio, which one of you keep turning up the radio, and have plugged it back in?"  The other guys responded, "Hey, it wasn't us, we're not messing with your head buddy."  The guy replied back, "Yeah....sure...uh huh....right." 
They all walked back into the living room to where the radio was sitting and had seen that it was still playing loudly, only it wasn't plugged in.  They said it really freaked them all out that day and they weren't so sure about working there after dark.  
That conversation was somewhat eerie to overhear I have to say. 
I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and then eventually moved to Greenwood.  It was about a 25 minute drive to the Hannah House from where we used to live in Greenwood.   
The Hannah House was once turned into a Book Store, after the place was no longer being used for a Halloween Haunted House.  But that didn't last too long, and the Book Store closed up, then sometime later on, it was turned into a Social Hall that people could rent out for social events.  But that didn't last too long either and eventually the place was closed for a long period of time, and was not being used for anything.    
At sometime back in early 1980's, I read an article in the Indianapolis Star newspaper about an incident that had occurred at the Hannah House while two painters and the owner were there.
While renovations were being done on the old place to make it into a Social Hall, the ownerof it at the time, had hired a couple of painters to come in and work on some of the rooms.  One day while they were painting in the living room, the owner came walking in the house to see how things were coming along with the painting job.   While one of the painters was taking a coffee break, he was standing there talking to the owner of the place, when suddenly his spoon he had used to stir his coffee with, came flying off the little table nearby and hit the wall, landing on the floor.   His eyes grew big and he looked spooked out.  The owner told him, "To not be alarmed by it, and that it was just the tractor trailers coming back and forth down Madison Avenue making a lot of vibrations causing things to fall in the house every now and then."  The man told the owner, that he didn't buy that explanation, and that he was quitting.   He grabbed up his things, and clued in his partner on what had happened and they both left the house that day.
The owner needed to get the house finished painted, and so she called her son on the phone to see if he wouldn't mind lending her a hand and finish the job.  So one day the son, his wife, and 5 year old daughter came to the Hannah House to finish painting some of the rooms downstairs.  Their daughter played on the stairs, and then went on upstairs to the hallway area when the couple heard their daughter talking to someone.  They both thought it was one of her imaginary friends and thought nothing of it and went about their work.  
But then after half an hour had gone by, they stopped working and listened for a few minutes to their daughter continue talking to someone upstairs.  They thought they could hear a low deep voice responding in conversation to their daughter.  So then, the father  called out to his daughter and asked who was she talking to up there?  She told him she was talking to a nice old man.  Then the father asked her to describe the nice old man to them.  
She told him that the nice old man had white hair with sideburns, but was bald on top, and was wearing a black suit that hung down in the back, and was wearing a white shirt, and that his shoes was black.  The parents were alarmed by such detail in description their daughter had given them about the old man, and asked her to come back down stairs this very minute and be near them where they could keep an eye on her.   So the daughter told them okay, and came walking down the stairs to the living room where her parents were waiting at the bottom of the stairs for her.   The couple was shocked and terrified to see the exact man as the little girl had just described to them, come walking down the stairs following behind their daughter and he looked somewhat transparent.   
They left the paint cans open, the paint rollers dirty, and the paint brushes, not bothering to take any time to wash anything up or tidy up the place, and grabbed their daughter, then quickly exited the front door leaving in a hurry in their vehicle.   When they returned home, he called his mom and told her what had happened, and said they were never entering that place ever again, and she will just have to get someone else to finish the job.
-Submitted by
Marilyn Shriver, Connecticut
OK; I'll share the story of the nice ghost lady I met at a party at a house in North Portland.

