Haunted Places in Indiana

Anderson-Highland High School-A young man haunts the former gym, which is now the auditorium. The boy was in  running laps around the gym, when he had an asthma attack. The teacher thought he was okay, but the next time the teacher look the boy was lying on the floor dead. Ever since then, the boy has been seen and heard in the gym, which is now the auditorium. His ghost has been seen and heard in the auditorium, back stage, the green room, and the catwalk.
Anderson-Mounds State Park-There have been several reports of people seeing blue-gowned dwarfs in the park and the White River near Loblesville. According toDelawaree Indian legend, these dwarfs are the Puk-wud-ies, a tribe of little people that still inhabit the forests.
Angola-Town Center-People visiting the Town Center late at night have seen the ghost of a man with a long red beard pacing back and forth on top of the movie theater. People have also heard the man repeatedly sobbing and saying, "Marie, please come back to me......Pleeeeaaassse!"
He has been nicknamed "The movie man". He has also been seen and heard inside the theater.
Austin-Austin High School-The spirit of a former Spanish teacher is said to haunt the school. The teacher was killed in a car accident on her way to school one day back in the late 1980's. Numerous teachers and staff have seen the ghost of the teacher in the evening hours. There have also been numerous cold spots felt in the building.  Several janitors are said to have quit, because they could not deal with the paranormal activity that happens in the school.
Avon-The Haunted Bridge-During construction of the bridge a construct icon worker was killed, and now his ghost is said to haunt the bridge. There have been numerous sightings of his ghost on the bridge, and it is said to disappear into thin air.
Barbee Lake-The Barbee Hotel-The Barbee Hotel was considered a very high-class resort during Al Capone's time. He stayed in the hotel frequently, often clearing out all the guests so he could stay in seclusion. He always stayed in room 301 at the back of the hotel. When cleaning the rooms employees have smelled cigar smoke and when investigated it is coming from room 301. The bartender who has worked there for years has seen an old man sitting at one of the booths on several occasions. When she goes to get someone, he is gone. People have reported hearing footsteps on the stairs, and in the halls above the dining area. Many parties when taking their picture will line up on the stairs. There are several pictures on the wall where you can see orbs of light in the background behind the group. Many other celebrities stayed there as well. Rita Hayworth was said to go and stay in her room for days at a time. When you drive by the area of the hotel she stayed in late at night sometimes you can see a faint light.
Bartonia-Headless Man-Travel on Greenville Pike, once you get to the stop sign turn right. At the first gravel road turn left and travel over the bridge. Finally turn around and go back over the bridge. After reaching the other side look behind you. and a headless man on a horse appears. The farther away from the bridge you go, the closer he gets...until he disappears.
Battle Ground-The Battle Field Memorial-Back in the 1800's a terrible battle was fought on these grounds and now there is a memorial here. People have reported that they have seen men running through the woods and near the creek, and some appeared to be engaged in combat. There have been numerous reports of people hearing screams, and feeling cold spots even on hot summer days.
Bloomington-Binford Elementary-Teachers and staff members have reported seeing a ghost of a man wearing a black cloak in the auditorium. There have been reports of lights turning on and off by themselves, and doors slamming closed.
Bloomington-Hoosier National Forrest-Step Family Cemetery-Reportedly two brothers fought and ended up killing each other over the inheritance of their fathers land and assets. They were both buried in the cemetery, which was later purchased and is now part of the Hoosier National Forrest. People have reported seeing and hearing the ghosts of brothers still fighting. There have also been reports of cars traveling near here having car problems that seem to disappear after leaving.
Bloomington-Indiana University-Several spirits are said to haunt various buildings throughout the campus. It is said that a number of illegal abortions were performed here and a few of the girls died from these illegal abortions, their spirits are said to wander throughout the campus. A former chairman and at least 3 former teachers have been seen on campus. On the upper floors of the Read Hall dormitory the ghostly image of a young girl with long black hair and wearing a yellow nightgown has been seen on several occasions. It is believed that this is the ghost of a young woman who was overstressed with work and school, she flung herself down the staircase hitting her head on the stairs and die instantly. It is said that in the anniversary of her death (December 12) she can be seen at the top of the staircase reenacting her fatal fall. Her screams can be heard throughout the staircase as she falls to her death.
Bloomington-Porticos-Customers and employees have reported seeing the image of a little girl in the woman's bathroom mirror, when they turn around no one is there. People have also heard children laughing and playing upstairs while eating in the dining room.
Boonville-Scales Lake-The lake is haunted by the ghost of Black Annie.
Brazil-Spook Light Hill-It is said that a man looking for the head of his daughter haunts this stretch of road. A set of headlights appear out of no where and flash their headlights three times. Next, a light appears and starts scanning the road.
Bremen-Plymouth-Little Egypt Graveyard -There has been numerous claims of people seeing apparitions in the cemetery. One of the apparitions that is seen often, is that of a farmer who is believed to have died in one of the nearby farm fields. People have reported when driving in the cemetery that hand prints appear on the windows.The screams of a young girl is heard coming out of the woods. People have also been followed by a phantom car that appears out of no where and disappears that the gates of the cemetery. One of the legends say that if you throw a coin onto the headstone of an infant in the cemetery that the infant can be heard crying. Located by taking the 5A Road and Hawthorn in Marshall County.5A roads goes around the cemetery.
Bridgeport-Captain Franks Tomb-This is an elaborate tomb sits high on a bluff overlooking the Ohio River. The reason why Captain Franks had his tomb placed high up on the bluff is so that he could shout curses at the passing steamboat captains. People have reported seeing a large glowing light and a heavy mist that seems to float over the top of the tomb.
Bristol-Bristol Opera House-There is a ghost of a former maintenceman named Percival Zieglar that haunts this opera house. He went by the name Percy for short. He and his family lived in an old apartment that they rented out. It seems that Percy just does not want to leave. Most of the activity is centered around the stage area and the costume room. Percy is said to dislike musical productions and has moved props around on the stage during performances. He has been known to hide in the curtains and brush up against people as they pass by. Percy likes to scare at people, especially the ladies. One night the woman that was makes the costumes was working late, when she felt a presence around her. Then, she felt someone tap her on her shoulder..she turned around and no one was there.
Bristol-State Road 15 North-If you head north on State Road 15 towards the state line, just past were the tollway on ramp is..stop and look to the left. You will see an old abandon house. People say that if you look for a while the curtains will part and the apparition of the former owner will appear and wave hello to you.
Brushy Prarie-US HWY 20-Legend says that people traveling on US Highway 20 near the Brushy Prairie Cemetery between 12 midnight and 5 am have seen the apparition of a woman in white walking along the roadside towards the cemetery.  People have pulled over to offer the woman a ride, but as soon as they reach the roadside the woman disappears into thin air. The woman in white seems to be seen more around the holiday season.
Bunkerhill-Peaceful Acers-The ghost of a man wearing a bandanna has been seen in the woods and floating over a chicken coop. The man has been nicknamed the toothless wonder.
Carmel-Screaming Bridge-This bridge is believed to be haunted by numerous spirits. People visiting the bridge late in the night say that they could hear the screams of a woman. The road has been blocked off and the bridge is not accessible to vehicles.
Cedar Lake-Selysions Private School-This is an abandoned boys school that is haunted by the spirits of several former students and a former pastor that worked there. People have seen numerous apparitions of small boys. There have been reports of doors opening and closing by themselves, unexplained footsteps and people hearing footsteps and the whispers and laughter of children. The school has been torn down and a new building has been erected, but the haunting apparently is still going on.
Charlestown-10 Penny Bridge-A homeless man was apparently killed on the Tunnel Mill Road bridge. People have said if you park your car on bridge and turn the car off, that you can line up a row of pennies and when you start your car the pennies with be scattered all over the place or they will be gone. There have been a lot of car problems that occur on and near the bridge.
WARNING FROM OWNER: The house at 3705 Tunnel Mill Road is undergoing restoration and is strictly OFF LIMITS! There are NO TRESPASSING signs all over the property. Obey them! The property has an alarm and security cameras as well as security guards on duty every night. If you trespass on that property, the only thing you'll see is the back seat of a police car. The trespassing, vandalism and attempted break-ins HAS TO STOP, therefore we have informed Clark County police to press all charges and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law! Trespassing is a Class A Misdemeanor in the State of Indiana and breaking and entering is a Class D Felony. You can and will go to jail for these offenses! You do not have to even get out of your vehicle to be considered illegal trespassing.
Chesterfield-Chesterfield Christian Church-In the 1940's a man was found dead in the basement below the basement. The cause of death was unknown. There have been numerous electrical disturbances, water turning on and off by it's self. door slamming open and closed, pipes banging for no reason, and hand prints all over the bathroom mirrors.
Chesterton-Diana Of The Dunes- Around 1915, the area that is now the Dunes State Park in northern Indiana was mostly uninhabited wilderness. The stories spread around the vicinity of Chesterton, Indiana that fishermen who were along the beach at certain times of the day had been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a naked woman swimming in the lake. The story spread that a beautiful woman was living as a hermit along the beach and her notoriety grew to a point that many compared her to the ancient Greek goddess Diana...hence the name of this legendary creature. In truth, her name was Alice Marble Gray and she was the daughter of an influential couple from Chicago. Alice had traveled extensively and was cultured and educated. She had worked in the city as an editorial secretary for a popular magazine, so what had made her take up the lonely life of a recluse. Some have claimed that Alice came to the dunes because of a broken love affair but actually she left the city life because her deteriorating eyesight had made her work impossible. She had sought refuge in the rough land that she had enjoyed as a child. Alice moved into an abandoned fisherman's cottage on the beach and lived a life of peace, borrowing books from the library, walking in the woods and of course, swimming naked in the chilly waters of Lake Michigan. In 1920, Alice met a drifter named Paul Wilson and he moved into the cabin with her. He was an unemployed boat builder with a shaky past but he seemed to make Alice happy and the two of them stayed together until 1922.... when tragedy struck. The badly burned and beaten body of a man was found on the beach and police suspected that Wilson had a hand in the murder. He was questioned but eventually let go. He and Alice moved to nearby Michigan City, Indiana, where they made a small living selling handmade furniture. Alice bore her husband two daughters but he treated her terribly, often beating her severely. In 1925, Alice died in her home, shortly after the birth of her second daughter. The official cause of death was said to be uremia poisoning...complicated by repeated blows to her back and stomach. Wilson disappeared and later tuned up in a California prison, serving time for auto theft. The fate of Alice's daughters is unknown. Legends of the dunes say that Alice still returns to the beach and the wilderness that she loved so much. Over the years, many have claimed that they have seen the ghostly figure of a nude woman running along the sand or disappearing into the water.
Clarksville-Colgate Palmolive Factory-This factory is in the former Clark County Prison building. There is a lot of paranormal activity that takes place here. People have reported seeing several different apparitions, shadowy figures, and glowing orbs. There are also reports of people hearing footsteps, men talking, and screams. Numerous cold spots have been felt throughout the building. If you are in Louisville, Kentucky just look across the river and look for the large building with the huge clock, that is the Colgate Palmolive factory.
Clarksville-The Sunset Grill Restaurant-The building has been several different things. The home was previous a home for the Long family and also a restaurant called McCullough Steak House. Employees and guests have reported strange things happening. People have reported hearing strange noises, and the feeling of being touched by someone that is not there. On numerous occasions the employees have come into the restaurant in the morning to open it and every light bulb in the restaurant has been unscrewed and placed on the tables.
Cloverdale-Cloverdale Cemetery-There have been numerous encounters with the paranormal in this cemetery. On one occasion two girls were in the cemetery late at night looking for the grave of her grandparents. They were driving around when they saw a casket sitting on tarp waiting to be placed into the ground. Then they saw a glowing light, it was a lantern that was being carried by an older man that was dressed in black trench coat. The girls were scared and hurried to get away from this area. A short time later they pulled around to the same place, there was no man and no casket. The man has been seen numerous times. People have also reported seeing glowing lights moving around the cemetery at night.
