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Haunted Seaview Hotel in Galloway, NJ

     I just read an account of paranormal activity on this site, and I think I experienced something at the Seaview Hotel in Galloway, NJ , too.  My husband and I just stayed there for 3 nights. On the second day, he also experienced headaches, and I had trouble sleeping, which doesn't prove anything. 

     However, after we went to sleep that night, the TV came on by itself full blast at 5:55 in the morning.  The remote was on the nightstand untouched.  I had thought that perhaps we had inadvertently set an alarm, but it didn't happen the night before or the night after, and we never disabled an alarm to stop it.

     Then, the next night, I kept getting awakened by especially vivid dreams in which a very angry woman with short, dark hair and no face was standing over me and -- and I know this sounds bizarre -- trying to suck the life out of me.  I can't think of any other way to express it.  I believe here was also a man there with her. And I know that this was a dream, but I've had other experiences with communicating with spirits/ psychic dreams before, and this felt like one of those.

     On my last morning there, I was alone in the room and trying to work, when I heard a distinct single breath close to me.  This happened two more times after that.  It could have possibly been the heating system, but given the other unnerving experiences, I'm just not sure.

     We were in room 456, which, according to the girls at the front desk, isn't an area people have reported paranormal experiences in much before, though she did say that they had recently had a Halloween event upstairs that they thought may have stirred up some activity.  They said people usually reported experiences in the older part of the hotel.

     I'd like to know if anyone else has had experiences at the Seaview.

Symerton, Illinois Ghost

     My family and I lived with my aunt for some time in Symerton, Illinois. When you first enter Symerton you will see a house just past a field. This house once was a school house now turned into to homes. But I tell you this place is haunted. My Cousin and I witnessed it first hand. We heard rumbling coming from downstairs and went to check to see what it was. In the kitchen forks, spoons and knives were laid out. Plates and cups too. Water was running and all cabinets were open. So we shut them, and put everything away. Turned the water off and went back upstairs. Not even 2 minutes later we again heard shuffling, ran back downstairs to check, thinking that maybe my Aunt and Uncle was pulling a fast one on us. Again the water was running, cabinets opened, and everything laid out. In not even 2 minutes. If you want a good investigation, get permission and I swear you will have captured something. This place i feel is haunted from teachers and students from the past.

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Forrest, Illinois Ghost

     I have my own ghosts in my 1911 Victorian Home in Forrest, Il. south of Dwight. I also have men stomping around at night, someone going up and down my staircase, children running up and down my foyer, my dog will not go in my basement and he also barks at nothing. I too have had children gates moved. They were on our bedroom door to stop my dog from barking in my sunroom all night long. My husband found my cell phone on the foot of my bed, it was on the night stand when I went to bed. I've had shelves sound like they crashed on the floor, when checked, there was nothing wrong. The spirits are great at mimicking. They mimic me to wake my mom up in my voice to go to work . I told her after 3 xs of that to open her bedroom door, go to the railing and look over. If I'm not there, go back to bed, because I didn't call her, or knock on her door either. I am a Hair Stylist and I had purchased a new set if mini clippers for trimming and I set them on my hair station at my home. I went to use them the next day and they were gone. That was last year and I haven't been able to find them to this day. Also, my mom sleeps upstairs and keeps her bedroom door shut so I got tired of yelling up the stairs for her so I bought a set of 2 way walkie talkies, well about 2 weeks , they also disappeared , never to be found either. They mimicked my dog barking in the sunroom, but, he actually was asleep at the foot of my bed by my feet. Monday, Jan. 17th I was awakened by a shock ,vibrate or a zap of a shock by something that felt like a little shock THAT SCARED ME. I have a friend who is a medium and she has been to my house 2xs and is coming again for me.I think and she agrees there may be one or more portholes in my house because I keep getting new ghosts. You get to know your ghost actions and noise same as your children’s.. I keep getting new ones. Maybe she might be interested She has pointed out spirits in my house and we were able to get good pictures. I also have a picture I took in my yard of a spirit that was standing in front of my camera lense but didn't see it till I printed it out. That was my very first realization I had ghosts.

