P. Seth Magosky Museum


     The following EVP was recorded at 4:37 AM in the second floor hallway outside Seth's bedroom. Kathy asks the question, "Seth are you here?"  A few seconds later a male voice replies, "Yes."
http://www.theghostpage.com/2nd FL Hallway 10_14_07.wav
The following is just the response portion of the above EVP.
http://www.theghostpage.com/2nd FL Hallway_Response_Only 10_14_07.wav
     The following EVP was recorded at 4:21 AM in the family dining room located in the basement of the home. Mike says, "You can't scare anyone down here." This is followed by loud laughter. Dan says,"You guys didn't here a laugh." Stephanie replies,"I didn't hear a laugh." Then Dan says,"I thought I heard either a young girl or a young child. It sounded like a child or a young girl."
http://www.theghostpage.com/Child's Laugh.wma
     During the course of our investigation we found ourselves in a second floor bedroom that belonged to Seth Magosky.  It was in this bedroom were Seth spent his final moments before he passed away. We conducted an EVP session and took numerous photos. During the course of investigation a series of seventeen photos were taken in the exact same location within two minutes and thirteen seconds of one another. It was after the ninth photo was taken an anomaly was seen in the LCD of the camera. The time of the photo was 12:03 AM.  In an attempt to recreate the image in the photo eight additional photos were taken. However, the image could not be recreated. An attempt to find out what could have created such an image was done, and turned up no naturally occurring object or reason for the anomaly to be present. Photos from all the other investigators and the photographer from the Joliet Herald News were examined for a similar anomaly, but none were found. Prior to his passing Seth Magosky said he saw a woman wearing in black Victorian dress in the hallway and in this room. It is our believe that this photo is paranormal in nature, and tied to the same woman that has been seen by numerous people throughout the home.