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The Jennifer Baca Story: A Haunting Investigation in Elk Grove
and Sacramento's Pocket Area
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghost Writer/Paranormal Investigator
Edited by Shannon "Ms. Macabre" McCabe

There is a blue moon tonight, so that makes things even more eerie. I think back when I was in the Army. The Army had scouts to check things out, before a unit made their move on an enemy site. H.P.I. (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations) of Northern California has their own scouts. Tonight HPI Paranormal Investigator Jennifer Baca and I, will scout out two haunted locations in Elk Grove and one haunted location in the Pocket Area of Sacramento. Today is June 1st, 2007, Friday. Jennifer with her big smile arrives at my home in Elk Grove, she is eager to do some ghost hunting. I bring along my Jack Russell Terrier named Pika. Pika has sensed a ghost once at the Old Broadway Cemetery, so he might be useful in this investigation. You can say Pika is a paranormal investigating dog, while my black Chow T-Rex is oblivious to any kind of hauntings. Pika will sit and watch the Cartoon Network or the Animal Planet and T-Rex is only concerned with food. So, unfortunately T-Rex stays home, while Pika gets to go on this ghost hunt with Jennifer and I.

When my son Jason lived at home, Jason and his friends would party near the wetlands. Some of the kids would party at a clump of Eucalyptus trees and also party at a historical site called the Lee/Wightman site off Big Horn Blvd. Jason's friends claimed they have seen a white wisp near the trees and at the historical site. I never took any credence to their claims, but later discovered that the clump of trees were imported from Australia. Because Eucalyptus trees usually grow in clumps and they are tall, they make for good shelter. Shelter that were used my early settlers of the Elk Grove region. The historical site that Jennifer and I will also investigate is the Lee/Wightman Site. A site that once had a blacksmith shop there in 1865. Renovations done in 1907, and later a barn and tenant house that was built on the site in 1936. There is nothing there now, except a sign describing what was once there. The sign says that it was a ranch with a main house, blacksmith shop, smoke house, barn granary, pumphouse, harvester shed and a storage shed.

Let's talk about who Jennifer is. Jennifer is a very interesting and beautiful lady, from January 1994 to September 1995 she was in the Navy. She was an E-2 Electrician Mate. She was stationed at Washington State and lived in Bremerton. She also performed duties on the USS Camden. All her life she was around the military. She grew up as a military brat and lived in places like Yokota/Okinawa - Japan. In fact she graduated from high school in 1992 from Okinawa. She lived in Texas, Oregon, Florida, Charlevoix - Michigan from 99 to 2000 and once vacationed in Hawaii. She has been married twice and is now very happily married to a great guy named Tony and has two children named Cameron and Makayla. She has experienced the paranormal through her ex-sister-in-law Karen, who is a medium. (See article - Ghostbusters at the Old Historical Cemetery - which details her past paranormal experiences). Jennifer is a very enthusiastic young lady that has a sense of adventure. She loves driving Quads, she is set to take scuba diving lessons. Her other recreational activities include hiking, biking, swimming and reading good horror books.

She has a unique ancestry, she is quarter Japanese, quarter Taiwanese, Irish, French, American Indian - Senaca. Her favorite movie is Titanic and she always had a desire to be an actress. A song that she plays all the time is "How Deep Is Your Love by the Bee Gees" When relaxing in front of the TV, you will find her watching American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, House, Sopranos, all of the CSIs and Gray's Anatomy. I was getting all of this information about Jennifer for this article, while Hannibal Rising movie was playing in the background. Jennifer was glued on this horror movie. Yep! I can tell she loves horror, she makes the perfect paranormal investigator! Jennifer has always had an interest in the paranormal, she thinks its in her DNA!

Now that I have told you everything about Jennifer, let's talk about our ghost hunting adventure. As we arrived at the clump of Eucalyptus trees, Jennifer worked her EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) monitor. There is a lot of graffiti on the trees, probably placed there by my son's friends. Jennifer, Pika and I walk over to the historical site and again used the EVP monitor. Both Elk Grove areas look 'haunted'. The clump of trees swaying in the wind and the beckoning glow of the blue moon above us was frightening in itself. The historical site feels old. As we walked around this area, we felt a forbidding strangeness. I felt like I was walking in the past as images in my mind told me what was once there. As we stumbled around in the dark and Jennifer talking through her EVP monitor, we came across a gorgeous, but very dead white owl. We can see that it recently died, but the beauty of this dead owl made us both say...'ahhhhhhh'. We didn't see anything significant, so we headed back to my car, a 2003 Maroon Stratus that I affectionally call 'Ghost Tracker' and headed out to the Sacramento Pocket Canal Area. A little history about this place, the Pocket Area homes near the canal area were supposingly built over a Portuguese cemetery and it has been known that some of the Pocket homes are haunted and it has been documented and entered in a few books in regard to California hauntings. As Jennifer, Pika and I walked down the canal path next to these homes, we found a park next to the canal. We took several digital photographs and captured some orbs, but what was so surprising is that I took a picture towards the park and the picture showed a huge light image. Well, the strange thing is that where I positioned myself to take that picture, it was totally dark! Where did that light come from? I took a second picture at the same location and the picture was naturally dark. Jennifer takes a picture at the same location with her digital camera and it's still a naturally dark picture. So, where did this burst of light come from? Did a ghost make his or her presence known by coming directly to the lens of my camera as I took that picture? During my many haunting investigations I have taken a zillion pictures of orbs, I have seen other investigators take pictures of white mist, but never have I or any other investigators taken a picture of a burst of light in a totally dark area! As we walked away from this area, Jennifer got frightened twice, she heard a big fish hit the water and a goose in the background making a strange quacking sound. It was time to shut down this investigation, now it was time to get home and analyze what we found through the EVPs and photographs! I asked myself driving home, were these three areas credible for a future haunting investigation or were the two areas in Elk Grove where my son and his friends would party at, just a place where they imagined seeing a white mist, due to some wild partying and drinking unknown beverages? Who knows, Jennifer and I still had to check it out to make sure. The Pocket Area holds more credence, since many people who live in this area have said that their homes are haunted. Jennifer and I seek out the unknown. When the unknown is searched out, the unknown will find you and reveal it's secrets. It's just a matter of time. As for the EVPs, we couldn't detect anything because of the wind, but we did get some unusual photographs in the Pocket Area. For more on H.P.I. (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations) of Northern California, check out their website at:

Faint orbs photographs taken at Pocket Area.
Burst of light photograph taken in a naturally dark area - unexplained - Pocket Area.
No EVPs due to wind activity for Elk Grove and Pocket Area.
Natural photographs taken in Elk Grove area.

More investigation needed under better environmental conditions.
Too much wind interference for EVPs. Pocket Canal Area has potential for paranormal activity due to unexplained photographs taken.

Photographs of Jennifer Baca by clump of trees - Elk Grove.
Photographs of Jennifer Baca by clump of trees showing graffiti. Elk Grove.
Photographs of Jennifer Baca at Historical Area - Elk Grove.
Photographs of faint orbs and burst of light - Pocket Canal Area.
Photograph of Jennifer Baca on her Quad.

Paul Dale Roberts, Freelance Writer, HPI Ghost Writer
and Paranormal Investigator
5606 Moonlight Way
Elk Grove, Ca 95758
(916) 203 7503

The Michele Stump Story: Hauntings in El Dorado County
Written by Paul Dale Roberts, H.P.I. Ghostwriter/Paranormal Investigator
Edited by Shannon "Ms. Macabre" McCabe, President of H.P.I.

Last night I went on a scouting mission with HPI Paranormal Investigator Jennifer Baca in Elk Grove. Today, June 2, 2007, Saturday, I am headed out on a historical scouting mission with HPI Paranormal Investigator Michele Stump. The only problem I am having today is that I didn't get enough sleep. I swallowed down some Starbucks, threw on some James Brown songs, such as Gravity, Living in America and Goliath to wake me up and take the long drive on Highway 50 to El Dorado County, where I would meet up with Michele Stump at Round Table Pizza in Placerville. Michele Stump is sort of a ghost historian of El Dorado County, she's read up on a lot of the areas that are supposingly haunted. She has taken the time to talk to the locals. So, today we are on a historical excursion. She will take me to various haunts and explain the history of these haunts in El Dorado County. We're not really trying to find a ghost or ghosts, even though she did bring her EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) monitor. Just to let you know, we picked up no EVPs on this scouting quest.

Here are some of the places in Placerville that Michele showed me:

Placerville Historical Museum, which was once the Chamber of Commerce and the locals say that it's haunted by miners.

Cozmic Cafe: A ghostly black dog has been seen on the stairwell and there are miner caverns underneath this restaurant. You can actually enter the caverns and dine in the caverns. A lot of ghostly activity has taken place in the caverns in which patrons claim to have witnessed. Once when Michele walked into the caverns, she felt a tugging on her leg. There is some ghostly activity in the bar section too.

El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce: Once it was the Old Vet's Building in 1852. Then later it became the Kossuth House (Hotel) for the miners. More miner ghosts seen at this location.

Empire Antiques: Used to be a theater. Sometimes items at this store are moved around for no apparent reason.

Cary House: Supposed to be extremely haunted. The hotel elevator goes up and down on it's own. In the elevator sometimes there is the smell of cigar smoke. When Michele and I, entered the elevator we smelled the cigar smoke and then it was gone. Patrons have seen full body apparitions in the hotel. Sometimes the piano plays on its own. Two ghosts that are popular and have been seen is Stan the ghost, once an employee of the hotel. Another ghost sometimes seen by the stairs is of a young beautiful lady.

The Hangman's Tree Pub (Bar). Unique bar with dollar bills hanging from the ceiling. The actual hangman's tree is inside the bar. On a limb of the Hangman's tree is a rope. Outside is a dummy of a man hanging by his neck. Bloody Dick and two criminals were hanged from this tree. The 3 desperadoes faced no other than Judge Lynch. Altogether there were 4 hangings on this tree. Talked with an employee of this bar named Heather Mclean (Email to bar: and she says that sometimes the ice cream scooper moves on its own accord. Michele got dizzy inside this bar and had to step outside for some fresh air.

As we left Placerville and headed over to Georgetown. Michele relates to me that she once was a 911 Operator for the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department. She told me that at Green Valley Road by Shingle Springs, there were 6 ghostly horses galloping along the road and the sheriff was called out, when he arrived the horses disappeared. The story of the ghostly horses has been told before by other witnesses.

From here on out, are places that are haunted in Georgetown. Georgetown was once called Growlersburg, because the miners said that the gold nuggets were so big, that they had a growling sound when hitting the pan. Georgetown is an unusual little town. It's so small, people drive in the middle of the road and park their cars and walk to the bar. There is a rumor that a Chinese morgue is buried underneath the town. Now let's talk about some of the places we visited:

Georgetown Hotel. Sometimes items are moved around. Footsteps heard. The bar is very unusual, it has a real wasp nest hanging from the ceiling, stuffed heads of various animals, stuffed wolverine smoking a cigarette, strange signs, stuffed teddy bears, old pictures. A ghost named Verna haunts Room 5. Some ghostly kid and a ghostly old man make their appearances known ever once in a while.

Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department Building: A ghostly fireman with full uniform and hat sometimes stands outside of this building.