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Haunted In Salem

     First off left me preface this by saying I have had many paranormal experiences dating back to when I was a child growing up in California.  After I retired as an investigator for the city of Los Angeles, I moved to Illinois; first to the suburbs of Chicago, then, finally, to Salem Illinois where I currently reside. 
      My wife and I both have always loved the beauty of Victorian homes and when we found  our current home in Salem, we immediately purchased it and moved in.  The home, which was built in 1901 and completed in 1903 had been a foreclosure and vacant for over two years and at one time during that period had been vandalized.  Salem is my wife's home town so she knew many of the people that still lived there.  After we purchased the home, we were having the locks changed and the locksmith told us this story.
     He had been called by the bank to resecure the home after it had been vandalized;  As he inspected the home he found that the vandals had damaged much of the interior by force and by throwing paint over the stairways and carpets throughout the home including the parquet flooring.  In the dining room he found a large puddle  of white paint in the middle of the floor. In the middle of the paint puddle; as if someone had taken their finger and written a message by clearing away the paint was this meesage.  "Get out of my house".  but it was what he said that sent a chill up my spine.  "There was no way anyone could write that message without distrubing the paint around it yet there was no other smudges of any kind around the message. 
     After we moved in we started to experience footsteps and doors opening and closing at night and sometimes waking to see faint apparations walking ipast then disappearing into thin air.  Occasionally we would wake on Sunday morning to the smell of bacon cooking only to find no one in the kitchen or find footprints on mirrors or windows. Voices coming from another room as if someone was having a party or someone practicing a saxophone. 
     Once, on a saturday morning I stood in the kitchen drinking coffee, I could hear someone walking up the back steps.  I waited for a knock on the door but none ever came.  I checked outside and found no one in the area.  I returned to drinking my coffee and again, I heard these footsteps coming up the back stairway; again no knock nor was there anyone in the area.  Puzzled but not concerned I continued drinking my coffee.  From my position I could clearly see my wife and kids sitting in the dining room and knew no one else was in the home.  I called my wife into the kitchen to tell her what was going on and before I could explain, we both heard the footsteps coming up the back stairway, but this time we could plainly hear these footsteps walk through the kitchen and up the backstair way, then into the room directly above the kitchen .  We heard the door slam loudly and footsteps stomping so hard that the windows in the litchen began rattling then all was quiet. I went upstairs and checked the room and it was empty.  This room is always the coldest and never seems to warm even in summer.
     I have been alone in the house and could clearly hear children playing on the third floor or someone walking or doors opening or closing on the second floor.  occasionally, I've caught glimpses of dark shadows or figures walking past in the hallways or going from one room to another.  Once, while sitting in the parlor I thought I saw my step son walking into the dining room but when I went to check no one was there.
     One year we had a cleaning crew come in to clean for a Christmas party and while one lady was cleaning the back stairway she claimed she felt something brush past her.  As she reached the first landing she looked up and saw a lady in a long grey dress standing at the top of the stairs with her arms crossed looking at her as if reviewing her work.  She said she put her head down and kept on working, when she glanced up again the lady had vanished.
     Since we've been in the home, we've had many people stop by and tell us stories of seeing appartions standing by windows when the home was vacant.  We've spoken to previous owners and they too would tell of strange occurrances.  One even told of having a carpenter while working on the front stairway see an apparation that scared him so much that he refused to return.
     My wife's daughter is gifted and sees these spirits frequently and had even spoken and played with them.  On one occasion she showed her mother how she could roll a ball on her bedroom floor and after the ball would stop rolling she would ask the spirit(s) to roll the ball back and they would.
     Over ther years that we have been here, we have had many experiences and have had non believing friends and family members become believers.
     Once a writer of haunted homes in Illinois had come to Salem to investigate the McMackin House of Salem.  I read the story in the Centralia paper so I e-mailed him and asked if he would like to check out our home.  He e-mailed me back claiming that he had to know the names of the spirits before he would do anything.  I e-mailed him back saying I knew their names; he never responded again. I thought that was interesting.
     I have often thought of having our home investigated. however, every time I have broached this subject, we've received a message via blinking lights or objects moving telling us that our spirits would rather not be bothered.  As my wife and I believe that this home belongs to our spirits and we are just caretakers we've respected their wishes. 
     I write this to you because I noticed that you have not included any homes in Salem on your list and would like you to know that we too have many haunted homes.
-Submitted by 
A DeLao
Salem Illinois