Private Residence Joliet,IL

Date of Investigation:

January 13, 2007

Lunar Phase:

Last Quarter 24 % Full

Geomagnetic Field:


Solar X-Rays:


Investigators Present:

Dan Jungles - Lead Investigator

Cindy Johnson- Case Manager / Investigator

Sarah Johnson- Case Manager / Investigator

Tracey Brandys - Interviewer / Investigator in Training

Non Investigators Present:


Mr. & Mrs. X (Identity not revealed)

Site Address:

Private Residence in Joliet, IL

Number of Occupants at location:


Mr. & Mrs. X and their 4 children

Children Ages: 2, 9, 12, 17

Occupants Occupations:

Mr. X - Retired IBEW

Mrs. X - Housewife

Occupants Religious Beliefs:

Christian (Non-Practicing)

Time of Occupancy at this location:

Mr. and Mrs. X have lived at the current location for approximately 4 years.

Age of Site:

Approximately built in 1900

Number of Previous Owners:

Approximately 10 previous owners.

Current Status of Site:

The location is currently a two unit. The homeowners live on the first floor and their tenants on the second floor of the home.

History of the Site (tragedies, deaths, etc.):


Number of Rooms:

7 Rooms

Family Room, Eat in Kitchen, Bathroom, 4 Bedrooms, and Basement

Known Blessing of the location:

No known blessing of the home has taken place.

Recent Remodeling:

No recent remodeling has taken place.

List Occupants on Medication, Illegal Drug Use, and Heavy Drinking:

Mr. X is currently the only one on any medication. There is no use of illegal drugs or any heavy drinking at the residence.

Phenomena Reported:

Two Years after moving into the location the occupants began to experience what they believe is paranormal activity. Both Mr. and Mrs. X saw a black shadow figure moving across the back side of the home. They rushed to looked to see who it could possibly be and their was no one there. They were unsure what to think, and dismissed it as their imaginations. However, this same figure has been seen by both of them at various times over the past several years. Several times over past two years, the TV has changed channels by itself. On one occasion Mr. X was sleeping in bed when the bed was bumped by an unseen force. When investigated no one was found. Items have disappeared and reappeared in another spots that has been checked numerous times prior to the item being found. More recently the gas burner on the stove has turned on by itself. It is this event that has the home owners worried the most, as it can cause a fire and burn down the home. The most recent event took place when Mr. and Mrs. X were watching TV in the family room. Their dog Rebel came into the room and started to growl at something that was not seen by the couple. The dog jumped into the air to attack something, but was dropped in mid air like he hit a brick wall. The dog ran into the back of the home and crawled under a bed. The dog whined and remained under the bed for over an hour. The occupants knew at this point that they needed professional help and called the WCGHS for a private investigation.

Investigation Notes:

There were only four members on this investigation, so we decided it would be best to stay together during the course of the investigation. We attempted to conduct EVP sessions throughout the first floor and the basement of the residence. Although, EVPs on the first floor of the home were hampered by the tenants on the second floor walking around and talking loudly, as well as a loud pump on a fish tank. ITC photography was attempted in several rooms on the first floor, this included the use of mirrors. Shortly after video taping began in basement of the home, the battery on the video camera was completely drained.

Review of Evidence:

Number of photos:

Collectively was 108 pictures were taken.

There was no evidence of any paranormal activity in any of the photos taken.

Audio Recorded:

Collectively 232 minutes were recorded.

There was no evidence of any paranormal activity in any of the recordings taken.

Video Taken:

32 Minutes of Video was Taken.

Due to the battery being drained on the camera and minimal amount of video was shot. There was no evidence of any paranormal activity in any of the video recorded.


There was no evidence of any paranormal activity during the course of our investigation. However, the environment was not ideal, having the tenants on the second floor of the home and not having access to the entire location. An additional investigation with full access to the entire home, and complete silence could yield some evidence of the activity that the occupants have reported. If a future investigation is done, additional cameras and investigators will be needed.