American River Inn: A woman fell from the 2nd balcony floor to her death and she appears at times on the 2nd floor. This hotel was built in 1863. Once when Michele visited this hotel, she used the bathroom and the bathroom door on its own accord flew open. Celebrities like David Hasselhoff (Knightrider fame), Ruth Buzzi and Carol Channing stayed at this hotel. People write their ghostly experiences in a big white photo album. I read some of them, they mostly take on religious overtones, where the patrons ask the ghosts to go towards the light. One famous ghost of this hotel is Oscar, a former patron of the hotel that seems to wander around here and there. Braundeline who works at this hotel has heard footsteps, when she looked to see who was walking down the floorway, there was no one there.

Shannon Knox House built in 1854 is the oldest residence in Georgetown. No ghostly activity has been recorded at this house. They should have a sign at this house saying...'this house is in a ghost free zone!'

Georgetown's Pioneer Cemetery established in 1848. Michele tries her EVP monitor. No EVPs recorded.

Greenwood Pioneer Cemetery established in 1852. According to Nancy Bradley, Psychic, she claims this is one of the most haunted cemeteries in El Dorado County. A lot of people who died in this cemetery invested into a railroad that never went through their town. Another interesting factor is that Placerville and Georgetown are the most haunted places in Northern California, according to residents. Michele receives no EVP readings at this cemetery.

The Bayley House. This 3 story mansion was formerly a hotel. It was built in 1862 by Assemblyman Alcander John (AJ) Bayley. Michele has investigated this mansion at night by herself and has captured orbs on her digital camera.

Sierra Nevada House. The ghost of politician Robert Chalmbers has been seen here. Michele's mom worked here as an employee and has witnessed bar stools spinning on their own. Shotglasses moving on their own. Robert Chalmbers who lived here, caught syphilis and went mad. His wife locked him in a room by himself, so he wouldn't hurt himself or others. Robert eventually died in that room.

Coloma Park: Where gold was discovered in the streams. Sometimes apparitions have been seen here.

Well, that's it! This was an interesting scouting mission on historical proportions. If you ever visit El Dorado County and want to do some ghost hunting, just follow my listing. For more information on H.P.I. (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations) of Northern California, check out their website at:

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter/Jazma Freelance Writer
5606 Moonlight Way
Elk Grove, CA 95758
(916) 203 7503

About ten years ago, I had a very mysterious experience on a dirt road at night between Beecher and Peotone.  If you travel down Route 1 south through Beecher and take the first road to the right past the radio station, you will be on this road.  I do not know if it is even dirt anymore.  Well, we were chased by a jeep.  It closed the distance from about 1/2 mile away with quite astonishing speed.  My friend had a 74 Le Mans and this jeep was toying with us after it caught up.  We slowed down to see who this might be.  It turned around and we followed it. However, when we move through the dust it was churning up, the jeep disappeared.  It was in wide open territory and their was now sign of the jeep.  Has anyone heard of a ghost jeep in the back roads between Beecher and Peotone? 
-Submitted by
Tinley Park

In winter of 1992/1993 I had an experience around the Kaskaskia Quarry close to Prairie du Rocher in southern Illinois. I lived about 40 miles from my school (I went to Catholic high school) and I was coming home from a school dance around midnight on the backroads. As I was driving past the quarry I noticed a man wearing jeans, a hat, and a red/blue flannel shirt walking along the road. I remember doing a double take in my rear view mirror because it was late, cold, and the man didn't have a coat on. When I looked back, there was no one there.
I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience in this area. I can't find any reports anywhere on the net!
-Submitted by

We just purchased in silver springs October 06, Recently a lot of strange things have started to happen in the house, First it started with weird sounds in the attic( Booms and bangs even some scratches) Thought it could be rodents! So I called several exterminators. The attic has been looked out on three separate occasions producing no evidence of rodents or any other wildlife. Then it seemed to progress. Several people including my self have seen or heard strange things in the house. The first was my business partner; a cup flew from the dish drainer at him then shattered in a strange way. The cup was a heavy shatter resistant Disney cup. (Tumbler)  Then on occasion we started to hear loud bang sounds like gun fire! Then on a Thursday night at 9:40 pm I heard it this time louder than ever it sounded like it was fired in the living room, prior both my dogs and both my cats were growling and meowing as if something was really wrong! I went to the living room were the noise came from the animal were still acting strange. Then they stopped and I could here what sounded like a woman sobbing very faint at first. So I thought that one of my neighbors got drunk and shot his wife. I then proceeded outside and heard nothing! I walked around the entire house and still only silence. When I re-entered my home the sobbing sound was now very loud the dogs were growling at then air in the middle of the room this lasted about 6-7 minutes and stopped! The dogs stopped also but the cats continued to meow loud. It vexed to the point I phoned several people to ask then their opinion.  Then everything seemed to stop for a while the noises in the attic ceased as well. Until recently the last week or so it has started again. The noises are getting even louder and twice we have waked to find every cabinet in the kitchen as well as the dishwasher and oven and microwave doors to be open in symmetry! In-fact the second time was this morning prompting my email to you! I have done some research and have found that the house has sold 4 times in five years. Also the original owners that built the house on this property met with some tragedy from my understanding they lost one or more children in a strange facet or accidents. I do not know how much truth there is to it. For it is all I can get my neighbors to tell me. I am growing concerned at first I did not feel that what was here was able to harm anyone. Now since objects have moved and the attack on Colin with the glass I am growing slightly worried,

-Submitted by


Since I was about four I have been seeing a "shadow man" on my parents property. It first started when my brother and cousin was both watching me. It was around noon and we had just finished eating lunch. We were all helping do the dishes when I looked up at the window and saw the shadow of a man with an old fashioned hat walk by. I stopped what I was doing and went from window to window in the house, watching him circle the house. When I got back into the Kitchen my brother asked what I was doing I said "watching the shadow man." After I explained they got worried and looked outside and saw that no one was, in fact, outside the house. The next day the same thing occurred, and it continued to happen everyday. Eventually both my brother and my cousin saw it.
For a years we believed that the "shadow man" couldn't veer off his course of walking around our house. But as me and my brother grew it seemed to grow protective over us. When someone was at our house and was in the least bit destructive toward us he seemed to veer off his course. Sometimes we would be the only ones able to see it and sometimes other people could.
Recently my husband has seen him(We live a apartment above a garage on the same property)
I have never felt any negative energy from the "shadow man", but we have had other occurrences at this residence. including lights, sounds, the since of being watched or even being touched. The experiences that I have just named have always felt very different from my experiences with the "shadow man." Most of them making me feel very negative.
-Submitted by

     I have a new ghost story for you. It was given to Me by a friend of mine whom is a Lieutenant with the Downers Grove Fire Department whom has possibly experienced it first himself. It takes place at their Fire Station #5. The story is that Station #5 was erected through a large effort by a Fire Chief at the time[I'm not sure of what years] and at some point the Chief had a heart attack at while out on a fire, at the station or at home[that part I don't remeber exactly but will ask him again for more details] and today the Chief has been seen back around Station #5. In "whole"[as he said] by a couple of FF's while on duty there and my friend said He thinks He did quite clearly see a shadow type figure moving around, at least once. I will try to get more info for clarity. I believe my friend is not joking Me aound since He himself is a believer in Ghosts and the paranormal and He himself used to go out ghost hunting some years back before I met him. 

                                                                       Peter Z.

I am writing this as a commentary on the alleged haunted area of the cemetery and hill near Love Ford Bridge at Falmouth,IL (north of Newton, IL).  I grew up a mile from there and that is a big 4-wheeling and camping spot (I mean along the river that the hill is directly above).  I've been there dozens of times during the day and night.  Of course I can not "confirm" that it is haunted, but I do believe that 1 or more people have died there over the years either falling off the very steep cliff, or falling off the bridge itself.  And I'm fairly certain that during the early '90's there was some "devil worship" ceremonies and what-not up there.  I actually saw a small "noose" made with hay-bale twine hanging up there, which was stained red, probably from blood.  We heard cats and small animals were being sacrificed.  There is actually another old spooky cemetery about 3 miles from there that has received a lot of attention as well.  I had a couple buddies who claimed to see glowing orbs at that one in high school after a Friday night football game once.  Anyway, there is now a new hangout just below the hill that is a bar/campground/canoe rental that has become quite a "underground" hit.  This hill, along with the other old cemetery which is accessed by very narrow, backwoods gravel roads, does make a nice spook trip, especially if you have a truck to drive along the river bottom trails.   I have enjoyed an interest in various paranormal topics over the years.  Happy hunting!

-Submitted by

Kris M


I thought you may be interested in this since it took place in Will County.This occurrence happened on an overcast day in early autumn of 2002 at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery located outside of Joliet, Illinois. My family and I were traveling down route 55 and decided to stop inside. We wanted to show our children what a national cemetery looked like and to give our respect to the veterans who had fought for our country. First I would like to say that this cemetery is located on a vastly open prairie plain. As soon as you enter it is very quiet and reverent. The ONLY sound heard is the prairie wind and the rustling grasses. On the day of our visit we were alone, and even the information center seemed empty.

My family and I drove to various sections, and I explained to our children about the different wars and why they were fought. What a great history lesson, I thought. We visited one walled section that was filled with the cremated remains of World War II veterans, and next to it was a small clump of trees. As we were walking around this section, I kept glancing at these trees. I had such a strong sense that someone was watching us from there. I could not shake that feeling but could see no one. We were preparing to leave, my husband led the children to the car and I stayed behind to take one last look around. As I turned to go, there was an EXTREMELY loud rasping, clanking noise of metal against metal being dragged against each another. Then, a shaking and rattling that sounded as if one of the cremation containers was forcibly being ripped out of the wall. Whatever it was, it desperately wanted to get out! I turned to look and of course no one was there, the noises stopped immediately, and the cremation containers were undisturbed. I was scared witless, we left immediately and have never returned. However, I often wonder if anyone else has had any experiences at this national cemetery?

Naperville, Illinois

Three years ago, my friend and I stayed the night at the William Lemp Mansion inSt. Louis,MO. We had heard it was a really haunted place, there were about four suicides that actually took place in the house and there were restless spirits. I had also seen this house on Travel Channel as one of the most haunted places in America .

When we entered the house, it seemed to have its own aura, almost like the house itself was alive. We enjoyed a dinner theater production that night in the dining room. I went into the bathroom during the show and as I was in there, I heard someone running across the upstairs. It actually shook the old chandelier they have in the bathroom. I thought nothing of it, could have been someone from the dinner just poking about up there. Little did I know that was the start of my ghostly experience!

Later that night, all the guests left. The owner of the house does a lock down; only paid guests who are spending the night stay in the house from about 10:00pm till 10:00am the next morning.

My friend and I were the only two in the house until about 2:00am. She had a broken ankle, so she was not able to walk around. I went and explored on my own, taking pictures, trying to communicate with someone. I felt as if I were being watched, but I saw nothing. When I was about to give up hope I heard the footsteps again. I was the only one walking around; my friend was on her bed unable to make such noise with a broken ankle! I was so excited. I went upstairs to tell her!

Another instance, I went to go up to the attic. I got up to the last set of stairs (I could see the third floor). As I went to take that first step, something (or someone) would not let me go. I had an overwhelming sense in myself that I could not go up any further. I had to turn around. And I am not afraid of anything, so that was very strange for me!

That whole night our air conditioning was very weird. At one point it was so cold, we both said, and right after we complained about it, it would turn off. Then it got too hot, we complained about that, it would kick back on. This happened about five times in a row until it finally stayed off the rest of the night.