Columbus-The Haunted Railroad Bridge-Back in the 1920's a woman became pregnant out of wedlock. She could not deal with the reaction of people, so she took herself and her baby to the center of the railroad bridge and jumped to her death. The woman's body was recovered, but the body of the infant was never recovered. There have been reports of people seeing a strange two legged creature with glowing yellow eyes in the area of the bridge. The creature scares people away from the bridge. On some nights people have heard the cries of a baby coming from the bridge. On the nights of full moons, people have reported seeing the ghost of the woman looking for her baby.
Columbus-North High School-The auditorium of the school is haunted by the spirit of a young boy, they they have nicknamed Mikey. Over a hundred years ago, there was a road that ran through were the school auditorium is today. A young boy was walking on the road when he was struck by a man on a horse, the boy was killed almost instantly. There are numerous reports of seeing the ghost named Mikey in the auditorium. People have also heard him playing on the catwalk, and the sound booth. He is also known to turn the lights on and off. There are a lot of people you have experienced the presence of Mikey in some form or another.
Columbus-Quality Machine and Tool-A former employee committed suicide by hanging himself in the factory after having problems with his girlfriend. People have reported seeing a moving shadowy figure, and numerous items have simply disappeared into thin air.
Columbus-Subway Restaurant-Several employees have seen a shadow moving though-out the back of the restaurant. There has also been numerous reports of strange noises coming from the back when no one is present. A strong presence can be felt in the back of the restaurant. The Subway is located on 46 West.
Crawfordsville-New Market Trestle-People have reported hearing a loud train whistle, then grinding metal, followed by a loud slash. People have also reported seeing glowing blue figures in the water.
Crawfordsville-Spooky Hallow Bridge-Legend says that a long time ago this bridge was a covered bridge. There are two known ghosts that supposedly haunt this bridge. The first is that of a black man that was hung from the inside ceiling of the bridge. The other is that of a woman, how she died is unknown. The original bridge has been replaced with a newer bridge. People have said that they have seen both ghosts on several occasions. Cars have experienced electrical malfunctions when going over the bridge, once over the bridge the problems are gone.
Crown Point-Crown Point High School-There have been several reports that at night the lights in the gym will flash on and off, the rack of basketball roll out of the equipment room by it's self, and the balls all begin to bounce...if anyone enters the gym everything stops. The school's auditorium is supposedly haunted as well. Staff and students have reported hearing strange noises on the catwalk, as well as seeing apparitions walking around on them.
Crown Point-Lake County Courthouse-The old jail house is haunted by several spirits. The jail was used until the 1960's, and is also the location where John Dillinger made his famous soap gun escape. People have seen several apparitions, and orbs. There have also been reports of people hearing the sound of the jail cell's door slamming closed, footsteps, disembodied voices, and a dog barking.
Cunot-Catract Bridge-Back in the 1930's a farmer from Poland, Indiana lost his farm and hung himself from the bridge over Lake Catract. People have reported seeing the ghost of the man walking on the bridge with a noose still around his neck.
Danville-Danville Bridge-The bridge is supposedly haunted by several spirits. One of the spirits is that of an Irish construction worker. During the construct if the bridge he fell in the wet cement and they were unable to recover his body. Another spirit is that of a woman who reportedly jumped off the bridge to avoid being hit. People have seen glowing white orbs, and have heard screams and moans.
Daviess County-Crane Cemetery-People have reported seeing a headstone that glows. When entering the cemetery continue to drive straight ahead, the headstone reportedly glows and when you get closer to it, it stops. When leaving the cemetery look back and the further away you get the stone glows brighter. Located just down the road from the old Crane school.
Decatur-Adams County Cheese Factory-The factory is no longer in use and is said to be the host to a lot of unexplainable paranormal activity. People believe that it is guarded by spirits and they do not let people to be there. Many people do not stay in this area long, as they get a strong uneasy feeling. The location of the factory is just east of the Kuklehan Mansion, which is known to have a lot of occult activity.
Decatur-Geneva-Ceylon-Covered Bridge-Several years ago, there was a group performing some type of ritual, when an apparition appeared before their eyes. The apparition fell from the ceiling of the bridge to the floor, leaving a trail of blood...that ended near the pentagram the group had drawn. Many believe that they opened a doorway. There has been numerous paranormal events that have taken place since. There have been a lot of strange odors that appear out of nowhere and then disappear. One person said that is smelled like rotting flesh.
Decatur-Kukelhan Mansion-The mansion was owned by a wealthy banker. The banker went crazy and thought everyone was after his money. He murdered his entire family and hung himself. People have reported seeing glowing orbs moving around the property late at night. There has also been numerous reports of screams coming from the mansion. The mansion is located just a little north of Decatur, east of US27, pretty close to the North Pointe sub-division.
Dekalb-Butler-Land of Moses-Located just outside of Butler off of ST RT 6 is a road that goes to the right and over the railroad tracks. There is a cemetery there that is allegedly haunted and they say at night if you park in the cemetery by the old crematorium you can hear cries of the departed. This begins the stretch of the road called the land of Moses that leads to Gypsy hill. This area is extremely dark at night and there is an area that Gypsies congregated at near the Indiana/Ohio line. This area is covered by a dense dark forest. Rumor has it that the gypsies kidnapped and raped a farmer's daughter in the early 1900's. The farmers then banded together and killed the gypsies. Over the next 10 years the farmers all were killed by an axe. One report said that a gypsy returned from the dead and haunted the woods, which is where the farmers bodies were found. Till this day, very few people will dare to go to those woods, park their car and get out and explore them. There is an old foundation of a log house there and some other remnants of the gypsies.
Diamond-Hells Gate-This train trestle is host to numerous paranormal events. Legend says that a few of the local kids put something on the railroad tracks because they were bored. According to the legend the train was derailed, killing many of the passengers. People have heard strange noises, whispers, laughter, then a loud crashing noise, and screams.
Disko-Gravel Pits-In this local gravel pit there has been the apparition of a woman dressed in purple tattered clothing. It is not know who this woman is or why she is in the gravel pit. There has been many sightings of her by the local residents.

Donaldson-Ancilla College and Convent-The ghosts of two Catholic Sisters that has been seen in the tunnels that go under the convent and the college.  When the sisters are followed or approached they either disappear into thin air or wall right through the wall. People walking in the tunnels have also felt like they have been pushed or touched by unseen hands. In the mother house doors have been known to slam open and close.  Students have also seen classroom doors and windows open and close by themselves.

Dunkirk-Blood Road-Local legend says that a father that was upset with his son tied him to the back of the truck and drug him to his death. People have reported seeing a large section of the road being blood stained, but when they look again it is gone. The apparition of the small boy has been seen walking along the very stretch of road that he was killed on.

Edinburgh-Atterbury Job Corps Center-There has been numerous reports of strange noises and footsteps have been heard all around the campus. There has also been reports of strange glowing yellow eyes in the nearby woods.

Ellettsville-Matthews Mansion-People have reported hearing disembodied voices and footsteps here. There has also been numerous sightings of strange lights and a heavy mist

Elnora-Elnora Cemetery-People have reported seeing a large white orb floating around one of the headstones. People have approached it and it has disappeared, only to reappear once the person reaches a certain distance.

Evansville-Abandoned Home-People have seen the apparition of a man looking out of an upper bedroom window.The home is over 140 years old.  Located just off #6 school road near the St. Joe's mini mart.

Evansville-Carpenter House-This is the former home of Willard Carpenter, of the famous Willard Library. People have reported seeing the apparition of a man, believed to be ghost of Willard Carpenter. There has also been reports of strange noises, footsteps, and objects moving on their own.

Evansville-Eastland Mall-The former owner of the mall is said to be haunting the mall. The owner would check each store to make sure they were closed up for the night. One night, he was killed on his trip around the mall to check on the stores. People have reported seeing his ghost walk around the mall after it has closed walking store to store.

Evansville-Willard Library-This library is the host to a lot of paranormal activity. The most known spirit is that of a lady dressed in grey. For more information click here -->>Willard Library

Fairmount-James Dean's Grave-People have reported feeling a very strong overpowering presences when visiting here. There have even those who swear that they have been touched by unseen hands.
Fishers-Heady Hallow-Legend says that there was a school here at one time. The school caught fire and several students and teachers were killed. While driving the stretch of road at night people have reported that children will appear right in front of their car. They have no time to react and drive straight through them. When getting out to check on the children, the driver finds out there is no one there. Located at the dip on Allisonville Road at 126th.
Fort Wayne-Crossroads Cemetery-There has been reports of strange noises and people seeing strange lights at night. There is also a headstone with a tree that is growing around it. People report have a strange feeling when in this location, as if being watched. This is location just south of Lima on Dupont Road.
Fort Wayne-Lakeside Park Neighborhood-Lakeside Park has a rich history from when the Indians were here to when an amusement park with canals, locks, and a dance hall. The home owners have reported numerous paranormal events taking places in and around their homes. There has been reports of glowing balls of light, and shadowy figures. They have also heard disembodied voices and other strange noises. There has been electrical disturbances that include TVs, radios, and lights turning on and off by themselves. Some have also reported that doors slam open and closed.
Fort Wayne-Main Street Bridge-The bridge is just west of Van Buren Street.-Local legend tells of a woman in white walking across the bridge. She has been seen on numerous occasions, but when she is approached she disappears into thin air. The local newspapers have also reported her story several times.
Fort Wayne-North Side High School-There are numerous spirits that are believed to haunt this location. The first is the spirit of the Indian Chief of the Miami tribe, he tried to fight having anything built on this land where there was an Indian burial site. In his honor the school named the school mascot Chief Mac. The second spirit is that of a teenage girl who has been seen in the gym and the indoor running track. Her spirit is most often felt and seen early in the morning, just prior to the start of the school day. The next spirit is that of a janitor who died from a massive heart attack. he spirit has been seen by both students and staff. The last known spirit is that of a construction worker who haunts the stage area in the auditorium. During the school's construction there was a partial collapse that kill him and several others. There are not too many that want to be alone in the building. There has been numerous reports of apparitions, electrical disturbances, cold spots, and doors opening  and closing. The story of the hauntings has been covered by newspaper and magazines. In 2004 there was construction that end after a year. Several of the construction workers reported seeing and hearing "strange and unexplainable things.
Fort Wayne-Bruick Road Bridge-People have reported seeing a strange white glowing globule. It has been seen changing colors, and when people try to get closer to it, it changes direction and heads straight for the car....then disappears.
Fort Wayne-Snider High School-Legend says that there was once a pool on the school grounds. There was a group of students by the pool and they push a girl in. She did not know how to swim and she drown. The school immediately got rid of the pool. The ghost of the girl has been seen on several occasions. People have heard her cries in the morning hours.
Fort Wayne-Jehl's Park-Swinger's Grave-There was a little girl swinging on one of the swings, when the chain somehow wrapped around her neck..she died almost instantly. People say that there are times when a swing will start swinging by it's self...when there is no wind...Some people have reported that they have been pushed off the swing and then afterwords they hear what sounds like the laughter of a small girl. The park is located near Georgetown just off of State Street.
Fort Wayne-The Old Lutheran Hospital on Fairfield-The hospital was the host to numerous paranormal activities. The hospital has been torn down. However, there are the angel statues still in the front, 2 buildings, and a park like area that still remain. It will be interesting to see if the paranormal activities will continue.
Fort Wayne-The University of Saint Francis Library-A student reportedly hung them-self in the library several years ago. People have reported seeing the student hanging and walking around with a noose around their neck. There has also been numerous cold spots felt and several other strange and unusual have taken place here.
Francesville-Farmer's Field-"The Light"-Back in the late 1800's, two were two brothers that were traveling by horse and buggy. One of the brothers fell out and the rear wheel of the buggy decapitated his head. There is now a farmer's field in this location. People have reported seeing a strange glowing light moving from row to row of the corn fields. The light is the light coming from the lantern of the other brother, who is looking for his brother's head. People have also reported seeing the apparition of the brother looking in through the fields.
Francesville-Moody Lane-There is a cemetery near Moody Lane where a man and woman were both killed, but on opposite sides of the road. Late in the night, people have seen the apparition of the woman crossing the road to be with her love.There has also been reports of a strange glowing white light moving around the countryside.
