In mid-October we were contacted by a man that said he was experiencing some "strange activity" in his home. He said that he seen a shadow moving around the kitchen and was "freaked out" by it. His girlfriend said that she has felt the presence as well. We then set the date and time for the investigation to take place.

On October 27, 2004 myself and team members Nicole Mercer and Monique Timbrook arrived at the home around 7pm. The moon was almost 100% full and the lunar eclipse was to take place a short time later. The man we will refer to as "Bob" and his girlfriend we shall call "Sue" for the reminder of this report. We were shown around the home by Bob, but Sue was not at home. We performed a sweep of the home with the EMF detectors and thermal-scanners to record baseline readings.

Nicole started the interview process to find out exactly what, when, and how often events were taking place. The couple had moved into the home only 4 months prior, and started to noticed strange things almost immediately. In the middle of the night, Bob got out of bed to use the bathroom. He noticed a large moving shadow in the kitchen. He thought that someone broken into the home and then realized no one was there. It took a second for had taken place to register, then he "screamed like a little girl". A few days later, Bob said that Sue was home alone and was in the computer room. After a short time, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around thinking that Bob had come home, but no one was there. They have both felt cold spots in the home. Both have heard a soft tapping noise, and a ticking that sounds like a grandfather clock. At no time have they ever felt threatened by these events, but have been startled.

During the interview, I started to swept the rooms again with the EMF detectors and thermal-scanners to pick up any abnormalities that might have been present. All of the rooms were at normal levels, until we went into the computer room. There was a spike that was detected near the chair at 7:27pm. The level that was recorded in this area was 3.8 - 4.7. The light was immediately turned off and several pictures were taken in this area. There was an image that was captured by our camera. The rest of the rooms were then scanned not yielding anything abnormal.

Group member Monique Timbrook has psychic abilities and tried to communicate with the spirit or spirits that were in the home. She felt a strong presence of an elderly woman that had passed on Sue's side of the family. It seems that the woman was visiting because there had been talks of marriage between Bob and Sue. It was merely a visit to share in the joy that was taking place. She also felt the presence of a man, but it is unknown who he is.

Sue had now come home. She was told of what was happening. She then went into computer room and sat in the chair where the abnormal EMF reading were recorded. Then, Monique trying to contact the spirits again. Then, a number of psychic pictures where taken. There was a total of seven pictures taken and in three of them orbs where present...these were all in the area of the chair were Sue was sitting.