In about 1988,my ex and I had arrived in Portland about a year previously when we were invited to this party. It was a pretty average party as such things go, and towards the end of the evening, I was in the bathroom, and this lady in slacks and a blouse walked in on me. She was flustered and embarrassed, and I said "No big deal; not to worry" She turned her back and I finished my business and out myself back together, and we started talking. Somehow the topic got around to my near-death experience that I had had in 1977. Without thinking about it, I unlocked the bathroom door and said, "We can't talk in here; too much noise. Let's go out in the backyard." The lady had a bit of difficulty navigating the crowd in
the kitchen, so I took her arm and escorted her through the jam and out the back door, where she sat down in the chair by the keg. I offered her a beer, but she said no thanx. I then proceeded to describe my NDE, in which I was sent back into my body with no ill
effects by Persephone Reborn (I happen to be Wiccan; was initiated in 1975; hence the Lady of the Underworld in Her aspect of the Maiden Returned.) The lady then asked me What I think about Hell, and I told her (sorry; it's part of the story; and it turns out it was just what she needed to hear) that I felt that Hell is a lie that is used to scare people into obedience. At that point, my ex (who had quite a bit of experience hunting ghosts back in Denver) came out to get me, and he said, "What are you doing talking to an empty chair???" My jaw dropped; I had _had my hand on her elbow_ when I guided her through the crowd in the kitchen. I said stupidly, "You don't SEE her?" My ex looked at me like I was crazy. When I turned to say good-bye, the chair _was_ empty. Later on, on the way home, I felt the lady enter the Light and I realized that she had gotten herself earthbounded because she was (for some reason) terrified that she would go to Hell.
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A True Ghost Story That Occurred in 1961, in Indianapolis, Indiana.
One of My brother-in-law's, once shared a story with my sisters and myself, about a scary occurrence that had taken place in their house in Indianapolis, Indiana back in the year of 1961.
This is what he had told us.....
His parents had purchased a house on the South side of Indianapolis, where he and his younger sister, and parents would soon be moving into.  A month later, the four of them settled into their new home and made it quite comfortable for themselves.   They liked the neighborhood and thought it was a good location and close to the the husbands work.
It was 65 years old, a spacious 2-story house, white with black shutters.   In the large living room, there was a Fireplace that made the room look cozy, and it also had a nice size basement where laundry could be laundered, a large size kitchen, and two bathrooms, with 4 bedrooms.  
After living there for about a month, strange things began to happen to the family.   
The lights in the house began to flicker on and off in different rooms from time to time.  
And my brother-in-law said that every other day, his parents would accuse him of playing with the lights, and told him to stop messing with the lights.
He said that he tried to convince them that he was not causing the lights to flicker on and off.   But to no avail, they refused to believe that he was innocent and thought that his mischief was getting the better of him.   
One evening, they were just about to sit down to dinner in the dining room, but my brother-in-law hadn't joined them just yet.  The lights began to flicker on and off once again, and his father yelled for him to stop playing with the lights.  He hurriedly came from the living room, where he had been watching TV, and went running into the dining room to see why his dad was yelling out to him.  He asked his dad why was he yelling out at him.  His father complained to him, saying he was getting tired of him messing with the lights, and that it was getting old, and if he did it one more time, he was grounding him for a 2 weeks.  Right then, the lights began to flicker on and off again.  Everyone stood there in the room frozen.  Now, it was confirmed that he had been telling the truth all along, and was indeed innocent of the accusations made towards him.   
The very next day, his father made an appointment, and a day later, had an Electrician come out to the house to check the wiring throughout the entire house.   
After a complete inspection, the Electrician reported to him that he could not find anything wrong with the wiring anywhere.   The family thought that the whole thing was a bit strange, but tried to move on with their daily lives.  A week later, the father had to go out of town on business for his job, and would be away for 3 days.  The rest of the family went about their daily routines as usual.   One early evening, his sister went to stay with one of her friends for the night. 
The son and his mother retired for the night, and went on up upstairs to their bedrooms, which was located just down the hall from one another.   
After preparing for bed, they both had just climbed into their beds, and was still wide awake.   His mother was sitting up in her bed, reading a book, while he himself was lying there on his back in bed, thinking about what he was planning on doing the next day.
Suddenly, someone came down the hallway on past his mother's bedroom doorway. 
She didn't bother to look up either as they had passed on by her doorway, because she assumed it was her son getting up to use the bathroom.  The figure came floating into her son's bedroom, and reached out a hand towards the son.  He looked up to see who had entered his room, and saw that it was a headless man in a blue suit reaching out a hand towards his feet!    The son let out a loud scream, yelling NOOOOOO!!!!   
