On October 30, 2007 the Will County Ghost Hunters Society conducted an investigation at Short Cemetery in Coal City, IL.  A total of four members of the WCGHS were present, along with Peter Krowiak a reporter from the Morris Daily Herald and his photographer. The night was a clear, cool, quiet night. The investigation was brief, only lasting about 2 hours in length. During the course of the investigation an EVP session was being conducted in the center of the cemetery in a large family plot.  During the EVP session photographs were continuously taken. One of the investigators present asked,"Can you show us a sign of your presence?" Immediately after the question was ask one of the EMF detectors spiked for a few seconds and then returned to normal.  The investigator then asked, "Can you show us another sign of your presence? Can you show yourself?"  Again, the EMF detector spiked.  Photographs were continuously taken, it was at this time that an image appeared in one of the photographs.  It was not until the photographs were loaded onto the computer to be analyzed that it was discovered.  In the left hand side photograph, it appears that there is an apparition of a person standing with their arms crossed looking in the direction of the camera. Once the photograph was analyzed closer, it appears that there is a glow coming from the center of the chest, just below the head.  Read Newspaper Article


                                          Pinpointing the location of the apparition.


                                                                  Close-up of the apparition