That morning, we woke up and it felt like it was 85 degrees in our room! Above, on the ceiling, was the shape of a man’s head. At one end, it looked as though it could have been a water leak, but the other end looked like it was painted on with a roller. I opened the door to go to the bathroom that was down the hall, and the CENTRAL AIR was on throughout the rest of the house!! There was no air conditioner box in the window of our room. How is that possible???


Overall, if anyone really wants to experience the paranormal, stay the night at the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis,MO   I am fromBolingbrook,IL . and had never been down there. It was well worth it! I want to go again!


Elizabeth A. Diedrick

Hi, me and my wife found out about the eaton lodge in key west through a book that told some ghost stories in key west. we finally stayed in an amazingly comfortable room with a beautiful balcony on the second floor.It is a Victorian mansion form the late 1800's; some items that belonged to the previous dwellers, as well as pictures, are displayed throughout the house. on the second floor you can see the original bathtub, toilet and dresser, they are really old.
at no moment does the staff does mention of the paranormal activity, but is quick to point out before you pay that there are no refunds.
Me and my wife watched the bathroom light switch turn off by itself. we were laying straight facing the bathroom door which was wide open. we thought initially it was a timed-breaker for the bathroom lights so we left it on for an extended period of time but it did not happened again. my dad on the room next door got a little bit more spooked when the radio we brought along turned on by itself while he was taking his nap in the afternoon. while he was fiddling with the remote trying to turn it off the volume kept rising and awoke his wife. they did not know the place was haunted yet when it happened.
I'd say the only rather scary and unpleasant experience was when I had to go down to the kitchen alone at around three in the morning. my wife was asleep and I was in my dad's room having some whiskey on the rocks when we ran out of ice and was sent down to the kitchen to get some more. I had to open a door and walk through a computer room into the kitchen. needless to say there was nobody downstairs and it was all dark and quiet. as I opened the door I sensed a dark silhouette sitting in the desk in front of the computer and bothered by my presence. I avoided looking at it because I didn't knew how I was going to react if it was really there, so i went straight for the kitchen light switch. as I did this I felt a cold and electrifying sensation going through my body like I never felt before. every single hair in my body spiked, and I was for a moment filled with an overwhelming sensation of fear. Still I kept quiet and focused and managed to turn on the light. there was a lovebird right under the light switch and her feathers were all spiked up too. I grabbed the ice and got out of there as quick as I could.
Me and my wife are planning on staying there again, this time equipped with a good camera. it is a really nice house after all.
Submitted by-

I am finely getting time to write a little note regarding some of the things that happen at Our lady of angels retirement home in Joliet.I am a nurse and I worked on the first floor of this lovely facility[3-11 shift]You should visit them when you have time. They celebrate mass every Wednesday and everyone is welcome. One of the first things that you notice when you enter the front door is the complete feeling of peace that comes over you,It's as if you have entered a very loving and safe place. The people that have passed away there evidently have the same feeling because some of them just decide to stay! OLA has a beautiful chapel . Several of the nuns that have lived and passed there still continue to come there to pray. I used to sit in the chapel during my break time and have seen two nuns { that you can see threw] praying by the alter. As you watch them they just fade away.There is also an ghost of a nun 'who makes her rounds' every night at precisely nine p.m. In life she was a person who oversaw the rest of the nuns.  She made rounds of the building to make sure all was well. God Bless her she is still doing it! Most of the staff have seen her and think nothing of it. Its very common place and happens all of the time. I also had a patient that I had become very close to, pass away. The night after she had passed, around eleven thirty p.m.,I was walking down the hall getting ready to go home {all of my pts. Were sleeping] I heard a voice say "Peggy, Don't go" It was my Pts. Voice that had passed the day before! I checked and all of my other pts were fast asleep. There is also an ghost of a man who worked in the maintenance dept..He passed away in the basement when he was working and is still seen walking around down there. I myself have only seen the two nuns in the chapel. But these things  happen on a day to day basis. Its kind of funny, We have some part time nurses who only work on the weekend on the first floor where most of these thing happen. They are allowed to leave at nine  p. m. If they choose to do so.....Before sister makes her every night" nine thirty rounds" No kidding!

-Submitted by


I have a ranch in the Sierra Foothills. For  approximately 35 years I have had an uneasy experience while passing through the gate that enters onto the property. I  have had the feeling of someone or something watching me and I can't get through the gate fast enough.  Although I never told my daughter about the feeling, when she was about 15 (about the same age I was when I first felt it), she started feeling the same thing.  The ranch and surrounding land has been in the family for generations and Indians used to live on the property, as did my great grandfather and his descendants. I have tried to find out from relatives if something happened at the gate but no one knows anything.  After my mother died (approximately two years ago), I suddenly stopped feeling anything at the gate but my daughter still feels it. Then, about a week ago, a cousin told me that she heard there once was a skirmish on the property between my ancestors and the Indians. I  don't know if this has anything to do with this or  not. Also, there is an old bunkhouse on the property in which, I am told, a cowboy hanged himself.
-Submitted by
L. Helm

   I live in a little town called Harrisburg Arkansas, I don't know how old this sleepy little town is but what I do know is that there are spirits here. On what I have read about this place is that some part of this town the Civil war was fought, not as big as most places, but also the trail of tears came threw here also. Late at night in the woods countless number of people have heard gun fire and what sounds like cannon fire as well. I have also done research on how not a lot of people like to talk about ghosts in my town, it's like there keeping it under wraps so people won't start coming here with camera's and t.v. But I want the world to know that this place is haunted, not just by good spirits but by evil ones as well. I have writing alto of people over the years and I have never gotten an answer back. I think they don't believe me. I want someone to come here as soon as possible. This place has a number of accounts but like I said they don't like to talk. Here is what I have experienced since I was 9 years old. My family moved here when I was 9, I can't recall where from but that's not the matter. Since I was little I could see and hear things from the woods near our home, I always had weird dreams about a man in a blue uniform. He was dirty and a little gruff looking. He had blue eyes, piercing as a matter of fact. My mother believes that I have something special about contact, I know you people probably don't believe in people who can contact the dead, but I think I'm one. When I met my husband about 2 years ago I came to his house for the first time, and I felt something in the house. the house was built no more than 4 or 5 years ago and I believe there was something there even before that, he said it was just a field but I'm talking way before that, long ago. I believe that there is a good presence but then, sometimes there isn't. When I feel the bad presence I get tight in my chest, it gets cold, and I have to turn the heat up. Sometimes, I lay awake and feel someone or something near me. One night I laid in my bed, my husband already asleep, it was 4am, and something, it felt like something pricked my foot, I was bleeding a little, like something took a needle and just stuck me. It scared me a little, but ever since that night, things have been happening at almost the same time in the night. Just last week, I woke up and went to the restroom, my forehead was hurting and burning a little. It was a small portion of my head. I went back to bed and thought nothing of it. When I woke up with my husband and went to go brush my teeth, I saw a M where the burning and itching was, I know it might sound crazy but I think and feel that something is trying to tell me something, wanting me to do something. I ask every now and again, if someone is there, late at night when I'm alone in the house. Sometimes I get a warm sensation on my shoulder. But other times I get chills down my spine. I have tried to contact alto of people about these occurrences. But no one seems to be writing me back. I need answers something awful. Not alto of ghost hunters have been in Arkansas, in the small towns. I wish I could find someone who can come and investigate at least. But that is my story I don't have any pic's of ghosts, or EVPs I am still new at this. I really don't want to try it in my house, but I will if I have to get answers from the spirits. I have also been to some of the old grave sights dating back to the time of the civil war. I think that there of men that died and are not lain to rest in the woods. Before there were houses here there was mostly trees and farm land. There's also a very old house where my dad lives, its an old plantation home. That's all I have to say, if you could just email me and tell me at least what you think on the matter. It's not far off from Jonesboro, 15 miles away.
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Another story of "blood point road" aka 'BL PT RD'. near Rockford,
Belvidere, and Loves Park Illinois.

I went out there with my friend, her brother, her 3 cousins, 3 of her
other relatives, 2 of her brothers friends, her mom, her moms boyfriend, her
other friend, and  my mom, and we went there at 11:00 at night. First we went
under the rail road tracks the the school bus got thrown off of, and we
heard a sound like a school bus coming above us. Then we heard
screams, and felt the ground shaking but it all stopped suddenly. We saw nothing there, just heard and felt. we had a video camera, and we moved onto the stone wall. we climbed up it, and started walking towards the woods. We heard a gun get cocked, and we all jumped. we had 5 flashlights, and one by one they all died. Our cell phones did too. It got kinda chilly. Mind you, the
camera was taping all of this. We got to a steep hill, and we decided to turn
back because we had some older people with us. We turned back, and our flashlights turned on one by one again. same with cell phones. We were on our way to the cars, when we heard footsteps to our left. That is when we heard the gunshot, but nothing happened. Just the sound. We all screamed, and sprinted back to our cars. We got to our cars, and two of them wouldn't start. We got them to start up again after about 3 minutes, and we suspected that was after farmer John left. We went farther down the road, and went over 2 bridges. at the second one, we stopped and got out out. We then heard dripping. Everyone went dead silent and 2 very brave people looked over the edge. Nothing. Once again, just the sound. it got pretty chilly there too. but flashlights stayed on. Then we turned onto Sweeny, and saw a car behind us. It was a big rig. My mom was driving, and she used to go there all the time when she was a teen. She had been chased by it many times, so she stayed calm and went slowly. Me and my friend were looking back at it and all of the sudden it just disappeared. We all screamed and lost our breath. Then we went to the cemetery. The famous cemetery. We saw the 'no trespassing' sign, so we didn't go in, but we did stand right up to the fence. Our flashlights all went dead and cell phones too. It got the coldest i have ever been in my life
next to that cemetery. It didn't emit any pleasant feelings either, at all. I cannot tell you how many orbs we saw in that graveyard. They were orange, blue, red, purple,and white. then we saw something move on the left side of the cemetery. It was big,white, and floating like kind of bobbing up and down. like a giant white orb. Let me tell you, that was one of the scariest things I thought I'd see in my life. Then everyone started seeing a thing moving between 2 gravestones. like, scurrying back and forth between them. That was seriously scary. just a reminder, the camera still on and running, No problem. Then 2 cars went by. There was a black truck, that had a gigantic stack of wooden like platforms on its bed. Then this black thing stood up. You'll never guess to which direction, to the left again and we all screamed. then a red orb flew right in front of my friends cousins face, who was holding the camera, taping it all. We left because it was like frostbite cold and went back to the wall. We went to the trail leading a little more to the right of the woods. the side where farmer John comes from. Everything turned off including the camera again, and it got freezing but not nearly as cold as the cemetery. We turned back after we found the hill was a little bit steeper there, and on the way back, something ran in front of us. We all screamed and jumped backward. We all ran back to the cars. Everything turned on this time. We drove back home, but the whole way home, we were being followed by the black truck with the wooden platforms on the bed. We all got kind of nervous. we went home and watched the tape we got, and the first time we went to the wall, we saw a orange figure of a man with what looked like an axe standing between 2 trees. he was moving back and forth, kind of bouncing between the trees. but then disappeared. there were orange and purple and blue and red orbs here, but not as many as at the cemetery, There were countless orbs there, and the black thing that stood up to the left, showed up as red on the tape. and the red thing that flew in front of my friends cousins face, was an orb. with blue ones following it. and there were red ones everywhere. What do the colors mean? Just had to ask that. I would like feedback on that too, and when we watched the part at the wall the second time we went there, the thing that went in front of us was reddish orange. It was big too! that place scared the crap out of me
and everyone else there too. but it was fun. and i would like to go back

submitted by: girl in rockford Illinois

This is real short, but last year a group of friends and myself went to Manteno.  One friend is a non-believer.  We are all biology students, so scientifically there has to be an answer for everything.  Anyway, we got to the hospital at around 11 P.M.. The entire compound is dark, and everything is boarded up.  We were afraid of getting arrested for trespassing. All we had were flashlights and disposable cameras.  We went into I think three different buildings, but it could have been two.  The pictures on the websites are exactly what the buildings look like.  There was one room that had enough energy in it to give me the chills.  This one room was really cold.  This was strange because it was one of the few rooms where the window wasn't yet broken out.  There was no draft coming through this room.  There was no logical reason for this room to be colder than the rest of the rooms.   We took pictures of all the floors that we went to and we got two disposable cameras full.  In a few pictures there are easily over ten orbs.  My non-believing friend says dust particles, but the feeling from that place was too eerie to just be dust particles.
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My home now was my grandparents before I purchased it 6 years ago.  I moved into the house with my three  children after my divorced in 1982 and I've heard someone walking in my kitchen at night in high heels, we've heard our names being called out.  One afternoon I took a nap and I woke up because I felt a warm hand touch my shoulder.  A few months ago I was in my hallway and I heard someone say "Shhhh" and I just stood there for a moment and said to them "Shhhh" yourself this is my house.