Frankton-Old Train Trestle-In the 1940's a woman found her husband cheating on her with another woman. She was so upset she went to the train tracks and waited for a train. When she saw the train coming, she started to walk across the bridge and towards the train. She was killed instantly. People have reported seeing her ghost walking across the bridge and hearing her screams.
Franklin-Franklin College-Old Main-In the 1980's a fire destroyed parts of the Old Main building.
Old Main is one of the oldest buildings on campus and was used for both administration offices and classrooms.  In the fire one student was killed. Staff and students have reported hearing faint screams and smelling burning flesh.
French Lick-Horse Field-In the late 1800's a terrible storm came through the town. There was a field that was used to let the horse graze, but there was only one tree for shelter. In the field were 3 horses, they immediately ran when the lighting started to flash. Shortly after the horses arrived to the tree, they were all struck and killed by lightning. On nights when there are heavy storms, people have reported hearing the three horses galloping across the field. There has also been reports of people seeing the three horses standing under the tree.
Gary-Black Oak-Located along an interstate stood an old house that was once a speak easy (bar saloon) and a home for ladies of the night often you could hear a car pull in and hear men entering the basement where they would shoot the owner of the saloon and upstairs you could see a woman dressed in red and often was crying and would reach out to touch you and a man would leave the basement and walk upstairs and often pushed witnesses down & they could hear the screams of women and children loosing their lives this house has been since destroyed but to this day you can see the woman in the red crying and reaching for you.
Gas City-10th Street Bridge-During the construction  of the bridge back in the early 1900's a construction worker fell off the bridge and died. People have reported seeing the apparition of the man clinging to the side of the bridge. Some have even heard the screams if the man.
Gas City-Old East School-There was a playground located behind the elementary school. There have been reports of people hearing the laughter of children and seeing the merry-go-round spinning around by itself.
Georgetown-Devil's Dip-This is a very large hill with a dip at the bottom. There is a home located at the bottom of the hill. Back several years, there was a little girl playing jump rope one evening...when a speeding car came down the hill and struck and killed the her. People have reported coming down the hill after dark and have seen the apparition of the little girl dressed in white playing across from her house near the telephone pole.
Goshen-Oakridge Cemetery-There is a statue of an angel over the grave of Michael Bashor that reportedly cries tears of blood.
Greencastle-Boon Hutch Cemetery-There are several spirits that reportedly haunt this cemetery. The first one is that of a police officer. People have seen the spirit with a glowing blue light. The next one is a shadowy figure that seems to just stare at people, it is said that it feels like this figure is staring straight through you. There has also been reports of large black dogs with red glowing eyes. These dogs have been know to chase people all the way to their cars and out of the cemetery, then they seem to disappear into thin air.
Greencastle-Dapauw University-Roy O. West Library-There are a number of books that are said to be guarded by spirits. No one is allowed to check out these books out. Several strange and unexplainable things happen to people who encounter these books. Phone: 317-658-4106
Greencastle-Edgelea-People have reported seeing the ghosts of hobos jumping off the trains when they pass through Edgelea. There has also been reports from some of the residents that they have seen the hobo ghosts in their yards and have heard them talking.
Greencastle-Edna Collings Bridge-In the 1920's there was a little girl that would swim in the stream, which the stream crosses. When it was time for her to go home her parents would pull into the covered bridge, turn off the engine, and honk the horn three times. The girl ended up drowning in the stream. People say that if you pull into the bridge, turn off the engine and honk the horn three times...the little girl will get into the car.
Greenfield-Weston Village-This area called "Weston Village" is a housing edition and apartments that span for over five miles. There has been numerous reports of a "Cyclops" figure throughout this area.
Griffith-Elgin Joliet & Eastern Railway Interlocking Tower-In 1947 a tower operator for the railroad, Joe Miller was killed in a fire. Joe noticed a small fire break out in the tower and left the tower to summon help. He noticed an approaching train and went back into the tower to stop the train and was killed as a result. The tower was closed in July of 1999 and moved to it's present location in July of 2000. People have claimed to see a man in the tower looking down at them. He has been described as wearing dark glasses, a light colored shirt, and a dark tie.  People have climbed the tower to speak to the man and find that the tower is double pad locked from the outside and no one is inside.
Griffith-Reder Road-At the end of Reder Road is a path that will lead you to a small early 1900's white church. Legend says that the pastor of the church went mad and killed several members of the congregation. People have reported hearing screams coming for the church, as well as seeing strange glowing lights moving around inside the church when no one is present. There is also as set of railroad tracks that run through this area. People have reported seeing a man dress in all black walking down the center of the tracks. Once he gets close to someone he disappears into thin air.
Hammond-On the major road leading into Gary the ghost of a woman wearing a wedding dress can be seen running into the Calumet River. Once she reached the water she disappears. Another ghost has been seen along this stretch of road, it is the ghost of a woman who was killed in a car accident several years ago. She can be seen walking along the road. People have pulled over to she if she needed a ride or help, but as soon as they do...she disappears.
Hammond-Bishop Noll Institute-A-wing-There are reportedly three ghosts that haunt the A-wing of Bishop Noll Institute. The first is that of a former janitor who hung himself on the second floor. People have reported hearing his voice and footsteps. There has also been numerous occasions when chairs have been toss off of desks in the lab rooms. The next spirit is the spirit of a freshman student who drowned in the pool. The pool is no longer being used, but people have heard voices and laughter coming from inside. The last is in the library, this is believed to be the spirit of a former librarian. Books have been known to fall off of shelves by themselves, and there is almost always a cold spot in one spot of the library.
Hammond-Bishop Noll Institute-Auditorium-There was a young girl who was auditioning for a lead part in a play, she did not get the part. She was so upset that she reportedly went onto the catwalk and hung herself. Ever since then, she has been haunting the auditorium. The people who audition for the lead roles in plays almost always have bad experiences. Some have become very ill for no reason, broken bones, fell off stage, lose their voices, and some feel like they are being choked. There have also been reports of people seeing the ghost of the young girl out of the corner of their eyes, people have felt cold spots, and there seems to be an overpowering presences during performances.
Hammond-Columbia School-Near Columbia there is a location that is haunted by a man who committed suicide here. The man lost his job, was recently divorced and was not able to see his children. The man could no longer cope with his life, so he hung himself. Nearby neighbors have reported seeing his ghost, and they have heard him talking. He has also been known to throw move items around, including throwing them. The neighbors have also experienced TVs, radios and lights turning on and off by themselves, along with doors slamming open and closed.
Hammond-Old Indiana Botanical Gardens-The spirits of two women reportedly haunt this location. The women are believed to be the former residents of the home. People have heard footsteps on the second floor when no one else was present. The women have also been seen on multiple occasions. However, most of the sightings seem to be in the woods located behind the home. The Botanical Gardens is no longer open, but the house is used as a haunted house in the fall. Located at 626 177th Street.Hammond,In 46325.  
Hammond-Gavit High School-Late in the evening people have reportedly seeing orbs and apparitions on the top of the school, as well as inside. People have reported heard footsteps, a loud metallic clanking, and disembodied voices. It is also known that windows and doors will open and close by themselves after the school is closed.
Hammond-Jayme House-There are a lot of paranormal events that happen around this house. There has been a number of apparitions seen hear, but the one that is seen most is that of a little girl. The girl seems to be around eight years old and has been seen all throughout the house.The two bedrooms upstairs have a number of strange things that happen in them. Both have a small cubby in them where the activity is seemed to be centered around. Each cubby has a door on it, the door seems to always open and close on it's own. There has been strange odors, glowing eyes, strange noises, and laughter coming from the area of the cubby.There has also been reports of paranormal activity throughout the house. People have reported items moving by themselves, items disappearing and reappearing. Some have even reported being lifted off the ground or touched by unseen hands. There has been a lot of unusual things heard, including children playing and laughing, footsteps, and what sounds like a child or children running.
Hammond-Robertsdale-Circus Train-The circus train would frequently go through Hammond in the 1920's and 1930's. In the 1930's the train was involved in a very bad accident. Many of the animals were killed and were buried in a nearby cemetery. People have reported hearing and seeing the animals both at the accident site and the cemetery.
Hancock-Wilkinson McCreay Cemetery-This cemetery has been known to have been the host to many paranormal events. There has been occult activity here, so who knows what that has stirred up. There has been numerous reports of people seeing shadows that move and follow people throughout the cemetery. There has been strange noises that seem to be coming from right behind you, but when you turn around nothing is there. People have also witness strange lights that seem to be moving throughout the cemetery in a purposeful direction.
Hanover-Hanover Beach-A man reportedly drowned after swimming to shore to help find help for a boat that was taking on water and beginning to sink. The ghost of the man is usually seen late in the evening to early morning hours (when it is dark).
Hanover-Hanover Cemetery-People have reported becoming extremely sick to their stomachs and experiencing extremely bad head aches when in the area of Benjamin Bennett. After leaving the cemetery the symptoms go away almost immediately. Benjamin had drowned in the Ohio River several years ago.
Hanover-Hanover College-Donner Residence Hall-In the east wing of the Donner Residence Hall there has been numerous paranormal events. Students and staff members have seen the apparition of what they belief is a former student who committed suicide in the hall. The apparition is translucent and disappear very quickly. There has been reports of many items that just disappear and reappear days or weeks later. Several people have also been witness to object moving by themselves.
Hanover-Hanover College-Parker Auditorium-The ghost of the former president of the college Dr. A.G.Parker. Several people have reported seeing his ghost, hearing his voice, and hearing other strange noises that can not be explained. Items have also been known to move or completely disappear.
Hanover-Hanover Nursing Center-The piano here has been known to play on it's own, keys can be seen moving. A green mist appears in pictures that are taken here. There has also been a number of death omens that have taken place.
Hebron-Hebron High School-A girl reportedly hung herself in one of the women's restrooms several years ago. Students and staff have hear her cries coming from the restroom. A few people have reported seeing the girl hanging in the restroom.
Hebron-Old Railroad Tracks-There has been reports of people seeing the ghosts of those who died in a deadly train crash.
Hedley-Hedley Cemetery-People have reported seeing white and red glowing orbs moving throughout the cemetery at night.
Heltonville-McCarthur House-In the 1970's there were four people murdered in this home. People have reported hearing screams and seeing white mist like figures running out and away from the house.
Henry-Knightstown-"The Pest House"-In the early 1900's there was an outbreak of smallpox, and the house was quarantined and people who became infected with smallpox were placed in the home. Most of those who were in the home ended up dying. There are several spirits that are said to haunt the house now. There was an incident when someone was greeted at the front door of the home by an usual looking woman who simply said," No one is home", then closed the door. The woman was one of the many spirits that are believed to haunt the house.
Several other paranormal events take place have taken place here as well.
Henry County-Lewisville-Guyer Opera House-The Guyer is well known to visitors and staff as being haunted. The lights in the dress rooms have been known to turn on and off bulb by bulb. Loud strange banging noises are heard coming from the back of the building when no one is there. People have seen the silhouette of a person standing in the back stage windows, but no one is there. Staff members have been scared out of the lighting booth by strange growling noises. The doors to the opera house have been seen opening and closing by themselves. Dramatic temperature drops have been felt throughout the building.
Henryville-Daniel's Run-Daniel Guthrie was murdered and placed in a shallow grave near the corner of Pixley Knob Road and Cemetery Hill (Mountain Grove). Guthrie's body remained undetected for one year before being found, unearthed and reburied in nearby Mt. Zion Cemetery. The hole he was buried in is still open (about 4-feet deep) near the edge of the woods. Homes in the nearby area have experienced sightings of a young man with a large, handlebar bushy mustache, doors open and close by themselves, footsteps walking up and down hallways at night, footprints found outside bedroom windows, objects moving by themselves, and ghostly whispers. Also, a tape recorder left on Guthrie's gravestone in Mt. Zion later revealed a faint, haunting man's voice crying, "Help me, God help me, please help me..."
Henryville-Mt. Zion Cemetery-The Green Lady-In the early 1900's a young woman was killed in a car accident on Blue Lick Road. She was buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery. People have reported seeing her at night wandering the cemetery with a strange green glow. She has been known to jump in front of cars leaving a strange green substance on the car.
