Man in the Mirror

     Many in the paranormal community believe that mirrors can be read showing past events, and can also show images in other dimensions. Over the years many people have captured images in mirrors. There are far more false positives when attempting this type of photography, because of dirt or smears on mirrors, as well as glares caused by camera flashes.  When using this method in our research, we take a minimum of 5 photos from the exact same location and angle within seconds of one another.  If there is an type of anomaly that appears, it is immediately compared to the other photos taken in location at the exact time and angle to compare it and to try to dismiss it as a false positive. This photo was taken on September 25, 2005 at Rico D's Restaurant in Willow Springs, IL by Dan Jungles. This is a mirror is located in the bathroom on the second floor brothel. The bathroom and this mirror has been the spot where a lot psychics and people have experienced unexplainable events. On this investigation about 8 different angles where used to when attempting to use this method to capture the paranormal at this location.  In this picture several things can be seen, including smears, streaks, dirt, and glare caused caused by the camera flash.  However, many people see something much more interesting. Looking at the picture, directly to the right of Dan, appears to be an image of a man looking sideways. The man's head, an eye, nose, and lips can be seen.  It also appears that the man has his hand up and has one finger extended. None of the other pictures taken had this image in them.  We have thought maybe somehow that Dan's image somehow was distorted and turned, but even after talking with professional photographers they said that this could not be the case.  The features do not match Dan's, and the image of the man has his hand up with a finger extended, Dan's hands are both on the camera.  Considering the history the location, people's accounts of the paranormal, as well as the results of our previous investigations, we believe this picture to be paranormal in nature.


     This photo was featured on the TV show Dead Famous.