Lightened Version


Joliet Catholic High School closed its doors in 1990 after eighty-two years. The building served as a temporary home for Plainfield High School after the 1990 Plainfield tornado. In 1998 the location was renovated and turned into the Victory Center for Senior Living. Throughout all the changes, one thing still remains the same; the ghost of Father Kellan Ryan continues to haunt its walls.

Father Ryan was a young popular priest who was killed in a car accident on March 5, 1972 while returning to Joliet Catholic from Chicago. Throughout the years Father Ryan’s ghost has made been seen and heard by many people. His spirit appears to be happy and at peace at Joliet Catholic and does not appear that it will be moving on any time in the near future.

The Will County Ghost Hunters Society was granted access to the location to investigate the reported activity. One of the reported hot spots for activity was the old gymnasium. The gymnasium was completely dark. Several dozen photos were taken in a matter of minutes. Photos were taken with a flash and with night vision. One of the photos showed what we believe is the spirit of Father Ryan. The photo is completely black, except for an image in the center. The image appears to be a person looking off to the left with their arms crossed. A distinctive chin and nose can be made out. Some people believe it appears that a Carmelite robe is being worn with the