I always hear footsteps in my wall when I'm in the shower but as soon as you open the door it stops.  When my x-boyfriend was living with me, as he was walking down the hall he heard his name being called, but said it was my voice. One night my x-boyfriend and I were in bed and someone poke there finger into his chest. Last year when I remodeled my kitchen at night when I would be in my room I would hear the kitchen cabinets open and closing and dishes
being moved.

My grandmother when she was living would put on make-up, put a dress on with her high heels and would wait for my grandfather to come home for dinner. But, one night I could hear someone calling out my name right outside of bedroom door and it was the way they were calling my name but really slow, "Pat"  it scared me.  So, I started to pray and with a few minutes it stop.  I have so many other things that have happen here.  I now live alone all my children have left, but I'm not afraid.
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The house was built in 1869 on what was a tobacco field. The owner was Colonel Henry Route. He led the arsenal raids here and the underground railroad. The house had slave tunnels under it that led to the Missouri River. They also held several wakes and funerals in the house. We moved into it in 1975. The people that lived in it before us were all living in the living room because of the "ghosts" they said. They told us of noises and a glass full of water pouring on ones head in middle of night and footsteps coming up the spiral staircase. At the time, my family didn't believe in ghosts. I was 12 when we moved in. The week after moving in, my mom and I were sitting on her bed. A small mirror she had hung lifted off the wall and floated across the room about 6 feet. My mom hung it back up and we ran to get my dad in the garden. He went up to look and turned around and said, " You could have at least hung it back up!" My mom said, "I did!" It was back on the floor. In my room, the windows used to go up and down by themselves, I would come home from school and my baby dolls would be all undressed laying on my bed. My cat would sleep with me and swat at something all the time and hiss. One night, I was asleep and my dad saw a figure shadow come up the spiral stairs. It went into my room. When he came in, I was awake and told him someone was hovering over me. No one was there. At my birthday party, all the hot dog buns disappeared. They reappeared like 3 weeks later, still in fresh condition. Other things would disappear and reappear later. (cigarettes, shoes, food).My mother's mom had died. They buried her with a silver dollar in her hand so she would never be poor again. Much later, my mom went to put her cowboy boot on and there was a silver dollar in it.
The rocking chair would rock alone. One night my cousin and I wanted to play a trick on this kid. we tied a string on the rocking chair and ran it under a rug to make it rock. We held a seance with candles. The candles were flicking and the chair rocking..little did we know, the string had come undone but the chair still rocked. The water dispenser on the refrigerator would spray people by itself when they walked by. My brother, while getting into the fridge, felt someone pushing him into it. He is a big guy too. The washer and dryer doors would be open all the time.  My Mom has seen on several occasions a man with red hair dressed in confederate cloths standing outside (we live on acreage). Friends one time asked,"who was that man out there in old war clothes?" She has also seen an older man in a suit outside. We had a psychic come one time with a crystal ball. She said she saw an old black slave with his foot cut off, a red-haired woman, and a little boy that steals sugar(athough none ever was gone). In 1990, some woman came out to sprinkle holy water around the house. My mom was trying to get a possum out of the chicken house. The lady said,"who is that man with the dog?" There was no one there. It was the older man in a suit again. My mom's friend Sue stayed for a few nights. She heard little kids laughing in the kitchen. The next morning, all the kitchen towels and things from the cabinet were all over the floor. She felt cold one night and the artificial flowers blew over then something knocked the cat off the end table. Pictures of us taken on the staircase almost always had a blurry cloud over the top. A man we heard hung himself at top of staircase. A picture we took in 1993 and 95 have very vivid orbs in lines. Taken in same spot but 2 years apart and lines are alike. My Mom and my son drove through the graveyard here in Liberty one day. My mom's car died. When they got  out to fix it, the grave by them was Kitter, which is the people's name that died in this house in a fire.
The house got hit by a tornado in 03. My parents didn't have insurance and have not been able to fix it up. It is falling in and they are still in it. The ghosts are still there as well. My Mom feels people sitting on here bed. They built a smaller new house behind it, where I am till the 1st of month. The front door of it kept being open all the time. We had to lock it. One day I was getting ready and drying my hair. No one else in house when the door shut and locked from the inside. My Mom and son hear old time music in the living room now.
Awhile back my parents came home to find my dads medicine bottles stacked up on the end table and 3 of my moms mother's things  in the middle of the floor. She had not seen them since the tornado. My mom and dad will leave and turn all the lights out upstairs and come home and they are all on.
On Feb this year, I was asleep in the new house. Something hit the window about 10 times and woke me up. No one there. I went back to sleep. I woke up and my hand was froze like someone put it in ice. I sat straight up. The place on the bed was ice cold too.
3-05 Someone ran my necklace through 3 of my rings on the dresser and into a knot. No one but me here. I heard a lady talking outside plain as day but couldn't find anyone.
Not much has happened since then. It goes in spurts. There have been write ups in paper about the house being haunted and everyone knows it is. We have never been afraid. We actually find ourselves talking to them. I believe now though, my Mom and I have the ability to tell when one is present. I can feel it and there is a certain smell. I went to an antique store in Excelsior and when I went downstairs, it took my breath away. I turned and said "someone has died here!". The lady told us that they had. They had been locked up down there and died. Anyway, I would love to start your club here in clay county. There is a lot of history and old houses here. I love the unknown and supernatural. This house has made a believer out of a lot of people.

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On Saturday July, 16 2005.  My Aunt, Mother, & I took a trip to Blood Road. We drown down the road the opposite direction of where the blood was located, turned around at the next road. Then saw the "blood", on the road. We took very close up pictures of the " blood" on the road, which looked to us to be a pinkish red paint.  We have the pictures.  We parked out in front of the home, and noticed a lot of things like children's toys, baby stroller, and other items outside.  My aunt started taking pictures of the
outside of the home, and she entered the home, along with my mother. To discover
several items left behind, like someone had got the hell out very quick. There were boxes that looked to be for the intention of packing.  There were close still hung up in closets, children's toys all over the house, stereos, TVs, mothers day items that were specifically marked for that occasion. Things that people would never leave behind, and could not normally replace. I stayed in the car to be the look out.  I am very sensitive, and intuitive, and decided not to enter the home.  I was not afraid, just my
spiritual insight told me not to enter the home.  I was sitting in my car, and was looking out the drivers side mirror, and saw a man in a flannel brown, long sleeved shirt.  He was very dirty looking.  Like he had been working in dirt.  He went around the back side of my car, and disappeared.  I could not move I was frozen, I felt like I was being held down, and a huge lump came into my throat.  I felt like someone was holding me, I could not move.  I was not scared though, just knew he was trying to tell me to leave.  I beeped the horn twice, and my aunt and mother came running out.  I also saw a car coming so 2 birds were killed with one stone.  We have pictures of the
total inside of the home.  They saw no basement door.  They said they felt fairly comfortable in the house,until they entered the back porch area, going out to  the two sheds in the back.  They stopped feeling a very high pictures of the whole house, inside, and out.  Someone left in a very big hurry.  We are tracking down the owners of that property, and going to find out if they rented it out or sold it to another family.  Hoping to find out why they left so quickly.  This property has some history.  I could feel it in my spirit.  Something was trying to tell me, something.  I asked my aunt to
take pictures of the outside windows, there is am area in one window that looks like a demon like figure.  Its head it cocked to one side, has two eyes.  But does not look human.  The "blood" on the road is paint.  You can see it better at night because it is reflective paint.  We are going to swab sample it with paint remover.  When a road is paved, according to my sources, it is paved going one direction, and the opposite direction going back. So, it is my conclusion that the paint is only seen going the
opposite way because of the different paving directions, due to the groves in the road.  It appears nothing has taken a thing from that home, due to being afraid to enter. There is in my opinion, being intuitive, that there is something in that, and around that home.  The paint is being maintained by someone whom wants to keep the legend going.  With permission from the owners we are planning to take equipment in and spend the night in the home, to further an investigation.  It is also 700 E. Marked with a cement pillar on the cross roads.  There is also a home next to blood, that has a big wooden cross in their yard, next to their barn.  That is interesting in its self.
Submitted by-
             Amber Coates

The History Behind

"The House On Church Street"

Many years ago, my dad purchased an old house that was estimated to be about 100 years old. While digging underneath the house in preparation to level it with jacks, he stumbled upon some bones. After a little thought and some dismay, he determined that the bones appeared to be in human form. He was very upset and dumbfounded by this discovery. Still in shock and disbelief, he turned the bones over to an unknown official to be tested. Later, he was told that the bones had been from the body of a Native American and that there could be more bones under the house. They believed that my dad may have discovered a Native American burial ground. At that time no one seemed concerned, as Michigan was known to have Native American burial sites state-wide. My dad did not wish to disturb the burial ground any more than he already had. He placed the bones back under the house and buried them in the same spot he had found them. He did not continue to investigate, hoping he had not disturbed any Spirits that were at rest or protecting the burial ground. It was a well known fact that many burial grounds in the state of Michigan were thought to have had curses placed on them by the Native Americans years ago for protection against intruders. While researching for my book years later, I searched for a reason for the horrifying intensity of my encounter with the supernatural. I began to collect as much data as I could find. At the local area Pinconning Library, I discovered an interesting book about the area’s Native American villages. The Arenac County historian at the time was Calvin Ennes, the author of the document titled History of Arenac County, Michigan. The document is a 200-year genealogy of the Arenac County glossary of several Native Americans. This placed several tribes somewhere within the towns of Sterling and Augres and

The city of Standish over many hundred years, although their exact location was unknown. The water shoreline at that time would have brought some of their villages into the city of Standish today.

