Rockdale, IL Home Investigation

     In late June of 2013 the Will County Ghost Hunters Society were contacted by a woman (who we will call Sue), concerning the paranormal activity her and her family were experiencing in their Rockdale, IL home.  In 2002, upon moving into the home the she noticed several unusual occurrences.  The pots and pans in her kitchen cabinets would be taken out without an explanation.  Several different people, including Sue saw the apparition of a man standing in the kitchen and living room of the home. It is believed to be the spirit of the previous owner of the home.  On several occasions, Sue would be downstairs and she would hear footsteps and what sounded like a ball being bounced on the floor above when no one else is home.  One morning, Sue woke up to find the windows in her living room wide open.  This was extremely odd since it was the middle of winter and the temperatures outside were extremely cold.  She immediately called her husband who had left in the wee hours of the morning for work and questioned him why the windows were opened. He said that they were closed when he left for work. She then asked her daughter if she knew anything about it and again was told no.  She moved out of the home a short time later. In early 2013, Sue and her three daughters (Gloria age 15, Storm 10 and Diane age 3) moved back into the home. It did not take long for the unusual occurrences to begin.  The TV and lights would be turned on and off by themselves.  Sue saw the apparition of a young boy around the age of 13 years old sitting on the back stairs.  Her youngest daughter Diane said she saw this boy in the closet and would wave to him to come out.  Gloria, the oldest of the girls became the first one to be physically touched.  And on one night she was in bed when it began to be violently shaken.  This is when Sue decided to call the Will County Ghost Hunters Society and ask us for our help.

The Investigation

     The history of the home was researched and nothing out of the ordinary was found. There were no known deaths of tragedies that have taken place at the home. On the evening of July 12, 2013 the Will County Ghost Hunters Society headed for the quaint town of Rockdale, IL to conduct an investigation at Sue’s home. The team consisted of Dan Jungles, Christine Randall, Stu Honeck, and Craig Butkovic. We were shown around the home and give a summary of where the activity had taken place. The team decided the best place to set up the base of this investigation would be the kitchen.  IR cameras were set up at the top of the stairs where the young boy was seen, in Diane’s bedroom where the young boy has been seen in the closet, in the living room where the windows were opened, and finally in Gloria’s bedroom where the bed was violently shaken.  The team recorded the base line readings of the EMF, negative ion, temperature, and Geiger fields.  There were no alarming readings in any of these fields.  Because of the size of the home the team decided that it would be best to stay together for the course of the investigation.

     The team conducted our investigation from room to room, taking readings, photos and recording several EVPs sessions.  Experiments were done on the windows to see how much force it would take to achieve movement. The same was done on Gloria’s bed.  We could not logically explain the reported activity.  At the end of the investigation Dan and Stu headed to the kitchen and began to disassemble the DVR system.  Christine and Craig decided to head to the staircase and conduct one final EVP session before calling it a night.  We did not have any personal experiences or have any unusual activity detected with our meters.  We met with the home owner Sue and thank her for having us out, and concluded for the night.


Review of Data

     Upon reviewing the cameras on the DVR system we were disappointed to say that we were unable to record and evidence of the paranormal on video during our investigation.  The same can be said for our still photography.  There were however two exciting EVPs that were recorded on the investigation.  They both were recorded during the final EVP session that Christine and Craig conducted on the staircase.  Oddly, Christine’s digital recorder was the only one that was able to capture the voices of what sounds like a young child. Can this possibly be the voice of the young boy that Sue and her youngest daughter Diane have seen?

     During the first EVP, Craig is saying to Christine, “….Doing a financial background investigation… Yeah (Christine)… to find out  (UNPLAINED HMMMM……Byee).  What sources of income these people have, what their bills are like.”


     The second EVP was recorded in the same EVP session. Craig says,”..the narcotic squad.. Uh huh (Christine) .. which is basically the which is basically the unit that handles… UNEXPLAINED WHOOP).



Follow up

Since the Will County Ghost Hunters Society investigation the activity in the home has seemed to escalate.  Sue has heard the sound of a man laughing coming from her oldest daughter Gloria’s room.   Gloria has felt a very heavy presence in her room and now sleeps on the couch in the living room.  Storm (Sue’s middle child) came into Sue’s bedroom ecstatically at 1am in the morning saying that Diane (the youngest daughter) looked like someone dragged her out of her bed and across the room.   The family had two cousins (Sadie and Kat) pass away two years ago.  Diane went into Sue’s room early one morning and said that Sadie said she wanted to play and she is okay.  Diane did not know Sadie or Kat before they passed.  On another occasion Sue was woke at 4am by a heaviness and the sound of someone breathing near her.  The WCGHS are in the process of setting up a follow up investigation.