Shadow Person in Plainfield, IL

     In early December of 2010, a gentlemen (who we will call Mike) living in Plainfield, Illinois contacted the Will County Ghost Hunters Society about the paranormal activity that he believed his family was experiencing. There were several things that threw up some red flags and lead Mike to believe that their could be ghostly activity in their home. His son (Dave) told his parents that he has seen a dark shadowy figure walking past his bedroom down the hallway. Mike has heard screams coming from outside the shower. When he investigated the source, none could be found. His daughter (Mary) had an overwhelming feeling that she was being watched by someone or something. They noticed cabinet doors opening and closing by themselves, and pictures have fallen off the wall on their own. Dave woke up one morning to find scratches on both of his wrists. These things all fall in comparison to the incident that occurred to Mary. She was laying in bed and taking a picture of herself. When she saw the pictured she noticed that she was not alone. There was a dark shadowy figure standing behind he in the photo. After seeing the photo, Mike and his wife (Lisa) decided that they needed to seek professional help and called the Will County Ghost Hunters Society. Do to the holiday season, the investigation was scheduled for the new year.

     On evening of January 22, 2011 the WCGHS set course for Plainfield, Illinois. The team consisted of investigators Dan Jungles, Christine Randall, Sue Butler, and Brian Brozovich. We arrived promptly at 8pm and were welcomed by the homeowners Mike and Lisa. Also present were their children Mary and Dave. We sat down and conducted an excessive interview. The family has lived in the home for about 2 years. The noticed that the activity happens around the same time every year. They did have several taxidermy animals from a deceased family friend. The home was built in 1983, since then has had several owners, all of which are believed to still be living. After the interview, we were given a tour of the home and shown where the activity has taken placed. We then, requested to see the photo that Mike had mentioned when contacting us. The photo was one that his daughter took of herself, and ended up showing a ghostly shadow person also. We examined the photo and could not come up with any reason what it maybe other than a living person or a shadow person. We requested a copy be sent to our email, and the Lisa was more than happy to do so.

     We began to set up the DVR system and the cameras. We determined that we would set up four cameras. The first was placed in the loft/bedroom. This is where the shadow figure was photographed. The second camera was placed in the second floor hallway where the shadow figure was seen by Dave. The third camera was set up in the dining room where the cabinet doors have opened by themselves. The final camera was set up in the kitchen where several unexplained noises where heard. We then walked the entire home taking base line EMF, temperature, Geiger, and negative ion readings. There were no abnormal readings.

     The first EVP that we were able to capture was during the set up. Just prior to the start of our investigation, Sue and Christine were in the loft/bedroom of the home having a discussion about carrying their equipment. Sue begins the conversation talking about a fanny pack, then a male spirit interrupts her saying, "To the timing." Christine concludes the conversation by talking about a photo vest. 

     Neither of the investigators heard the voice during the investigation, but both of their audio recorders were able to record it. A short time later, the following EVP was recorded. It is the same male spirit as the previous EVP. He says, "This is....This is my place."


     We decided to keep the team together for the investigation. We began our investigation in the master bedroom. The activity that was reported in this room was when Mike was taking a shower, he heard a loud scream directly outside of the shower. There was no one present and he had the door locked. We began by sweeping the room taking EMF, temperature, Geiger, and negative ion readings. There were no changes to the previous readings that were taken during the initial sweep. Numerous photos were taken. At the time of this recording the investigators were taking photos and no was talking. A spirit comes through and says, "This is my bed." BR This is my bed-Jan22_2011.wav


    This voice was picked up on two of the four audio recorders in the room. No one heard this during the investigation. We continued to take photos and readings. An EVP session was conducted. There was nothing unusual noticed at the time and we had no personal experiences in the room.

     We then moved into Mary's bedroom located directly across the hallway. The same protocol was followed in this bedroom. Readings were taken again, and again nothing unusual was noted. We began to photograph the bedroom. It was at this time that Dan noticed two autographs that were hanging on the wall. They were signed GHI. We thought Ghost Hunters International, but the names were unfamiliar. Brian then noticed the word, Ghosts written in black marker on the mirrored closet door. A red flag went up and we thought that maybe if Mary was into the ghost hunting shows she may fabricate a photo to have a ghost hunting team over to her home. We decided to question her after we finished investigating her room. An EVP session was conducted and we were not able to record anything paranormal in this bedroom.

     At this time we decided to take a break. While on our break, Dan questioned Mary about the GHI autographs. She told us that it was not a ghost hunting show, but a show on grooming. She did not know why she wrote the word ghosts on her door, she just did. After a short break we decided to return upstairs to Dave's bedroom.

     Dave's bedroom was located directly next to Maryfs bedroom and shared a common wall. It is in this room where Dave has claimed to see a dark shadowy figure walking down the hallway. We began by trying to determine if there was anything that could naturally cause a shadowy mass in the hallway. We could not find any. EMF, Geiger, negative ion, and temperature readings were taken. There were no abnormal readings detected. A series of photos were then taken. This was followed up by an EVP session. There was nothing unusual noticed in the room and no one had any personal experiences.

     A short break was taken. It was at this time we discussed what we had already done and what our plan was for the remainder of the investigation. We decided that we would go to the loft/bedroom next and finish the evening in the kitchen.