In my research I found in a nearby library the findings of a Native American Indian camp that was located in the City Of Standish then. Had an unknown tribe Shaman among them, this is a term for an American Indian holy man, basically a spiritualist (medium), who would communicate with the spirit world for guidance. They believed that there were good and evil spirits dwelling in the spiritual realm.

This shaman was known to intercede with the spirits called "The False Faces" (they would carve an image of a distorted face from a living tree, cut a long strand of hair from the tail of a horse, and attach It to the back of the faces). They would dance around the sacred fire while wearing these wooden faces as masks to summon these spirits to come forth. When these distorted bodiless beings appeared, they would be sent to haunt and terrorize the enemy villages throughout the surrounding areas of Arenac County if they or their family members felt threatened and of course anyone else who would get in their way. Something was

un-earthed on the property of,  " The House On Church Street "

-submitted by

                 Randy Irvin

Well, here is one I can share. My friend and I who are very open to the spiritual world decided to at the spur of the moment, sneak into bachelors grove about 1:00 in the morning. It was definatly a cold day in january (the 1st to be exact) and we got geared up with layers of clothes, a quick few vodka tonics to get the nerve up, and some film. No we did not get drunk though, lol. We made a rule not to use any flashlights or to smoke while we were there. No one else was there when we arrived. 
Anyway, all the original headstones were in place as I remember them. I have gone a couple of other times where there were headstones from the 1980's and the next time I go they a gone. To my knowledge, the last recorded burial there is from the 1950's i think. So the 80's thing did throw me off the first time I saw that. anyway, back to story.
We bought flowers to leave at the cemetary when we left and said a prayer for the dead before leaving. We entered with the utmost respect and planned on leaving that way as well. I was the main communicater there and spoke almost the whole time asking them to show themselves and we only ask for our own personal research. We are not there to rudely disturb you. As we were walking around being careful not to step on stones we started to snap pictures almost constantly with some breaks inbetween.
My friends name was kris. She was able to pick up all the positive energies there and felt we were being protected by a woman walking with us. (I can only assume this woman is the famous lady sitting on the tombstone). Ofcourse, all I picked up was the negative. I felt nothing threatening, but it certainly could have gone that way if we allowed it. I mentioned before that I can sometimes hear others (clairaudiant) and was told to not shoot pictures in certain areas. As I promised upon entering to not disrespect, I obliged to that suggestion. I was also asked with the deepest voice and terribly evil sounding " what is it you want?" at that point, I almost freaked because it really scared the sh*^ out of me. But I knew if  freaked, so would everything else there. I answered the same thing as before, "just out of our own curiosty and research". I was told to shoot a picture in one certain spot. I did about 4 times and got the most unbelievable picture that I have ever seen from anyone. This one picture shows probably about 40 or 50 or so different spirits conjoined into one another including animals, indians, and evil looking faces, a well as a jesus like image. Lots of eyes too.   
I can't post because its on a disposable camera, lol. yeah, i know, a little slow with the times. But if I can ever hook up a hunt with you guys, i would gladly bring it to show.
Anyway, as we walked out I felt 2 mobsters behing us walking us out making sure we left. Kris felt them as 2 farm guys. any way, we both knew they wanted to make sure we were leaving. But we did leave the flowers, and said our prayer for them to enter the light if they so choosed to do so. That they did not have to stuck there as I have felt alot of them wanted to be.
out of 3 rolls of film, one camera mysteriously fell out of our pockets as we left and could not find it again. one roll never turned out at all, and the last we only got 4 pictures out of it. but I feel it was well worth it as its probably one of the best I have ever seen. Not just orbs either, actual spirits and one oic had a body sitting against the tree that was conjoined with it. It also looks like just a face too. 
I am so glad I never mailed these pics out to someone as I was going to before, and then lost his addy. But, it was probably one of my biggest experiences and hell, if you ask me, one of the most haunted areas in tha nation. it has to be. we had wierd things happen to us for about 2 days afterward as I feel they may have attached themselves to us for awhile. At the time this happened we were roomates living in a apt in willowbrook down the street from the country house restaurant in Clarendon Hills. our house was haunted at the time we were living there. I can't answer if it had anything to do with our trip to BG, or because so close to the haunted country house. The only thing I ever got out of the country house restaurant was a heavy smell of flowers or parfum in the womens restroom there.  
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My name is Rebecca I'm 34 yrs old and I do believe ghosts/spirits  exist. I find it interesting on the times when I am sad about a relative who's passed on and I cry about them my left arm is completely cold while my right arm is warm. 
Just recently my grandmother passed away.  No one called us to inform us of her passing so was unable to attend her funeral.  Tuesday while I was at work late afternoon my left arm grew extremely cold and I stopped typing thinking something is going to happen today.  When I got home my mom stood and announced that she just found out my grandmother had died by the town's on-line paper.
Day after they buried my grandmother my mom told me her t.v. changed on it's own and she started getting strange beeps on her answering machine.  All I can think of is it could be my grandmother since we never had any odd things happen around the house til after her death.
My question is could it be possible that it is her even if she was buried 2,000 miles away?  Every time my left arm goes completely cold and I'm talking like an ice cube cold I always tell myself someone is with me right now and I feel at peace.
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Well, here is another true story I feel comfortable sharing with all of you. I lived in Las Vegas NV for several years and I bought a 4 bedroom older mobile home on the outskirts of town. The trailer park was built on top of a landfill/city dump, that was used up until sometime in the 1960's.There were a lot of rumors that the dump was wear the old-time Mobsters used to dump their bodies. Right away I started noticing strange things about my home. (I am usually sensitive to these type of things anyways, but it was so bad, I was scared).
     First there was the doorbell that would ring by itself , then there would always be a sour rotten odor that would come and go without any source. everyone in the house heard cats that weren't there, t.TVs turned on and off, almost every night, i felt as if I was being watched by someone.
     I think the worst 2  things  that happened was
1.the time my roommate came busting in my bedroom pale, and shaking. "I don't know what happened! I was asleep and suddenly I was wide awake, but I couldn't move. It was like I was paralyzed. I couldn't breathe. I tried to scream, but it felt like someone had their hands around my neck, and was strangling me. And then suddenly it was gone."
I stared at Him in disbelief. I knew there was something in my home, but it had never hurt anyone before! I was afraid that it might try to hurt my 2 young children. "Todd's" room was the center of most of the activity in the home. There was also problems in the other bedrooms as well, after a while both my kids had to sleep in bed with me to feel safe.(and it only helped sometimes)
2. THE MOTH ATTACK- anyone ever hear the old saying of how moths represent death, and evil? Well, I am a believer in that after what happened in that same house.
One day out of the blue, there was a HUGE swarm of moths that invaded my home literally thousands of them . They came out of no where and when I asked some of my neighbors, no one else had any moth problems. They were aggressive and swooped down on our heads as if they were attacking. For everyone we swatted and killed, there seemed to just be more! We called an exterminator, but When he saw them he actually said "Holy Sh*t" I've never seen anything like in in my 15 yrs on the job. They stayed for a month and on a full moon vanished. Craziest thing I ever saw.
-Submitted by
      Jeny  Ward
This happened in Greenland, New Hampshire in December of 2004 at the house I live in right now. My ex boyfriend and I where hanging out in the family sitting room where my Uncle Bob's partner Junior's mother passed away in. I heard she was a very cold woman so knowing that she wasn't nice always kind of freaked me out about living here in HER home. Any ways, My ex and I where hugging and all the sudden the lights on the house crash into the bay window right where we where hugging so we both jumped back and looked at each other and I said "There isn't any wind, we need to see what happened" So we open the door and look out, NO WIND at all. I kid you not, Right then and there I got the chills and so did he. So we just sit down and try to think of what the hell just happened to us and then Mike, My ex goes "Ok, how about this...If there's something of the paranormal in here then the lights in the formal dining room will go off soon" so I was like "oh come on, that's not gonna happen, BUT if it does...I'm outta here!" and I laughed no less than 5 minutes later the lights in the formal dining room go off..Now these lights are on a timer to go off at midnight EVERY night, it was 11:54PM when they went off. CREEPY? YES! SO I went home with him that night, LOL.
-Submitted by
                   Danielle Peeples
My name is Barry Whiteside,and (unfortunately) my house is said to be haunted. The first thing I will tell you is about the ghosts that haunt it. The man who built the house built it for himself. He was very depressed,and in later life,he resorted to killing himself by hanging himself. The man's son,who lived in a local house in a cul de sac also killed himself the same way.
Just over a 2 years ago,I was being dropped home from a restaurant by my friend's mom. There was another boy in the car as well as me,my friend,and his mum. As I walked into my house,both of my friends saw two people in two different rooms,both rooms on top of each other. The man in the lower room matched the description of the man who built the house,and in the upper room,we assume,was the man's son. The man who built the house walked out of sight,and through a wall of the room,into the hall in which I had just entered. I did not notice him. The man in the upper room disappeared into thin air. My friend's mother came in to make sure that there were not any burglars in the house (as was the immediate theory),but there was no-one. I also once found a piece of an old newspaper stuck to my bedroom mirror when I awoke one morning. Seeing I have never had a newspaper in my room,This seemed very strange,and the fact that it wasn't there when I went to bed that night (keep in mind I did my teeth in front of it and face in when I sleep) adds to the strangeness.
-Submitted by
         Barry Whiteside
I have a story well not a story this is very true. My brother Bob died at age 39 from cancer , and we laid him to rest in July of 1989 he was 39. 
Anyway it was  a week after we had laid him too rest, that I went out my car to roll the windows up it was after dark.
I had the radio on low sitting in the car listen to music ,It was the Beatles hey Jude. And I felt a like there was something going on and I heard the dogs morn or howl real soft. And all the sudden it just felt like I was the only thing there everything was  a million miles away.I turned the radio down more it was barely on.
And I heard my brothers voice calling from me.  He was saying "Dennis help me!)" it was plain as day. He was a Christian so he went  to the right place (heaven).
I sat in the car with the door open like it was, And all the sudden It felt like he was there I could feel his presence and could have swore I seen him for a minute. He had one arm on the the roof of the car and the other on the door. Looking down on me. I sat there frozen, and finally got the courage up too go in to the apartment my wife Myra and ,myself lived in.
She looked at me and said " what is wrong with you." And I told her what had just happen. And we looked at the screen door of the apartment and there was a imprint or image of my brother on the screen of the door. And he was never at our apartment  when he was living .It was him exactly his height and body. And he wore a what I call a "Indiana Jones hat cause he lost his hair from the chemo therapy . And was there.
The funny part about it . my wife Myra scrub the screen door many times .And the image kept coming back.
The apartments we lived in were about 300 yards give or take from the cemetery and where my car was sitting.
I know this has happen, no one is going to tell me different my story has not changed one bit.In fact I do not call it a story cause it really happen.
-Submitted by
             Dennis Moore

Hello..I was the former manager of the village mall cinema in Danville Illinois, and many many times, myself, and others witnessed a ghost in theater #1. Theater #1, is in the old part of the mall building, where  as the rest of the theater is new construction. we were previewing a movie one night at about 3 am, myself and roommate, both heard someone say "excuse me sir", and I felt a tap on the shoulder..there was no one there when we turned around at the same time. Several other times, we would see a ghostly figure (woman in a wedding type of dress) walking in the theater. Another employee once asked me who was in the 'booth', no one was up there, when I asked him why..he said he saw someone walking around there in a white dress. I personally do not believe in ghosts, but on numerous occasions did see something or someone in the theater.. The theater and mall were built on old farm land...we believe there used to be a house where theater #1 was located, but don't' have any other information regarding it. Might be worth looking into.

