Haunted Places Virginia


Abingdon-Barter Theater-Many strange and unexplainable things have occurred here over the years. The theater is haunted by a man named Robert Porterfield. He has made his presence known many times, but it is mainly on opening nights of performances that he appears in one form or another.
Abingdon-Martha Washington Inn-There is a great deal of paranormal activity that has taken place here over the years. The inn is haunted by numerous spirits.  The spirit of a civil war solider who died in Room 403 has been seen in the room by several people.  A ghostly figure of a horse has been seen roaming the grounds looking for his rider who never returned from the war.  The upstairs floor is supposedly blood stained from a union solider who was caught spying. When a carpet is placed over the stain, a hole seems to quickly develop or the carpet mysteriously is moved.  The union spy's apparition has been seen wandering the upstairs, he is said to have a large hole in his head from the gun blast.  Doors have been known to open and close, lights turn off and on, and cold spots have been felt throughout the inn. The sound of violin music and disembodied voices are often reported by staff and guests. Martha Washington Inn
Abingdon-The Tavern Restaurant-The building was built in 1779 and is one of the oldest buildings in the United States that is being used for business. The building is haunted by a female spirit that some refer to as "The lady of the tavern." People have seen the apparition of this woman a few times over the years. The sounds of footsteps have been heard on numerous occasions. Objects have been known to move on there own, and cold spots have been felt as well.  222 E. Main Street, Abingdon, VA 24210  Phone: (276)628-1118   The Tavern Restaurant
Alexandria-Brown House-The ghosts of Revolutionary War soldiers haunt this location. Numerous apparition have been seen and disembodied voices have been reported.
Alexandria-Gadsby's Tavern and Gadsby's Tavern Museum-The tavern is said to be haunted by a woman dressed in late 1800s clothing. The woman is believed to be waiting for her love to return from the civil war.  She is unaware that he was killed during battle.  Gadsby's Tavern is located at 138 N. Royal Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314  Phone: (703) 548-1288
Alexandria-INOVA Alexandria Hospital Woods-The hospital is built on the grounds of the former Vauxcleus Mansion, an ante-bellum plantation mansion.  During the civil war a Confederate solider was attempting to sneak through a ravine to see his girlfriend in the Vauxcleus Mansion, but he was spotted by a picket of Union soldiers and was immediately shot and killed.  On several occasions, people have reported seeing his ghost making the same route in the woods to the spot he was killed. Once he reaches this location he stops and starts falling to the ground, but before he hits the ground he disappears into thin air.  The INOVA Alexandria Hospital is located at 4320 Seminary Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22304. Phone:(703) 504-3000 
Alexandria-Ramsey House-Believed to be the first home in the city of Alexandria, the original residents remain in the home to this day. People have reported seeing the ghostly figures of people dressed in 1800s period garb. Doors have opened and closed by themselves on several occasions. Located at 221 King Street (703) 838-4200
Alta Vista-Alta Vista Middle School-Our the past several years paranormal activity has been reported at the Alta Vista Middle School by several students, staff members, and even the occasional visitor.  Reported activity includes doors opening and closing by themselves.  Explained footsteps, and the blinds being open and closed on their own. The majority of the reported incidents have taken place after the normal school day is over. The identity of the ghost is not known, but the students and staff have named him George.
Amelia-Haw Branch Plantation-The parlor is known to be the most active spot at this location. There is a picture of a young woman that hangs in the parlor that appears to watch people when they are in the room.  The eyes of the painting seems to move with the people in the room. People have often heard laughing and talking coming from the parlor, but when they go in to check it out, it is empty.  The sounds of footsteps are often heard walking up and down the stairs. Located at 150 West Main Street, Abington, VA 24210. Phone: 540-628-3161 For reservations, call 800-533-1014.
