Rialto Square Theatre, Joliet, IL



     On the night of February 21, 2014 the Will County Ghost Hunters Society conducted an investigation of the Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet, IL.   Prior to the official start of our investigation, and even prior to lights being turned off the IR camera we had set up in the Rotunda captured something very unusual.  The time stamp on our camera was 22:42.50, when some activity was picked up on the 2nd floor near the promenade entrance.  Something manifest in-between the spindles of the hand rail.  When looking between the spindles, not one but two figures move from right to left then just disappear.  All members of the investigative team and staff were accounted for during this time.  They never appear above the hand rail or continue the path they were on as a normal person would.

Rocking Chair Ghost at the Will County Historical Society Museum



Waverly Hills Ghost Child in Morgue


     On August 24, 2008 the Will County Ghost Hunters Society conducted an investigation at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. Investigators Dan Jungles and Brian Brozovich were investigating the morgue. Dan was lying on the morgue table for about 15 minutes. When, another investigator was trying to put the door on. He was having trouble. He says, Its gotta go in more. Then Dan says, Dont worry about it. Dan feels something grab his leg and slides out of the morgue drawer. There are three red marks on his leg from where something had grabbed him. After reviewing the audio recorder, it was found that at the moment Dan was grabbed a small child says, Help me.

Waverly Hills Pogo Stick Ghost



     On August 24-25, 2008 the Will County Ghost Hunters Society conducted an investigation at Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. During the course of our investigation one of our DVR IR cameras captured this video. A stick like object comes bouncing into the view of the camera. The object comes in and out of view several different times. There are is a mist that rolls across the hall towards the top of the ceiling. We have been trying to explain this object as something naturally occurring, but we have not been able to thus far. If anyone has an idea of what this can be please let us know.


Baci's Ghost Throwing Door in Plainfield, IL


      On December 7, the Will County Ghost Hunters Society was conducting a paranormal investigation at Baci's Restaurant in Plainfield, IL. The restaurant is housed in a former church that was built in 1868. Minutes prior to this video being recorded several investigators were in the choir loft gathering base line EMF and temperature readings. They picked up EMF spikes that were moving around the room. They were able to follow it around the loft and downstairs to the main dining area. We were in the process of setting up the remainder of our DVR cameras, when a loud crashing noise was heard coming from the upstairs choir loft. The DVR tech saw the access door fly off of the wall by its self. Notice that the cable that comes through the door moves prior to the door coming. It appears that two hands pull it, as it one hand or "string" would have done it, it would create a "V" in the cable. The door was examined, and fit firmly in place. A number of experiments were conducted in order to try to naturally explain the door flying from both sides of the door. After nearly an hour, it was determined that it could not be explained naturally. Based the report phenomena, experiences, and evidence previously collected in the choir loft, it was deemed the door flying off was paranormal in nature.