-Submitted by George Powell

My husband and I are both "gifted" when it comes to most areas of the paranormal.  We moved from Hamilton, Ohio to SC, then we moved to NC.  We now live in High Point on one acre of land that has a vast rolling woods (with a dry stream) within thirty feet of our backdoor.  The house we live in was moved here from Greensboro, NC in the 1940s and was totally remodeled in the late 1980s.  Since moving here I have felt what seems to be a small child poking me in the leg with her finger when I sit at the computer.  Soon after getting poked secured things fall off of the kitchen counter tops, shelves, etc.  My husband told me soon after wards that we had ghosts roaming the woods.  I've not seen any myself but one night while staring into the woods I felt chills go down my spine then I heard "Go back in the house!".  I researched this area the following day through the local library on-line and found we are located where many deaths had taken place going as far back as to when the Indians lived here.  I then asked my husband what the ghosts were wearing and he told me he had seen up to twenty-four Indians, Quaker women, and Civil War soldiers at one time (all listed in my research) just walking through the woods.  Also one of our dogs is afraid of and refuses to enter the pantry which was added to this house when it was remodeled.
We had no negative problem with our surroundings until one sunny day while talking to another gifted person (I'll call Sue) on the phone.  Then as I heard someone knocking on my backdoor the house went gray inside as if it was night time.  Sue told me she could see the grayness and to not leave the room I was in.  Since nothing really scares me when it comes to these types of things I entered the hallway then got chills and felt as if my hair was standing up on my head.  I went to the kitchen door, as if drawn to it, but there was no one there and Sue told me "they" were wanting in.  As I touched the doorknob I felt sick to my stomach and got an alarming feeling.  Sue told me not to open the door and that she had to hang up immediately because she also became sick.  I backed away from the door and lit several white candles throughout the house.  Soon after wards the house was sunny inside again.  The next day I was poked in the same leg by a bigger finger and got the same alarming feeling.  My husband was in the backyard later that day looking into the room where our computers are and saw my Mother's face in the reflection of the glass on entertainment center.  Mom, who was also very gifted and had never met my husband, passed away in 1994.  While my husband was outside seeing this the sick and alarming feeling suddenly left me.  He told she was hiding a smile with her hand.  She always did that when she was up to something!  I feel Mom just "stopped by" to rid the house of whatever or whoever it was poking me in the leg and making me sick.  We haven't had anything happen inside the house since.
-Submitted by
Penni Womacks

Here's another creepy occurence I am very afraid of. Recently, my aunt went into the hospital because she's very sick. So one day, my mom and I went to Westlake Hospital to go visit her. We were in room 536 just talking when my mom asks me to go get her a pop from the vending machines. I didnt know they were in the basement. So i go to the lobby and ask where the vending machines are the lady tells me that they are in the basement downstairs in a little room. I was scared because I dont like basements or elevators. So i took the elevator again to the basment. I was scared when the door first opened. There was a flickering light. I made a left and saw a little room of vending machines. I noticed I was the only one there. I was gettin a pop for my mom when I saw a hand move on the opposite wall of me. There were mirrors that covered half of the wall on the opposite side of the room. So me being 14, I was scared. I looked in the mirror and saw no one. Then from the corner of my eye I saw a man sitting with his back to me shaking his leg. He was wearing all black. But in the mirror I couldnt see his reflection. I was so scared. I got the pop and ran to the elevator. When I got back to the 5th floor I told my mom i was really scared. My aunt told me, "I heard a guy talking and he had said 'You'll never catch me going to the basement the morgue's down there!'". I was in shock. My mouth dropped. I told my mom that i was just down there. They were laughing but my face turned pale...

Submitted by

       ---Felicia Masas, Chicago ILL               

Me and my best friend have been close for a long time. Around 3 or 4 years. Since we met each other strange things have been happening... occurences in her house and in mine. Usually, it only happens when we're talking to each other or we're at one anothers house. A few months ago, November 29, 2004 my grandpa died in his room. One night when my best friend was sleeping over we would hear his slippers walk across the kitchen the way it used to when he was alive. Then open the microwave door (to put his coffee in). My best friend, karina got so spooked she got in bed with me. The footsteps seemed to be getting closer.. we were so scared. At that moment, i heard my mom just get out of bed so i opened the door. Everything was off and the footsteps passed. But since then, me and karina are afraid at night. Just yesterday, when she was over, we were listening to a song of ours. We're only 14 so we're listening to Pitbull. Out of nowhere we here "shhhh" she looked at me and said ,"did u hear that?" i said "yea" so we ignored it and then it happened again we're so afraid in my house the weird thing is.. it was a girls voice???

Submitted by

       ---Felicia Masas, Chicago ILL


     Well, as strange as it may seem, when I was a little girl,I used to play with ghost children.One was a little girl that would only meet me at the cemetery in Ladd IL. She said that the cemetery was the only place she could play, and I was her only friend.Other than that, she did not talk too much.She always wore the same white dress when I saw her. We would play hide and seek, Barbie's etc. all at the cemetery.She always seemed very pale and white, and never touched me. And I never saw her walk up to me or come from somewhere, she just was always "suddenly" behind me.I don't even know her name.But for a good year she always showed up when I went to play there. I was a strange child who loved to play in the cemetery(don't ask why, I just always felt comfortable there) I was about 6 or 7 when this was going on. then one day she was just gone. I never knew what happened to her, and I haven't found a grave that I thought may be hers.And I always wonder why she left.This was back around 1984-85? anyways, I think about her often.And am saddened that I never got to say goodbye to her. She was not the only ghost I played with as a child, but I have a lot of emotion involved when I think about her.

-Jeny Ward

Just a funny little story of mine...

Before I moved to sweet little Metamora, I lived in an older area of Peoria. I am originally from Morris so I was very active in doing independent paranormal stuff with my brother. When I lived in Peoria, my husband and I lived in this old house that we had only heard stories about. We had lived there for about 3 months and things started happening. It was just little things like... the tv
turning itself on and off or changing channels, or the basement light turning on, or stuff being somewhere other than where we set
it. My husband ( a skeptic at first) always said "maybe it was just a glich in the tv or electrical" or "we just thought that was where
we set the stuff". Of course, I knew otherwise. Boy was shocked when he WATCHED the hot water knob in the shower TURN itself off and he was blasted with ice cold water... TRUE STORY.... Boy can ghosts be funny when they want to be.




                                                                          JOANNE PELTON

Terrifying events lead to a horrible secret

Like many young couples with a new baby, Sheri and her husband just wanted a nice home for their growing family. They thought they found it... until a series of terrifying events drove them away and they learned of the building’s horrible secret. This is Sheri’s story.

In July, 2001, four months after the birth of our son, my husband and I decided it was time for a bigger apartment. Through an Internet search, we found some apartments to look at, but when we got to the building, there no one was in the office.

As we were leaving, we noticed there was a duplex across the street for rent. We pulled into the driveway to check it out. As it turned out, it was perfect for our little family – exactly what we were looking for. This was in Richardson, Texas, not far from Dallas. We planned our move for September.

The Voices

Before we had even moved all of our stuff in, I noticed strange things happening, but I always tried to explain them away. The first incident was the day we received the keys. My husband was at work so I went over to the duplex with my son in tow to clean the place before we started moving everything over.

I put a blanket down for my son in his room and lay him there with some toys to keep him busy while I cleaned. I vacuumed the living room and then went to check on my son. He had fallen asleep, so I cleaned the kitchen. I noticed there were all kinds of dishes in the cupboards; I just figured the previous tenants had forgotten them, so I put them aside so we could give them to the owner. Then I went back to the bedroom and saw that my son was still sleeping soundly and figured I had just enough time to clean the bathroom before he woke up for a bottle.

While I was cleaning the bathroom, I could hear muffled voices, as if two people were having a conversation somewhere in the house. I checked our bedroom, my son’s room, the living and dining room, but of course my son and I were the only ones there.

I just figured it must have been the people next door. Just then my son woke up, so I gathered up our things and we went home. Little did I know that stranger things were in store for us.

The Toys

We got moved and settled into the house and nothing else happened until after my son's first birthday. My husband and I were in bed, and my son was in his crib in his room. I had the baby monitor on and I heard my son moving around like he was about to wake up. I sat up and listened, and sure enough he woke up screaming like he had had a nightmare.

I went to his crib and tried to comfort him. I tried everything, but he would not stop crying. I took him into our living room to rock him back to sleep. A few minutes later, my husband came out into the hallway and asked what I was doing. I told him I was trying to get the baby back to sleep and he said, "Playing with his toys is not going to put him to sleep." I asked my husband what the heck he was talking about. "You left the monitor on and I keep hearing all the toys go off," he said.

We both went into our son’s room to find the toy that my husband was hearing, but to our surprise every single toy was in the off position. We turned to go out of the room and my husband turned off the light. At the exact moment that the light cut off, three of my son’s toys switched on – lights flashing and music playing. My husband quickly hit the light switch again, and as soon as the light came on, all was silent.

He went back and checked all the toys again. The switches were all still in the off position. We were pretty freaked out, so we left the light on in our son’s room and went to our bedroom.

The Crucifix and More

After that night, our dogs would stand in the hallway and bark into my son’s room, yet they would never go in it. Even if I stood in the room with their box of treats, they would just sit in the doorway and stare at me.

Other little things happened every now and then. The miniblinds on the windows would bend down as if someone were looking out them. Dark shadows moved across my son’s room when there were no lights that would cause such shadows. Objects would inexplicably fly off the shelf in the hall closet. We would hear scratching noises that sounded like they were coming from the inside of the water heater, which was in a hallway closet.

This all became so disturbing that I decided to hang a crucifix on my son’s wall. Every morning when I would go in there, the crucifix was turned around with the outside of the cross facing the wall.

Then one night my son fell asleep early, so I was lying in bed watching my husband play a computer game. We had the monitor on in case our son woke up. I fell asleep but not long after woke up to my son moving around, whimpering like he was about to cry.

I started to get up, but my husband said, "No, stay there, see if he goes back to sleep."

So I lay back down, and sure enough my son went back to sleep and slept through the night. The next morning I asked my husband why he told me not to get our son and how he knew he would go back to sleep. He said, "If I tell you this, you can’t get freaked out."

What He Heard

"If I tell you this, you can’t get freaked out," he said.

I said okay. "Right before the baby woke up,” my husband told me, “I heard a voice whisper on the monitor, ‘Go ahead!’"

Well, even though I promised my husband I wouldn’t let it freak me out, I did get scared, and from then on our son slept in bed with us.

After that incident, my husband and I each had eerie experiences at night. We would be awakened from sleep by someone whispering in our ears.

At this point, we wanted badly to move, but couldn’t break our lease. Then things started getting worse.

The Smell and the Cracks

We began to smell a rotten odor throughout the whole house. At first I thought it was something in the trash, but the smell only got worse when my husband took it out of the house.  Then we thought perhaps it was the garbage disposal, so I poured bleach down it. That didn’t make the smell go away either. It almost smelled like an animal or something had died and was rotting. We complained about it to the owner, so he had someone check out the attic. They couldn’t find anything. We cleaned the entire house top to bottom and started using air freshening plug-ins to cover the smell. Nothing ever made it completely go away. Remember, this building was a duplex, and the odd part was that no one could smell anything in the adjacent house.

