Sandwich, IL

In March of 2007, the WCGHS was contacted by Sandi Smith to possibly conduct an investigation at her home in Sandwich, IL . The following is a portion of the original email contact:
My house is over 100 years old and we have actually seen people and hear thing a lot in this house.  It never seems to be the same people.  Sometimes its people ghost sometime it is orbs and other times just voices.  Was wondering if you could shed some light on this house.  We do know  that it was a doctor's office with it residence upstairs.  (There was a funeral home across the street and the hospital used to be next store. (It is now a nursing home)  Different people have heard and seen many different types of paranormal happenings.(So it isn't just us)  Now my husband is the only one who claims not to have ever heard of seen anything yet I have had 3 children and their friends and my friends all have experienced something!   Just wanted to find out why they keep coming to this house.  It has never been horrifying but usually just these orbs,people and voices just hanging out.
**The following is a copy of the WCGHS interview and investigation report. All names have been changed to protect the privacy of the client.**
 Included in the investigation report is our findings.

Interview Questionnaire


April 28, 2007

1. Address of site:

123 Fake Street, Sandwich,IL

2. How many occupants at location:


3. Occupants names and ages:

Donald- 50, Sandi-47, Carol-22, Reagan -18

4. Occupants occupations:

Donald- Quality Control

Sandi- NIU Learning Specialist

Carol-Bartender/College Student

Reagan-College Student

5. Occupants religious beliefs:



Carol-Non-practicing Catholic/Christian


6. Time of occupancy at the location:

20 years

7. Age of the site:

Approximately 125 years old.

8. How many previous owners:


9. History of site (tragedies, deaths, previous complaints):

Son Ken committed suicide on December 4, 2005 in detached garage.

10. How many rooms in the site:

13 Rooms

4 Bedrooms, Living room, Computer room, Kitchen, Dining room, Mudroom, Office, 2 Bathrooms

11. Has the location been blessed:

Yes, by owner

12. Has there been any recent remolding:

Yes, over the course of several years there has been a lot of remodeling.

13. Any occupants on medication:

Eric was on medication for depression. Currently there is no one on any medication.

14. Any occupants using illegal drugs:


15. Any occupants drink alcohol heavily:

Yes, Donald

16. Any occupants interested in the occult (ouija, séances, psychics, spells):

Yes, psychic has been consulted.

17. Any occupants currently seeing a psychiatrist:

In the past Ken was seen by a psychiatrist, but no one currently.

18. Have any religious clergy been consulted:


19. Has there been any media involvement:


20. Have there been any other witnesses besides the occupants:


21. Have there been any odors (perfumes, flowers, sulfur, excrement):


22. Have there been any sounds (footsteps, knocks, banging):

Yes, there has been the sounds of glass breaking and items being dropped. When investigated nothing is ever found.

23. Have there been any voices (whispering, yelling, crying, speaking):

Yes, muffled voices, whispers, and occupants names being called.

24. Has there been any movement of objects:


25. Have there been any levitations:


26. Have there been any uncommon cold or hot spots:

Yes, cold spots have been felt in the bedrooms and in the living room.

27. Have there been any problems with electrical appliances (TV, lights, kitchen appliances, doorbells):

The computer frequently cuts out. The problem can be do to an electrical problem.

28. Have there been any problems with plumbing (leaks, flooding, sinks, toilet bowls):

Normal sewage problems due to the age of the neighborhood.

29. Any occupants having nightmares or trouble sleeping:

Ken was having nightmares.

30. Have there been any physical attacks:


31. Are pets affected:

Wolfie (dog) appears to see something. The cat bats at things that are not there.

32. When was the first occurrence of the phenomena:

Shortly after moving in.

33. What were the reactions during the phenomena:

William avoided it and drinks. Family believes it is spiritual in nature. Carol is slightly frightened by it.

34. How long was the durations of the phenomena:

5 minutes maximum.

35. Who first witnessed the phenomena:

Unknown, due to initial denial.

36. Were there any other witnesses:

Many friends and family members.

37. What time was the first occurrence of the phenomena:

The first time occurrence was in the daytime. The majority of the activity occurs in the daytime hours.

38. How often does the phenomena occur:


39. Do the occupants feel threatened:

Not at all.

40. What do the occupants believe is happening (is it supernatural):

Supernatural, definitely.

41. Do all of the occupants agree on what is happening of do they think it’s nonsense:

Donald does not agree, but the rest of the family agrees that it is supernatural in nature.

Comments / Notes:

Possibly once a doctors office.

No increase in activity since Ken’s passing.

Ken committed suicide by hanging in the garage on December 04, 2007.

Ken was 19 years of age.

Ken suffered from depression and was under treatment.

Black shadows people seen moving on ceiling.

Occupants have been touched on shoulders.

3 apparitions of young girls have been seen in the home. All between the ages of 13-16 years old.

An apparition of a young girl has been seen in the computer room. She appears to be dressed in 1970s garb.

The second apparition of the young girl is dressed in 1950s garb.

The final female apparition can not be dated to an era.

Some male voices have been heard talking near the kitchen doorway. These voices are muffled and/or mumbling. What is being said can not be understood.

On July 11, 2006- Sandi’s sister saw something white pass by and a stopped in a doorway, illuminating it completely. A great sense of peace was felt.