Annandale-Annandale High School-The school is said to be haunted by a former student who committed suicide. The image of a boy has been seen in the mirror inside one of the boy's bathrooms. Located at 4700 Medford Drive, Annandale, VA 22003 -- 703-642-4100
Annandale-Round Tree Park-A well known legend in the Annandale and Arlington, a ghostly figure of a woman holding her infant child are said to scare people of that enter the park at night.  Take Beltway Exit 50B (Rt. 50) East about 3 ½ miles to right onto Annandale Rd. Follow about 2 ½ miles to park entrance on left.
Arlington-Wakefield High School-Theater-All of the paranormal activity that has been reported at Wakefield High School has happened in the theater.  The sound of piano music has been reported to be playing when no one is playing the piano and even when the piano is not present.  The apparition of a young man has been seen walking back and forth on the catwalk.  When investigated, there is no one present.  It is rumored that a young man fell off the catwalk and died during the 1960's during the performance of a play. The spotlights have also have been known to turn on by themselves and pan the theater.  A heavy and sad presence in the balcony has been felt by many sitting there. Wakefield High School is located at 4901 S. Chesterfield Road, Arlington, Virgina 22206. Phone 703-228-6700
Ashland-Randolph-Macon College-Mary Branch Girls Dormitory-On numerous occasions doors have opened and closed by themselves.  There has been objects that have disappear and reappeared days, weeks, or months later. Located at 103 E. Patrick PO Box 5005 Ashland,VA 23005
Ashland-Randolph-Macon College-SAE Fraternity House-The ghostly figures of soldiers have been seen on the upper floors of this building. A strange shadowy figure has also been seen wandering the around. Strange sounds, whispers, disembodied voices, and footsteps have also been heard.
Ashland-Randolph-Macon College-Washington Franklin Hall-The building is reportedly haunted by several spirits. The apparitions of two different men in turn of the century clothing, on different occasions have been seen. Voices and footsteps have been heard as well. The activity  has been reported at all hours of the day.
Barhamsville-Makemie Woods-This location is haunted by a Civil War nurse. She has been seen in numerous locations, but it is walking in the fields looking for the wounded and dead, that she is seen most frequently.  The sounds of a piano being played has been heard at night, the source is believed to be the nurse.
Bassett-Junkyard-The junkyard is supposedly haunted by a victim of a fatal car accident whose car is stored here.  Car doors have been seen and heard opening and slamming shut on their own. Lights have been seen turning and flashing on and off, and radios turning on and off by themselves have been reported. The sounds of car engines have been heard on occasion.
Bedford-Avenel House-There has been several apparitions seen in the house and roaming the grounds. There is a woman in a long white dress that has been seen on several different occasions. A ghostly figure of an African-American -Holiday Inn-Attitudes Bar and Cafe-The hotel is built on the grounds of the former Jacob's Lantern Plantation. The Attitudes Dance Club is located inside the hotel.  The management of the club have reported hearing laughing and voices after the club is closed and no one else is present.  The staff at the hotel have called the club on numerous occasion to ask them to turn the volume of the music down, only to find out that no music was being played. The Attitudes Bar & Cafe is located in the Holiday Inn, 900 Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, Va 24060   Phone: (540) 552-7001slave has been seen looking out the windows of the house by numerous people.  Phone:(540)586-1814 
Blacksburg-Holiday Inn-Attitudes Bar and Cafe-The hotel is built on the grounds of the former Jacob's Lantern Plantation. The Attitudes Dance Club is located inside the hotel.  The management of the club have reported hearing laughing and voices after the club is closed and no one else is present.  The staff at the hotel have called the club on numerous occasion to ask them to turn the volume of the music down, only to find out that no music was being played. The Attitudes Bar & Cafe is located in the Holiday Inn, 900 Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, Va 24060   Phone: (540) 552-7001
Blacksburg-Lyric Theater-The theater construction for the current location of the Lyric Theater began in 1928 and last for almost two years. The the new Lyric Theater open on April 17, 1930. There are several paranormal experiences that have been reported over the years. There is one confirmed death that happen at the theater.  During the construction a construction worker was killed.  Employees have heard loud foot steps on the stairs leading to the balcony and the stairs leading to the projection booth.  It has been reported that on occasion people have stopped on their way up the stairs to the balcony, and have felt a cold breeze pass them by, faint muttering, and have seen a mysterious shadow. Employees and customers have reported the voice of a man talking to himself in the balcony.  The sounds of a woman shrieking at the top of her lungs has also been heard.  Most of the time it is just screaming that is heard, but sometimes she is heard screaming, "Let me out, let me out." The Lyric Theater is located at 135 College Avenue, Blacksburg, Va  Phone: (540) 951-4771
Blacksburg-Tunnel-A woman has been seen walking through the wall and then simply disappears into thin air.
