Joliet, IL Home Investigations

     The Will County Ghost Hunters Society was asked by a family in Joliet, IL to come to their home to investigate their claims of the paranormal activity. In the basement they had a feeling of oppression and felt like they were being watched.  Upstairs they heard footsteps and saw shadows.  The husband had a family history of involvement with the paranormal.  He believes his aunt was a witch.  As a child he was playing in the attic when he found a book that appeared as if it had cover made of some sort of skin.  When he brought the book downstairs his aunt became furious and told him to never touch her things again.  Both he and his father both claimed to have seen the grim reaper on two separate occasions. 

     On the evening of December 1, 2013 the Will County Ghost Hunters Society arrived at the Joliet home for the investigation. The WCGHS investigators included Ron Muldoon, Christine Randall, and Paul Schmidt.  The team was greeted by the family and shown inside. The family had between 4 to 6 dogs that complicated the investigation. The family asked us to be out of the home by 11 pm, which meant that our investigation was going to be brief at best. After a brief conversation and being shown around the home, we began our investigation. The dogs were initially locked up in a separate room, but continuously barked and whined.  The wife took the dogs onto the front porch while we finished our investigation.  Our time was very limited, so we took photos and conducted our EVP sessions in reported hot spots in the basement, kitchen, and bedroom. None of our equipment was able to detect anything unusual, and no one had any personal experiences. We packed our equipment up, thanked the family for having us out and left the home.

     The review for the investigation was very quick due to the short amount of time that we were at the home.  We did not capture EVP or photographic evidence at the home. One problem we had with the audio recordings was that the dogs could be heard whimpering.  The whimpers could easily be mistaken as EVPs by less experienced investigators. Overall the investigation was inconclusive.  We were unable to document any evidence of paranormal activity. However, this may be due to the short amount of time we were there, along with the contamination from the family dogs. It is possible that the home is indeed haunted, but it would require an additional investigation of some length without the dogs being present.