Then we suddenly started noticing cracks appearing in the walls over doorways. The owner had someone come check out the foundation, and as usual the guys could find nothing wrong with it; they had no explanation for the cracks. Also, no cracks appeared in the walls of the adjacent house.

The Truth About the House

We were finally coming up on the last month on our lease and I was very much looking forward to moving. I broke the news to the next door neighbor that we were moving and she asked why we weren’t renewing our lease.

"You are going to think I am crazy," I said, then told her all about the strange things that had been happening to us.

She didn’t say a word when I was done with my story. "I knew you weren’t going to believe me," I said, and turned to go inside.

She stopped me and said, "I’m not supposed to tell you this, but someone was killed in there."

I was a little surprised to hear this, but found out from her that three years before my husband and I rented the place, a teacher lived there with her male roommate. One night the roommate got into an argument with the woman, strangled her and then committed suicide.

The owner cleaned the place up, but couldn’t rent it because every time he had told people what had happened in there, no one wanted it, which was his excuse for not mentioning it to us.

What was in that apartment? I believe that the spirit there was a good one as I never felt like I was in danger, only a bit scared or freaked out by it all. I think maybe the spirit was just trying to communicate in some way. My husband thinks that she was trying to play with our son as the toys always went off by themselves, whether or not their switches were turned on.


In batavia illinois, there is a house on the corner of washington and logan street that has been insanely haunted for some time now.  i am one of the old owners, so i can attest. at night, you could hear a baby crying in the basement. you always heard someone walking around the house, and several times when i was rounding corners, something ran by. doors opened and closed, things were moved, when people came over, we would all of a sudden hear a music box very loudly and cleary, yet no one in my home owned one. lights turned on and off, it always sounded like someone was mumbling or chanting something, this was heard  on several occasions by myself and others. the ironic part? my old house was two houses down from the batavia cemetery

I  just thought I'd share.I just thought I'd share. When I was 16 years of age, I caught a viral infection that went to my brain.   Here's a little history first.   I had been feeling sick for a few days but I figured it was lack of sleep, poor eating habits, just plain running around.  Well that night I had gone to sleep right after watching The Deep.  My room was in the basement and my parents room was right above mine.  A couple hours later I started hallocinating that  I was forcibly given shots of drugs (in real life I've always been scared of needles), so I screamed NO!   My Dad (whose bedroom was right above mine)  Heard me screaming, as he lay there, 2 cold hands pushed him in the small of his back, right out of bed  and pushed him all the way downstairs to my
bedroom, where he found me walking around and saying no over and over.  I know if he would'nt have found me when he did, I would have been dead in the morning.

-submitted by LeeAnn

Girl Says Bones Belong to Ghost

By Melanie Bennett

A Russell County fifth-grader is convinced bones found in her home last weekend belong to a mysterious friend who told her about being chopped up years ago.

Investigators have few clues about how and when the bones got inside insulation under the living room floor of the mobile home on Jowers Road, near East Alabama Motor Speedway.

The 10-year-old, Stephanie Ogden, and her family have lived in the home since 1998. Her great-grandparents, John and Marion Stewart, own the home.

The bones were found Saturday as the Ogdens, who are renovating the home, pulled up boards in the living room floor. Russell County Sheriff's Lt. Heath Taylor said an initial analysis shows the bones are from the pelvis and leg of a child at least 10 years old, and the child has been dead at least 10 years.

Another bone was found Sunday, Marion Stewart said. The area where the bones were found had duct tape over the insulation, Stewart said.

"There's an odor there that doesn't belong," Stewart said.

The bones probably don't have enough marrow to do DNA tests, Taylor said. Because the trailer has been moved several times between Georgia and Alabama, investigators now are faced with the daunting task of trying to track down missing children from a wide area in two states.

Taylor said gnaw marks on the bones may indicate a rodent placed them inside the insulation. Dirt and plant material on the bones indicate they were outside at one time, Taylor said.

Stephanie said a black girl in a white dress started visiting her room when she was about 5 years old. The girl was friendly, but she told Stephanie a horrible story.

"She told me that somebody put her in the floor," Stephanie said. "She said he had a mask on, and that he chopped her up. She didn't know who the person was, because he had a mask on."

Stephanie, a fifth-grader at Dixie Elementary School, now thinks that the bones that were found in her home belong to her playmate.

"It's possible because that girl was a ghost," Stephanie said Monday. "Nobody knows about them."

Marion Stewart said Stephanie used to tell her family about the visitor, but the adults always dismissed the stories as being an imaginative child's fabrication based partly on horror movies. Stewart said Stephanie used to always ask for two glasses of soda when she would play outside -- one glass for her and one for her friend.

Stewart said the weekend's grisly discoveries have convinced her that her great-granddaughter's playmate is actually a tormented soul seeking peace.

"I'm not a psychic, and I don't believe in some of that stuff," Stewart said. "But I believe this is a soul who has not been put to rest."

Taylor said detectives can't base their work on ghost stories.

"Do you have any idea how hard it is to investigate a ghost?" he said Monday.

Investigators are looking through databases of missing children to find any links to the trailer's location, but Taylor doesn't hold out much hope of solving the case.

"It's just one of those cases where there's just not a lot to go on," he said.

-submitted by Dan Jungles (
Brown Mountain Lights

     In the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina there are mysterious lights that have been described as a group of candle bearing ghosts that march back and forth across the ridge of Brown Mountain. These lights were discovered in 1771. It was first thought that the mountain was emitting nitrous vapors into the air.

     The frontiersmen thought that the lights were spirits of Catawba and Cherokee Indians that were killed in an ancient battle on the mountain.But one thing for sure these lights do exist.
These particular lights have been researched by the U.S. Geological Survey and have been reported many times in area newspapers.These lights appear at irregular intervals over Brown Mountain These lights move erratically up and down, visible at a distance but then vanishes if someone tries to approach them.
At first they seem to be about twice the size of a star as they rise over the mountain. Once in awhile they seem to have a reddish or blue aura around them, and on dark nights they may rise so thick and so very rapidly it is impossible to count all of them. When the lights were first investigated the conclusion was reached that the lights were caused by locomotives headlights located in the Catawba Valley south south of the mountain. But in 1916 there was terrible flood which washed away the bridges for the trains. It took many weeks to repair the bridges where the trains could enter the valley again. Roads and power lines were down but the lights still rose over the mountain so it seemed apparent that these lights were not coming from the trains or car lights The story reports sightings of these light seven in the days before the civil war.
Other stories about these lights are that they are UFOs  and that this remote area is a meeting place for them.
If you would like to see these lights it is best done on a clear night in early fall. Come and see them and see what you think they might be!
-submitted by Trudy Causey (

     This may be nothing, but it was quite unusual. My Grandmother, whom I was rather close to, died about 3 or 4 years ago. I don't know how long after her death it was, but I was watching a talk show in my parent's
bedroom. It was one of the more reputable talk shows. It was a sunny day out, so I didn't have the overhead light or any other lamps or lights on. And strangely enough, the guest was John Edwards, the guy who talks
to ghosts. I was watching, and all of the sudden, the overhead light flashed on. And it was just the one. No others came on. It didn't strike me as unusual the first time. I mean, who hasn't had their lights
flicker and such? It's a common occurrence. Even if it isn't storming out. Power surges are a fact of life.
Anyway, while watching the show I started thinking about my recently deceased Grandmother and wondering if she was watching over me. That's when the light flashed on and off. I didn't think much of it, till
closer to the end of the show when it happened again. It was the exact same thing. Just the overhead light and no others. I stared up at the light in anticipation. But nothing else happened. I've never had any
kind of supernatural experiences before, so this could've been pure coincidence. Or was my Grandmother trying to send me a message from beyond to let me know that she knew I was thinking about her? I don't know, but I do believe in angels and I wouldn't be at all surprised if she were watching over me.

-submitted by AmanadaTerwil  (



There was a beautiful young girl and her family was from France, and Blackbeard wanted her for himself.The notorius pirate of the Carolina's with the dark beard, who terrorized the eastern coast and the Caribbean from his ship The Queen Anne's Revenge.Blackbeard worked very hard to maintain his image as a ladies man and a blood thirsty pirate.The story is that he reportedly had at least two dozen wives in several ports.
Blackbeard took his newest sweetheart to the Hammock house for a romantic get-away in the early1700's planning on having his way with the young lass.But the young beauty with her feisty ways had no plans on becoming one of Blackbeards conquests.
The young woman screamed and cried and fought off Blackbeard who became tired of her struggles. The legend goes that on the night of a full moon he hung her from a live oak tree in the yard of Hammock House, and left her there in search of easier booty.
Even now when the moon is full, you can hear the young beauty screaming, but some say it is just the wind howling in off the ocean.
According to legend Blackbeards bride is one of many people who never left Hammock House.There was also a gentleman who was pushed to his death by a slave. There is also the unfaithful wife the handsome young Lt. and 3 yankee soldiers.
These spirits reportedly remained behind at Hammock House, sharing the home with it's current owner's. The Cloutier family loves the legends that surround their 300 year old home.
The family comfortably lives with the supernatural happenings that takes place on the property. The house is full of odd sounds, eerie feelings and very strange vibes and many secrets.When the Queen Anne's Revenge was found it gave this story creedence, the wreck was discovered about 10 miles out, off Fort Macon. There are many other ghostly stories associated with Hammock House.
There is a dark stain in the wood flooring on the 2nd floor landing. The stain resembles a dried pool of blood.This is the spot where a person was murdered when they were pushed down the stairs in anger . The story from the family records of Richard Russell Jr.
Richard had returned home from a long sea voyage to Beaufort in 1747 and took a slave to the attic to punish him. The slave fought back pushing Russell away. Russell fell down the stairs to his death and the slave fled Beaufort.
Another story from Hammock House is about a young woman met her lover for a tryst on the third floor. Her  husband came in and found her in the arms of the other man. The enraged husband grabbed his wife and threw her down the stairs where she died in a pool of her blood. A psychic has been to the house and has seen the spirit of the young woman.
At one point during the civil war the Union troops took over Hammock House when they couldn't find hospitable accomodations in the southern town.Not long after the Union troops took over the house 3 Yankee soldiers were looking for a place to stay and headed for Hammock House.and they were never seen again.During the renovations of the Back porch in 1915, the workers found the remains of the 3 yankee's. Their belt buckles and buttons from their uniforms were there.
During the more recent renovations a human shoulder blade was found in the backyard. One, of the workers said "well, so that's what happened to those yankee's."
Another tale of Hammock House goes that a young sea captain named Madison  Brothers was once an owner of the house. He was an excellent seaman a good head for business . But his uncontrollable temper earned him the name of Captain Mad. He fell in love with a beautiful lady from Baltimore, Samantha Ashby who agreed to marry him at Hammock House. She and her bridesmaids and their chaperone's traveled by stagecoach, while Capt. Mad went by sea, he encountered bad weather and was a day late arriving at his home.
When Capt. Mad finally arrived in Beaufort he could see the house a blaze with party light's and could see some of the guest on the veranda. He dropped anchor and paddled ashore rushing to the front door and up the stairs to greet his bride-to-be and friends.
What he saw as he topped the staircase infuriated him. He saw his bride-to-be in the arms of another man.
Capt. Mad flew into a rage. He drew his sword and ran it through the young Lt. killing him.
His bride-to-be screamed, "That's My brother." The Lts. ghost can still be seen and felt at Hammock House.
-submitted by Trudy Causey (
Haunting grounds
Stories of flickering lights, specters may raise eyebrows, hairs

By Capt. Ben Frankenfield
1st Fighter Wing Plans and Programs

Is the 1st Contracting Squadron building, building 90, haunted? The building is littered with stories of odd occurrences; lights turning off and on when no one is in the building, the smell of bacon and eggs cooking with no way to cook food, cold spots, foreboding feelings, and doors opening and closing by themselves.