Boissevain-Boissevain Road-People have reported hearing the sounds of footsteps and feet shuffling in the fields along side the road.
Bowling Green-Old Mansion Inn-This old mansion is haunted by the ghost of Civil War Colonel John Waller Hoomes. The mansion was his home during his life and continues to be in the hereafter. His apparition has been seen numerous times, and the sounds of footsteps have been heard on occasion.
Bridgewater-Bridgewater College-The college was built in 1880 and has been known to have numerous paranormal activities happen here over the years. The ghost of Mr. Cole has been seen in the theater by numerous people over the years. When he is pleased with as performance, it is said that his ghostly figure is seen seated in the balcony.  There has been times when the lights have flickered off and on.  Cold spots have been felt as well. The majority of the activity does happen in the balcony.  Located at 402 E. College Street, Bridgewater, VA 22812-1599    Bridgewater College
Bristol-Virginia Intermont College-There has been an ominous presence felt here on several occasions. A number of electrical fires that are unexplainable are believed to be the work of a angry spirit.
Located at 1013 Moore Street, Bristol, Va. 24201  Virginia Intermont College
Buena Vista-Midtown Cafe-Employees and customers have heard the sounds of small children crying. There has been several colds spots felt and shadows seen.
Buena Vista-Southern Virginia College-The woman's dormitory is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a young boy who died here. On the fourth floor the sounds of a boy laughing and riding a bike can be heard at times. A cold breeze that passes by people in the halls has been reported as well. Located at One University Hill Drive, Buena Vista, VA 24416  Phone:(800)229-8420  Southern Virginia College
Bullrun Manasses-Cobblestone Bridge-The apparitions of Civil War soldiers marching across the bridge have been reported by several people.
Chantilly-Walney Road-The ghost of a man that was killed while he was hitchhiking on this windy road has been seen here.  The man is said to appear out of nowhere, causing some people to swerve or slam on the brakes.
Charlottesville-Castle Hill Manor-Built by Dr. Thomas Walker in 1765, Castle Manor predates the Revolutionary War. Guests and staff have reported seeing the apparition of a young woman on several occasions. She appears to be mischievous in nature, simply looking for attention. The sounds of footsteps, chairs moving across the floor, and the sound of glasses clinking have all been heard. Guests have been woken up by these noises and the feeling of an ominous presence watching over them.
Charlottesville-Monticello-Thomas Jefferson's Home-A number of employees have reported the sound of someone whistle around the home and the grounds. During his life Jefferson was known to whistle quite often. The ghostly image of a young boy, around the age of ten, wearing a tri-cornered hat and a uniform has been seen looking out an upstairs window.  Located at 931 Thomas Jefferson Parkway, Charlottesville, VA 22902 Phone:(434) 984-9822  Monticello
Charlottesville-Tandem Friends School-The old building of the school was supposedly used during the Civil War as a hospital for wounded Confederate soldiers. Numerous apparitions of soldiers have been seen throughout the building, several appear blooded and bandaged. The sounds of disembodied moans and footsteps in upstairs have been reported. This is located approximately too miles from Monticello. Located at  279 Tandem Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22902  Phone:(434)296-1303  Tandem Friends School
Chester-Parker's Battery-The Civil War bunkers here are haunted by the spirits of the soldiers who occupied them so many years ago. When the apparitions have been seen they always seem very down and in a state of confusion. An overwhelming feeling of sadness overcomes people when they are at this location.
