Short Cemetery

Date of Investigation:

January 6, 2007

Geomagnetic Field:


Solar X-Rays:


Moon Phase:

Waning Gibbous 94%

Investigators Present:

Dan Jungles, Cindy Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Tracey Brandys, Michele Young, Christie Dolph

Site Address:

Short Cemetery

Coal City, IL

Age of site:

The cemetery is believed to have the first burial in the mid 1800’s. The oldest stone and record that could be found is 1853.

Current Status of site:

The cemetery has not been used for burials for several years. The cemetery is not maintained. Depending on the time of the year the weeds can easily be waist high or higher. Many of the stones are in excellent condition considering their age. However, there are many stones that have fallen over and are broken. Numerous spots in the cemetery stones can be seen lying flat and covered by dirt and weeds. However, there are still numerous stones dating back to the mid 1800’s that are still standing and in excellent condition.

Phenomena reported:

There are no known stories or reports of paranormal activity that we know of associated with this location. However, on previous investigations to this location we have detected spikes in the EMF and dramatic temperature fluctuations. We have also photographed ectoplasmic images, and recorded several EVPs here.

Number of photos taken:

Collectively the WCGHS team took 27 photographs.

Video taken:

No video was taken.

Audio Recorded:

Collectively the WCGHS team recorded 23 minutes of audio.

Start time:



42 degree Fahrenheit

EMF reading:

The base reading was .00 milligauss

Fluctuations were between .00 to .01 milligauss

Investigation notes:

The cemetery is in the country and was extremely overgrown. The cemetery is completely surrounded by dense trees. It was a very quiet night with a light mist coming down. Shortly after entering the cemetery a pair of eyes were spotted in the woods watching us. The pair became to two, then three. The eyes seemed to get closer and closer to us. It is believed that these were a pack of coyotes, so for safety reasons we decided to leave.

Review of data:


The photos did show several moisture orbs, but nothing paranormal in nature.


The audio recorded did not show any evidence of the paranormal.


No fluctuations in temperature was detected.

EMF readings:

No abnormal fluctuations were reported. The .00 milligauss to .01 milligauss readings were within the normal range that one might expect to find.


Although we did not have time to conduct a proper investigation, we still believe that the location is haunted. On our previous investigation we were able to gather evidence in the form of photographs and EVPs. The cemetery has not had new burials in it in quite a while and the activity associated with the location is believed to have been occurring for some time. This cemetery has the classic creepy cemetery look and feel to it. Even when no evidence is gathered, it is still quite a place to conduct investigations