Hitysville-Hitysville Public Library-On October 28,1947 a bookshelf collapsed on top of the librarian killing her. The library is closed down now. People have seen the image of a woman, believed to be the librarian in the windows. Reports of moans, cries and screams for help have all been heard coming from inside.
Hobart Township-River Forest Junior and Senior High Schools-There was a swimming pool at this location at one time. A young boy drowned in the pool and the school filled the pool in and built a tennis court over it. The ghost of the little boy has been seen on numerous occasion by students and staff members. A lunch lady said that she has spoken to her several times. The boy said that he drowned, but when he is asked his name he always disappears.
Huntington-Forks of the Wabash-The home was that of Chief Richardsville was remodeled and a door placed between the Chief's bedroom and the servant's quarters to accommodate tours of the house. The is a spot in the servant's quarters that is referred to as the pillar of ice, this is the spot that there is almost always a very cold spot. People have heard voices and some claim they have seen apparitions of a man and a woman.
Huntington-Horace Mann School-The school has now been converted to apartments. People have experienced hearing the voices and laughter of children. There has been doors slamming closed, lights, TVs, and radios turning themselves on and off.
Huntington-Huntington College-In the hallways of the Physical Education Recreation Center the apparition of a woman wearing a long white dress has been seen floating around. The apparition only appears to men. In the locker rooms and restrooms the showers have turned off and on by themselves and toilets have flushed by themselves. The lights have also flickered off and on.
Huntington-Polk Road-Legend says that a woman was killed while crossing the train tracks. People have reported that there cars have stalled on the tracks. Then, they can feel the car being pushed off the tracks. The ghost of the woman seems to enter the person head and show them the image of how she was killed and what she saw. then, the car will start back up. Some people have even reported having fingerprints on the back of their car.
Hymera-Bethel Cemetery-People have reported going to the headstone and monument of Nathan Hickel (a local solider who fought and died in the Revolutionary War) and walking around it three times..while saying his name..that after the third time he will answer you. Some have even reported feeling a cold chill that goes right through their body when the visit this site.
Indianapolis-Cathedral High School-(Previously Ladywood High School)-When Ladywood was open, it was run entirely by the Sisters of Providence. The sisters were part of the Catholic faith that devoted their lives to education. After lights out, it is said that there was a ghost of a former nun that would walk the halls checking on everyone to make sure everything was okay.
Indianapolis-Central State Hospital-This was a major mental hospital for over 100 years, but has closed down. There are numerous reports of apparitions, strange lights, and people hearing screams and other strange noises. People always feel like someone is watching them when the visit this location.
Indianapolis-Decatur Central High School-In the 1970's a group of kids were driving around the parking lot recklessly. The car ended up crashing. A girl named Angie was thrown from the car and killed. Immediately after the accident the school experienced electrical problems and was filled with the smell of burning rubber. Every year on the anniversary of her death, the school experiencing electrical problem and is filled with the smell of burning rubber. Several students and staff have reported seeing the ghost of Angie crying and walking around the campus, when she is approached she disappears.
Indianapolis-Edgewood River-A young boy drowned in the Edgewood River several years ago. People have reported seeing his ghost in the water splashing around and screaming for help.
Indianapolis-Hanna House-The Hanna house was built by Alexander Moore Hanna, who was a major player in the Underground Railroad. The slaves were kept in the basement to make sure they were hidden. An oil lamp fell over in the basement and the house caught fire. Several people and most of the slaves were killed in the fire. The smell of burning flesh can still be smelled. The apparitions of a man and a woman has been seen on the second floor. Screams and other strange noises are often heard coming from the basement. The apparitions of slaves have been seen on numerous occasions in the basement. Numerous cold spots have been felt throughout the house, doors frequently open and close by themselves. Located on the corner of National Avenue and Madison Avenue.  3801 Madison Avenue,  Indianapolis, In 46225. Phone: (317)638-4264
Indianapolis-House of Blue Lights-The original owner of the mansion was devastated when his young wife suddenly died. Legend says that he did not want to bury her, so he had her placed in a glass coffin. The coffin was placed in the Tower window of the mansion and lit with a soft blue light. People have reported seeing this blue light flickering in the tower and around the grounds of the mansion.
Indianapolis-Indiana RepertoryTheatere-The former artistic director of theater is believed to haunt the theater. The director loved to jog and would do it religiously. On the days when the weather did not permit him to jog outside, he would jog around theupperr mezzanine of the theater. He was killed in an auto accident. People say that on days when the weather is bad, they have seen the ghost of the man running around the upper mezzanine and can hear the floor creaking, footsteps, and sometimes moans.
Indianapolis-Indiana State Fairgrounds-Across the street from the fairgrounds is an old bridge. People have reported seeing a ghost of a young boy splashing around in the water and screaming for help. People have jumped into the water to save him, but he disappears right before their eyes.
Indianapolis-Indianapolis Athletic Club-In the early 1990's there was a fire here and a young firefighter was killed. The ghost of the firefighter has been seen on multipleoccasionss. He has been known to wake up guests in themiddlee of the night.
Indianapolis-Indianapolis City County Building-During the construction of the building, an elevator was put in place to move people. In the 1960's there was a witness in a mafia trial being escorted to the courtroom, when ahit-mann dressed as a policeman shot and killed the witness in the elevator. After this, the elevator's power turned off and it was no longer used. People have reported hearing the elevator moving through the floors, a gun shot, followed screams. There has also been a few reports of people seeing the ghost of the witness.
Indianapolis-James A Allison Mansion-A part of Marian College campus, the Allison Mansion is an old glorious mansion. Built between 1909-1911, it was James & Sarah Allison?s summer house. After Marian College acquired it from the Allison estates it was put to good use as a college building. The attic was the sisters dorm, the students lived in the old garage and classes took place in the rest of the building or the greenhouses. From the time the mansion was used as a school to the present (as a conference building) strange occurrences have taken place. Keys missing, objects moved, the library room completely rearranged - furniture not just books. Strangest thing - the basement has an indoor pool in it. The pool is where a baby crying has been heard. A Legend is that the Allison's had a child and the baby drowned in the pool.
Indianapolis-Magic Moments Restaurant-The building is said to be host to multiple ghosts. The building wasonced used for illegal boxing matches, it isbelievedd that several fighters were killed during these fights. Several years ago there was a fire in the building and afirefighterr was killed. People have reported seeing shadowy figures, and hearing footsteps, voices, and screams. There is a strong presence in the building, many times people feel like their being watched. There has been cold spots felt as well. Table setting have been seen moving by themselves, glasses of water have been thrown off the table, but land upright on the floor. Located at 1 Pennsylvania Street.
Indianapolis-Marian College-Stokely Mansion-There has been numerous apparitions seen here. One is that of brunette woman running to an awaiting carriage. Another is the apparition of a man walking a dog. Numerousapparitionn have been seen in theJapanesee Tea House in the middle of the night having tea. The gondolas have been seen running by themselves without water. People have reported feeling cold spots, and being touched by unseen hands through the mansion. There has been numerous people have have heard voices, cries, and footsteps in the house. Door have been known to open and close by themselves.
Indianapolis-Paul Ruster Park Cemetery-A young boy that was killed by a trained is buried here. People have reported seeing him walking around the grounds. A few people say that they have heard him playing his harmonica.
Indianapolis-Post Road-At the intersection of Post and 30 a group of kids were killed when their car hit a tree. People have seen strange glowing lights and have experiencedproblemss with their cars.
Indianapolis-St. Joseph's Catholic Church -Locatedd in downtown Indianapolis. There was an incident when almost 100 people in the middle of the sanctuary heard loud banging, and footsteps, this was followed by the appearance of blood. The church is no longer open.
Inwood-The Grainery-People have reported seeing an old farmer wearing overalls and very pale in the face standing near the grainery. He tells people,"Get out!" and scare them off.
Irvington-There is a church here that was originally a house. People have seen an apparition of a man in and around the church. There is a strong feeling of being watched when people visit here. There are strange smells that appear out of nowhere. People have been touched by unseen hands as well.
Jackson County-Mamee Bottoms-Several people have reported hearing the sounds of a baby crying, followed by the growling of a wolf.  Animals are rarely seen in this area.
Jasper-Devils Road-Legend says that a school bus full of kids what struck by an oncoming train.  Several of the kids were killed.  The bus driver was supposedly haunted by the souls of the kids, who could not rest.  The bus driver went insane and went back to the spot of the accident and shot himself in the head killing him instantly. People have reported going to the tracks and turning the car off, then putting it into neutral... supposedly the spirits of the kids push the car across the tracks.  There has also been reports of people seeing the headless bus driver on the tracks walking towards their car, but he disappears before reaching them.  This story is more of an urban legend than anything else.
Jasper-Shiloh Church-During a fire several members of the church were killed.  The spirits now supposedly haunt the church.  People have reported seeing apparitions, and balls of light.  There have been footsteps, voices, and singing heard when no one was in the church.  Lights have also turned on and off by themselves.
Jay County-Blood Road-The legend of this road says that a man was upset with his wife and he killed her.  He put her body in the back of his truck and when he hit the large bump in the road her body flew out.  However, the body of his wife was stuck to this truck and he drug her body down the road leaving a large trail of body, hence the nickname of the road.  People say that if you drive on this stretch of road and go over the bump at a high rate of speed you will see a trail of blood behind your car.
Jeffersonville-Census Bureau-Warehouses-This was supposedly a holding place for Germans during World War II.  Security guards have reported electrical disturbances, such as lights and radios turning off and on by themselves....sometimes when they are not even plugged in.  Boxes and other objects have fallen off of shelves, some of the shelves are as high as ten feet tall. There has been reports of footsteps and people speaking in what sounds like German.
Jeffersonville-Clarksville Border-Colgate Palmolive Factory-This building was originally the Indiana State Prison South. The prisoners were supposedly mistreated, and some were forced into prostitution.  There has been apparition and shadowy figures seen moving around the building.  Voices, footsteps, and sobbing have all been heard when no one is around. There are several spots in the building were a strong unexplainable presence, as well as cold spots.
Jeffersonville-Jeffersonville High School-Auditorium-The auditorium is haunted by the spirit of an unknown woman.  People have reported seeing her on several occasions.  Objects have been seen moving by unseen hands, this even occurs when several people are present.  There has been some occurrences when people have gotten hurt due to these actions. During the construction of the building, a construction worker was killed.  There has been several people who have claimed to see his ghost.
Jerome-Jerome Cemetery-People have reported seeing a man dressed in all black wearing a cape with two large black dogs with glowing red eyes walking around the cemetery.  Several people have reported being chased out of the cemetery by the man and/or the dogs.
Kendallville-First Assembly of God Church-There has been numerous reports of paranormal activity at this church. People have heard scratching on the walls, footsteps and disembodied voices. There has also been numerous cold spots and hot spots.  There has even been a few people who said they were touched by unseen hands. A dark shadowy figure has been seen moving objects around (most chairs), and even tossing them at people. The figure has been known to chase people out of the basement. Several members of the church have been injured while in the church, some have had scratches and cuts appear for no reason. The church is located at 815 RILEY ROAD, KENDALLVILLE IN 46755 Phone: (219)347-2096
Kendallville-The Strand Movie Theater-The theater is haunted by a previous owner who committed suicide in the projection room. The apparition of the man has been seen in the projection room watching the people in the theater. When someone looks up at the window in the projection room, the man ducks out of view.
Kewana-Kewana & Fulton Cemetery-There is a cemetery located between these two cemeteries. This is said to be a place where there was a lot of violence. There were two graves that were vandalized by a group of teenage kids. The graves were that of a man and his wife who were killed in a fatal car accident in the 1960's. Now, the two are said to guard the cemetery and chase off anyone who comes in there.
Kouts-Baums Bridge Inn-There is suppose to be an apparition of a man with a dim light surrounding that is is said to scare off anyone who comes there are night fall. People have said that the man can move hundreds of feet in the blink of an eye.