     We headed to the loft/bedroom and began to sweep the room with our equipment. Again, nothing unusual was noted. We began to discuss if there is a logical explanation for the photo that Mary took. Could it have been a living person? We determined that the shadowy figure in the picture was not in the mirror. The head of the figure overlapped the top rail of the mirror. We had several investigators stand in front of the mirror while another one laid on the bed and tried to recreate the photo. We could not recreate the photo at the time. During the course of a fifteen minute recording there was a three minute stretch in which a loud humming was recorded. We believe this to be an energy that was given off by the spirit. During this EVP recording, you will hear the investigators taking pictures, then a male spirit says," Don't play it...destroy it."'t_Play_it_Destroy_It-Jan22_11.wav



     We then conducted an EVP session. We did not notice anything unusual and no one had any personal experiences. We decided that we would move the investigation into the kitchen.

     While in the kitchen, we conducted a sweep with our equipment. There were high EMF readings near the microwave, refrigerator, and coffee maker. All of these were normal readings for the appliances. We took numerous photos. We then, conducted a brief EVP session. Dan noticed a cold breeze on his arm. We quickly found that it was from a leaky window. It was near the end of our session when we recorded the following EVP.

      Brian says, "Just open that drawer...that door over there." There are several seconds and a male spirit comes through and says,"Go away."

     There was nothing unusual noticed at the time in the kitchen and no one had any personal experiences. We discussed the investigation and felt that we had thoroughly investigated the location to the best of our abilities. We then decided to conclude the investigation. Mike and Lisa were thanked for having us over and told we would be in touch as soon as we were done reviewing all the data we had collected.

     After leaving the home, we were pleased to have a copy of the photo taken by Mary in our email inbox. The photo was then analyzed by Christine Randall, a professional photographer. Here is she notes.

Original Photo

     I've enclosed a bunch of versions and here are what each of them are:


     #1 Figure of Man in Mirror Close-up - That is just a close up section of the photo lightened to see the image. Notes: I did notice that there is actually a shadow behind his 'head' - thought was unusual. And, when lightened you can make out an ear shape too, pretty cool.


      #2 Figure of Man Close-up Nose Highlighted - When I tweeked and lighted it, I noticed this 'U' shaped pixel that seems to look almost like a nose, so I highlighted the shape with a light line for you to see it. #3 is the same photo without the line.


     #3 Figure of Man Close-up Nose NOT Highlighted - See above note

      #4 Figure of Man Close-up Pixels fudged - okay, what you can do in Photoshop or other program shadow it is casting is behind it as if it is being light from the right(see shadow to left of his head and left of his shoulder back). Not to mention that there is enough light in that room to light up a person easily to be recognizable as a specific person. 








       I really do think that this photo is the original, and not manipulated with. Other things that I noticed is that her hair is in front of the shadow so it's somewhere between the back of her head and in front of that mirror for sure. Also, since her hair comes thru the dark figure in such a way that zoomed in, it would be hard to digitally manipulate that to look natural - especially if it's light behind her hair. Only someone with lots of Photoshop experience could make that look good - but again, zooming in, don't think that is a manipulated image.

      I do believe there was something there, not sure what though. If no one was in the room like she said, I do feel like this is someone or a person.

      One thing that my photo adviser (John) mentioned is that he would like to see any images taken before or after that exact one, if possible. I think that the only way to disprove this image as not being a fake is by trying to recreate it. I would do this by trying to casting a shadow on the mirror by standing just to the left of the camera frame and holding up something in the shape of a person to cast a shadow onto the mirror, and not so much as someone standing behind here. Because with the amount of light in the room, I really do not think it is an actual person standing there. If we couldn't do it, there I really do think that may be a spirit of a personfs to create this type of shadow person in the background is to just darken in an area. So, I did that on the original. I darkened the area, this figure was in, around the head and neck. Then, I zoomed in on it like a lot - in this photo you will notice that you can see where it was darkened in because there are no pixels showing.

     One thing that doesn't add up about this photo is that the blinds are down and the room is giving off a yellow cast. This tells me that there probably not much light outside and that the only light in that room was from a lamp or overhead light. That being said, you can tell from the highlight in her hair that it is coming from the top left, but on the shadow figure the light.

Investigation Conclusion:

     After having the analysis of the photo, the team was even more excited to begin the review the data collected. We were unable to document the alleged paranormal activity on video or still photography. However, we were pleasantly pleased when we discovered the numerous EVP recordings. All of the EVPs were spoken directly into the audio recorders. We had four different audio recorders pick up EVPs during our investigation. However, none of our equipment was able to detect any presence and no one had any personal experiences. It just shows that just because you do not detect anything or have any personal experiences, does not mean you did not capture anything.

     We met with the family and shared our evidence. We were unable to discover who is haunting the home, but do not feel it is malicious in nature. It is quite possible that the spirit haunting the home is merely looking for recognition, and maybe the previous owner of the taxidermy. We advised the home owners to keep a log of all the activity that occurs no matter how small it may seem.


     The home owners contacted us after speaking to several neighbors. They believe that all the previous owners are still living. One of the neighbors did say that the kids were always frightened of the basement. The owners have had a few small incidents occurs that maybe paranormal in nature. They have asked us to conduct a follow up investigation, which has been scheduled for Saturday February 19, 2011.