Case Number: 07052008

567 Washington Circle

Plano, IL 60545

In June of 2008, the Will County Ghost Hunters Society was contacted by the residences of a home in Plano, IL who believed they were experiencing paranormal activity in their home. The family was experiencing a string of bad luck and felt it was associated with spirits that maybe in their home.

Phenomena Reported:

Since building their home two years ago, the homeowners and their children have been experiencing numerous events in which they believe are paranormal. They have heard footsteps, children talking and giggling in the upstairs of the home. They feel like the home is making them sick and depressed.

History of location:

The home was built in 2006 by the current home owners. The land was previous farmland and has no history of a tragedy.

Investigation Notes:

Geomagnetic Field:


Solar X-Rays:


Moon Phase:

New Moon 5.32% Illumination

Investigators Present:

Dan Jungles- Lead Investigator

Tom Wilson- Equipment Technician

Gary Butler- DVR Technician

Jerri Furlane- Investigator

Non-Investigators Present:


On July 5, 2008 the Will County Ghost Hunters Society arrived at 9:00 PM and was greeted by the homeowner Jose. We were quickly invited in and shown around. The team gathered our equipment and began setting up our DVR system, while Jerri began the interview process. Jose’s wife Marie came home and walked the team around showing us where various things happened.

Interview Questions

Date: July 5, 2008

1. Address of site: 567 Washington Circle , Plano, IL 60545

2. How many occupants at location: 5

3. Occupants names and ages: Jose 37, Marie 36, Janice 8, Thomas 18 months, and Allan 5 months.

4. Occupants occupations: Home based computer technician

5. Occupants religious beliefs: Christian

6. Time of occupancy at the location: 2 years, 1 month

7. Age of the site: The home was built in 2006.

8. How many previous owners: There were no previous owner, but they were told it was a model home.

9. History of site (tragedies, deaths, previous complaints): There are none.

10. How many rooms in the site: There are a total of 7 rooms in the home. They are the living room, family room, eat in kitchen, loft, and three bedrooms.

11. Has the location been blessed: The family pastor prayed and blessed the home.

12. Has there been any recent remolding: There has been no recent remodeling.

13. Any occupants on medication: No one is currently taking any medications.

14. Any occupants using illegal drugs: No

15. Any occupants drink alcohol heavily: No

16. Any occupants interested in the occult (ouija, séances, psychics, spells):No

17. Any occupants currently seeing a psychiatrist: No

18. Have any religious clergy been consulted: No

19. Has there been any media involvement: No

20. Have there been any other witnesses besides the occupants: No

21. Have there been any odors (perfumes, flowers, sulfur, excrement): No

22. Have there been any sounds (footsteps, knocks, banging): Yes, they have heard what sounds like like kids giggling, and footsteps upstairs.

23. Have there been any voices (whispering, yelling, crying, speaking): Yes, they have heard children giggling, and Janice the oldest child says that she has had your name whispered into her ear. She also refers to J.D. one of her quadruplets siblings that died at birth being around.

24. Has there been any movement of objects: No

25. Have there been any levitations: No

26. Have there been any uncommon cold or hot spots: No

27. Have there been any problems with electrical appliances (tv, lights, kitchen appliances, doorbells): The Televisions in the living room, the playroom (loft), and Janice’s bedroom have all turned off and on by themselves. They have also changed channels on their own.

28. Have there been any problems with plumbing (leaks, flooding, sinks, toilet bowls): No

29. Any occupants having nightmares or trouble sleeping: Yes, both Jose and Mary have had trouble sleeping and have been having nightmares. This occurs only when they are in their master bedroom. They feel like the room is making them sick.

30. Have there been any physical attacks: No, they have not been physically attacked, but feel like their master bedroom is making them sick.

31. Are pets affected: There are no pets in the home.

32. When was the first occurrence of the phenomena: The first occurrence happened within a month of moving in.

33. What were the reactions during the phenomena: They were calm. However, felt like they were being targeted. Marie feels like it has followed her from the previous home.

34. How long was the durations of the phenomena: The activity happens on occasion and usually only lasts of a few seconds.

35. Who first witnessed the phenomena: Jose and Marie both witnessed it at the same time.

36. Were there any other witnesses: Their have been no outside witnesses.

37. What time was the first occurrence of the phenomena: The first occurrence occurred within a month of the family moving into the home. It occurred approximately at 8PM.

38. How often does the phenomena occur: It seems to occur about every 2 or 3 months.

39. Do the occupants feel threatened: They do not feel threatened at the current time.

40. What do the occupants believe is happening (is it supernatural): Yes, they all believe that what is happening is paranormal in nature.

41. Do all of the occupants agree on what is happening of do they think it’s nonsense: Yes, they all agree.

Additional comment:

There has been an extended period of time when Marie has felt depressed while in the upstairs of the home. Once she leaves she feels much better.

Jose and Marie seem to argue and are under a great deal of stress when in the home. When they leave they are perfectly fine and feel great.

They couple would like to know what is happening and why. They are looking for answers.

Marie had a set of quadruples in which all but one died at birth (Janice).

After the interview was done, the team was briefed on the information gathered during the interview. The information was discussed. The hot spots were determined. It was determined that only 4 cameras where needed to properly cover the home. The four cameras where placed in the hot spots of the home.

Camera one was placed in living room.

Camera two was placed in the loft.

Camera three was placed in the Janice’s bedroom.

Camera four was placed in the master bedroom.

Due to the open floor plan and size of the home, it was determine to keep the team together. EMF and temperature readings, photos, and conducted EVP sessions throughout the home. No abnormal fluctuations in the temperature readings were detected. Extremely high EMF readings were located in the master bedroom. The high reading were attributed to the electric of the home running directly through this bedroom. The sick feeling that has been felt by the homeowners in this room can be attributed to this.

Review of Data


Collectively the WCGHS recorded a total of 5 hours, 21 minutes, and 53 seconds of audio. There was no audio evidence of paranormal activity.


During the course of the investigation the WCGHS collectively recorded a total of 8 hours, 12 minutes and 52 seconds of video. The video did not show any evidence of any paranormal activity.


Collectively the WCGHS took a total of 480 photos. There were no photos that were considered to be paranormal in nature.

Personal Experiences:

There were no personal experiences by any of the team members during the course of this investigation.



There is no evidence of paranormal activity in this home. The high EMF readings in the bedroom can explain the feeling of being sick while in there. High stress levels in the home can also attribute to some of the reported activity. However, these factors may not be the sole explanation for what has occurred. An additional investigation maybe required to determine if these factors are the source of the activity experienced by the home owner.

**Follow up**

The home owners moved from the home during the weekend of August 22, 2008.

* In order to protect the privacy of the individuals whom currently live in the home all names have been changed for the purposes of this report.