His mother very quickly jumped out of bed and came running into his bedroom, just in time to witness along with her son, seeing the headless man walk into a wall and vanish.  She hugged her son and told him, that he didn't have to sleep there tonight, and that he could sleep in his sister's room for the night instead.  He never slept in that room again and made a bed in the spare bedroom soon after that.  As soon as they could, the family put the house up for Sale, while they looked for another house to buy and move into.   
After his parents did some background research on the house, they discovered that it used to be a Funeral Home back in the early 1900's, and that the house have changed hands with other occupants over the years.  The family was so relieved to be out of there, especially after learning that bit of information.   
I thought that my brother-in-law was just making up the whole story and trying to scare us. And so the very first chance that I was able to talk with his mom, she confirmed that he was in fact telling the truth about the story. 
This kind of makes you wonder about those Funeral Homes now huh?
                                                    -Submitted by
                                                         Marilyn Shriver, Connecticut
A True Ghost Story, That Happened In Bloomfield, Indiana in 1957.
It was Summertime, and during a one-week stay at our grandparents, my two older sisters and I woke up that Saturday morning to eat breakfast with our grandparents in the dining room.  The three of us girls would always stay with them for one week during each summer.
This was where they both wanted to live after they had retired, nearby where they grew up at....way out in the country, a secluded area, with nothing but woodland surrounding their home, and where it's always quiet and so peaceful.  The nearest neighbor lived one mile away from them.   Although we three felt it was TOO quiet to suit us, we cared about our grandparents and wanted to visit with them, regardless of how we felt about the location.    After nightfall, you could hear an owl hooting, bats flying around capturing insects, or the crickets cricketing.   It was always pitch-black outside at night, since there were no street lights and far too spooky to take a step outside the door, even for a minute or two out onto the Car Port.   They had a light on a tall pole near the house that they would turn on when they wanted to.   As far as the three of us were concerned, it was far away from all other civilization.
After breakfast was over, we each got ready to drive into a nearby town to a Country Store, that was 40 minutes away, to do their ritual grocery shopping.  They usually bought a month's worth of groceries there.     
My grandparents did not own a TV, and preferred it that way.  But they owned a radio for when they wanted to listen to the news.   So, our entertainment consisted of cutting out paper dolls, coloring pictures, playing card games, go fishing, hiking, berry picking, apple picking, picnicking with our grandparents, or visit with a my grandmother's brother and wife, who lived 1 1/2 miles from their home.  We all got into the car that morning, and my grandfather began driving us down the gravel roads heading into town.   As we drove about 3 miles, suddenly, we came upon an old man with fair skin walking along side the gravel road with his hands in his pockets, and wearing a brown hat, a long sleeved white shirt with the sleeves half-way rolled up, brown trousers, and old worn brown shoes.    The old man looked to be the age of 70.   He never once looked over at us as we drove on past him.   We three girls kept our eyes transfixed on the old man, and stayed that way until we saw him disappear right before our very eyes.  He was there only but a few minutes and then just vanished!   We were dumb-found about it all, and began telling our grandparents about the old man's disappearance.   There was nothing but woodland all around us as we were on this gravel road, and no where the old man could have gone off to, like a driveway, another road, a pathway, or a house just off the roadside.  Our grandmother's response was; "It was probably a ghost, kids.  These hills are older than we are, and so I wouldn't doubt it for a minute that he was a ghost."   Us girls had never heard about ghosts before, and so this was very disturbing and scary to us children.   We then asked our grandmother to explain to us what a ghost was.  
My sisters and I have never forgotten that incident to this very day. That was my first shared experience with the paranormal phenomena.       