Kokomo-Adams Mill Bridge-Legend says that if you drive past the mill and cross the bridge, then stop and get out of the car, you will be able to see several apparitions walking near the river.  If there figures are approached they will disappear into thin air.
Kokomo-Carter Road & 400 North-There is an old house that sits on the northeast corner, that is haunted by an elderly lady. A man lived with his elderly lady in the home until she passed away. Shortly after her death the man began seeing heapparitionon, hearing footsteps, and began to notice several electricadisturbanceses.  He could not deal with the activity and moved out of the home. People have seen apparitions and bright glowing orbs moving past the windows and around the home.
Kokomo-Gateway Gardens Apartments- The Gateway Gardens apartment complex has an eerie look and is said to be cursed. People have reported seeingapparitionss, including a pair of legs, moving shadows, and have seen what appear to be teardrops and blooddrippingg from the ceiling. There has also been reports of doors opening and slamming closed, TVs, lights, and other electrical appliances turning on and off by themselves. Infants, small children and pets have beenlevitatedd and held in the air by an unseen forced, then dropped. Many people believe the place is evil, and refuse to ever go back.
Kokomo-Old Jabob's Funeral Home-The former funeral home is now being used by House of Jordan Entertainment as a recording studio. The building was built in 1901 and just has an eerie look and feel. People have reported seeing shadows, apparitions, orbs, ectoplasmic mist, just about anything you can think of. There are numerous electrical disturbances, disembodied voices, footsteps, and knocking. Most of the activity occurs in the basement.
Kokomo-"Satan Church"-This old boarded up church is located in the country near Russiaville and is well known to be haunted. There is a graveyard that is said to have been used by cults to perform rituals.  People have reported seeing glowing red eyes in the church and among the tombstones. People have also reported seeing glowing orbs, and a heavy mist. There has also been several reports of disembodied voices, whispers, and growling noises. The activity takes place in the church, as well as the graveyard.
Kosciosko-Columbia City-A Fort Wayne based hospital bought this former funeral home to house it's home health care agency. Many of the employees have a strange eerie feeling, like they are constantly being watched and followed around. No one wants to be in the building alone, especially after dark. There are numerous electrical disturbances, cold spots, and objects are moved by unseen hands. A few of the employees have also reported that they have been touched by unseen hands, and state that it is a very cold touch that chills them to the spine. While one of the employee's child was visit them at work, they asked about the other people in the office.  The child's mother asked the child,"Who and where do you see them?" The child pointed at them, but their mother could not see them. 
La Porte-Hangman's Road /Oreland-Legend says that a young couple returning from a date had their car break down on this stretch. The young man left his girlfriend in the car to find help. When he returned he did not see her in the car, then he noticed a drop of blood on the windshield of the car.  He looked up and his girlfriend was hanging upside down from a tree with her neck cut. People have reported seeing he ghost walking around the area and some have seen her ghost hanging from the a tree. People experience a lot of car problems in this area.  It is located next to a swamp, which makes the location a little more creepy.  This is most likely an urban legend.
La Porte-'I' and 10th Street Clinic-This was used by the Native American Indians on who stopped and made camp on route to Trail of Tears. During one of the winters stays, a young woman died. There is now a clinic on top of the small hill. There have been reports of the elevator working by it's self, objects have been moved by unseen hands, and one of the restrooms has been locked from the inside several times, and there is no other way to get out of the restroom, except the door. Located across the street from the La Porte High School baseball field on "I" and 10th streets.
La Porte-La Porte High School-There have been numerous paranormal events in and around the school. There are lights that turn off and on by themselves, doors and lockers open and slam shut, toilets flush by themselves, cold spots are felt, and there are unusual odors that are smelled.
La Porte-La Porte Medical Building-The building sits on the site of an old Indian burial site.  Doors have been known to open and shut, lights turn on and off by themselves, and the apparition of a Native American woman has been seen several times.
La Porte-Posey Chapel-A church once stood here, but burned to the ground back in the 1800's. A former preacher hung himself from a tree that is just inside the gate. There is a pavilion located where the chapel once stood and is the center of most of the activity. People have reported seeing apparitions, including that of the preacher hanging from the tree. There has also been a pair of red glowing eyes, and red orbs moving around the surrounding woods. People have also heard whispers, but they are so faint that what is being said can not be understood.
Laborite-Posey Chapel-Once you enter the property you are overwhlemed, your heart starts pounding, and an undescribable heaviness is felt. There have been several reports of appairitons being seen here. Some have claimed to see the appariaiton of a woman in white on the top of the hill, and other have seen an appariation of a nun crossing the street. People have also reported hearing disembodied voices, the faint sound of music and a woman singing, although what the woman is singing can not be made out.
LaCrosse-Phegley Highway-There has been various reports of two men carrying a light on the railroad tracks. If approached the men will vanish into thin air. No one knows who the men are or where they are headed.
Lafayette-Harrison Cemetery-People have claimed to have been touched by unseen hands, and have objects thrown at them while visiting here. There is an overwhelming presence that seems to watch and follow anyone visiting. There have been shadows seen moving through the cemetery, and disembodied voices, moans, and cries have all been heard. There have also been reports of headstones being moved around the cemetery. The cemetery is located directly behind the Harrison High School.
Lafayette-Pythian Home-This is a nursing home for elderly people and people who can not take care of themselves. Over the course of years, several of the patients have passed away. There have been appariations seen, and voices, footsteps, cries and moans heard.  There has also been lights turning off and on by themselves, doors open and slamming shut, and the occassional feeling of someone brushing up against your body or touching you.
Lake County-Lowell-Lake Prairie Cemetery-There has been a lot of paranormal activity in the cemetery for a long time. People have reported seeing glowing orbs, ectoplasmic mist, shadow figures moving through the cemetery, and even the occassional appariation.  People have reported hearing voices, faint whispers, moaning and cries. The southern section of the cemetry has the most activity. It is located two miles west of Route 41 on Calumet Avenue.
Lake Station-River Forest Junior High-A young boy supposedly died in the gym. People have reported cold spots, and hearing the boy crying help.
Lake Village-Old Gas Station House-People have reported seeing balls and streaks of light throughout the building. There has also been two different appariations seen in the building on numerous occassions. People have heard what sounds like banging on the walls, footsteps, a buzzing noise, and voices.
Lawrenceburg-Greendale Cemetery-There has been numerous reports of people seeing white and gray appariations, they are usually women. The site of these figures is said to be indescribable. Cold spots in the cemetery are a very common occurrence.
Lawrenceburg-Whiskey's Restaurant-The building was originally two separate homes, then became a button factory. One of the former residents of one of the homes died in the home.  The room that she died in is now a room called "The Malt Room."  The woman ghost now haunts the restaurant. People have reported seeing her apparition, smelling her perfume, and even being touched by her unseen hands.
Lebanon-The Old Lebanon High School-The school is closed and the building is abandoned. The ghost of a former teacher is believed to haunt the upper floor.  People have reported seeing strange glowing lights inside the building on the upper floor. It seems like someone is looking out of the school and staring directly at you.
Leesburg-Sawmill Lake-This is a very old white home on the point. In the 1970's a drunk driver crashed his car into the home and ended up dying.  The man;s ghost now haunts the home.  He has been know to people as "Whitey." The apparition of the man has been seen on numerouoccasionsns. People have also reported seeing strange mists throughout the home. People have heard a man yelling and sounding very angry and upset multipleploccasionsns. There has also been numerous other strange and unusual noises heard.
Leo-Cedar Canyons-There is an apparition of an elderly man in his sixties seen walking down the country road that is right down the road from a cemetery located on Cedar Canyons near Auburn Road and the Vandolah Nature Preserve. There have been many reports of people seeing several shadows and a pair of red glowing eyes in the back of the cemetery.  Several people have also visited the cemetery on the night of a full moon and have claimed to see the apparition of a little girl in the middle of the cemetery.
Lewisville Henry County-Guyer Opera House-This Opera house is haunted by several ghosts. The one that is most often felt and seen is that of the founder, O.K. Guyer. Mr. Guyer died the same year that the opera house opened.  His funeral was held in the building. People have reported seeing his ghost throughout the building, and is never described as being scaring.  It seems he still has an interest in the opera house. There is also a ghost of a young boy that has been seen and felt. The boy is believed to have died in the opera house when a bullet ricocheted into the audience and struck the boy during a Wild West show. People have reported hearing voices and footsteps when no one is around.
Liberty Mills-Liberty Mills Public Access-Several years ago, a car of teenage girls was driving past the P.A.P., when the driver lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle jumped the curb and struck several trees. The girls were ejected from the vehicle and killed. People report hearing the faint cries and moans of the girls in the area where the girls were killed.
Linden-Slab Town-In the early 1900's there was a two story home built to house the mentally insane. Several students would volunteer their time to help out.  One day, one of the residents of the home brutally beat and raped one of the students. The house was set on fire, killing the students and the residents inside. The home burnt to the ground, but the foundation still remains. People driving down the road toward the remains of the home report seeing a massive fire, but when they get closer there is nothing there. People have also heard the screams and cries of the people who died there.
Logansport-Mount Hope Cemetery-The cemetery was founded in the early 1800's. People have reported hearing horses galloping, but there are no horses in the area. People have also said that if someone whistles, then one of the spirits will whistle back.
Logansport-Shiloh-There are numerous paranormal events that take place here. Legend says that on the night of a full moon that a headless horseman will appear at midnight.  It is said that if you walk around the church three times, then look into the basement window an apparition of a little girl will be staring back at you. There is also a mysterious semi that appears out of no where and chases people.
Loogootee-JFK Gym-The boys basketball team use to run laps around the upper floor of the gym. During a practice, one of the boys fell and was killed instantly. People have reported hearing someone running laps around the track, and then hearing a loud thump, but when they look no one is there.  The apparition of the boy has also been seen a handful of times.
Loogootee-Loogootee Elementary East-The spirit of a former janitor haunts this school.  The janitor committed suicide by hanging himself from the doorway of the boy's bathroom. People who are in the school after dark have reported seeing the apparition of the janitor moping the floors, and wandering the halls. There has also been reports of people hearing footsteps and the jingling of keys.
Lowell-Gypsy's Grave Yard-People have reported hearing voices, whispers, and faint screams, this mostly occurs near the back of the cemetery and sometimes sounds like it is coming from the woods. Some of the graves are soft when walked on, and a milky white mist has been seen forming around some of the headstones.
Lowell-Indiana Bridge-Legend has that three people were murdered at a nearby mansion and there bodies were thrown from the bridge. There has been reports of people seeing ectoplasmic mist forming, and glowing white orbs. People have also heard moans coming from under the bridge. Many people have experienced problems with their cars when going over the bridge, but once over the bridge the cars work perfectly fine.  Take I-65 to the Lowell exit, and then take a right on Clay Street.
Lowell-Intersection 173rd Ave and Holtz Road-There are two large hills on 173rd as you are headed east. When you make it to the top of either hill you will be able to see the intersection of 173rd and Holtz Road. People have reported seeing the flashing lights of police and ambulances at the intersection. As you continue driving, you will not be able to see the intersection, but when you approach the intersection there is no sign of any accident.
Macy-Slaughter House Road-The abandoned buildings of the old slaughter house can still be seen here today. People have reported seeing the ghostly apparitions of cows in and near the buildings.  The sounds of the cows crying out as they were being slaughtered can still be heard. There has been reports from nearby farmers that their livestock have been slaughtered right in their own pastures. The slaughter house is located down a narrow gravel road, on the east side of U.S. 31 about two miles southwest of Macy.
Madison-American Legion Post 9-There have been several strange noises, footsteps, and whispers heard. There has also been the apparitions of an elderly man and woman seen.  Cold spots are often felt, and lights have gone on and off by themselves.  The majority of the activity takes place in the basement.
Madison-Clifty Falls State Park-There has been several reports of the disembodied moans and cries on the walkway near the large tree just before the falls.
Madison-Jefferson County Public Library-The building was originally a home prior being converted into the library. The ghost of a young man is believed to haunt the building. People have nicknamed the ghost Charlie. People have reported seeing his apparition in a wheelchair throughout the library.  The elevator has been a hot spot for activity. The elevator was put into the building so the young man could go between floors with ease. There have been reports of cold spots in the elevator, and young women have reported being touched and rubbed by unseen hands.
