Dan Jungles - Lead Investigator

     I have had an interest in the paranormal ever since I could remember. Growing up, I had several experiences that could not explained, but never lent  them much credence. As I got older my interest, became minimal. Until,  in March 2001, my family purchased our  second home.  Shortly after moving in we began to notice several unusually odd occurrences.  It was at this point I had a decision  to make.  Was I going to dismiss the activity and blame it on my imagination? Should I simply choose to ignore it?  Do we move to get away from the activity?  Or, do  I attempt to educate myself on what was occurring and try to grasp an understanding of it.  I chose the ladder.

     After searching the internet and bookstores, I decided to purchase some educational materials from Dave Oster and Sharon Gill of the International Ghost Hunters Society. After thoroughly reading the material and buying a few pieces of equipment,  I decided to conduct my first investigation at home. I was immediately hooked. I began to visit local cemeteries to conduct investigation, as often as I could. I started to post my experiences, and evidence onto a website, that would later evolve into the Will County Ghost Hunters Society. An interest from the public to join me on these investigations caused me to form the Will County Ghost Hunters Society on August 1, 2004.

     The Will County Ghost Hunters Society was formed to help research, investigate,  document, and assist those whom are in need of assistance and understanding of the paranormal. As the director of the Will County Ghost Hunters Society, it is my primary responsibility to organize and coordinate our investigative teams.  I must insure that all members are properly trained, and have an understanding of what we are trying to accomplish. As, the lead investigator, I must set fourth our protocols and standards, insuring that they are carried out.

     The WCGHS has had a lot of success since it’s inception on August 1, 2004. There have been many changes over the years, but our goals and our passions for what we do has not wavered. I hope to see the continued success of the WCGHS for many years to come.


Ron Muldoon - Senior Investigator


     I have always held a fascination in the paranormal with the very rich and plentiful ghost legends that the Chicago area has to offer. While I had attended various types of ghost tours, and read local interest paranormal books in the past, the few personal experiences I have had, I most often wrote off in my mind as not logical and gave it no further thought. With the current offering of TV programs dedicated to ghost hunting and haunted sites, my curiosity in the paranormal was rekindled. As a result, I felt compelled to find others here locally that would possess a logical yet open minded approach to exploring the paranormal so that I could explore my curiosity beyond what any tour, books or TV program can provide. I joined the WCGHS in late 2008, and feel I have found the right group with the type of logical and professional approach to investigating the paranormal that I had hoped existed. I look forward to continuing to learn and satisfy my curiosity in the paranormal from, and with the others in this group.




Brian Brozovich - In Memoriam

     As long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the paranormal. I experienced several encounters as a little boy that I have never forgotten.  In 2002, we purchased our new family home and realized right away we were not alone.  Since then every member of my family has had numerous paranormal experiences.  This fueled my desire to learn even more about the paranormal. I started  reading several books on the Paranormal and Ghost Hunting. I also purchased several pieces of ghost hunting equipment in order to investigate my own home and obtain personal evidence. After a couple of years I wanted to expand my knowledge even further. I joined WCGHS in the fall of 2008, and have participated in several investigations. In the short time I have been with this group, I can tell they are very professional and I know I will continue to learn from everyone in the group.  I am very pleased to have joined this particular group and I'm looking forward to many more investigations.