Chilhowie-Aspenvale Cemetery-There are many Civil War graves located in this cemetery. People have reported an uneasiness and heavy presence watching over them. Many anomalies have been photographed throughout the location by several people.
Chilhowie-Chilhowie High School-The school is reportedly built on top of an American Indian burial ground.  There has been reports of apparitions throughout the school of Indians and shadowy figures. Cold spots have been felt, even in the summer heat. Located at 1160 East Lee Highway, Chilhowie, VA 24319 Phone:(276) 646-8966  Chilhowie High School
Christiansburg-Christiansburg Middle School-The school is believed to be haunted by numerous spirits. People have reported seeing numerous shadowy figures, some can definitely be determined to be women. The sounds of footsteps and the sound of an infant baby crying has been heard. Lights have flickered, and turned off and on by themselves. Located at 1205 Buffalo Drive Christiansburg, VA 24073 Phone:(540) 394-2180  Christiansburg Middle School
Clifford-Winton Country Club-The ghost of Sarah Henry, mother of Patrick Henry, haunts this location. It is here that the Henrys called home. Sarah died on Christmas day 1784. Her footsteps and the sounds her petticoat swishing have been heard. There has also been cold spots and her presence felt. Located at PO Box 100 Rt 151 Clifford, VA, 24533 Phone: (804)946-7336
Clifton-Bunnyman Bridge-Legend says that a mentally ill man hung several people from this bridge. He supposedly  lived under the bridge in a tunnel. When investigators where searching for him, they found a pile of rabbit carcasses under the bridge, thus nicknaming the bridge, Bunnyman Bridge. There has been several reports of apparitions of people hanging from the bridge.
Covington-Panther Rock-A woman that was riding her horse here, when a panther supposedly came out of the woods and startled the horse. The horse throw the woman off, and bolted. The woman hit her head on a jagged rock, where she was killed by the panther. The sounds of the woman screaming and her cries have been heard on numerous occasions.
Crockett-Crockett Post Office-The post office is haunted a woman who was killed in while checking her post office box late at night.  People have reported hearing her screams, and moans. The ghostly figure of the woman lying on the floor dying in a pool of her own blood has been reported by several people.
Cumberland-Abandoned Slave Cemetery-The small cemetery dates back to the 1800s, and was used to bury African-American slaves. There are only a handful of stones in this abandoned cemetery that sits back in a wooded area. The apparitions of slaves have been seen walking towards the road heading north.
Danville-Danville Museum (Sutherlin Mansion)-This location was the last capital of the Confederacy. Jefferson Davis was said to have spent countless hours staring out the parlor window after he heard the news of the surrender of the Confederate army.  People have reported seeing the ghostly image of a young woman roaming the mansion, some have reported looking into the mirror and seeing the young woman looking back.  The woman's disembodied  moans and footsteps have been heard. The strong smell of cigar smoke has been reported by several people.  Danville Museum
Danville-Lanier House-The home was originally built in the 1800s for the first mayor of Danville, and is the oldest surviving building in the tow. Later, the home was owned by the seventh mayor, and served as a children's clinic.  The home is currently being used as law offices. Over the years there has been reports of people seeing several different apparitions, including what is believed to be the original owner of the home.  There have been disembodies voices and footsteps heard throughout the home.
Danville-Oak Hill Cemetery-The shadowy figure of a man has been seen roaming the cemetery late in the night.  There has also been glowing balls of white light seen streaking through the cemetery.
Dumfries-Weems-Botts Museum-Several employees and volunteers have seen and felt the presence of a ghostly spirit. The lights have gone on and off by themselves. Books have been thrown across the room without anyone being in the room. Unusual cold spots have be felt several occasions. Weems-Botts Museum is located at 300 Duke Street, Dumfries, VA 22026  Phone: (703-221-2218
Eastern Henrico-Pocahontas Parkway Route 895-This area is where the Native American Indians lived, hunted, and buried there dead.  During the construction of the parkway several burial sites were dug up. The apparitions of Indians have been seen numerous occasions. They sounds chanting and drumming have been heard many times.