Madison-Ohio Theater-The balcony in this theater is haunted by numerous spirits. People have reported seeing glowing balls of light and the apparition of a man up there. There has also been reports of disembodied screams and moans heard generating from the balcony. The majority of the activity takes place late in the night when very few people are present.
Madison-Ridge-People have reported hearing the voices and laughter of small children playing. There have been cold spots felt and the apparition of a white dog have been seen.
Mansfield-There have been many spectral images of people dressed in period garb seen throughout this old town. There has been reports of people hearing horse and wagons going up and down the streets. Some people have even said that they have heard noises coming from the old mill, they said it sounded like it was still in operation.
Marengo-The Carl Smith House-Just by looking at this house, it appears to have the classic haunted house look. Over the years several people have died in the house. People have reported doors opening and closing, lights turning off and on, and cold spots have been felt. There has been footsteps, disembodied voices, and other strange noises heard in the house when no others were present. Due to the large amount of activity in the house, some people have said that the house maybe a portal.
Marion-Charles Road-During the early 1900s one winter evening a family was headed down this road in their horse and wagon on the way to church. The family did not make it to church causing their fellow church members to go looking for them. The family's wagon was found on the side of the road abandoned. The search party found the family in the nearby woods, all brutally murdered. The family members were all decapitated. People have reported hearing screams and cries coming from the woods. There has also been reports of several bright white orbs in the woods.
Marion (Grant County)-The Hostess House-This huge four story mansion is haunted by a woman who was murdered here many years ago. The woman was a resident of the mansion and someone broke in a murdered her. The woman's apparition wearing a long white gown has been seen in the mansion and on the balcony. The mansion is open to the public for tours.
Markleville-Main Street Graveyard-People have reported seeing apparitions and shadow figures in the cemetery. There has been reports of strange voices and noises as well. An eerie feeling is felt upon arrival in the cemetery.
Marshall-Plymouth & Muckshaw Road-Legend says that a group of teenage kids would pile in an old pick-up truck and cause trouble around town.  One night the teenagers were involved in a fatal accident. It is said that the ghostly truck filled with the teenagers appears on the nights of full moons and chases people around town.
Martinsville-Morgan Monroe Forest-Stepp Cemetery-There is an appariation of a  lady dressed in a white gown that has been several times of the years. The woman gave birth to a child who died. Now in the afterlife, her and her child are together. She has been known to sit on a tree stump in the cemetery and hum to her child. This story is very well known in Martinsville.
Matthews-Elizabeth Town-The town is very old and almost a ghost town. There have been several paranormal events that have taken place here over the years. People have reported seeing a woman dressed in black standing near the town sign that is said to stare at people that are passing. At the Olive Branch Cemetery there are moving shadows that change form and lurk throughout the cemetery. There are also several strange voices and noises that have been heard.
Merrillville/Griffith-Reeder Road-This location is haunted by several different spirits. The first is that of a young woman named Elizabeth Wilson. Elizabeth was killed in 1955 when the car that she was driving went off the road and into the swamp. She drown as a result. Her apparaition has been seen on the side of the road. People have picked her up and offered her a ride home, but once they reach the Ross Cemetery she disappears.The area is rumored to have been used by Chicago mobsters to dump bodies in the 1920s and 1930s. Most of the bodies were not discovered until the 1960s when the area was being developed. The area has also been known to have been the area where several people have committed suicide. The area has also been used by people to perform rituals that use animal sacrifice. There has been numerous sightings of appariations, orbs, ghost lights, phantom cars and shadow figures. People have reported hearing voices, and screams.
Michigan City-White House on 50 North-There is a vacant house where it is rumored that a man went insane and murdered his entire family. It is also rumored that he buried them in the basement floor. People have reported hearing cries and moans coming from inside the home. The house is located on 50 North just off of US 421.
Middlebury-CR.18-Several years ago an Amish man was struck by a car and killed. People have reported seeing the apparition of the man walking along the samestretchh of road where he was killed. People have seeing the man walking and vanish into this air.
Mishawaka-Hacienda Mexican Restaurant-Prior to being a restaurant, this mansion was a home for many years. One of the former owners is rumored to have had an affair with one of his servants.  The woman became pregnant. He went into the basement andcommittedd suicide by shooting himself in the head.  The woman went into the attic and hung herself.  People have seen the ghostly image of the man and the woman wandering throughout the home. Strange noise and cries have been heard coming from the attic. There has been doors opening and closing by themselves. On severaloccasionss the lights have flickered on and off by themselves. There are also several places in the home where  cold spots have been felt. The water in the bathrooms have also been known to turn off and on.
Mitchell-Spring Mill State Park-This is a very old section with several log homes and an old mill. People have seen lights and people in the buildings at night when no one is around. There is also an old cemetery that is haunted by an unknown man. The man was thevictimm of murder, and his identity is unknown, so he was buried in a potters grave. People have reported seeing the apparition of the man walking from his grave to another grave that is believed to be the man who murdered him.
Morristown-Copper Kettle Inn-This historic eatery, is well known for 'it's family chicken , but it is reputed for the numerous spirits that haunt this location.
Mount Vernon-Robin Hill-Sitting on top of the hill is a beautiful old white home. During the times of the civil war the home was usedas part of the ungroundrailroad.  The home is suppose to be host to several different paranormal events. The home is now being turned into a Bed & Breakfast.  Located at 9th and Mill.
Mulberry-Hamilton Road-On this you will find several haunted places. The first one is a single lane bridge, where a short angry looking man has been known to appear out of no where and chase after people passing. The next place is an old graveyard. A church once stood in the woods in the back of the graveyard until it caught fire and burned down. People have claimed to see flames coming from the woods and seen apparitions screaming and running out of the woods.  The last location on this road is a set of railroad tracks just past the graveyard. In the early 1900s a young boy was supposedly killed here. People have claimed to seen his apparition playing near and on the tracks.
Muncie-West 6th Apartment Complex-There is an apartment here that the landlord has trouble renting out for more than a few months at a time. It is believed to be haunted by a young boy and his mother, who both died in the home.  There has been the apparitions seen upstairs, items have been moved by unseen hands,  and the children were actually tuck into bed by the ghosts. There has also been voices and footsteps heard as well.
Muncie-Ball State University-Elliot Hall-A young man attended the university after coming back from fighting in WWII.  He was badly burned in the war and became very depressed.  He committed suicide in this building by hanging himself.  People have said they have can hear a table being dragged across the floor to the location where he hung himself.  There has also been a few people who have claimed to he his apparition hanging and swaying from the cross members.
Munster-The Bieker House-The Bieker House is a very well known location to those in Indiana. The house has been vacant for several years. It is supposedly haunted by a woman dress in white. She has been seen several different times by different individuals at various times of the the day. It is believed by many that she is a former resident of the home.  The Bieker House was well known for it's huge red barn, which also made it easy to locate. However, the barn caught fire and burned down. It is believed that an electrical fire was the cause.
New Albany-Culbertson Mansion-The mansion is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a woman. She is believed to be the wife of the first owner and remained in the mansion after her death to due to the mistreatment of her children by her husband's new wife.  Her apparition has been seen mainly on the third floor. People have also her footsteps pacing back and fourth. The Culbertson Mansion is open to the public and tours are available. Culbertson Mansion
New Albany-Saint Joe Road Cemetery-In the center of the cemetery is an old tree that was used as a hanging tree back in the days when hanging was conducted. People have experienced cold spots and have seen ghostly figures hanging from the tree. It is said when you are anywhere close to the tree you get a strong uneasy feeling, some people have become dizzy and sick to their stomachs. A black shadowy figure has also been seen waling throughout the cemetery.
New Carlisle-PrimRose Road-There is a quarter mile stretch of road that is heavily wooded and is known to be the site of a ghost truck. People have reported seeing and being chased by a phantom vintage pick-up truck. As quickly as it appears, it seems to vanish into thin air.  There have been a few people who claim that the truck was headed straight towards them, only to pass right through their cars.
New Corydon-Jay County-The Laughing Scarecrow-Mostly during the fall, a strange figure or ghostly apparition of some sort resembling a scarecrow has appeared in and around the town of New Corydon.  The figure appears mostly in the area of just south of 116, which is a country road that is heavily wooded. The scarecrow is said to laugh and screech at people passing by.  People often report a feeling of coldness, doom, and pure evil as they pass through this area.
New Corydon-Jay County-Old School House-Local legend says that this old schoolhouse is haunted by the spirits of former students and a teacher. People have seen shadowy figures and strange glowing lights coming from inside the schoolhouse. A group of teenagers supposedly went to the schoolhouse many years ago to see if it was truly haunted, after leaving one of the teens became ill and died. People say that you can see her standing in the window of the schoolhouse.
New Haven-Historical City Hall Building-The building was built in 1913 and served as a city hall, jailhouse, and a fire station. It is also believed to have once been used as a temporary morgue. The building has since been remodeled and used for business. People have reported seeing apparitions, balls of light, and shadowy figures. There has also been unexplained odors smelled. There as been numerous voices and footsteps heard throughout the building. The lights have also been know to flicker and turn off and on.  A few people have also seen and heard doors slam shut and open again by themselves.
New Mount Pleasant-Cinderella's Grave-There is a path behind the Jay County Conversation Club that goes into the woods and leads to an old cemetery that dates back to the 1800s. There is one grave marked with the name Cinderella that is suppose to that of a young boy. People have said that it you enter the cemetery at night and count the thirteen stones leading back to Cinderella's grave and turn back and count the other way, there will only be eleven. On the night of the full moon people have reported seeing the young buy sitting on his headstone.
North Judson-Dog-face Bridge-Legend says that a young couple were parked here and murdered by a mad man.  The location is now haunted by the couple. People say that if you visit the location late at night you can see their car and hear the woman's screams.  The bridge is also haunted by a dog that was killed there as well. People have heard his ghostly howls.
North Webster-North Webster Elementary-The school is haunted by a former teacher and a student. The young boy has been seen dressed in khakis and a blue sweater playing, and turning off the lights. Students and staff have seen him in the library looking at books and trying to check them out.  The second floor is haunted by a former teacher. People have seen her apparition and heard her high heel shoes click across the floor. Numerous lights and electrical items turn off and on by themselves. Doors and windows have opened and closed by themselves as well.
Oakland City-Oakland City College-Cockram Hall-The tower of the college is haunted by the wife of the founder of the college, Colonel William Cockram. She hung herself in the upstairs of the tower. People have reported seeing the doors open and close, as well as seeing her apparition hanging and/or a bright orange glow.
Oakville-An-urban Railroad-The An-urban railroad ran through Oakville back in the day. After it no longer ran, the tracks were removed. The trail that the railroad ran through is still here and said to be haunted by the slaves who built it. People have seen the apparition of slaves building the railroad, and have heard strange noises. People have also encountered phantom chains.  There is still an old Ar-urbanrailroadd station still standing in Springport, and it is supposedly haunted as well.
Old Oaklandon-Fire Station-There are a number of strange and unexplained phenomenon that has taken place at this station.  People have seen strange shadows moving throughout the station. The doors, including the large bay doors have opened and closed by themselves.  It is believed that a former fireman, who has passed on is the one responsible for the activity.
Orangeville-Bond's Chapel-The cemetery is the location of two well known haunts. The first is a grave of a young man who was killed in WWII. He and his girlfriend wanted to get married before he went off to fight in the war, but her parents forbid it. She vowed to wait for him. He was killed and returned for burial. The young woman watched his funeral from a distance across the street.  People have reported seeing the apparition of a young woman dressed in black across the street from his grave-site. The other story is that of a slave owner, who killed a slave by beating him to death with a chain. The wife of the slave had a shaman place a curse on the slave owner for eternity to remind him of his terrible actions. After the slave owner died, a chain appeared on his headstone. The chain could not be explained, and is said to remind everyone of this man's actions.
