Case Number: 0405008

321 Tree Leave Road

Lockport, IL 60441

In March of 2008, the Will County Ghost Hunters Society was contacted by the residences of a home in Lockport, IL who believed they were experiencing paranormal activity in their home. The family became frightened for themselves and their young children.

Phenomena Reported:

The residences of the home are living in the bottom unit of a two unit dwelling on the outskirts of the town. Since living in the residence they claim that their children have been seeing the faces in their closets, hearing voices and seeing blood on the walls. The man of the house has claimed to have been held down on the bed and choked by unseen hands. On one occasion the man of the house was home alone. He was sitting in the living room when he heard a loud noise coming from his bedroom. He went to the room to find the sofa sitting on his bed. They have photos of this, several orbs and mists that they believe is paranormal in nature. They have also heard voices and footsteps that can not be explained.

History of location:

The home was built in 1954. There were several previous owners, but there is no history of deaths or tragedies at the home.

Investigation Notes:

Geomagnetic Field:


Solar X-Rays:


Moon Phase:

New Moon .06% Illumination

Investigators Present:

Dan Jungles- Lead Investigator

Tom Wilson- Equipment Technician

Gary Butler- DVR Technician

Kathy Stinson- Case Manager

Non-Investigators Present:

The residences of the home Jim and Tina were present during the investigation.

On April 5, 2008 the Will County Ghost Hunters Society arrived at 9:00 PM and was greeted by Jim and Tina. We were quickly invited in and shown around. We were shown all the pictures the residences had taken that they believed were paranormal in nature. The team gathered our equipment and began setting up our DVR system. Kathy began the interview process with Tina, while Dan interviewed Jim in a separate room.

After the interview was done, the team was briefed on the information gathered during the interview. The information was discussed. The information that was gathered between the two interview did not match. Possible deception was noted. The hot spots were determined. It was determined that only 4 cameras where needed to properly cover the home. The four cameras where placed in the hot spots of the home.

Camera one was placed in living room.

Camera two was placed in the children‘s room.

Camera three was placed in the children’s bedroom 2.

Camera four was placed in the master bedroom.

Due to the small size of the home the team elected not to spilt up. EVPs and photos were taken throughout the home. It was noticed in the children’s room that there were several large doll heads that could explain the faces the children were seeing. It was also noticed that one of the walls in the children’s room had a lot of red things hanging on it, this could explain the “blood” that was only being seen on this wall. The residence’s cats followed us around during the investigation chasing the red laser from the temperature gun we were using. The dogs were also locked in a room, which created a lot of background noise. It was not ideal conditions for an investigation.

Review of Data


Collectively the WCGHS recorded a total of 6 hours, 12 minutes, and 3 seconds of audio. There was no audio evidence of paranormal activity.


During the course of the investigation the WCGHS collectively recorded a total of 8 hours, 58 minutes and 31 seconds of video. The video did not show any evidence of any paranormal activity.


Collectively the WCGHS took a total of 256 photos. There were several photos that contained orbs in them. They were all examined and believed to have been nothing more then dust particles. There were no photos that were considered to be paranormal in nature.

Several photos taken by the residences were given to us to examine. These included orbs, mists, and a photo with the sofa on the bed with mist above it. The orb photos were determined to be nothing more then dust. The mist photos were determined to be nothing more then smoke. It is unclear how the sofa can to be on the bed, but it is not to be paranormal in nature.

Personal Experiences:

There were no personal experiences by any of the team members during the course of this investigation.



There is no evidence of paranormal activity in this home. There was deception noted during the separate interviews that were conducted. Every thing that was presented as paranormal by the residences had a logical explanation. The photos that were presented to us by the home owner appeared to be staged photos. The mist did not resemble ectoplasmic mist. It was clearly an attempt to deceive by using smoke. The story and photo of the sofa moving itself onto the bed did not seem to be credible either, as there were two separate versions of it told by the residences in the interviews. We believe there is nothing paranormal in nature in this home. At least one of the residence are out to deceive, and the remaining residence, including the children are feeding into it.


* In order to protect the privacy of the individuals whom currently live in the home all names have been changed for the purposes of this report.