Helmar Cemetery



Dan Jungles, Sarah Johnson, Cindy Johnson, Tracey Brandys, Michelle Young

Date of Investigation:

June 24, 2007

Geomagnetic Field:


Solar X-Rays:


Moon Phase:

First Quarter 55% Illumination


4.4 Low-Medium

Site Address:

Helmar Cemetery

Newark (Yorkville), IL

Age of site:

The cemetery was established in 1849.

Current Status of site:

The cemetery is very well maintained. There are numerous stones dating back to the 1800’s, some of which have been repaired. The cemetery is still an active burial cemetery.

Phenomena reported:

There are no known stories or reports of paranormal activity that we know of associated with this location. However, given the age and location of the cemetery it would be very possible that activity has and or will occur at this location.

List all equipment used, including brands:


HP Photosmart M537

Kodak 5 mps,

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F828 8 Mega-pixel Camera

Video Camera:


Audio Recorders:

RCA Model RP 50128

Sony IC Recorder ICD-B100

Olympus DS30

Sony Digital



EMF Detector:

Extech 480823 Digital

IR Thermometer:

Raytek Raynger ST Non-contact IR Gun

Other Equipment:

Numerous Flashlights

Number of photos taken:

A collective total of 161 were taken.

Video taken:

No video was recorded

Audio Recorded:

A collective total of 262 minutes of audio was recorded.

Start time:


Investigation notes:

Upon arriving at the location we gathered our equipment and recorded all the base readings outside the cemetery gates. Dan’s audio recorder, EMF detector, and flashlight had all their batteries drained. There was a slight wind. The EMF readings held steady at .01-.02 milligauss throughout the cemetery. The temperature held steady between 61-64 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind increased at about 11:15pm. Lightning was seen several times directly to the west of the cemetery.

Review of data:


Numerous photos were taken in which orbs appeared. These orbs were ruled as dust and possibly moisture orbs from the storm in the distance. There was no evidence of anything paranormal nature.


No video was recorded


There was no evidence of anything paranormal in nature.


The night was slightly windy which contributed to dust orbs and hampered the EVP recordings. We were unable to gather any paranormal evidence from the location. Additional investigations should be conducted in the future.