Osgood-Devils Elbow-Local legend says that this stretch of road is haunted by evil spirits. People have reported seeing red glowing eyes, an apparition of a woman a white dress that appears from no where, and then vanishes into thin air.  People have also experienced unexplainable car problems when driving this stretch of road.  Cars will stall or the power will dim, but as soon as they leave the area the problems are gone.
Parke Bellmore-Old Bellmore Schoolhouse-The school is in ruins, but is said to be haunted by a little boy. There has been cold spots felt near the old boiler room. People have reported hearing the voice of a little boy playing. A few have said they have seen the apparition of the little boy playing. Legend says that the boy was killed down in the boiler room and his body disposed of in the furnace. When people go in the area they have reported having bricks and rocks thrown at them.
Pekin-Washington School-The girl's bathroom on third floor of the building has been where most of the unexplained activity occurs. People have reported hearing giggling, the lights have turned on and off, and the door has open and closed by it's self.
Pendleton-Falls Creek Park-In 1945 two young lovers named John and Rachel were playing around chasing one another. As they were running across the bridge, they were not paying attend to where they were going, when Rachel trip and hit her head on a rock. She feel into the water, and John dove into the water after her. They both drown. People have reported seeing the entire tragedy take place. While other just hear John's screams.
Pendleton-Main Street Graveyard-Just on the outskirts of town, this cemetery has the grave site of a young girl who was suspected of being the devil.  People have reported an eerie mist coming from her headstone, and there is a plant at the grave site that has began to form the shape of a pitchfork.
Peru-Old Stone House-The house was used in the underground railroad, but caught fire several years ago and has been abandoned. People have reported strange and mysterious lights coming from the inside of the house.
Pike County-Blackfoot Cemetery-The cemetery is out in the middle of the country and has been known for paranormal activity. People have reported seeing glowing balls of light, apparition and shadowy figures in the cemetery. There has been voices and eerie noises heard throughout the cemetery. There is one headstone that stands alone, local legends say it is that of a witch.
Plevna-Ferrell House-There once was a house and barn that stood here.  There has been reports of people seeing an apparition of a woman in white and bright red orbs moving around the grounds.
Plymouth-Hayloft Restaurant-The building dates back to the 1800's and was a working barn until the 1970's. People have reported seeing the apparition of an old Indian farmer. Items have been known to fall over, move by themselves or disappear and reappear all together. There has also been the unusual odors smelt.  The location has burned down.
Poland-Poland Cemetery-There is a grave-site of a five year old boy, who was said to be the devil. People have said to have seen the little boy hiding behind a tree in the cemetery and is said to have horns growing from his head.
Poland-Zion Church Cemetery-A ghostly figure of a man has been reported to jump in front of cars in the cemetery and those passing by. 
Porter-Michigan City-Devils Bridge-The mob used this area for dumping bodies back in the 1920's and 30's. It is believed that there are still several bodies that are still buried here. The location is known to be a place of satanic rituals to this day. People have reported seeing ghost lights, apparitions, shadowy figures, and eerie mists. There has also been screams, voices, the sound of gunshots, and chants that have been heard here when no one else is around. It is located off County Line Road on the Porter side.
Porter-Porter County-Historical Society of Porter County Old Jail Museum-There has been numerous sightings of apparitions here. People have also reported the opening and closing of doors. Items have gone missing, just to reappear later or not at all.
Portage-Old Porter Road-There has been reports of a strange dog-like creature along the railroad tracks between Portage and Burns Harbor that line Old Porter Road.  The creature is said to have two yellow glowing eyes, and long body with thin legs and a tail.  Residences and railroad workers have reported this strange creature for decades.
Portage-Wolf Mansion-Legend says that a slave owner killed all of his slaves, including the children after slavery was made illegal. He was so mad that he killed his own family and shot himself in the head. People have reported seeingapparitionss of peoplethroughoutt the house and often looking out the windows. People who have been in the house have said that they feel like they wereconstantlyy being  watched. Some have been touched, brushed against, and a few have said that it felt like someone was breathing down their necks. There has been reports of the bell in the bell tower ringing, although there is no longer a bell.  Doors have been known to open and close by themselves.  Monks and other apparitions have been seen throughout the mansion and grounds. Items have disappeared and reappear in the exact same spot hours or even days later. There has been reports of footsteps, voices and screams heard in the mansion.
Princeton-Bulldog Bridge-This is an old bridge that is located on the back roads as you are headed east out of Princeton. The bridge has been the place of many suicides, mostly by hanging. In the 1990's a man was found dead in his car and the dead remains unexplained. People have reported cold spots in the middle of the summer heat. People have reported seeing apparitions of people hanging from the bridge. There has also been disembodied voices, cries, and strange growling noises coming from the surrounding cornfields.
Reedsville-Dick Huffman Bridge-The bridge is haunted by a ghost of a drunken man, Late one night the man was walking home after a night f heavy drinking and thought he could fly, so he jumped off the bridge, he was killed.  People have seen the man walking the bridge and jumping off, he disappears before he hits the water.
Reelsville-Four Arches-Four Arches is a train trestle that has a tunnel running through it over the four arches. The last arch is supposedly the final resting place of a murdered woman.  People have seen the apparition of a woman standing near this arch. There has also been reports of a ghost train passing through every now and then.
Reelsville-Reners Quarry-This location is haunted by several spirits who lost their lives in a mine explosion. People have reported hearing a loud explosion, screams, voices, moans, and cries.
Rensselaer-Memory Gardens-There is a statue in the back of the cemetery that is said to move and watch those who come in the cemetery. People have reported seeing the statues head and arms move positions. There is an overwhelming feeling of being watch when you go into this cemetery.
Rensselaer-Moody's Light-Along the rural farm roads there is an apportion of a man that carries a lantern. He is believed to be a man that used to live in the area and is still watching over his family and land.  The lantern's light  has been known to change size, shape, color, and has even been reported floating by it's self.
Rensselaer-St. Joseph College-The chapel at St Joseph's is said to be haunted by an unknown spirit. People have reports a strange glowing mystery light near the top of the chapel.  The light will appear out of no where and disappear into thin air.
Rensselaer-St. Joseph College-Aquinas Hall-There was supposedly an exorcism that took place here, but the details of why are unknown.  When asked about it, the priests will deny it happen or just say it is no ones business.
Rensselaer-St. Joseph College-Drexel Hall-This building is now on Indian's most Endangered Lankmarks list.  Most of the building is in terrible condition, but the chapel remains in almost perfect condition. People report hearing voices in the heads when they are in the chapel. People have also seen the apparition of a man in the back of the chapel.
Rensselaer-St. Joseph College-Dwenger Hall-The hall is reportedly haunted by a priest who committed suicide. People have seen his ghostly figure roaming the halls.
Rensselaer-St. Joseph College-Hallas Hall-The building is haunted by the ghost of an infant child. One of the young students gave birth to a still born baby, and disposed of the body without telling anyone about it. People have reported hearing the cries of the baby ever since.
Rensselaer-St. Joseph College-Theater-The theater is supposed to be the haunted or at least the most active place on campus. People have said that a priest hung himself in the theater. A student also supposedly hung himself in the same theater. Now, people have reported seeing a ghost figure in the theater, cold spots have been felt, and disembodied voices are heard. There has also been reports of people being touched by unseen hands.
Rensselaer-Twin Cemeteries-There are two cemeteries that are on the same road, across the road from each other. Local legend says that there was a young couple in love whose families did not approve of their love. The couple was determined to be together forever, so they committed suicide. In their suicide notes they said their final wish was to buried side by side, but the families hated each other so much the buried they in separate cemeteries.  People have said that they have seen the brunette woman in a long white dress and a man dress in a black suit walking from the cemeteries to meet each other.
Richmond-Earlham College-In the 1800's there was a group of students who were at the back campus and there trying to cross a pipe that ran over a creek. One of them lost their grip and fell hitting their head and drowning. People have reported hearing disembodied screams coming from the creek, and some have claimed to see someone in the water frantically pleading for help.
Rochester-Dead Man's College-This is supposedly a one room school built in the 1870's on top of an abandoned family cemetery.  There is suppose to be a grave underneath the first step leading into the school. People have said that you can hear children laughing and playing at all hours of the day and night. There has also been sighting of numerous apparition of small children. This location is also linked to Prill School, because one of Sister Sarah's baby's is buried here.
Rochester-Earl's Tree Cemetery-The cemetery is haunted by a three year old boy named Earl. The boy has been seen playing near the tree by his grave. People have also heard his disembodied voice. Located just off State Road 25 on 300 South.
Rochester-Olson Road-There once was an old slaughter house on Olson Road between Old and New 31, just along side the river. The building is gone.  However, people have said that on occasion they can see it, then it disappears into thin air.
Rochester-Prill School-The school is haunted by a former teacher named Sister Sarah. Her ghostly figure has been seen around the school, but is most often seen near the large tree in the schoolyard. People have many strange encounters while visiting this location.
Rockport-Eureka Road-Residents along this street have experiences several unexplainable events. Apparitions have been seen numerous times, including that of men riding horses right through their homes. There has been disembodied voices, footsteps and strange noise heard in the homes. Numerous electrical disturbances have also been reported, such as TVs, lights, radios turning off and on by themselves. Doors have opened and close by themselves as well.
Rolling Prairie-Lambs Chapel-People have reported feeling cold spots and seeing the apparition of a young woman running from behind the Lambs Chapel through the cemetery. It is said that the young woman's car broke down near the chapel and a man chased her through the cemetery, where is killed her.
Schererville-Scherwood Lake Apartments-Shortly after being built a young boy drown in the pond near the complex. People have heard the the little boy screams for help and have seen him in the water drowning.  People have jumped in to save him, but he is never found.
Scottsburg-Bridgewater Cemetery-The cemetery sits on top of a hill in the middle of no where. People have reported seeing a headstone that glows, and an apparition of a man who guards the gates. People have reported being chased out of the cemetery by this phantom.
Scottsburg-Scott County Heritage Center and Museum-The building at one time housed the county poor farm. People have reported smelling strange odors, hearing voices, a baby crying, and footsteps when no one else is around. Lights have been turned off and on when the building is locked and no one is present.
Sellersburg-Old Man Ike's House-The house is where a man murdered several members of his own family before killing himself. People have reported hearing screams, and a loud banging noise. There has also been a ghost light seen moving throughout the home. The house is located behind an old factory in Sellersburg.
Seymour-Papa John's Pizza-The employees at this Papa John's have reported seeing the apparition of a man dress in a blue uniform. He appears at various times of the day and night, and appears from no where and disappears into thin air. They have also reported a loud knocking on the wall from the empty store next to them.
Shadowwood-Sigma Pi Fraternity Headquarters-The house is believed to be haunted by the children of the original owner of the home.  There have been numerous cold spots felt. Numerous apparition and shadowy figures have been seen throughout the home. People have reported hearing voices, children playing, and footsteps. Lights have been known to flicker and turn off and on by themselves.
Sharpsville-The Old Factory-The old factory has been closed down for years, but it seems that the activity inside still goes on. People have reported hearing people talking and metal clanging inside when no one is there.
Shelby-Waldron-River Road-The apparition of a man has been seen here on numerous occasions.  There has also been reports of his cries for help heard here at times.  It is believed that the man maybe a man that was killed in an accident along this road.
Shelbyville-The Twins House-In the 1940's there were twin boys, who murdered their own parents in cold blood.  The two then turned on each other, and began to exchange blows in a knife fight. They both dies from their wounds. People have heard the sounds of fighting, and screams coming from the home. There has also been apparitions of the twins seen in the home to this day.
Shoals-Brooks Bridge-A young teen girl committed suicide by jumping off this bridge. People have reported seeing her standing at the end of the bridge crying and then jumping, but she seems to disappear into thin air before hitting the water below.
Shoals-Peggy Holler-Just on the outskirts of the town, you will find a spot commonly known as Peggy Holler. This location is haunted by a local resident whose husband in a blind rage killed her and cut off her head. People have reported seeing strange ectoplasmic mists forming out of nowhere, and the headless apparition of Peggy wandering around.  There has also been several people that have heard strange noises, screams, and a man's voice that is believed to be Peggy's husband still hollering out her name.