The building itself is old, a prerequisite for haunted buildings. Built in 1904, it was formerly a part of a teaching farm for the Hampton Normal and Agriculture Institute (now Hampton University). Students lived in the four-story building and walked to the barn (now the Airman’s Attic) for their studies. The building replaced a group of farm houses that burnt to the ground in the late 1890s.

“Being in the building alone is creepy,” said Ken Mooris, 1st CONS.

“You sense that someone is watching or following you,” said Senior Airman Steve Fennell, a 1st CONS contract specialist. “If I get here early in the morning I make sure I turn on every light.”

Some “occurrences” are more disturbing than others, usually occurring at night and near the back door of the building or in the basement.

“Some people are afraid to come in at night,” said Staff Sgt. Mike Lovano, 1st CONS contract specialist.
Although Lovano said he’s not a believer in ghosts, he’s had something happen to him in the Contracting building that makes him think otherwise.

Lovano started his ghost story with, “It was late at night.”

“Staff Sgt. Harley and I were the only ones in the building finishing up some work.”

On their way out, Lovano and Harley used the first story stairs towards the back door.
When Lovano got to the back door and pushed it open, something pushed back, closing it.
It may been the wind. Or it may have been because it’s a heavy, metal door.

Whatever it was, it made Lovano want to get away fast.

“He (Lovano) screamed and ran back up the steps,” said Staff Sgt. Devin Harley, 1st CONS contracting specialist.
Lovano said he doesn’t know what it was, but will still use that back door.

Rex Mount, 1st CONS contract specialist, after working at Langley for three years, refuses to go in the basement.
In 1987, Mount had a tour of duty here for two weeks with a team to installing a computer system in the building.
“It was late at night, maybe around 1 a.m.,” Mount started.

Mount and another member of his team were on the second floor, Staff Sgt. Darlene Cottman, who later retired from 1 CONS, was on the first floor.

“We heard screams coming from the 1st floor,” said Mount.

They ran down the stairs to see Cottman screaming.

“What’s wrong?!”

“There’s moaning coming from the basement!,” said Cottman.

The door to the basement has a window with a view down the steps. The team could see lights in the basement were flashing on and off.

Mount said he heard the moaning, some moans louder than others.

“Let’s get out of here,” the team agreed.

Mount and his team turned off the computers they were working on and left the building.

“It took us about two minutes,” said Mount. “The lights weren’t flashing anymore, but we could still hear the moaning.”
“I get chills when I go by that basement door,” said Mount.

Poltergeists, ghosts that cause mischief, have been present for as long as anyone can remember.

But occurrences were once much more common then they are today, said Terri Tew, 1st CONS contracting specialist. She’s the only person left in the 1st CONS building that was present during a séance that happened in the early 1980s.

A psychic, the wife of a commander, upon hearing about stories of the 1st CONS building, visited the building and held two séances. The first séance was on a Friday night during an office party.

“There were maybe 30-40 people there,” said Tew. “Only a few of us took it seriously. Everyone else was moving about, slamming doors, snoring or doing their own thing.”

The séance didn’t last long, but the psychic felt strong feelings from the basement and the top floor. She also related the story of Emily, a European teenage indentured servant, who was the caretaker of an infant named Natalie.

There was a fire cause by lightening, Tew explained. Emily ran out of the building only to realize that Natalie was still inside. Emily attempted a rescue but perished in the fire with Natalie.

The first séance didn’t work as well as the psychic had hoped.

“I got a call the next night from our deputy commander,” said Tew. “He explained that the psychic called him and said that the spirits were disturbed, and that if we don’t calm them, someone could get hurt.”

Another séance was held Sunday with a group of six people including Tew.

“Emily wanted to set the record straight,” said Tew. “Up until the séance, everyone was referring to the ghost as Natalie. But Natalie had passed on. Emily was still going about her daily routines, which is why the doors would open and close. She was still searching the house for her.”

The psychic told Emily that Natalie went onto a higher plane, and that she should go too, said Tew.

The psychic also explained that there were other ghosts inhabiting the building, said Tew. One ghost, the psychic called “the crotchety old man,” dressed in what looked like a Civil War-era Confederate soldier uniform with a gray jacket and gray pants, relayed through the psychic that he wasn’t going to leave anytime soon. He was born there, grew up there, died there, and didn’t want anything to do with the people currently residing in the building.

“People have heard his footsteps and his keys rattling,” said Tew. “It’s certainly possible that there are other ghosts here.”
-submitted by Dan Jungles (
This story ran in the Langley Air Force Base Flyer Online in Hampton,Va on October 31,2003
     Pawley's Island also has another famous ghost.He is known as The Gray Man . His appearance means that there is immanent danger coming to the island from severe storms.If you should see him anytime that you visit the area from Myrtle Beach sth. you best be prepared to leave the area and you will do well to heed his warning.Gray Man has walked the strand since 1822, that was the first time he had been seen and that was the year a huge tidal wave struck the area and killed hundreds of people living there.Gray Man is be most likely seen during the months of Sept. and Oct. when the worst hurricanes are likely to come ashore in SC.The story of the Gray Man was renewed in 1954 when Hazel came ashore and killed so many people and destroying property all up and down the eastern seaboard.That fall when Hazel came ashore October 15th 1954 a young man and his family were on vacation at the time when Mr. Collins saw a man all dressed in gray walking down the beach that afternoon and as he watched the man became harder and harder to see until he completely vanished as he approached Mr. Collins standing on a walkway over top of the dunes.When the young family heard of the approaching hurricane they decided to leave and go inland. In a couple of days they decided to return to their vacation home knowing that it would be gone. But to their surprise it was still there along with their tv antenna still mounted to the house all of their beach towels were still hanging on the porch railings. So anytime you are on the strand and you are lucky enough to see the Gray Man it usually means that your home and property will be spared.
-submitted by Trudy Causey 

    At Pawley's Island SC there lived a beautiful young girl who attended a school for young women in Charleston. Her family were having their yearly Christmas Ball and it was always the biggest most elaborate party given by the family each year to try and out do the other wealthy families of Pawley's Island. Alice was dressed in a beautiful white ball gown that night and the guest not knowing that the next time they would see her in it would be in her casket.A few days after the party Alice returned to school in Charleston and a few months later she became very ill and since it was nearing the end of the school year the Mistress of the school sent Alice home early. By the time Alice had reached here beloved home she had worsen and died a few days later from malaria.After her death as Alice lay on her bed her brother discovered an engagement ring around her neck. Alice had become engaged to a young man without her families knowledge because they thought that he wasn't good enough for Alice. Her brother took the ring and threw it into the ocean at Pawley's Island.

Alice was laid to rest in All Saint's Episcopal Church in Litchfield just a few miles North of Pawley's Island. The legend has it that if you walk around Alice's grave in a circle and call out her name you will feel her tug at the ring on your hand,they say that she is still looking for her ring today.
-submitted by Trudy Causey 

     Hi I've been reading these stories and i find them very fascinating, ever since i can remember I've always been very interested in the paranormal, even though I've never experienced anything first hand I have a story that I think you would be interested in. It happened to a friend of mine when her and a friend of her's had an apartment. When they first moved in nothing happened, but later on they started to hear something in the kitchen as if someone were in there making dinner or something, they heard this everyday morning, afternoon, and night, as if breakfast lunch and dinner were being made, but every time they would go in there nothing would be moved. Then on another occasion my friend was in the bathroom getting ready for work and her roommate was still asleep, well she went to grab for the phone to take it with here when she was walking about of the bathroom and a womens voice said "Excuse Me" that startled her a bit but she thought it was her roommate, but when she looked around she saw no one her roommate was sound asleep still in her room. Another time they had their boyfriends over and they were sitting in the dinning room talking and all of a sudden the TV came on, so one of the girls got up and turned it off no thinking of it, then a couple minutes later the stereo, once again they turned it off chalking it up to electrical problem, the everything came on full blast and they turned it off and unplugged it, by this time they were all kinda starting to wonder and the guys were getting kind of scared, so they resumed what they were doing and a couple minutes later the stereo and TV came back on again, my friend shes never seen two guys run so fast in her life!! Well when my friend her roommate went to go check it out the TVand stereo were on and they were still unplugged!!!! And the last experience they had was when my friends roommate was sick and laying on the couch on night alone in the apartment and the way they had they're apartment set up the couch was sitting right next to the hallway that leads to the bedrooms and bathroom, well the way she was laying the hallway was behind her..she was watching TV and felt like some one was behind her she turned around and there was this lady in a white dress just standing there she freaked out and ran to the neighbors apartment..needless to say they got out of their lease and moved out..well i just thought you'd enjoy this its a true story have fun......

-submitted by Jim Jordan

     At the Old Alexandria National Cemetery there is a story of a creature that roams the cemetery and breaks into the old above ground vaults. I have seen the tracks of the creature around the tombs in the winter in the snow, they are about 10 or 11 inches wide and about 12 to 14 inches long and the weight of the creature caused the prints to go clear to the bottom of the snow so you were able to see the ground.One confederate soldiers tomb the door which was made of cast iron had been completely ripped from the hinges and had been entered. The casket itself had been sealed in concrete and had metal strap bands around it and it had been moved and was sitting sideways inside the vault.I have seen this myself but it was never figured out what this creature could have been.Before I saw that I would walk around the cemetery at night by myself, but after seeing that I never went back in there at night anymore.
     In that same cemetery there is a ghost of a man that has been seen running through the cemetery during the day and at night. This man was a friend of my family and his wife had worked 15 years with my mother. This couple had gotten into a terrible arguement one evning and he shot and killed his wife, he ran from the police to the cemetery and sat up against a headstone and shot himself in the head. Still to this day you can see the bloodstains on the headstone and he is still seen running in the cemetery.
-submitted by Trudy Causey
    In Va. in old town Alexandria down on the waterfront during the civil war there was a saloon that the soldiers would take a break from standing guard down on the Potomac river and would spend their leisure time having a few drinks and some would join in a game of poker.One evening the stakes at the poker game had become a bit high since these soldiers had received their pay that day. It seems that 2 of the soldiers had gotten into an arguement and one was accused of cheating.The arguement got out of hand and one soldier drew a sword and decapitated the other.
     Now on warm summer evenings when it becomes to hot to sleep people would go out and sit on their front steps where the breeze was blowing in off the river and it was cooler outside than it is trying to sleep and one of these people happened to be my mother who was only 17 at the time went out to sit on the front steps of her parents home and while she was sitting there she heard a noise like a horse approaching from the river front. As she sat there the noise kept getting closer and in a few minutes she started to see the figure of a white horse coming up under the street light that was directly across the street in front of her. As the horse appeared under the street light my mother noticed that there was a man in uniform sitting on the horse and when the horse was directly under the light she could see that the man on the horse had no head. As she stood up to run into the house the headless apparition and the horse disappeared.
-submitted by Trudy Causey