Emory-Emory & Henry College-Music Hall-This building was at one time used as a courtroom/debate room. During one of these heated exchanges on the third floor, one of the men stepped out of the room into the hallway for some fresh air. As he was leaning on a windowsill, his opponent pushed him out the window.  The man was able to catch hold of a light on the outside of the building, but slipped and fell to his death. The light has been seen moving by it's self. The apparition of a man has been seen walking around on the third floor. The piano has been heard playing by it's self. The footsteps of someone walking around has been heard on numerous occasions.  The school is located at Emory & Henry College, P.O. Box 947, Emory, VA 24327-0947
Phone:(276)944-4121  Emory & Henry College
Emory-Emory & Henry College-Wiley Jackson Hall-This is the largest residence hall at the college. The hall is supposedly haunted by a female student who committed suicide after being stood up for a dance.  She hung herself in one of the community shower stalls.  Her apparition has been seen walking in the hall and in the shower area. The showers have been known to turn off and on by themselves, and to spray out of control. Thee water has been known to change temperatures dramatically for no reason. The sounds of footsteps, that appear to be coming from a woman's shoe with heels has been heard walking up and down the hallway. The hall was originally called Martha Washington, and still called MaWa by some of the students and staff today. The school is located at Emory & Henry College, P.O. Box 947, Emory, VA 24327-0947 Phone:(276)944-4121  Emory & Henry College
Fairfax-George Mason University-Gazebo-The gazebo bordering the lake has been reported to be haunted by the ghost of a young man who drown in the lake.  Two young women found his body when they were sitting at the gazebo. The apparition of the man has been seen drowning and heard screaming for help.  When investigated he is not found. The man seems to make his presence only known to women.
CORRECTION: We can not possibly investigate every location we listed in our Hanued Places Directory. When a mistake is made we will correct it. We received the following information about the above listing. We thank Yasmin for the information. We are leaving the original posting though, so our visitors will see that mistakes are made and corrected.
Yasmin wrote:
I go to George Mason University and under the Virginia ghost stories it says that the little gazebo along our pond (definitely not a lake) is haunted. For some reason this is a widespread rumor among people not from the area. As it turns out no one has ever died in the pond, but one time someone did drive a car into it ;)

The cottage was made in 1988 and was part of an Arts Gala.

Here is a link to an article I wrote about it in case you care:

I would recommend removing the blurb since it isn't factual and there isn't even a shred of evidence suggesting that is true. It's funny that this is something that many ghost websites report on.

Yasmin Tadjdeh
Falls Church-Haycock Elementary School-The school is reportedly haunted by a former vice president of the school.  Doors have been opened and slammed shut, desks have been knocked over, and papers have been scattered about. One of the custodians claimed he saw an apparition of a woman who was motioning for him to come closer. Haycock Elementary is located at 6616 Haycock Road, Falls Church, Va 22043.  Phone: (703) 531-4000
Hampton-Langley Air Force Base-Bethel Manor Reservoir-Many years ago, prior to becoming a reservoir, the land was consider sacred by the PaMounkie Indians. Several battles were fought on the land, including during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.  Numerous lives were cut short in an instant. Since, then the area has become home to the Bethel Manor Reservoir. There has been numerous drownings and mysterious deaths reported over the years. In the summer of 1988, a young man named drowned while boating on the reservoir. His body was not found for several weeks. There were no witnesses to the drowning, and it was ruled accidental. Unusual phenomenon has been reported for decades.  Unexplained voices have been heard by numerous people, including that of an unknown person calling out the name of those visiting the location. Also heard, is what sounds like screams.  The apparition of a man drowning has been seen, when investigated no one is ever found.  Unusual fog has been seen forming and moving around in unusual patterns, glowing balls of bright light have been seen hovering and moving rapidly in the area.

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