Membership Request

   I started the Will County Ghost Hunters Society in August of 2004 because I feel it is important to educate, document, and help people understand the paranormal.  We are a group of ghost believers, ghost hunters, and ghost researchers. Many people have the wrong idea of ghosts from the way they are depicted in movies.  Ghosts are not something to be afraid of.  All that is needed is an open mind and an understanding.  Membership is free to anyone, anywhere.  You do not have to be an investigator to be a member, just have an interest in the paranormal.  There are some ghost hunting organizations that simply will not take the time to answer all questions, or only include a select few to go on investigations.  I will answer every question, look at all pictures, and encourage everyone to be included.  Members will receive a monthly newsletters via email and be invited to go on investigations.  All members must obey the rules and protocols of WCGHS. If you would like to be an investigator, there is no experienced required.  You will be taught the proper techniques for an investigation.  You do not have to be "active" in the organization to be a member, you can still receive the monthly emails.  Please sign up for the Yahoo Group that is located on the bottom of the homepage.  This will make it easier for members to communicate with each other. In order to go on an investigation, you MUST be 18 years or older, filled out the questions below, and fill out the membership agreement. To have your membership application considered, please fill out the below form in its entirety.

    All members that wish to go on investigations MUST print and fill out the membership agreement and send them or bring them to the investigation.  If, you do not fill it out, do not bother coming.  Thank you.