                       -Submitted by
                                                      Marilyn Shriver, Connecticut

I have a few things that have occurred in my life that I can share with you. Not sure if you will find it of interest but you can be the judge of that. I have a few stories but the one that sticks out most in my mind is back when my Mother passed on. As they say you get signs around this time,funny things happen and some just pass it off as grieving.  To me this was so much more. My Mother had passed away the night the Red Sox won the World Series here in Boston. Everyone around me was so excited but yet I felt there was something wrong,not right. As I had been calling my Mother all night. This has happened before though and everything would turn out alright. That night though It seemed I was already in mourning before finding out she had passed due to a heart attack. Not being able to shake this terrible empty feeling I went to her apartment where I met my sister only to discover our Mother on the floor. Weeks prior to this my Mother called me concerned as she was not feeling well and told me how she was in her parking lot one afternoon and didn't feel right. She had a hard time describing how she felt to me but had said that she could feel a rush of coldness go up her body and she could not move and then felt as though as she put it looking at her body from the outside. I could tell it made her nervous and she was trying to make some sense of it. I wonder to myself and actually belief that was her spirit trying to leave that day but instead it lingered on. So things started to happen as we prepared for my Mother's funeral really odd things. For one my pets were acting as if someone was with us meaning my immediate family myself and my boys. One time my cat which shes an old gal and my puppy were both on my bed staring at wall transfixed as to what they were seeing. Another time my puppy was looking at me as I sat in our living room growling and crying backing up as though she was afraid like she was looking right thru me it seemed. The night I had the strongest sign was the night before my Mother's funeral. I had been driving home from cleaning out my Mom's apartment and was feeling naturally depressed. I was pretty much broke and feeling very depressed and then I had this sudden urge to go and buy a scratch ticket in which I did and won $50. I then continued home and the whole ride it was weird I felt as though someone was in the back seat of our van. I just couldn't shake the feeling. When we parked I even turned to look in the back wandering why I felt that way. Now I'm in my house and my boys are all awake and its early. Everyone is going about their business. I was sitting at my computer and all of a sudden I was surrounded by the smell of my Mother's perfume. It was so strong and all around me. It was a perfume that she only wore in our family and none of her things were at my house yet. The smell was so intense so I decided I would walk down the hall to our kitchen area to see if the smell was out there. It wasn't so I was like hmm,thats strange. I started to head back to my room but only stopping at my oldest son's room who was grieving pretty badly to tell him I loved him. As I stood in his doorway all of a sudden that smell encircled me again and again my puppy was behind me and started whimpering and backing up on her hind legs afraid. I really didn't know what to think I only knew that the smell of my mothers perfume was shocking to me as it was so strong. I proceeded back to my room to sit on my computer and surf the net for a bit. When my second oldest son Michael came into my room and said to me "Ma,I don't want to sound weird here." I said to him no its ok whats wrong? He said well I was in the living room watching tv and I smelled Grandma's perfume all around me. I was like oh wow to myself. I told him I smelled it too. I consoled him and he went off back to watch tv. Then the smell came back once again but this time as I sat on my computer. I had a feeling I was being watched. I turned to look towards my bedroom door and there stood my Mother. Transparent but it was my Mother. She had a solemn look on her face and her apparation was all gray but it was my Mother. Naturally my mouth must have dropped and my eyes widened as I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Then she disappeared as quick as she had appeared. Following this there were a series of things that happened and well I have gone on and on here so as not too make my story too long I will sum it up pretty much. We had occurences such as we were at my brothers house and some of us were crying and grieving. His lights in his house started going up and down. As though a power surge and his fire alarm went off also. On going home that night I was talking to my sister at 3 a.m in the morn on the phone when all of a sudden the shower radio went on in my bathroom. I told my sis to hold on thinking could one of the boys woke up but,nah it was too late. There the radio sat on my bathroom counter playing and the boys were all in bed. The freakiest thing was that the radio had no batteries how in the world was it playing? So this is one occurence I have had in my life. Probably the most profound for me although I have other stories I can tell later. If anyone has had a similar experience I would love to hear about it. Thank you for reading my story.

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My Grandmother "Mémére"
As a Child Growing up my Grandmother was my Angel always there for me when I was in need she took me under her Wings. ~
My Grandmother Cordelia was very sick having many mini Strokes that started 12 years before with a full blown Stroke. She passed in May 1964.
