Affects of the moon on the paranormal



     Paranormal activies seems to be greatly influenced by the geomagnetic field.  The lunar cycles are shown to greatly impact the intensity of the earth's geomagnetic field.  It is shown that the best time to do an investigation is 2-3 days prior, the day of, and 2-3 days after a full moon and a new moon. 

Moon Phases of 2014

2014 Lunar Phases — Lockport (America/Chicago) Time
New Moon
First Quarter
Full Moon
Third Quarter
Jan. 1 We. 05:15 AM Jan. 7 Tu. 09:40 PM Jan. 15 We. 10:53 PM Jan. 23 Th. 11:21 PM
Jan. 30 Th. 03:40 PM Feb. 6 Th. 01:22 PM Feb. 14 Fr. 05:54 PM Feb. 22 Sa. 11:16 AM
Mar. 1 Sa. 02:02 AM Mar. 8 Sa. 07:27 AM Mar. 16 Su. 12:10 PM Mar. 23 Su. 08:47 PM
Mar. 30 Su. 01:48 PM Apr. 7 Mo. 03:31 AM Apr. 15 Tu. 02:45 AM Apr. 22 Tu. 02:53 AM
Apr. 29 Tu. 01:17 AM May 6 Tu. 10:16 PM May 14 We. 02:18 PM May 21 We. 08:00 AM
May 28 We. 01:43 PM June 5 Th. 03:40 PM June 12 Th. 11:13 PM June 19 Th. 01:40 PM
June 27 Fr. 03:10 AM July 5 Sa. 07:00 AM July 12 Sa. 06:26 AM July 18 Fr. 09:09 PM
July 26 Sa. 05:42 PM Aug. 3 Su. 07:50 PM Aug. 10 Su. 01:10 PM Aug. 17 Su. 07:27 AM
Aug. 25 Mo. 09:13 AM Sept. 2 Tu. 06:11 AM Sept. 8 Mo. 08:38 PM Sept. 15 Mo. 09:05 PM
Sept. 24 We. 01:13 AM Oct. 1 We. 02:33 PM Oct. 8 We. 05:50 AM Oct. 15 We. 02:13 PM
Oct. 23 Th. 04:56 PM Oct. 30 Th. 09:48 PM Nov. 6 Th. 04:22 PM Nov. 14 Fr. 09:17 AM
Nov. 22 Sa. 06:32 AM Nov. 29 Sa. 04:07 AM Dec. 6 Sa. 06:27 AM Dec. 14 Su. 06:53 AM
Dec. 21 Su. 07:36 PM Dec. 28 Su. 12:32 PM

You can obtain the times of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, transits of the Sun and Moon, and the beginning and end of civil twilight, along with information on the Moon's phase by specifying the date and location.  

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Space Weather, It’s impact on the paranormal

Space Weather, It’s impact on the paranormal

By Dan Jungles

Paranormal activity is greatly impacted by space weather. There are three factors an investigator should consider while conducting research and a paranormal investigation: solar flares, geomagnetic storms, and the phases of the moon.

Solar flares occur when a large flaming flare emanates from the sun, rises into space, then crashes back into the sun's surface. When this happens, massive amounts of solar x-rays and cosmic radiation are forced outward from the sun and eventually make their way to earth. When this occurs, the level of energy in our planet’s atmosphere is increased. This increase of energy leads to an escalation of paranormal activity. It is believed that spirits use this energy to help materialize. For this reason it is important for paranormal researchers and investigators to monitor solar flares prior to conducting investigations.

Geomagnetic storms occur when electrically charged particles emanate from the sun, crashing into the earth's surface, which disrupts the earth's magnetic fields. This type of disturbance has also been shown to increase the amount of paranormal activity. An essential tool for any paranormal investigator is an EMF detector (Electromagnetic Field). An EMF detector detects the electric and magnetic fields in the atmosphere. Spirits are believed to exist on the electromagnetic plane. Thus, when a spirit is present they will cause a disturbance in these fields, which can be detected by an EMF detector.

Paranormal activity seems to be greatly influenced by the geomagnetic field. The phases of the moon have been proven to impact the intensity of the earth's geomagnetic field. The best times to conduct paranormal investigations is 2-3 days prior to a new or full moon, the day of a new or full moon, and 2-3 days after a new or full moon.

Prior to conducting any type of paranormal investigation, the status of each of these factors should be checked. When researching paranormal activity, it is also possible to establish a pattern that may show how space weather impacts paranormal activity. The monitors for each of these factors can be checked on our homepage . When scheduling an investigation space weather should be considered. While solar flares and geomagnetic storms are not as predictable, the lunar cycles can be determined years ahead of time. Paranormal activity occurs every day, regardless of space weather. However, it has been proven that solar flares, geomagnetic storms and phases of the moon have had significant influence in the past, and they should not be ignored.


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