Shoals-The New Gym-The new gym here is believed to be haunted by those who were buried on this land.  It is believed that several bodies were buried on this land long ago. There has been reports of shadowy figures, basketballs that come bouncing out of nowhere by themselves, doors opening and slamming shut. There have also been anumberr of voices and strange things heard when no one else is around.
South Bend-Holiday Inn City Center-There has been reports of people seeing the apparition of a woman dress in a flight attendants uniform in one of the rooms. Some have said that the woman died in the room several years back, but this could not be verified.
South Bend-Juday Creek Bridge-When walking the old trail and just over the bridge of the Juday Creek there has been reports of people seeing the apparition of an elderly man holding a lantern.  The man is believed to be that of a train engineer that committed suicide.
South Bend-North Michigan & Dreamworld-A woman that was walking her dog along the railroad tracks was hit and killed by a train.  People have seen the apparitions of the woman and her dog. They are seen walking down the tracks to the spot were they were killed, then they disappear.
South Bend-Old Roller Coster Road (Sycamore Road)-There has been reports of numerous people seeing and being chased by phantom ghost cars.  The cars have appeared out of nowhere and have disappeared into thin air.  There incidents have been the cause of several accidents.
South Bend-Potato Creek State Park-Over the years there have been several people, including children, that have drown at the beach while swimming.  People have been fishing across the creek at night or at times of the year when the beach is closed, and have reported seeing a child in the water, bobbing up and down screaming for help. People have jumped into the water and swam over to help, but before they reach the child, he disappears. On other occasions, people have reported hearing a child playing and screaming out for his mother.
South Bend-Saint Mary's College-Le Mans Hall -The apparition of a girl who committed suicide in the bell tower by hanging herself has been seen here on several occasions.
South Bend-Tippecanoe Place Restaurant-Originally the mansion of Clement Studebaker, who was one of the members of the Studebaker dynasty. After losing much of his fortune, Clement committed suicide. It is not known for certain if it was done inside the home or not, but he is one of the spirits that haunts the mansion. In the early 1900's there was a fire in the nursery in which an infant and a nanny were badly burned. Since being a home, it has been several things including a home for the deaf, and of course a restaurant. There has been numerous apparitions shadowy figures seen, objects have moved by themselves, including bottles of liquor flying off the selves behind the bar. There has been many cold spots felt throughout the mansion. The sounds of people talking, screams, and footsteps have been heard many times. The most activity happens in the upstairs that was used for a ballroom, and the bar directly below it, which is where the nursery once was.
South Bend-The University of Notre Dame-One of the most well known universities in the country, and one of the most haunted. Long before the university was around, the Patawatami Indians lived here along the shores of the Saint Joseph River.  It is known that several of the Patawatami Indians were buried on this land, and several seems to still live on after death. Columbus Hall dates back to the very beginning of the university's history, and there has been several reports apparitions of Native American Indians on horseback riding up and down the front stairs. Washington Hall was once a dormitory, but now houses the theater. George Gipp, a well known football player attended the university and lived in this dormitory.  His ghostly apparition has been seen in the greenroom and the stage area.
South Whitley-Old Train Tracks-There has been reports of people seeing the apparitions of three little girls walking along the tracks talking.  Witnesses have also seen an apparition of little girl walking carrying a teddy bear as well.
South Whitley-Whitko High School-The school is built almost directly behind a cemetery.  During the construction, a constructicon worker claims to have been confronted by an elderly woman. She told him that there would be a great deal of trouble and that every year a student would die, then she disappeared into thin air.  Sounds like an urban legend.
St. Paul -Flat Rock River Old Railroad Bridge- A man was killed when this bridge was first built. People have claimed to see the light of his lantern on the top of the bridge late at night. There was also been claims of disembodied moans.
Sullivan-Free Springs Bridge-The bridge is haunted by a man who committed suicide by jumping in front of an oncoming train. It is said that is trapped here forever until he can deal with his problems. The mans mangled apparition has appeared to several different people. It was once reported that a train engineer saw the man jump in front of the train and as the train was about to hit him, he disappeared into thin air.
Sullivan County-Cass- Antioch Cemetery-The apparition of a man dressed in a suit mourning at the grave of a woman has been seen on several occasions.  It is believed that grave is that of his wife. There has also been reports of shadowy figures darting through the cemetery.
Sunman-Guilford-The bridge over Guilford Park is haunted by a woman who drown in the creek below. It appears that she tripped and head her head, knocking her unconscious, she fell into the creek and drown. The woman's ghostly figure has been seen on and near the bridge by several different people through the years.
Tab-Locust Grove Cemetery-The sounds of an army cadence and the sounds of marching has been heard many times.  The sounds are believed to be that of Harrison's troop marching to the Battle of Tippecanoe.
Terre Haute-Highland Lawn Cemetery-The ghostly figures of a dog and his owner have been seen walking the grounds of the cemetery at night. The man was buried with the ashes of his late dog.  They were best friends in life and continue to be in death.
Terre Haute-Historical Museum-The building has served as many things over the years, including a half-way house. There has been cold spots felt, and an overwhelming feeling of being watched overcomes people when they visit here. There is an old crib in one of the upstairs exhibits that has been known to move on it's own.
Terre Haute-Indiana State University-Burford Hall-A young woman that died from alcohol poisoning haunts this hall. The sounds of vomiting and cries have been heard in the bathroom where she died. There has also been the smell of vomit reported by a few people.  Items have also been known to move on their own. The hall has been torn down and is now a parking lot.
Terre Haute-Indiana State University-Cromwell Hall-The 12th floor is haunted by a man who jumped out the window of room 1221 to his death. There are strange noises and footsteps heard in the hallway and in the room.
Terre Haute-Old Mill Dam-Used as part of the underground railroad, this location is haunted by several spirits. The apparition of a young African American girl has been seen near the creek on numerous occasions.  Cold spots are often felt.  Shadowy figures are seen disappearing into the old tunnels.
Terre Haute-Terre Haute Golf Course-The 6th hole of this golf course is haunted by a young man who died from alcohol poisoning.  He was at the course with his friends drinking, when he started to vomit and then passed out, and dying soon after. There has been reports of his apparition wandering the course since. People have heard him crying for help and the sounds of him vomiting.
Tunnelton-Tunnelton Train Tunnel-The ghostly figure of a man who was killed during the construction of the tunnel haunts the tunnel to this day.  The man's apparition has been seen on several occasions, he is said to still be continuing to work, unaware of his own death.
Union Mills-Old U.S. 30-An apparition of a man carrying a lantern walking down the tracks has been reported by numerous people. The man reportedly was killed by a train while walking home from a hard day at work.
Upland-Spook's Corner-A school-bus supposedly went off the road and several children were killed. The apparition of these young children have been seen many times. The sounds of children screaming, crying and yelling for help can be heard coming for this area when no one is present.
Valparaiso-Stereo Bridge-Two trains collided on the same set of tracks underneath the bridge. The ghostly images of this train accident continues to replay.

Valparaiso-Valparaiso University-Alumni Hall-There has been the ghostly figures of two young children wearing jogging pants running through the halls.  They tell some of the residences that they are playing tag. They are reported to be around 8-9 years in age.
Vanderburgh-Evansville-Boehne Camp Hospital-This is an old abandoned tuberculous hospital. People have reported seeing the apparitions of the ghostly patients who were held there against their will as not to contaminate others.  The building is now privately owned, but many students from the nearby university still venture into the building, some being arrested. People have witnesses strange apparatus, they have heard voices, screams cries and footsteps.   
Versailles-Silver Bell Nursing Home-This building was originally built as a hotel. There are multiple odd occurrence that take place here almost daily. Call lights go on in rooms with no one in them. The sounds of laughter and children playing have been heard. There have been apparitions seen here on occasion. Doors have opened and closed by themselves, lights flickered on an off several times as well.
Vincennes-Purple Head Bridge-Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s this bridge over the Wabash River was used to hang people, now those same people are said to haunt this very spot. Right before dying, the faces of those who were hang would right purple as the blood flow was cut off. There has been reports of people seeing apparitions of people hanging from the bridge and a purple head that floats around the bridge, hence the name Purple Head Bridge. There has also been reports of disembodied screams and people begging for their lives to be spared. The bridge is located on the outskirts of town, just south of 6th Road headed towards Francisville,Illinois.
Vincennes-Sigma Pi House-The house is haunted by a civil war colonel. There has been reports of mists and the apparition of the colonel appearing out of thin air.  Doors have been known to open and close by themselves, and there has been footsteps heard when no one else is in the house.
Wabash-Mississinewa Battle Grounds/Graveyard-There about 30 marked grave here, but there is believed to be many more buried here. There has been apparitions, strange flashes of light, and shadowy figures seen here. One of the headstones supposedly has had blood flow from it. There has been disembodied moans, voices and strange noises heard in the graveyard and surrounding woods.
Wabash-Wabash County State Forest-While in this area people have reported to have periods of time unaccounted. People have seen balls of light that seem to dart around around them as if they were watching them. Shadowy figures have been seen running through the woods as well.  A horrible smell, that some describe as the smell of death has been smelled on numerous occasions.
Walkerton-Railroad Tracks-The tracks are haunted by at least 2 spirits. the first is a railroad worker who was killed during the construction of the tracks. People have seen his ghostly figure covered in blood continuing to work on the tracks, as if the tracks were still under construction.  The other spirit is that of a teenage girl who committed suicide by throwing herself in front of an oncoming train. The girl's apparition has been seen wandering the tracks, unable to rest.
Wayne County-Richmond-Goshen Cemetery-There are numerous paranormal occurrences that have taken place here. There are cold and hot spots that have been felt throughout the cemetery. People have said it feels like they have spiderwebs all over them, but there is nothing there. Glowing balls of light, strange moving shadows and the apparition of a woman in white have all been seen here. There has been voices, whispers, and sobbing heard throughout the day. On numerous occasions people have felt like they were being followed, and heard the sounds of someone following them, but when they turn around to look no one is there. The northwest corner near the large tree is where the majority of the activity has taken place. The cemetery is located just north of Richmond on 227North.
Warren-Batson Cemetery "Thirteen Graves"-As the name says there are only thirteen graves in this small cemetery, but it is haunted by at least two spirits. The first is that of one of the young girls who is buried here. She has been seen wearing a white dress and playing in the cemetery. The other is that of an elderly, unkept man. The man is believed to be that of man who worked at a school that once stood nearby. The man also was a groundskeeper of sorts for the cemetery. People have reported being chased out of the cemetery by his ghostly figure. One of the headstones has also been said to be seen glowing at times. The cemetery is located off of Willow Road on State Road 3.
West Lafayette-Cumberland School-There has been a ghostly figure of a man passing from window to window.  The reason why it could not be a living person is because they go from window to window in seconds, and this would require walking through walls.
Whiting-Wahaula Beach-There has been an apparition of an old sailboat seen here on several occasions. There has also been the apparitions of a man and woman dressed in vintage swimsuits laughing and splashing in the water.
Williams-Williams Covered Bridge-Many years ago before this became a covered bridge, a man was riding his horse across the bridge one night. The horse became spooked by something and bolt off the side of the bridge, both the horse and man were killed.  People have reported seeing both the ghostly figures of the man and the horse.  There has also been reports of the horse neighing and the screams of the man.
Winslow-Austin Arnold Road-The area is haunted by a man who committed suicide. He reportedly burned down his home and his crops, then killed his dog, then himself. There is still some sort of building on the land, it is in this area that strange things have happened. There has been misty images that form, cold spots have been felt, and the sounds of gun shots have been heard.
Woodburn-Blue Cast Road-The Old Blue Cast Sanitarium-There once was a sanitarium here, until the it was closed down and made it into a natural spring water plant.  The building was ultimately closed and knocked down, however the land continues to be haunted. There has been glowing orbs,shadowy figures, and misty forms seen here.  Strange noises are often heard and can not be explained. 
Zionsville-Holiday Drive Bridge-The area is haunted by a victim of a supposed KKK lynching.  The gravel road is very dark and filled with curves that goes into the woods. There has been reports of screams and pleas for help coming from the woods on numerous occasions. The bridge is located just past North Michigan Road and Willow Road.