My Heart was hurting I was having a hard time excepting this. ~
A week after she passed one night as I slept I was awaking. The room was dark and she was in a Glow of white smiling down on me and so Beautiful.
I was startled by this a first for me so I closed my eyes my Heart was racing and I said to her please don't come to me at night any more. ~
She never appeared to me again I feel so bad that I said that to her. A few years went by and a Friend of mine told me the reason why she appeared was to tell me not to grieve that she was out of pain and Happy. Through the years I have felt things around me heard my Name etc. ~
And today I wouldn't be scared seeing a Spirit at night I would Love to see her again. I miss my Grandmother so but I know she is in a Beautiful place with Children cuddling under her Wings.

-Submitted by

Butterfly Dancer


Now  I am under the impression  that  its  People that  are " haunted " not places, now  with that  being  said I  would  like  to  tell  you  about  my two  oldest and  my 9 year old son's.  when  my 24 year old  was 5 years  old  he was  being  waken  up  every  night  for  about two months before  he  came an  told  me , Now  how  would I know it  was  two months , because  he  said  it  started  around  Christmas and  ended about the  time  my  second son  was born.
1.) Well  anyway's ....  when  my  first  son  was  Five  he  came  down  the  stairs  into  my  room  in tears  and  begging  me  to  ask  the little  boy  to  go home, its  was late  at  night  when  he did this  so I  got  out of bed  and  walked  him  back up stair's , when  I walked in the  room  I saw a little  Indian  boy that  looked to be maybe 6 or 7 years old. but  as  soon  as I got  closer  he  was  gone , my  son  looked up at  me  and  said  " Thank you  Mommy " and then  got into his bed  and  went  to  sleep . I stood there  for  a couple of  minutes  just  to  see  if  what  I saw  came  back , or  maybe  it  was  to  see  if I ready  did see what  I  thought  I saw . but  he  didn't , So I went  back  to bed.
About  two days later  my son  came  down  the  stair's  again and  was in  tears  again , so I walked  him  back  to  bed but  this  time I  didn't see the little  boy , but  I helped  my  son  back into his  bed  and then  I said  out Loud  to  the little Indian  boy " Could  you please  let  Chris alone ... its  late  and  he has  school in the  morning  and he  needs his  sleep " Chris  never  saw  him  again as far as I know. 
Now  when  my second  son was  5 years  old he  saw the  same ( well  I am  assuming) Indian boy  but  he  wasn't bothered  by  him , He liked playing  with  him  and  did so  for  about 6 months  until  I walked  him  to  bed  one  night  and  said  the  same thing  in the  room as I  did  with Chris.  Now  I  did  ask  Jason  to  tell me  about  his play mate  and  he describe him. And  what  what  I can remember it was the  same little Indian  boy. 
2.) My youngest  son knew  his  grandma  died  before  I ever  told him. Then  night  after  my mom died  my  younger  son  woke up  and  came into the  room  where  I was  watching T.V. and  said  to  me .. " Grandma wanted  me  to tell  you  that  she is  all better  now " My mouth  hit the  floor , I asked  him  when  did he  talk  to  grandma  he  told  me  " couple  of  minutes  ago "  I hugged  him and  walked him  back  to  bed. One  week later  I went  to pick up  my mom's  ashes.
When  I got into my van  and  maybe  got  down the  road  about  a mile  or  so I looked  in my rear view mirror and saw a little  girl  that  looked  to be about 10  years old. When  I  got  home  ( mind  you  I tried  to act like I  didn't see her) I softly  told her that  she  needed to  go  back  where she came from , I looked in my  rear view mirror and  she  was  gone . Well that  is  what  I thought  anyway's, But the  next  day  my  youngest  son  would  not eat  breakfast  until I fixed a bowl  of cereal for  the little  girl.
Now  I  didn't see her  anywhere but  he  did  and I had  to  do this  for almost  an  year . Do  I know  if  she has  moved on? I  don't know. What  I  do know  is  that my  youngest  son  to this  day  sees  people  and  colors  he  tells me  about them  all the  time. And  sometimes they even  frighten him.  Hence  why  I believe  its people  that  are " Haunted "  not places.