Submitted Ghost Stories

     All of the ghost stories on these pages have been submitted to us. We did not edit them in any way. If you would like to submit a ghost story.  Please email us the story as you would like it to appear on these pages.  Please include as much detail as possible.  You will be   given credit for the story, so please include your name, and where you are located if you would like it  included with the story. If you do not wish to have your name included, please include a short note telling us to exclude it.  Please email your stories with the subject heading Ghost Story to 

All of the stories are posted as the are received. The oldest of the stories is on the bottom of each page.  Page 1 is the first page, making it the oldest.  The most recent submissions are the higher numbered pages. The top of page has the most recent submissions, and the bottom has the oldest submission.  We will continue to post the stories in this manner. Please check back often for new stories!