Investigation Report

Date of Investigation:

April 28, 2007

Geomagnetic Field:


Solar X-Rays:


Moon Phase:

Waxing Gibbous 83.48 Illumination

Investigators Present:

Dan Jungles - Lead Investigator

Cindy Johnson - Case Manager

Sarah Johnson - Case Manager

Kathy Stinson - Investigator

Tracey Brandys - Interviewer

Tom Wilson- DVR Tech

Anthony Gallas- Assistant DVR Tech

Michele Young- Head Researcher

Ashley Cavaness- Investigator in Training

Non-investigators Present:

The homeowner Sandi Smith and her friend Laura.

Site Address:

123 Fake Street

Sandwich, IL 60548

Age of site:

The property dates back to 1844. We believe the home was built somewhere around 1856.


History of site (tragedies, deaths, etc.):

On January 29, 1920 Roy Slater, age 37 passed away suddenly.

On December 04, 2005 Ken Smith committed suicide in the garage located in the rear of the home.

Phenomena reported:

The activity at the location began shortly after the homeowner moved in over 20 years ago. There has been numerous events that have taken place in those years. Three separate apparitions of young girls have been seen in the home. They all range between the ages of 13-16 years old. The first girl has been seen in the computer room by the home owners daughter Crystal. dressed in 1970s garb. The second girl appears to be dressed in a 1950s era dress. The third girl can not be dated to an era. Shadow people have been seen moving across the ceilings. On July 11, 2006 Sandi’s sister reported seeing something white pass her by and a white light covering the ceiling, this was accompanied by a great sense of peace. The occupants have also felt someone or something touching them on their shoulders. Male voices have been heard near the kitchen doorway. The voices are muffled and can not be understood. Loud sounds of glass being broken and items being dropped have been heard as well. When these noises are investigated nothing can be found.

Investigation Notes:

We arrived at the home at approximately 9pm. We were welcomed by the homeowner and her friend Laura. We were given a brief tour of the home and the interview process began. Tracey conducted the interview, and several other members sat in and listened. Base line EMF and temperature reading were recorded throughout the house. Dan, Tom, and Anthony began to set the DVR up and place the cameras throughout the house and the garage.

Camera one was placed in Ken’s bedroom.

Camera two was placed in the master bedroom.

Camera three was placed in the living room.

Camera four was placed in the computer room.

Camera five was placed in the basement.

Camera six was placed in the garage.

After the interview was conducted, the rest of the team was briefed on the information gathered during the interview. The team split into two groups and began to take still pictures and to record audio. The home was very quiet. However, the challenge appeared to be in recording any type of audio in the garage, due to a loud party at a neighbor’s home. It was noted that it would have to be a very incredible EVP in order for us to even consider it into evidence. The only fluctuation in the EMF field was went Dan’s EMF went from .01 milligauss up to 3.0 milligauss in the master bedroom. The spike was a slow rise and fall. No other fluctuations in the EMF ot temperatures were detected.


Review of evidence:


Collectively the WCGHS took a total of 364 photos. The photos taken did not show any evidence of anything paranormal in nature.


A total of 21 hours and 45 minutes was recorded. The video did not show any evidence of any paranormal activity.


Collectively the WCGHS recorded a total of 11 hours and 47 minutes of audio. Two EVPs were found during the review of the data recorded.


The first EVP was recorded in the master bedroom of the home. The team walked into the bedroom and Dan walked up to the dresser and placed his EMF detector on it. Almost immediately after placing the EMF detector on the dresser the EMF rose from a .01 milligauss to a 3.0 milligauss. The rise and fall were both slow. After reviewing the evidence it was clear that the EMF detector was placed on the dresser and then, a voice a woman who sounded scared said, “There‘s, there’s someone here.” The voice was not heard during the investigation. The EVP is a Class 2 EVP, as there are some variations on exactly what is being said. Some other team members hear the woman saying, “She slept in here.” or “She’s in here.” It is unclear who the woman is at this time and why she remains in the home.'s_There's Someone Here.wav


The second EVP was recorded in the garage near the end of the investigation. Before entering the garage the team commented how loud the party was and that in order for us the consider anything from the garage it would have to be extremely loud and clear. Upon entering the garage, Dan and Anthony went to the back of the garage and stood under the staircase looking up to the second story of the garage. They began to discuss how and exactly were the suicide could have taken place. During their conversation, a loud male voice came through saying, “Go away.” This is followed immediately by a train whistle. It is believe the spirit used the white noise of the train to come through. The voice was louder than both Dan and Anthony, and could not be attributed to the party. The sound of the party only appeared to be background noise on the recordings. It was believed by the investigators that the voice was that of Ken Smith. The EVP is a strong Class 1.


The evidence shows that there is paranormal taking place at the home. At the disclosure the evidence was shared with the homeowner Sandi Smith. It is unclear whom the woman is and why she remains in the home. When the EVP from the garage was played, it was immediately confirmed that it was the voice of her son Ken. The activity at the home seems to be both residual and intelligent in nature. There seems to be no threats to anyone at this time. A follow up investigation should be conducted with additional cameras placed in the garage and in the home. If a follow up investigation is done, the homeowner, her daughters and some of Ken’s close friends should be involved in asking questions. Now knowing the hot spots we can concentrate in those areas and hopefully attain additional evidence.


**All the names of the client, family, friends, and street names have been changed**